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1. Introduce your zine! When and why did you create it?

Hi Gl! Hereís Marcin from PANZERFAUST metal fucker!!! How are you mate?! Well, as for the beginnings of my zineÖ The story is a little bit long and rather uninteresting, but everything started basically in 1997 when together with my friend I started doiní some interviews. All that work resulted in zine called RAVENCLAW, which officially debuted somewhere in 1999 (donít remember exactly Ė maybe it was 1998???). Anyway, it was nice zine, but together with its second issue everything fucked up. There were many, many technical problems, which were keeping annoying me and my friend, with whom I was running this zine. I also noticed smaller and smaller interest in zine-making of my co-editorÖ So, after a while it became obvious that RAVENCLAW is dead. First I didnít think about forming new zine, since I didnít have computer, but somewhere in 2001 I managed to earn and safe enough money to buy one andÖ Well, soon after I also got internet I started to think about creating new zine, which would be run just by myself, with just my musical tastes and opinions. So, quite quickly I managed to release issue one Ė done within four months of intensive works (it was May 2002, issue with KAAMOS, ENTHRONED, FORLORN, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, DARK FORTRESS, MYSTICA, DERANGED and more). Whatís more, I always wanted to have zine, which would release every next issue more frequently that once a year or two, so in the beginning I worked so hard, that within 13 or 14 months I finished three issues, with each next containing more material and deeper, longer interviews, etc. On February 2005 Iíve released issue #4 (with lots of stuff, chats with ATOMIZER, CRUCIFIRE, 9th PLAGUE, PAGANIZER, CRUCIFIER, GODUS, CALVARIUM, MUST MISSA and many, many more), which is first PANZERFAUST written in English and now, even if I moved temporary to Cornwall, England I started the works on new issue. To be out at the end of 2005, hopefully!!! Thatís the whole story in shortÖ


2. Did the highlines of your zine evolve thought the years, and if so which were the reasons?

Iím not sure what do you mean by ďhighlineĒ, but basically my zine was always dedicated to extreme metal Ė be it death, black or thrashÖ I always wanted to dig into underground, for some great, quality headbanging bands and I do it tillí the present day. Always will, so my zine will stay like itís now, hopefully Iíll keep improving with quality only! And with every next issue I manage to find more and more hordes, what just confirms my opinion that the present underground, even if has some faults, is in very good condition. 666! Just wait for next issue, where I introduce you some fuckiní blasting bands! Hail the extreme metal!


3. How would you convince a metalhead to order a copy of your zine? How would you convince a distro to order 5-10 copies of it?

HaÖ I donít want to force anyone to read / buy my zine, because people whoíre interested in traditional paper fanzines will always be interested in trade or buying one, even if they wonít like 50% of the bands interviewed... Problem is only how to reach that person ha, haÖ Anyway, I donít care much about how many copies I spread, even if Iím glad a lot of course with every next trade offer or something. Iím just glad that there are some people who appreciate my work, read such fanzines and Iím able to spread the names of some bands I found as killer among some more listeners. Usually itís me, who contact distros with ask about trading for some copiesÖ Now, with English written fanzine I can reach many more distros than before. And it actually worked, since within first 2 weeks I had offers for trades for about 70 copies, whatís great results for such small fanzine, as mine. You can look for PANZERFAUST in such distros as TOTAL HOLOCAUST (Swe), DEATHSTRIKE (Ger), METAL DISTRICT (Ger), BLAZING (Ned) or BATTLE HYMNS (USA)Ö And of course Gabís NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST.

4. What's a good review in your opinion? Does it need to be totally objective, subjective, or a mix of both? Do you think the reviewer has to bring some personal opinions or deliriums?

Of course good review has to dig deep into the music, analyse its detailsÖ Of course an author has to be objective to the band, first he needs to write what did he like in this album or what didnít likeÖ No bullshit or something. Personal opinion is the basic of review! An author says his opinion and reader can decide then either the album / demo could interest him or not. I canít imagine writing review with subjective opinion or opinion which is forced by some ďmajor labelsĒ. But fortunately thatís the fuckiní great aspect of running fanzine, that thereís no one above you, whoís telling you how should the review of band X look like. Itís enough that you can see such in all magazines around. Fanzines are free of it!!!


5. How many times do you need to listen to a release to be able to decently review it? How do you know when you've really overviewed the realistic qualities and bad points of a release: is there a special feeling or something?

