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1. Introduce your zine! When and why did you create it?

Cheers, hello to you and your readers! My zine “Blood Of The Ancient” was established back in the year 2000 in a weird and drunken night when I decided that it was time that after the sad departure of “Tales Of The Macabre” and the “online-decay” of “Voices From The Darkside” a new German zine should be put out supporting only real cult Metal the old, ancient way. Furthermore there was an urgent need to support some great acts that I wasn`t able to interview for a big extreme Metal German zine I`ve been writing for back then. That big mag belongs to the past now – I guess everybody should know the name of this publication, hehe… Despite the fact that the first issue concentrated mainly on Death Metal and there was a line on the cover stating that “BOTA” would be a “fanzine for supporters of pure Metal of Death”, I simply wanted to feature only groups that would appeal to my personal taste of music, no matter what style it was. The most important thing was to support METAL the old way, fuck about categories! Already in my first issue there were interviews with non-Death-acts like i.e. HIRAX, ROOT, GOAT SEMEN, WATAIN or IMPIETY. The reports themselves had to be very detailed and dealt with the whole development of the bands, not only concentrating on some plain, superficial up-to-date-information.

2. Did the highlines of your zine evolve thought the years, and if so which were the reasons?

As already stated, the main focus used to be ancient Metal of Death in issue Vol. 1, but I never intended to put out a zine that would only concentrate on one very specific style, although I like publications that have act like this, like i.e. “Unholy Terror” or some dedicated pure Black Metal zines. The musical horizon “BOTA” covers goes from Black/Death/Thrash to Speed/Power/Heavy/Doom Metal, and in issue #10 there`ll even be an interview with Dave Evans, the original AC/DC singer, so Rock N` Roll is still a very appreciated guest on these pages…! Furthermore there were even some reviews of Progressive or Avantgarde stuff back in the past, and some narrow-minded words about Grind/Hardcore/Gothic CDs that don`t fit to my personal belief what Metal should be all about... However, future issues will feature only very selected reviews, I`m trying to concentrate on a very traditional and pure way which I think is the best for “Blood Of The Ancient”…!

3. How would you convince a metalhead to order a copy of your zine? How would you convince a distro to order 5-10 copies of it?

Hehe, I guess if either a fan or a distro guy/girl just sees this huge collection of Metal-dedication, he/she simply has to order it if he/she is into real music and its adequate presentation, hehe… I don`t want to praise my zine (others have to judge for themselves), but, objectively speaking, there are about 92 A4 pages filled with very detailed interviews that, I guess, should be of interest for most traditional fans. There are no annoying ads featured on these pages, the type writing is very, very small (but you`re still able to read those words, don`t mind!). Most interviews are written in English, there are only some chats done in the original language (mainly German) that I didn`t want to alter due to reasons of being as much authentic as possible. The point were some distros turn away and think twice about ordering some copies of my zine is the price: I sell each issue for 6,50 Euros (including p&p), and not everybody is willing to pay this amount of money, especially nowadays in the internet era. But I recognise that people that are ordering “BOTA” once do it twice and keep on being in touch asking for new issues...


4. What's a good review in your opinion? Does it need to be totally objective, subjective, or a mix of both? Do you think the reviewer has to bring some personal opinions or deliriums?

Let`s make one thing clear: A review simply cannot be objective! You have to express your personal thoughts about a piece of music, and therefore a lot of your personal taste judges whether this is a “good” release or not. As fan you shouldn`t rely on reviews but consider them as good ways to check out what other people think about this or that output. You have to read more than only one review of one person in order to get a clue about what this LP, 7”, demo etc. is about. I personally have some editors and writers that I know have a similar taste to mine, and I can rely on their judgements. The words of these individuals force me to build an opinion about whether I should buy a record or not. Of course I like narrow-minded reviews, worshipping or slaying bands, but I think a certain degree of “acceptance” and objectiveness cannot be false! As you said, a good review is both subjective as well as objective. You can come up with the plain facts AND tell the readers your personal opinion about the output. If you mention some influences, some people that are fond of these acts may think about checking this record out, despite all bad words you may drop…
Nevertheless, as already stated above, the “reviews (dis)section” of “BOTA” will have a much more selected and narrow-minded character in future, telling my thoughts about METAL releases exclusively…

5. How many times do you need to listen to a release to be able to decently review it? How do you know when you've really overviewed the realistic qualities and bad points of a release: is there a special feeling or something?

