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1. Hello, what's new in the zombie camp of ZOMBIE RITUAL? Some good things to announce to our defleshed readers?

2023 is our 20th anniversary! The anniversary gig will be held on the 30th April.

2. How do you describe your music when someone asks what kind of metal you play? Perhaps "Zombie metal", or simply "Old school death"?

We call our music ”Tokyo Zombie Metal”, but when you listen to it, you will call it old Thrash/Death Metal. 20 years ago we started playing pure old school death metal, but we are getting a touch of 80's Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal for years.

3. The music of ZOMBIE RITUAL is old school, but it's old school since a long time... Do you feel a part of an old school death movement, or perhaps the zombie is navigating in a timeless zone of the parallel world? Are you a part of a scene in Japan, or perhaps old school bands are a bit isolated?

Japanese Metal scene has not so many old school bands but they are excellent such as Coffins, Invictus, Parasitario…and so on. There are few but loyal fans. We are proud of being a part of the Japanese old school Death Metal scene.

4. You have released quite numerous splits with other bands, split Eps, split CDs... Why is this format good for you?

Simply because I love to listen to splits! Each band plays in its own way and we enjoy their characters and difference in their styles.

5. Your band name is taken from a DEATH track. Do you like only their first two albums "Scream bloody gore" and "Leprosy", or also find interest in "Spiritual healing" or "Human" for example? I know some Death metal integrists despise the music of Schuldiner when it became a bit progressive on "Spiritual...", I think this opinion is a bit too extreme, isn't it?

I think DEATH till "Spiritual Healing" and DEATH after "Human" are different bands. I love both. Of course the best is the first record, "Scream Bloody Gore"!

6. Who composes the music in the band? Should ZOMBIE RITUAL be seen as an obscure sect with a guru dictating his views to the three other zombies, or should it be seen as a mutual effort of four zombies all fighting together to compose repugnant music?    

Alcohol, the guitar zombie, composes most of our songs. I, Dr. Hatred, write all lyrics. At first I made the concept and image of this band, zombies playing Death Metal or Death Metal of the dead!

7. The musicians of ZOMBIE RITUAL don't seem to play in other bands... Perhaps I'm not well informed, or your other projects aren't in metal music?

Jason F, the bass zombie, plays also in REST IN GORE and DISTENPER. I scream in MIASMA DEATH and 怒号(Dogou). I and Alcohol took parts in 凶音(Magane) before we started ZOMBIE RITUAL.

8. Do you like goregrind? Some bands like DEAD INFECTION, SQUASH BOWELS or C.B.T recorded some very (very) good albums in the past, and it would be nice to see them live in a gig or festival with ZOMBIE RITUAL :-)

Yep, I like the bands you mentioned. Their riffs are heavy and catchy!

9. Your music shows you probably also like AUTOPSY more than a bit. What is your favorite album of theirs? Do you think some of their albums had "something special" or were more particular than the other ones?

Mental Funeral is their best!!! This album made me blown away when I was 16 years old. I’m very deeply inspired by their music.

10. Do you play cover songs sometimes? If you could record a cover song for a Tribute CD, would you prefer if it was a Tribute to MORGOTH, ENTOMBED, SLAYER, DISMEMBER or SODOM? (I didn't put DEATH or AUTOPSY, it was too obvious... But you can also choose another band if you want).

Difficult to choose one!!! SLAYER ”Die by the sword” or DISMEMBER “Override of the overture” or GRAVE “into the grave” or…(endless).

11. What does a good zombie eat in the morning? We know English people drink tea at 4 in the afternoon... but what does an English zombie drink? Perhaps infused entrails or blood-filled tea? :-)

We drink Zom-beer exclusively!

12. One of your releases was called "Zombie eat zombie", another one was called "Zombie vomit zombie"... What could be the next one? "Zombie eats vomited zombie corpse" or "Zombie drinks liquefied zombie corpse"? AhAh

To tell the truth, our new song is titled “Run zombies Run”. Run till death and after death!

13. Do you prefer horror movies from Japan, Europe or Usa? What are the most terrifying and famous horror movies that were made in Japan? Something readers should absolutely know?

“女優霊” is the most terrifying horror movie from Japan. 女優霊 means the ghost of an actress. The director was Nakata Hideo, later known for “Ring”.


14. How is the Japanese metal scene in 2023? Some good bands to check out? There are some good bands, venues or labels in your area?

I want you to check out the good Death Metal bands I mentioned above. And there are new Thrash Metal bands in the 80's way, such as Outbreak Riot, Brutal Decay, Deadra.

15. What are the next zombified plans of ZOMBIE RITUAL? Something to announce to our totally defleshed readers? Thanks for the answers?  

The anniversary gig I mentioned above will be put on a CD as a live album! Captured Records and Bloodbath Records will launch it in the end of 2023. Now we are considering about the title of the CD, so let me know your ideas! At last but not least, I sincerely thank Gabriel for this interview. Drink Zom-beer and get zombified!!!

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