It differs, really. Sometimes I have to take really few listenings in order to review CD. Some albums are just hard to swallow, you have to listen to it carefully, think how to describe the sound, what other band compare it to, etc. Some other stuff could be reviewed even just after one listening, though. But it doesnít matter do you like the music or not Ė you have to try to concentrate on it and analyse good / bad points; try to find anything interesting in it; give the justice to band. I think something like intuition / special feeling works hereÖ Probably every maniac has it and can more or less say will this album turn as good or bad one, even after first track. Usually I try to give every effort some time, even if I didnít like the demo / CD after first listening, I want to give it a second chance, before Iíll be sure itís crap and thatís what I have to write in review. There are also times when my first impression was wrong, that after few listenings I changed my opinion about the release. So, every album is different, feeling are differentÖ


6. Do you think a zine maker can be really objective when he has to deal with a lot of music? He hasn't the same point of view than the fans who have access to really few music and who have to pay to own the real release... What's your opinion about it?

Hmm... Of course zine maker can (HAS) to be objective. The fact that a band or label sends their promo stuff, doesnít mean I have to like it. My zine wouldnít work if I started to be such a whore. But of course readers will have different opinions, because whatís written in my zine is only my opinion and musical taste! You may agree with some reviews, but not with everything, because people differ. Anyway, if I start to feel the pressure from labels or bands on reviews, you can be sure that Iíll not give a fuck about them and keep writing my own thoughts. Ha, did you read my short opinion about DEVILYN in issue #4? I guess it proves noone will force me to write good review, whatever band he plays in, for how big or small label. Finally, I actually donít get that many promos to get under any pressureÖ and I just cannot be compared with editor of bigger, full of adverts mag, speaking of quantity of promo releases for reviews. Iím just a normal fan, who hardly gets some stuff for free from time to timeÖ Iím just like those fans you mentioned in the question, really.


7. How would you define objectivity? In my opinion it needs a decent knowledge of the kind of music (The reviewer has to know quite well the kind of music he deals with and to be into it for several years), as well as taking distance from several years of experience and personal feelings, so this objectivity isn't really objective ;-) So do you think objectivity really exists concerning the reviews of music?

Of course I think that objectivity really exists. First of all you have to write what real feelings you have while listening to the demo / CD; thatís the most important element - to unveil the personal feelings, share them with the readers. Of course you need a decent knowledge and experience with music. Personally I started to listen to metal somewhere in 1990/91, so itís already quite long time ago when I got sick on this fantastic disease. During the years I managed to listen to many, many important for metal history classic albums, as well as hundreds of new bands. With all that I can now say that I know whatís metal about, I have created my own musical taste years ago and Iím able to describe my feelings to other maniacs; to discuss the condition of this music and present my opinions. But do I have to take the distance from it? Hmm, I donít think soÖ But of course as zine editor I donít expect everyone to agree with me, probably many wonít understand my point (like ďwhy do I actually like this band, not another one, sounding similar?Ē) Ė hopefully with time Iíll get more and more experience in describing my feelings about the CD Iím reviewing at the moment.


8. Do you think there's an objectivity being conditioned by the pressures of labels and good-thinking fans?

Pressure of labels is death of objectivity, itís death for every mag or zine in my eyes. I want to read honest opinion, not rewriting the ďlabelís press notesĒ. Why should you care about the band only because itís from NUCLEAR BLAST or CENTURY MEDIA? Does it have to mean itís good?


9. Do you or did you play in a band? Do you think it's helpfull when you have to review some music? In a way it could help you to see easily when a band uses void-filling riffs or didn't finish its songs well...

I used to play for 3 years in very, very small local black metal band, which was formed just for own pleasure, without any aims like releasing demo or something. I remember we used to play lots of covers, but also created some own tracks, of which few were recorded in primitive conditions during rehearsals. Anyway, it was years ago, mostly I preferred to play guitar alone at home, trying to improve technical skills, playing METALLICA classics, etc. Well, I stopped playing in 2000. Honestly technical abilities of the band arenít most important for me. Same is originalityÖ I can listen to both multi-technical bands like NECROPHAGIST or very simple, primitive in the vein of BEHERIT Ė as long as I like the feeling of the music, it destroys and makes me to bang my head. But I think that you donít need any experience with playing in the band to catch all those ďvoid-filling riffsĒ, as you described it. You just know that the riff isnít good enough, that it sounds fucked up, because usually all such songs / demos / albums sound boring. Musical past may help you with creating opinions like ďthe song is not correctly arranged or finished wellĒ, but such thinking is rather useless, because the track is already recorded and band has own imagination of the song.