It differs from album to album, some releases need to be checked out very carefully, others blow you away from minute no. 1! Especially technically very challenging, avant-garde-driven music demands your mind and it`s unfair to judge an album after only one superficial listen. Otherwise, there are releases that suck since the moment you`re putting the CD in your player, shame on them! – It`s kinda fun to write some destroying critics then as well, hehe…
I don`t know about the second question: There`s definitely a feel inside of me when I know that I built a manifested opinion about a certain record, but I don`t know how to describe how this evolves. – It`s just a feeling, difficult to describe: Either the release blew me away or it annoyed me to death! – Birth and death, glory and pain – everything`s possible!

6. Do you think a zine maker can be really objective when he has to deal with a lot of music? He hasn't the same point of view than the fans who have access to really few music and who have to pay to own the real release... What's your opinion about it?

That`s for sure a very interesting and a very difficult aspect as well. I for myself don`t know for sure if I manage to prevent this: I would like to, but as reviewer you got a different point of view, especially if you`re “bombed to death” with promos. I also write for another big German extreme Metal mag, and yeah, you have to struggle hard to dive into the essence of all those different releases that are put out nowadays. Nevertheless, for “BOTA” there have been many reviews of stuff I bought for myself in the past, so I was able to form an opinion about certain records as a fan as well. Of course you`ll write different reviews about stuff you bought for yourself and those records labels send to you as the one aspect is driven by own individual will, the other one by people that don`t know yourself, your mind, and sometimes even know your publication only by name…As a reviewer you have to take responsibility of the things that you write about – the fans spend their money on releases recommended by you, and back in the past there used to be many real jewels that were discovered years later by dedicated insiders that earned too many negative reactions from journalists that thought that they`d have “full knowledge” on the whole Metal field. For me as a fan it`s a shame that the press is able to influence the career of a band as intense, so all I can do is to encourage people to build their own opinions without caring for the “advices” of the big yellow “Metal” press, but to gather a certain amount of opinions of dedicated fanzine writers that have a similar taste to yours…

7. How would you define objectivity? In my opinion it needs a decent knowledge of the kind of music (The reviewer has to know quite well the kind of music he deals with and to be into it for several years), as well as taking distance from several years of experience and personal feelings, so this objectivity isn't really objective ;-) So do you think objectivity really exists concerning the reviews of music?

Objectivity exists, it`s like that: Artist name, album and song titles, members` names, lyrics, running time and where was the output recorded. – There are no feelings involved, only plain facts, that`s what objectivity is! The rest (beginning with the style description) is a personal thing, an opinion, a highly subjective matter of honesty and truthfulness to the writer`s own taste and mind. You shouldn´t compare objectiveness with fairness and the ability to accept other ideas than those that normally enlighten your mind. Besides all narrow-mindedness and traditional roots you should always honour the band`s effort to create something – if that “something” is something you personally like or not is a matter of subjective interpretations. If you don`t like the music offered you should think about not featuring it in your zine - because if it doesn`t fit to the special character of your publication, it`s senseless writing down some words about it! So objectivity exists in reviews, but it`s good and very entertaining to have almost no really objective reviews out there, subjective opinions rule, hehe!

8. Do you think there's an objectivity being conditioned by the pressures of labels and good-thinking fans?

May fans or labels demand objective reviews or not – it`s an impossibility, as stated above! Good reviews have to be subjective, otherwise it would be really boring, right?

9. Do you or did you play in a band? Do you think it's helpfull when you have to review some music? In a way it could help you to see easily when a band uses void-filling riffs or didn't finish its songs well...

