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Finally the answers to this interview arrived in my mailbox.
It wasn't the easiest one to obtain: The VERMINOUS guys are utterly busy and this intie had to face their daily life struggle,  cruel lack of time and the loss of answers...
I really thought it should be forgotten. Some questions are a bit outdated (3 years old) and might sound a bit strange...
But now you can get some necro infos and learn more about their forthcoming 2nd album or other grave-shaking matters..


1. Hello! Quite some time has happened since your last traces of existence... Many peoples thought the band was dead... What has happened since then? Internal band inner struggles, lack of morbidity, or something else has caused much troubles?

Hello G! Yeah, longtime, 8 years since we played live and VERMINOUS celebrates 10 years this year, perfect to release the second album (The Unholy Communion) and do our first gig in 8 years at Kill-Town Death Fest, Copenhagen. We were never dead, verminous will never die. We just had some medical problems back then, Germaniac lost his hearing on one ear, but now its back and should work.


2. VERMINOUS is working on its second album! Some peoples have been waiting for this record since some time... Can you tell us more about it? How will it sound compared to the first one? Will it be exactly the same kind of fast and old school Swedish death or will there be changes? Maybe the new songs will be more focused on some drowning atmospheres as opposed to the first album that was more in the kicking and energetic side of things? Is it the same old cadaver or maybe it’s even more rotten and disgusting?

Its even more rotten and disgusting, I hope. The album is in the mixing process right now and we are very satisfied with how it sounds. Most of the songs on the album were written 2003-2004 so I guess it sounds like it did before only faster and more blasphemic. The album has more variation than the first album I think but its still fucking violent and intense.


3. Who will release this album? Did you ever begin the recording and where was/ will it be recorded? You already have an idea of the title since it's announced to be "the unholy communion", but what about the cover artwork? The song titles and lyrics? There are any other infos to share?

Xtreem Music, spain, will release the album. The same label as we had on the first one. As I mentioned above, the album is recorded only mixing and mastering left and the title remains. Timo Ketola is working on our album art and can ensure you that it´s fucking awesome. Some titles from the album are: Keepers Ov Chaos, INRI, In The Name, Immersed In Semen.


4. Is it true KAAMOS are back, or was it only for a few gigs? Do you feel musically closer to KAAMOS or REPUGNANT? Which of the two could have been the most influential for the come back of morbid Death metal in Sweden? Do you see VERMINOUS covering one of the two, or are they too "young" to be covered as only the elder ones deserve such kind of morbid greetings?

Don’t know the answer to this question, I like both of the bands alot! I don’t think KAAMOS is doing anything right now but I hope they will be back with a crushing album again.


5. What motivates the inspiration and feelings to create VERMINOUS riffs? Can any intense feeling inducing event/ art/ music make it, or do you need some particular rituals to set your souls in the right mood? And what makes you different from the current modern technical/ brutal/ core "death" metal (That lost a big part of the rotting cadaver in the run for evolution)?

I don’t know what motivates the verminous riffs´, but of course you need to drown your self in old horror movies and darkness to get the right feeling of it. We all do riff´s in verminous so we just show them to each other and keep the ones we all like. The difference between us and the modern technical/ brutal/ core "death" metal is probably that we do music and they do something to show of there skills on the guitar. I don’t know really, I don’t care haha. We do music that we like and don’t think a lot about it as long as we in the band like it we keep it, and if other people like it it´s a bonus.


6. Do you think old school Death metal needs some part of originality, personality and own deeper ideas, or did it become too hard to be really personal while the most important would be the MOTORHEAD/ ACDC side of things: Throw the energy, the morbid feeling and it will work?

Originality is something I don’t care about, as long as it´s good it´s good. Of course it´s great if you sound different from all the death metal bands out there, but death metal is death metal it´s hard to change and throw in some reggae in the middle, nobody would like that, I hope. When we play death metal it´s always personal, its what we like the most, it´s our way to show how much we hate religion and idiots believing in it.  







7. The fast beats on your first album are faster than the usual old Death metal beats, it's a bit accelerated and in a way it could be considered as some blast beats (At least the blast beats from "Left hand path" or something like that)... Do you feel this element as some kind of blasts, and could feel close to "grindcore" (On a very old school point of view)? Or am I raving too much on some old and dead principles that lack of rotten energy?

Yeah it kind of in between the usual 2/4 beat and grind - Its to fast to be 2/4 and to slow to be grind. It has become the verminous signature, we always use it, and the new album is full of it.
Hope that answer your question. 


8. The Swedish scene has changed quite a lot since you released your first album... Many new bands appeared, the gay melodic "death" metal is almost dead, the necro has taken over many metallic souls... Does it feel much safer now? Which bands will kick the ass and develop a real morbid talent in your opinion? Do you feel something big could occur, or should we stop morbidly dreaming?

I actually don’t know many of the bands that evolved after us, I listen to my old favorites and sometimes I find something new I like. Tribulation´s album “The Horror” is so fucking awesome.
I don’t think death metal will ever be a big thing again, and I prefer it that way, I like the underground thing about it, it makes it feel more alive and personal.


9. Are there any old school Death metal paper zines in Sweden? I apparently don't know much... Or maybe it's Swedish written or very confidential? It's quite surprising to see a big rise of Necro and morbid Death metal bands, yet without much paper zines... It should go hand in hand as far as I’m rotting…

Maybe some kid doing some metal paper somewhere, I don’t know any. But i´m sure some Swedish zines exists. Most of the has moved to the internet I guess or become big magazines and doing interviews with linking park nowadays.

10. Did you read the "Swedish Death metal" book of Daniel Ekeroth? If so, how many times did you read it? (Ah Ah). In my opinion it's one of the best books about Death metal! It contains few bullshits and isn't too technically complex or encyclopedic... Did it help you to discover, or rediscover some great bands? Is it a famous book in Sweden?

I agree, It’s the best fucking book, love it! I think he did a awesome job and i´m happy that someone did it because there´s a lot of great bands coming from Sweden, that’s why we have our own kind of metal of death.


11. At the time of DELVE, someone from VERMINOUS was running an officially unofficial ENTOMBED fan page... It was cool, and as far as I remember it contained some rare documents... Tell us a bit about it. Why did you stop it?

It was me that run it with a friend. My favorite band of all time is Entombed and will always be, that’s why I did it. I was about 16 years old back then so its about 12 years now, I don’t remember much more that is was fun. I guess I didn’t got the time to continue with it, that’s why I stopped.


12. Some guys of the band apparently play in side projects named EVIL DOER, SGT CARNAGE, INFERNAL HELLFIRE or LOGIC SEVERED. Can you tell us a bit about it? Could peoples into the VERMINOUS world like the music?

I don’t know what people who listens to verminous listens to more or if its just death metal all the time. Some of them maybe would like it, some of them maybe would hate it. All those bands are dead, Sgt. Carnage is maybe a little active I think. We play in other bands now as well but I want this interview to focus on Verminous.


13. What about your forthcoming plans? I read somewhere NUCLEAR WINTER would re-release the "Smell the birth of Death" Ep, but what else? (And will this Ep will be exactly the same than first press, or will contain some changes?). Fell free to conclude! The grave is fulfilled....

Don’t know anything about that, I think he already re-released it as a MCD. He is a great friend of mine and he has helped us a lot.
Thanks a lot for the interview, this will probably be one of the few out there since we don’t do interviews that much. Keep your dead eyes open for the new album “The Unholy Communion” and get your corpse to Copenhagen 1st September to see us at Kill-town death fest.
Hail the hordes of verminous!


Web page: http://www.myspace.com/verminousdeathmetal