10. What's your opinion about the guys who say "If you can't do better, more technical, or anything... Shut the fuck up!" It's a quite too easy argument! A guy shouldn't bother being a skilled musician to have an opinion on music, since it's mostly a fan and listener's point of view! Do you think those who say so are rather frustrated musicians who spent years working on the technicality of their guitar playing, or rather fans of technial music who like it very cerebral?

Both I guessÖ But I really donít care about such opinions, I even hardly can understand them. I have a friend, whoís like that Ė ďbleahh, itís too primitive or too raw soundingĒ Ė he says when I play him some fantastic death or black metal tunes (be it ASPHYX or ARMAGEDDA). But hey mate! Donít you see that this music is about the feeling above all, not how to impress everyone with the speed of your fingers? For me, to create grim, dark atmosphere is more important than to try to impress with DREAM THEATRE-like skills. In death metal for instance most of such ultra technical recordings, even if sounds fine and is well played, at the same time lacks the atmosphere for me, is very soulless and mechanical. Recently I was reviewing Finnish band called DEATH DU JOURÖ OK., their debut album is fine, great technique, well playedÖ But is there anything else in that music? Any soul, sense? I really admire bands like DARKTHRONE, who donít rehearse, play gigsÖ just keep recording great tunes purely from their black hearts. Besides, youíre always improving! Even if your next record isnít as complex as fuckiní CRYTOPSY, still every band improve some skills or production; have less problems with composing, find new ideas or such thingsÖ

11. How many promos do you receive each week? Each month?

It differsÖ Sometimes I got some stuff (3-5 albums) within 2 weeks, another time I donít get anything for 3 weeks. It depends on few things; like how much active I am in promoting PANZERFAUSTís name at the moment, do I have time to contact some bands for demos, etc. Basically I donít get that many promos as webzines or mag-sÖ But fortunately I manage to get as many I need to fill up the review section in every issue and thatís what counts most. Currently I have stuff I got in two months to review and itís about 25 recordings.


12. Did you voluntary contact many labels so that they send you their promotional stuffs, or did the promotional stuffs came little by little in your mailbox, without any request, as you kept doing your zine, mostly reviewing stuffs from your collection?

I contact bands or small, underground labels, if I only think theyíre worth of my interest, my help in promotion and may have some great music to offer to me (of course often youíre mistaken and band / label delivers average quality stuff). But sometimes labels send their stuff without any requests; like when I started to get promos from XTREEM Music since their very beginning and Iím glad I can review their releases, because they have some great bands, which I would never know if I didnít get the promo (VERMINOUS, PAGANIZER!!!). Of course such things as reviews of my zine in other zines, flyers also help a lot and some bands / labels send their promotional packages without requests, after they see some notes about PANZERFAUST. But as I already told I donít get that many, many promos Ė itís just enough to make sure Iíll fill up some pages, together with some stuff reviewed from my own collection I got thanks to trades, etc. Recently I got some stuff thanks to trades for PANZERFAUST #4, so for sure Iíll review it. Often I have to review also some LPs / CDs / EPs I bought, simply because I think the music deserves it. All in all, itís always enough to complete the pages and find some great band to interview. Just like it happened with AMETHYSTE I got from you. Great band to be featured in issue #5.

Oh, one more Ė some bands write a mail that I can download the demo from their website or send blank CDR to them, so theyíll record it for me. I hate such mails! Downloading demos from internet to promote band I donít know is useless and pathetic; no UG feelings in that! And sending blank CDRs to some lazy bastards is also stupid, because itís not my problem to make sure the demo will be promoted and reviewed in the zine! Some people wants everything to be easy and cheap as possible... Ignorant.


13. Are you in contact with some societies who work for the promotion of several labels and usually send the zines many albums? Needless to say some of these "companies" aren't well targeted and happen to send the zines some stuffs that has nothing to do with its highlines! (It's sometimes quite hard to stop them in their promotional mailbombings! They've got many enjeweled arguments too keep the zines working for them...And they don't easily understand if someone do not want it! lol). Did you meet this kind of troubles? If you receive some albums that has nothing to do with your zine, do you review it anyway?