Yeah, I played and still play in band(s): In the past I used to be a part of GARDENS OF GEHENNA, a doomy Death act, nowadays my heart belongs to HELLISH CROSSFIRE (playing 80s-styled Speed/Thrash) and just recently my comrades from ANAEL (slow, dark music with roots in Black Metal) asked me to help out on 2nd guitar. Yeah, it`s definitely helpful for writing reviews when you`re also playing in a band. You know some things about arrangements, playing etc. that pure “consumers” of music cannot come up with. This doesn`t mean that non-musicians are worse writers, no way! – The opposite often is the case, for a musician there is the danger to see everything from an “instrumental, mechanic” standpoint, not from an emotive one. It`s needed to let your head as well as your heart judge about music…

10. What's your opinion about the guys who say "If you can't do better, more technical, or anything... Shut the fuck up!" It's a quite too easy argument! A guy shouldn't bother being a skilled musician to have an opinion on music, since it's mostly a fan and listener's point of view! Do you think those who say so are rather frustrated musicians who spent years working on the technicality of their guitar playing, or rather fans of technial music who like it very cerebral?

I don`t know, perhaps those guys are both frustrated musicians and fans of technical music or simply individuals that like to provoke…? – I don`t know, I think good music is good music, whether it is very complicated or very simple. I for example hail the primitiveness of HELLHAMMER or VENOM equally like i.e. CYNIC or ATHEIST masterpieces. Heavy Metal should be more than that, you shouldn`t think too much in borders, you shouldn`t limit yourself as much. The feeling is that matters and not the question of how many notes and how many breaks are packed into one song…

11. How many promos do you receive each week? each month?

Hm, that depends very much on those people that send out these packs, I`d say… Concerning my involvement in the aforementioned big German extreme Metal mag I get a shitload (about 40 copies and more) each month, for “BOTA” there`s (due to the concentration on pure Metal exclusively) a less diverse quantity, so I can`t actually tell you, honestly said… Sometimes I receive about 20 promos a week, sometimes only five, and there are even times I don`t receive anything (which is sometimes better than having to review 20 bad outputs, hehe…!).

12. Did you voluntary contact many labels so that they send you their promotional stuffs, or did the promotional stuffs came little by little in your mailbox, without any request, as you kept doing your zine, mostly reviewing stuffs from your collection?

I don`t have to “beg” for promotional stuff, if that`s what you mean… In the past I sent some info mails around, had some ads in bigger mags, that`s why the labels got to know of “BOTA”. Nevertheless, I have some contacts (like i.e. IRON PEGASUS or IRON BONEHEAD) I get in touch with when they have some new thrilling releases out that would be great to trade. But this is more like a “gentlemen agreement” between friends than begging for promos…

13. Are you in contact with some societies who work for the promotion of several labels and usually send the zines many albums? Needless to say some of these "companies" aren't well targeted and happen to send the zines some stuffs that has nothing to do with its highlines! (It's sometimes quite hard to stop them in their promotional mailbombings! They've got many enjeweled arguments too keep the zines working for them...And they don't easily understand if someone do not want it! lol). Did you meet this kind of troubles? If you receive some albums that has nothing to do with your zine, do you review it anyway?

Yeah, I know the problem. Of course I`ll review also these outputs – the promo departments sent them away and they have a right in getting to know about your opinion concerning these releases! I gather all reviews in a “pool” so to say, and after all works on a new issue are finished, I decide which bands are “BOTA”-compatible or not. Of course acts that don`t fit too much to the original character of my zine are the ones that remain in that “pool”. But this is a relatively new way for me, in the past EVERY review found its way into “BOTA”. Due to lack of space and in order to remain a certain identity, I decided to choose this way of “selection”…

14. Do you think it remains useful to receive promos? After all it's easy to download many Mp3s and one could run his zine reviewing mostly stuffs he enjoy... and not bother listening 15 times stuffs he would have never paid interest to... In my opinion a zine being run almost without any promo would really turn into a FANzine! Only the best stuffs would gain promotion, while the less interesting ones would remain unnoticed: It would be a NATURAL selection! Do you think it's utopian and I should stop drinking strawberry-milk or what...?

