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1. The surgical tools were meticulously placed on the operating table, the surgeons put on their outfits, and the operating block is opened. Can you introduce VIVISECT to the readers? You play Death metal, but can you explain with a little more details what will vibrate the listener's eardrums?

We are Vivisect, "Savage Ripping Death" from New Jersey. Mind melting riffs and blasts; not too simple, not too technical, "just right" as said in that folk tale about the three bears.

2. Would you say the music of VIVISECT has more to do with the old American or European waves of Death metal? Listening to your songs I hear early Death, as well as some Pestilence, Asphyx, Autopsy, and even a bit of Morbid angel... Are your favorite metal releases also from the 80's and early 90's? :)

The 90's Florida death metal is more what we are into. We've been told we have a European or American death metal sound from different people.

3. My first contact with VIVISECT was on the cassette released by Jon of Contaminated tones records. Even if this release was very limited, and recorded in rehearsal conditions, it looked cool and sounded quite good for a death metal Demo. Do you know Jon well? Who got the idea to release this tape?

Jon of Contaminated Tones is a friend of ours who we met through seeing him play with the band Sacrificial Blood. Before we had any releases, Jon offered to record us a quick and dirty demo for Contaminated Tones which mostly consists of live releases, so that is how the "Fuming Death" demo came to be. It was a very limited release but has since been repressed by Contaminated Tones.

4. The two songs of this rehearsal cassette were re-recorded the following year in better (studio) conditions, and released as a MCD and pro tape. Where was it recorded this time? Are you more satisfied with the outcome at the level of production and playing?

We decided to quickly re-record the demo because we felt those songs could be done more justice with everything more clear. We went to Octopus Garden Sound Studio to record those tracks and were very satisfied with the outcome though we think we went a bit heavy on the bass in the mix.

5. Then a couple of months later you were featured on a split CD with Perpetuated, Blood Spore and Oxalate... Listening to this song it seems your music becomes a little more technical, perhaps like very early 90's "tech" death metal. Do you confirm this, or it's just a wrong impression?

Right after recording the EP we recorded our newest song at the time "Extraterrestrial Proliferations" for the 4 way split. We definitely stepped up our songwriting game on that track, it's the first time we introduced odd times into one of our songs. The earlier songs had been written a while before that split and we seemed to have really progressed in writing and playing ability since the start of the band. Our newer songs are getting more technical, however we don't plan on over indulging in that.

6. The band's logo is important, because it's the first thing peoples get in touch with... And yours is very cool! It's nicely dripping and bleeding. Who drew this logo? Was it produced by someone into metal music, or not? I saw this is currently the second version, which is more dripping :)

The logo was hand drawn by our bassist C.G., he then modified it later on with more dripping, you can never have enough drips!

7. The first two albums of DEATH are probably important influences on your compositions, but I couldn't say the same about Chuck's later recordings. Would you say you enjoy all of his releases equally, and just don't feel the need to play too technical/ progressive music? Or perhaps there is a "stopping point" in his discography, or some albums you don't get much into? (Personally speaking I don't enjoy "Symbolic" that much, it's well played, composed, but it misses the burning Death atmospheres etc... And I only started to get more into Control Denied recently, years and years later ahah)

We all prefer the early albums though we still like the whole Death discography. We appreciate the different direction Death went into on Human and later albums.

8. Can you explain why you choose the word VIVISECT as a band name? The more I think about the meaning, and see pictures of animals in my head, the more I think there's a grindcore edge to the potential message.

Vivisect is a word commonly associated with animal experimentation we found out after choosing the name. Others have asked us before if our name had to do with animal rights. There is no political message behind the name, with that said, we like animals and don't agree with cruel practices on them. The word Vivisect was chosen based on the brutality of the word itself. The idea came from our drummer, when he was younger he attempted to form a death metal band called Vivisection that never happened. When we were looking for names the word vivisection came to mind though it is taken by other bands multiple times, so we shortened it to its verb form "Vivisect".

9. Did you guys play in other bands before Vivisect? I see you guitarist/ vocalist Dan used to be a part of MIDNITE HELLION (Heavy metal) which released two full-length albums... But were your other musicians involved in other outfits?

Yes, Dan was in Midnite Hellion before their first full length. Randy is currently live guitar for the very well-known doom band EVOKEN and has been in many other bands. Members C.G. and M.W. are both currently in a guitar-less bestial black/death metal band called Goat Piss.

10. Do you play cover songs during rehearsals or live gigs? Even if I don't like too much the "tribute bands", it's cool to hear "composition bands" play pieces of music that were important for them... So this answer could tell us a bit more about your death-metallic tastes :-)

We have not taken the time to learn any covers as a band, it could happen in the future but not currently.

11. Would you say the music of the band comes from the riffs or from the beats? When you write a new song, what comes first? And do your best musical ideas appear while jamming or alone at home?

Our drummer writes a lot of the riffs, so the beats and the riffs are very mingled together from their creation. We are very riff heavy but, we would say the music comes from both equally. When we write, most of the time we start from a riff or group of riffs and put them into tab editing software to further work on them and the song structure.

12. If Vivisect was a tool, what could it be? Would you rather choose a surgery tool, a power tool... Maybe a horror movie tool? AhAh

We would be a scalpel, sharp, precise yet simple.

13. What can you say about the metal scene in New Jersey? Are there some cool bands to check out, some nice bars to play live, or might it be a bit of a metallic desert?

Our immediate area of Trenton is a bit of a metal desert though we are close enough to Philadelphia and NYC to partake in their excellent offerings for metal. New Jersey has the issue of being too close to these major cities so the metal scenes stay more in Philadelphia and New York, though there are still great lesser known or new bands that come from New Jersey. We recommend you check out Sentient Horror, Replicant, Sacrificial Blood, Blemish, Blasphemous.

14. You told me you were working on a first album. Are you already in touch with some labels concerning this release? What are the next plans for the band?

We are in touch with labels we worked with previously though no set plans yet. Next for us is to just finish writing and begin recording for this album. The writing is very near complete and we look forward to showing how far we have come as a band when it's out.

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