No, Iím not in touch with suchÖ AGONIA used to promote some labels in the past in that way but all theyíve been sending me was fitting to the character of my zine. So, no problemsÖ But if I get an album / demo, which has nothing to do with extreme metalÖ Well, I rather donít get such ha, ha. But sometimes thereís a band, which plays music Iím completely not into, like crust / grind or something. I just give it a try and review it, even if itís damn hard. Since Iím not into such music, I canít compare the band with others, but at least I write what I liked or not in the music. Other thing is that I didnít like most of such releases, especially most of those boring grinding bandsÖ Itís really rare when I give positive review to such (lately I liked ROTTEN SOUND only, speaking of grind).


14. Do you think it remains useful to receive promos? After all it's easy to download many Mp3s and one could run his zine reviewing mostly stuffs he enjoy... and not bother listening 15 times stuffs he would have never paid interest to... In my opinion a zine being run almost without any promo would really turn into a FANzine! Only the best stuffs would gain promotion, while the less interesting ones would remain unnoticed: It would be a NATURAL selection! Do you think it's utopian and I should stop drinking strawberry-milk or what...?

Ha, thatís interesting theory. Somehow you may have right, since you would just put the names you really like and which you knew before. But what about all those bands you never heard of before and whoíre very small and which send you their promo stuff, which you find as totally killer? You wouldnít get to know such bands, if you would do just what you wrote in the question. Also, what about all that wonderful metal underground elements, with demo sending, flyers, etc? It would disappear and personally I would never like that to happen Ė thereís no better feeling than just get a letter with CD in it! Besides, I donít think downloading the music from internet is the best way to get to know the band. Of course, like everyone I also have to download some music from internet, since itís impossible to buy everything nowadays, when so many CDs / demos are being released, butÖ Hmm, it would be just stupid. I just like to get normal CD, MC or CDR, with even simple booklet, something I can put on the shelf or in the boxÖ And I love to get unknown bands. Just like now, Iíve got such bands as URT, KLABAUTAMANN to review. I would never bother to download them from internet, but when I got their CDs both just blew me away (in this case both with quality black metal). So, it would be better for you to stop drinking cocktails, yoghurts are far better. Demos rule, mate!


15. What's the best way to run a zine in your opinion: To remain quite distant from the whole underground and say what you have to say (anonymously or not) without taking care of other peoples reactions, or to be in touch with many bands, activists and to offer something less personal but much more informative?

Hmm, I can talk for myself only, but personally Iím rather little bit aside of everything, even if Iím not anonymous. There are some maniacs, bands, labels I keep in touch with, but for example I donít go on gigs anymore, since I donít have time for it. I would like of course to do it, but work and such stuff doesnít let me to. Especially now, when I live in UK. Ha, last time I saw a band like was in 2001, KRISIUN in Poland haha. But I keep myself updated with all news from underground, bands, labels, etc. I need to know whatís going on, etc. I want my zine to be very informative, to promote the best bands I found at the moment of creating new issue. But some other zines like NECROSCOPE or MUTILATING PROCESS seems to be much into contacts with underground, meetings, correspondences, etc. And thatís great, because later on you can feel that passion for underground, while reading those zines. I wish I would do that as well, but lack of time is killing everything. Still, Iím doing my best to answer the mail as soon as possible and stay in touch with everyone who seems to have something interesting to say.

16. Do you think a zine has to be very specific to a given kind of music to be efficient (exemple: Old school death, Technical death or Raw black metal), or are anykind of more or less metallic musics welcome?

Well, personally I prefer when itís devoted to specific genres. Itís because if I like extreme stuff, then itís obvious I donít want to read about power metal bands or nu metal stuff. I like the way such Polish magazines as MEGASIN and 7 GATES are done Ė they concentrate on black, death and thrash metal only; so everything I like best in metal music. The same is basically with PANZERFAUSTÖ Since this zine expresses my musical taste, youíll find extreme bands there only. But sometimes I can hear such opinions that thereís too much black metal, while others say thereís too much of death metal ha, haÖ You canít make everyone fully happy. Well, I donít care about it, since I worship both styles and never understood why metal maniac is listening to black metal, while not giving a shit about death or thrash or fuckiní classic old heavy metal! Anyway, give me zine dedicated 100% to black metal and I may enjoy it, same with death metal mag. But when I have magazine like TERRORIZER, where 50% of the pages is for hard core, punk or nu metal, while rest of it is for real extreme metal, then I have problems with it, because I donít fuckiní care about punk or hard core, and I donít want to see such bands in fuckiní metal mag!