Yeah, hehe, stop drinking strawberry-milk, it`s not good for health – try some good German beer instead, hehe! No, let`s remain sincere: I hate mp3s – back in the past there were definitely some single bands that tried to convince me with adding a link to a website where I could download their stuff. But you as reviewer has therefore to pay for these tracks, and that`s not the sense of a fanzine, I think. If it was all about this, I would be on the internet all day long downloading cult stuff of traditional acts and denying the rest. But mp3s are gay, that´s nothing what Metal should be all about! Vinyl and demo TAPES are the formats that matter! Fuck all the rest!!! – It was hard for me to accept CDs, but I grew into this and nowadays I hail this format as well, but I`m an enemy of all computerised shit, honestly said. I hate staring in front of the screen and want my piece of vinyl touched by a blood needle instead, hehe! I like receiving promos, and it also can be an exciting situation to be confronted with music you`re personally not a too big fan of… It`s the diversity, variety and honesty that matters! Be true to yourself and true to your readers: It`s also good to receive music that doesn`t appeal to your personal taste as you got the ultimate chance to warn readers off some bad outputs... Especially nowadays there are countless releases out that claim to serve a traditional, ancient approach, but actually it`s nothing more than stupid, boring, modernised shit without caring for the essence. – Reviews are a good way to praise, but also a good way to prevent fans from buying use- and soulless stuff…

15. What's the best way to run a zine in your opinion: To remain quite distant from the whole underground and say what you have to say (anonymously or not) without taking care of other peoples reactions, or to be in touch with many bands, activists and to offer something less personal but much more informative?

I for myself want to have a mixture of both, I want “BOTA” to remain very personal as well as keeping in touch with maniacs from all over the world. This way some great friendships came about, and personal exchange enriches your mind after all as well… But I must say I hate all things concerning a certain “scene”, concerning a pile of people that consider them as “elite”, telling you what bands should be featured, what groups should be supported and what acts should be hated etcetc… The whole “scene” turned into some kind of “kindergarten” long ago, and I definitely hate it going to concerts and seeing mainly people without an own identity and integrity. I go to a concert for the sake of the music and meeting some individuals that kept honest and truthful to themselves, but fuck the rest! “The scene” as we nowadays know it turned into a farce, it´s nothing more than a sub-society with all its hypocrisies, narrow-mindedness and selfishness. I don´t care for people like this, I keep in touch with real Metal warriors of the old flame that got similar point of views like me, individuals that are nevertheless very different from each other. It`s kinda strange but at the same time very logical as well: All these friends also have their own ways of expressing their Metal worship, without feeling the need to bow down to influences from outside…!

16. Do you think a zine has to be very specific to a given kind of music to be efficient (exemple: Old school death, Technical death or Raw black metal), or are anykind of more or less metallic musics welcome?

Metal is the music I wanted to support with “BOTA”, be it Death, Thrash, Speed, Heavy, Doom, Black, War or Power Metal: Non-Metallic topics may be good for other publications, but I prefer to concentrate on these sub-styles as they`ve got to offer so much – you simply need no other styles as Metal itself can be so diverse! Just check out the harsh aggressiveness of i.e. SLAYER`s `Show No Mercy` and compare it with the sadness and darkness of i.e. `Doomicus Epicus Metallicus`: It´s both traditional Metal the way it was meant to be, but it`s so diverse and invoking such different kind of emotions inside of you! So there are definitely some borders in order to deny non-Metallic influences, but upon this limited battleground there should be no limitations at all!

17. Many paper fanzines died and most of the zines are now on the Internet under the form of webzines. It's cool because it's free and the gain of informations is faster... But on the other hands most of the webzines don't have the personality many paper zines had! The Internet metal press becomes really homogenous and selfless while a bunch of paper zines where very personal in their way of writing/ reviewing the stuffs, in the artworks, and highlines (some were very much specialised).

