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1. Hello, What's up with WARNINGFOG? Something to announce to our rotting readers?

Hello, we are  working on new stuff to release. Material has already been recorded last year. I hope it’ll be ready soon.


2. What is a "Warning Fog"? Is this some kind of emergency rocket?

It’s  a sign which warns you of poor visibility on the road. We just combined two words in one.


3. A few years ago, you changed of band name from FOIBLE INSTINCE to WARNINGFOG... Why? Even if your music remains globally close to old school grind, I feel there's now a bit more of sludge inside... Was this name-change only because of the little music evolution?

Well, it wasn’t just a name change, the band members changed too. And also we started to play some kind of different music, with big sludge influences, and it's also harsher with unpredictable moments i think.


4. Do you prefer old or new NAPALM DEATH? Old or new EXHUMED? Old or newer ANAL CUNT? Is RELAPSE-grind good for you, or you don't like too big productions? Can you list the bands that influenced your music in WARNINGFOG?

I like all Napalm Death's stuff ‘till “Smear Campaign”, but my favorite is “From Enslavement to Obliteration”. I’ve never been a listener of Anal Cunt or Exhumed, so i don’t know what kind of their discography is better. Relapse is a really good label with a lot of great bands, but for me it’s okay to upload music on some internet resources.
Here are some bands that really influenced us: Punch, Magrudergrind, Wormrot, Noothgrush, Burning Witch, Khanate.


5. When you compose new music: How do you know if a grindcore song is good and finished? Do you have a special "thrill"? Is your head automatically headbanging? Do you sometimes ask the opinion of a friend about new tracks?

We always compose the musical part of track first, and then we add lyrics. Sometimes we need to make changes after that, because the vocals affect the song perception. We have no special “thrill”, it’s different every time. Sometimes we ask someone, but our new album is based only on our opinion i think.


6. The drummers are important for grindcore bands, for example the music of early NAPALM DEATH or old DEAD INFECTION wouldn't have been the same without Mick Harris or Cyjan (Rip)... What are your fave drummers from the grindcore world?

For me some of the best grindcore drummers nowadays are: Dobber Beverly from Insect Warfare, Vijesh (Wormrot) and Brian Fajardo (P.L.F., Phobia and others). Also one of the most powerful drummers for me is Val from Punch. 

7. How are the grindcore and metal scenes in Urkaine? I know there was a quite active black metal scene years ago, but I'm not too informed about grind or death metal from there... Are the Ukrainian headbangers and moshers very wild? Perhaps some of them "like" to break their teeth and are proud of the wounds they got during violent gigs? AhAh

There are not a lot of grindcore fans in Ukraine, as there are not many gigs. The wildness changes from show to show, and it’s often directly proportional to the attendance. We have now a few grindcore bands such as Statist, Revomit, Maläd... Also one of the best fast ukrainian bands is ПхШ (Пьяная Шваль), wich means something like Drunk Riffraff. Epicrise are mastodons of the ukrainian grindcore scene, but they’re already split up.


8. Ukraine is located right in the middle between Europe and Russia... On a matter of beliefs and way of life, do you feel closer to Russia or Europe?

We're in the middle geographically, and it's the same for everydays life, we feel in the middle.


9. Does the Ukrainian government tolerate freedom of speech for extreme music bands? Would it become more sensible and problematic if you had lyrics against religion, against the state or the government? Which subjects aren't very well accepted in the Ukrainian society?

Nobody cares when you play grindcore, but you must stay away from shows in Russia if you don't want to be banned in Ukraine.


10. When you travel in other countries, sometimes you shouldn't do certain things to not bother the inhabitants... It depends on the places... Sometimes you shouldn't touch peoples with your hands, sometimes you shouldn't talk loud, or should remain very quiet, or remove your shoes when entering someone's house... Well, what is important in Ukraine if a stranger doesn't want to seem "gross" and impolite?

Well, you need to call beer “pyvo”, not “pivo”.


11. What do you know about french grindcore? Perhaps you enjoy Blockheads or Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition? Would you say you prefer french grindcore, french cheese or french beer?

I have never listened to Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, but i like Blockheads for their fast blasbeats and dry vocals. Inhumate is maybe one of the most famous french bands. I have seen a Sickbag show in Kyiv, and Foible Instinct has played with the french band Infest two times. I prefer french grindcore because it’s more rare to find in Ukraine than cheese or beer.


12. Which bands kicked your ass a lot the last months and really impressed you? Is it always grindcore or metal bands that can be very impressive for you?

Well, i think it’s Mizmor, Baptists and Pink Floyd.

13. Do you also play in other bands? Perhaps you have subprojects in other styles such as extreme breakcore? Punk hardcore? Sludge/ Doom?

Now i also play doom in the band Bomg, we just released one of longest albums in Ukraine i think. I also play with Sasha in the thrash metal band Zombie Attack.


14. The interview is almost over, do you have new projects to announce for WARNINGFOG?

Well, we are working on new stuffs for a split now, but we are at the stage of drafts, so it’s too early for the announcements.

Web pages: https://warningfog.bandcamp.com