17. Many paper fanzines died and most of the zines are now on the Internet under the form of webzines. It's cool because it's free and the gain of informations is faster... But on the other hands most of the webzines don't have the personality many paper zines had! The Internet metal press becomes really homogenous and selfless while a bunch of paper zines where very personal in their way of writing/ reviewing the stuffs, in the artworks, and highlines (some were very much specialised).

Yeah, I agree with you. How nice would your website look like, still itís very soulless and donít give the reader as much as nice xeroxed zine. Personally I find webzines as informative in moments, when I prepare some interviews and collect info about the bandÖ Itís quick way to get some news and interesting info, but I rarely read whole interviews from the internet. Really! Itís just damn hard for me to sit and read the interview on a screen, since itís so boring and I prefer to read while Iím lying on bed or have a shit ha, ha. Or simply in a bus or trainÖ Iím far from telling that webzines are useless, but there are too many of them and it seems everyone can make one in a day. It results in many, many mediocre or bad webzines. There are probably just two or three webzines I used to visit more often, like MASTERFUL, VOICES FROM THE DARK SIDE (I had to print all interviews from that webzine to read it, because they have very interesting chats and itís fuckiní impossible for me to read it on a computer ha ha), NBC, plus probably two, three more. But even the best webzine wonít be as good as nice fanzine, with primitive layout and bunch of very underground, unknown hordes in it. Oh yeah, thatís another thing I would change in webzine Ė they focus on the mainstream scene too much! Anyway, occasionally I write for NBC webzine (www.nbc.art.pl) just to keep the writing on, while thereís no new PANZERFAUST issue coming and to get to know some more bands from the scene worldwide. And I write about very underground acts only there!


Do you think this situation will improve in few years (eventhough Internet is more or less commonly used since 4-5 years) or would an improvement be really difficult when taking in account how things work on the web?

Hmm, I think some webzine are gonna die, as always when thereís too much of something at the moment Ė the worst and not enough dedicated to the work will disappear soonÖ There will be few good webzines, which will stay and keep the good work on. But I donít want to go in the future and guess what shall happenÖ Personally I canít imagine reading a book and newspaper or metal magazine (from first to last page) on a screen, so... I has to stay as it is, with paper editions mostly, even if weíll have to cut off the last wood ha, ha.


18. Do you happen to read other zines? Do you take inspiration from some or do you simply read their writings as a metaller?

Of course I read zines and some of them are very inspirational. I love Polish NECROSCOPE zine, which is the oldest one here in Poland Ė actually Adam released his #15th issue, first one in English. Heís doing fantastic job, write about many, many underground bands, review lots of demos, Eps... Each issue is like an encyclopaedia of underground metal and I love it. Thatís the way I wanted PANZERFAUST to look like (I mean the writing, articles, not layout, which in NECROSCOPE is too poor and basic). I recommend you the latest issue of NECROSCOPE with chats with SARGATANAS, RADEMASSAKER, WOUNDS, BESTIAL RAIDS, KRATORNAS, POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER... FUCKIN CULT ZINE!!! Other zines I like are MUTILATING PROCESS (great one, hail Nathaniel!), AGONIA warzine (great stuff), RITUAL MURDER, CHAOS, HERETYK and some other; especially some old Polish zines and some German zines. Good zine could be very inspirational, give you an example of how to make good interview, give ideas for some articles or how to make the layout... And above all it gives you a bunch of info about the underground and new bands, demos, which you have to listen to!


19. How do you detect in few minutes if a zine would please or not your needs for alcoholic metal, objectivity and opinions? Do you rather have a look at the bands they interviewed, the notes given to the albums? ....Or the guestbook? Lol

Well, the list of bands that are interviewed is very important and usually itís the first thing I keep the attention on. Notes in the reviews are less important, because I donít have to agree with someoneís opinion. I can discuss it and give my own opinion, but it doesnít mean I have to agree. The way zine is done is also important Ė I mean the layout, etc.


20. Are you more or less demanding concerning the quality of demos? In my opinion demos aren't totally finished stuffs, it's something like a "try" and we shouldn't be as demanding towards demos! But the problems appear when some bands release their demos as professional MCDs or full-lengths... some labels even release and promote some demo-recordings (both for the production and the musical side) as real killer full-lengths! It's a bit confusing, don't you think so?