I grew up with and got influenced by killer fanzines like “Slayer”, “Tales Of The Macabre”, “Voices From The Darkside”, “Desecration Of Virgin” etc. It always used to be my goal to keep a zine similar to these legendary publications alive, despite all trends and lack of money… I saw the internet growing, I saw many new “webzines” come and go, and nowadays the market is over-saturated with all kinds of bullshit zines that think they spread the real thing and the essence of Heavy Metal… What I can say for sure is that I don`t care for webzines at all, I simply don`t read them (except of some “Voices From The Darkside” journeys – and some trips to “Nihlistic Holocaust” of course, hehe!). A webzine can never be as rewarding and unique as a paper zine! There`ll never be an “online version” of “BOTA”, I even don`t have a website right now, also my band HELLISH CROSSFIRE tries to avoid this as much as possible. The people that I want to reach with “BOTA” don`t care for the internet as well, so that`s a good constellation, I think…Although my zine is not very original concerning the layout, I believe that a copied mag for me is the only way to publish my thoughts…Perhaps I`m a part of an older, worn-out cliché-world, but I have no problems with that! And I don`t try to keep as hard as possible in order to be as “basic” and “narrow-minded” as possible, it´s simply my personal way of how things should develop…!

Do you think this situation will improve in few years (eventhough Internet is more or less commonly used since 4-5 years) or would an improvement be really difficult when taking in account how things work on the web?

Unfortunately, I think the amount of webzines will grow constantly. It´s a development you cannot prevent, paper zines are dying out slowly, but nevertheless it`s still great to see that some ancient maniacs are still out there waving the flag of the old way, I only think of zines like i.e. “Trident Nation”, “Necromaniac”, “Carnage”, “Desecration Of Virgin”, “Mutilating Process”, “Reflections Of Doom”, “Stygian Shadows”, “Ancient Spirit Terror”, “Psychedelic”, “Season Decay” and the infamous “Hellpike”.

18. Do you happen to read other zines? Do you take inspiration from some or do you simply read their writings as a metaller?

Yeah, I like checking out cult publications like i.e. the ones mentioned above and I read those writings as a fan, whereas I`m also influenced, be it in a direct or a rather indirect way. I guess without some old legendary publications “Blood Of The Ancient” wouldn`t have existed in this form, and even nowadays I get inspired by some recent zines around. But mainly I read mags for information, and whilst I`m checking this stuff out, I cannot prevent myself from criticising, praising, judging the choice of bands, the layout, the way of writing etcetc… - That`s a normal behaviour (at least I think so…?!?), I tell editors my personal opinion about their publications, and I`m honoured if a partner in crime is telling me his true opinion about my works…

19. How do you detect in few minutes if a zine would please or not your needs for alcoholic metal, objectivity and opinions? Do you rather have a look at the bands they interviewed, the notes given to the albums? ....Or the guestbook? Lol

It`s the overall-impression that is needed for a good zine. Mags that are featuring bands you like make it easier for you to dive into this “war of letters”, and it makes most sense if you read about groups you`re personally interested in. I don`t care for notes given to albums, in my zine I tried to avoid this as you cannot put music in patterns. It`s an experience of personality and individual taste, you cannot reduce sound to numbers, but that`s only my opinion…I don`t care for the guestbook as I rarely read online-zines, but the same criterions mentioned above go out to webmags as well. Mostly it`s just like you`re once holding a zine in your hands and you simply know right from the start that this will be a pleasant reading – that`s the way it has to be…!

20. Are you more or less demanding concerning the quality of demos? In my opinion demos aren't totally finished stuffs, it's something like a "try" and we shouldn't be as demanding towards demos! But the problems appear when some bands release their demos as professional MCDs or full-lengths... some labels even release and promote some demo-recordings (both for the production and the musical side) as real killer full-lengths! It's a bit confusing, don't you think so?