Well, I demand a certain quality of the demo but still I know what demo is all about... Yeah, itís the presentation, a ďtryĒ as you called it. It may be recorded in primitive conditions, but also in the studioÖ But itís to start with something, to show the band to the underground, build its position, etc Some bands Ė especially in the present times Ė however donít give a fuck about demo and after year or two of existing record 30-40 minutes long debut effort, which they want already to be released as debut full length, whatís wrong in my opinion. Whereís the sense in such rush?! Seems like everyone wants to be fuckiní rock star now. Thatís why I worship such dedicated bands as CRUCIFIRE, NECROVATION, THRONEUMÖ About re-releasing demos on CDs, etc. I donít have anything against it, especially if the band has two or three albums already. You know, most of the demos, especially from the old bands is impossible to get, many of them were released on MC in limited editions, so thatís the only way to get them now Ė on re-releasing CD editions or as bonus tracks. And itís great! For example, didnít you feel happy when GRAVE released ďBack From the GraveĒ with all those demos on bonus disc and EPs on ďInto the GraveĒ re-release? Man, finally you can have those demos on good quality, original print; not on old, many times recorded tapeÖ And finally all those easy-money fuckers will stop release their unworthy bootlegs with those demos, without bandís permission, with their worse quality, etc.


21. In the history of your zine where there some staff changes? Did you fire some contributors because they didn't fit anymore to the zine? If so would you tell us why they where fired?

Since the beginning I was doiní this zine alone, with just small help of few people in reviews and occasional (1-2 for issue) interviews. But they were just guest appearances, those people didnít have anything to say about the way PANZERFAUST is looking like, etc. In first three issue I invited Diovis (who writes for many Polish mags and runs own metal radio show) to do this... In issue #4 my good old friend, Skullcrusher wrote some reviews and also did great article about WITCHHAMMER Prod and interviews with MORDHELL, STRANDHOGG and HATEWORK. I donít know yet will he join me for issue #5 and write anything for it or maybe Iíll do everything by myself... weíll see.


22. Do you think somekind of competition between zines is something good? To which extant do you think that should remain? Did you already have problems with other zines? (If so what were the stronger menaces?lol).

Honestly I didnít notice competition between zines; maybe because there arenít many at the moment ha, ha. I rather noticed that recently in Poland some new zines were spawned and most of them tries to deliver the same bands, take influences from Polish best magazines, like MEGASIN, etc. But I donít think thereís rivalry or somethingÖ At least I donít give a fuck about it and try to contact most of the Polish zines, in order to ask for trade of zines.


23. Do you read my webzine? If so tell us honestly what's your opinion about it as well as what I should change or not!

Honestly I didnít read many articles from your webzine. But I visited it few times to get some info about the band you wrote about. It was helpful, I can say. I canít fully judge your style of writing and I canít say whatís to be changed or not, since I donít know enough about NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST... But I hope youíll keep doing your best the way you like it and deliver some brilliant articles! Hey, I remember your interview with Martin van Drunen in MUTILATING PROCESS and other one, with BLOODY SIGN (?? Iím not sure about the second one!) and it was damn good!


24. The final countdown has reached the last numbers! Tell us about your future plans with the zine, and feel free to conclude! Thanx for the answer!

Future plans are to focus on issue #5 now. Itís May already, so itís about time to start the works on it. Since I live in UK temporary and donít have internet connection here, many things will go slowerÖ But hopefully Iíll manage to finish the zine this year. I already have some bands which definitely have to be interviewed in that issue, just to mention AMETHYSTE, NOCTURNAL, DISSIMULATION, URT, KLABAUTAMANN, VIDSYN, FACE OF EVIL, NON OPUS DEI, etc As usually lots of great underground acts!!!

Thanks Gab for this interesting interview! It was real pleasure but also a challenge to answer it. Hope there are some maniacs whoíre interested in PANZERFAUST... If so, donít hesitate to contact me and offer some trades or something!!! Take care and keep spilling the metallized blood! Write at my Polish address!

Marcin Olczak, Wyszynskiego 1/35, 86-105 Swiecie 5, POLAND; e-mail: p_faust@poczta.onet.pl or m_olczak@wp.pl


Email: p_faust@poczta.onet.pl