Yeah, I agree with you. You have to consider this as demonstration of skills and potential, and you have to be a bit less demanding. Nevertheless, if a demo is shitty, you shouldn`t praise it, if there`s no potential at all future cannot bring you some good music! I hail those times when demos where meant as original and honest offerings, nowadays there are tons of great-layouted, well-produced CD-Rs out there that only have to offer some fucked-up shit music! Back in the past it didn`t matter how a demo tape looked or sounded like, it was the original feel that was important. And really legendary demos nowadays still sound thrilling, they`ve stood the test of time! I`d mention tapes of groups like i.e. GROTESQUE, NIHILIST, SARCÓFAGO, TREBLINKA, MUTILATOR, DARKNESS, TORMENTOR (both Hungary and Germany), DESTRUCTION, NECRODEATH, NECROVORE, POISON (Germany of course), HAVE MERCY, SATAN, ASSASSIN, NECROSCHIZMA, MAYHEM, MORBID, WITCHES HAMMER, AMPUTATION etcetc… - There are tons of awesome killer demos out there, too many to mention! – Tapes like these never grow old, they managed to show a kind of different, purer version of these particular groups` own sound so that although you already own the regular LPs it`s worth to check out these early works as well. Just compare nowadays` products to these classics! – Fuck, it seems like even the worst 80s` demo is better than 90% of what is put out these days! It`s like a sign of the time that there are many labels around releasing and promoting demo-recordings as real killer full-lengths: Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s outputs like these would have been doomed to disappear in meaninglessness, but the nowadays` fan seems to be very uncritical. One reason for this is probably the ever-growing mass consuments` mentality and indifference concerning the ability to use the brain, hehe… However, demos are tries and tests, and my dumb ears hail that specific, raw rehearsal sound, hehe…!

21. In the history of your zine where there some staff changes? Did you fire some contributors because they didn't fit anymore to the zine? If so would you tell us why they where fired?

Everybody that has been involved in “BOTA” so far has contributed his/her article due to his/her own will, I don`t beg any individuals for writing some words for me! However, I`m really happy if people contribute some articles to my zine, as it`s the diversity of opinions that matters. The first three issues (which were written in Germany) had only me as editor – I was responsible for everything: All the interviews, all the reviews, all the layout etcetc... Then Dávid László, an Hungarian friend and writer of the awesome “Stygian Shadows” mag offered me some of his interviews for using them for “BOTA”. After that there were some contributions of two other persons that are not part of this publication on a steady base. Killerhead has been a comrade of mine since a very long time, and I`m glad to have his (German-written) reviews in “BOTA” as well, otherwise there would be reviews written by me exclusively – the variety of opinions rules and vitalises a zine! Of course I have to re-work every article I get from other people in order to adapt them to the typical “BOTA”-way of writing. But I never fired anybody, and nobody ever quit writing for my zine, so I guess I`m a guy to come along with (for the most time, at least, hehe)…A small zine like “Blood Of The Ancient” should be honoured that there are people that appreciate your work and are willing to contribute!

22. Do you think somekind of competition between zines is something good? To which extant do you think that should remain? Did you already have problems with other zines? (If so what were the stronger menaces?lol).

I don`t know, I don`t see “BOTA” in some kind of competition with who-/whatever…! I simply publish this zine for my own satisfaction, I don`t care what other people do. Competition in general can be good, but there are bad aspects involved as well. There are zines that when I read inspire my mind, but I don`t think there`s any kind of competition, so I can`t tell you anything about this right now. “BOTA” is a zine you can`t earn any money with, I don`t become a “famous person” or whatsoever, and as long as financial issues aren´t involved I think there cannot be some kind of “competition”… However, there weren`t too many problems back in the past, only some bad trading stories, but I guess that`s normal in the underground scene. Especially in South America there are not too honest people around, but also some fuckers from Scandinavia or other parts of the world ripped me off. Fortunately it has never been too much money, but I know what to think about liars like this and I`ll be more careful in future. I prefer to receive stuff first, after that my trade partners will definitely receive what they`ve been longing for, I for sure won`t rip you off, no way!!! Nobody ever complained about my way of trading, but due to bad things that happened to me in the past I became a bit more prudent - I`d only have to mention “tradings” like i.e. Philippine people wanting me to send ten zines in advance, promising me some CDs in trade, sending me some billets per email as proof that they already sent that stuff out – in the end I never received anything – you see, there are many tricks around these days to rip small zines off – but I guess I won`t tell you anything new here…

23. Do you read my webzine? If so tell us honestly what's your opinion about it as well as what I should change or not!

No, unfortunately I didn`t read it before you sent me these questions, which is a shame, I`ll now constantly check out your site, hehe! But as far as I can tell you now after my first excursion on your page I have to praise the yet simple, but still very decent and stylish layout – there are obviously some Giger-hints, right? Concerning the content I must confess that I don`t know/like every act supported on this homepage, but reports that drove me wild were the huge Martin van Drunen chat as well as the TERRORIZER/NAUSEA, Dan Seagrave, DEVILRY, PHOBIA, BRUTALITY, KAAMOS, PROFANITY, FUNEBRARUM, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, GENERAL SURGERY and EVOKEN stories. The interviews are very detailed and intense, it`s a great way to gather more information about these fine acts! What I definitely like concerning “Nihilistic Holocaust” are specials like i.e. the “Old School Blind Test” as well as the “Beer Metal Special” with LETHAL (Sweden), WARMÖNGER, ATOMIZER, HATEWORK and GEHENNAH. - That`s really entertaining, even if you might be not a fan of those groups (even though I couldn`t imagine this, hehe…)! All in all “Nihilistic Holocaust” is definitely a great site, although I don`t like every band featured on these pages – your zine has an own touch and an own face, that`s the most important thing – keep on continuing this awesome work!!!

24. The final countdown has reached the last numbers! Tell us about your future plans with the zine, and feel free to conclude! Thanx for the answer!

Well, issues vol. 9 and 10 will be put out this summer – there are still some issues of vol. 6 till 8 available, so just feel free to get in touch with me: Christian Wachter, Grieserstr. 13, 96352 Wilhelmsthal, Germany. Email: wachter0@t-online.de – No website, hehe!!! One copy costs 6,50 € (including p&p), the language is mainly English, but there are a few German-written articles as well. As for the forthcoming issues, there`ll be a whole blast of ancient cult acts featured, I only mention i.e. SAINT VITUS, ONSLAUGHT, MESSIAH, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, VIOLENT FORCE, ASSASSIN, ATOMKRAFT, EXCITER, HEATHEN, PENANCE/DREAM DEATH, MORGOTH, EXUMER, INTERNAL VOID/PENTAGRAM (US), REVENANT, ULYSSES SIREN, MINOTAUR, ZEMIAL/AGATUS, TOXIK, GIRLSCHOOL, HOLY TERROR, SATAN´S HOST, AGRESSOR, INSANITY, MORBID etc. Furthermore there`ll be many features of some more “recent” acts like i.e. EQUINOX, ANAL VOMIT, PURGATORY (Germany), COERCION, CENTURIONS GHOST, NORTHWINDS, BLOODY SIGN, STILLBORN (Poland), WITCHCRAFT etcetc. The ancient variety presented on these pages should include something for every fan of good, heavy music, as you can see in this small selection of bands here. As for future prospects after unleashing these issues, I must confess that I don`t know actually how everything will evolve: I thought about taking a short break in order to regain the energy needed to publish such a zine. You know, I don`t feel oversaturated or frustrated, but I think that a time-out would be effective in order to long for higher goals… Right at this moment (due to my commitment in two bands, my other journalist work, and last but not least, my job and private life) I see the danger that I might not be able to concentrate fully on “BOTA” the way it was used to be. And in order to prevent myself from putting out something that wouldn`t be sincere, I prefer to say “goodbye” for a while. Hm, but if I think about it right now, I also come to the conclusion that finishing this job may create a big “loss” in my life, so perhaps everything will be continued the same way in future… - I don`t know, hehe, opinions change with every new day as human kind is an ever-developing, ever-growing (sometimes –shrinking, hehe…!), unpredictable force. - Only future may tell us…

Last but not least I send out many hails to you, my friend, for offering me the opportunity to present my personal thoughts about the “Blood Of The Ancient” and the things connected with this activity. It`s been a pleasure for me, also due to the fact that you offered very intense questions that dive deeper into this topic than usual standard interviews. Congratulations, so far this has been the best interview I answered for “Blood Of The Ancient”, thanks again and all hails and thanks to your readers that took the time to dive into this bloody, ancient bastard world…!!!


Email: wachter0@t-online.de