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A couple of years ago I sent an interview to this italian underground Death metal band, but unfortunately they were forced to do a long frozen break... Now they are back, so you can read about the uncreated and think about their forthcoming auditory procreations.


1. Hello. Since your band is underground in the initial meaning of the word, an introduction to you music would be necessary.

Hello! First of all thanx for the mail and sorry for the delay... We're back after 5 years of great troubles, it's great to play again together!


2. You play Death metal, ok, but could you explain us a little what kind of livid atrocities one could expect from your records? Which kinds of Death metal are you the closer to, which era of morbidity awakes the most tender feelings in your ogrish heart, do you really sound Italian or would rather be closer to the sounds of another country?

No doubt: We're italian but we love DEATH/ BLACK METAL bands from all over the world... From the early 90s European shit to American (both North and South!) scene. Of course there are so many great bands from our country wich are devoted to the true Death/Black metal, but I don't think we (I mean UNCREATION) can say that we have a typical "italian" sound. Maybe attitude is different: Our main influences live inside our soul and  guts and they manifest their presence in every aspect of our fuckin lives. We live it man! You can see it in concerts, festivals or in the street.
Personal influences? Chris says Impaled Nazarene ,Revenge (Can) and Grave are his favourite bands, while Alle named Demigod, Convulse and Deicide.
What about me? Metal from Motorhead to Entombed, from Destruction to Black Witchery! Vince now is more into Hardcore stuff like Disrupt, Wolfbrigade and Tragedy, but also Dismember, Carbonized.


3. What's exactly the link between MORBID UPHEAVAL, your previous band, and UNCREATION? Is it the same outfit macerating under another name, or is there a stronger deeper change at some levels? I have to say your new songs under the UNCREATION moniker are better and more efficient, while I found the G.V. stuffs to be quite boring... Perhaps you injected an evil seed that has grown a malignant way?

Morbid Upheaval were a band with a specific concept behind the music. It was related with personal influences/ studies of their singer, so when the band split up and there was no more Nicola (M.U frontman), the other guys decided to change name. It was also a way of respect.
To pay respect of their ex singer.
I'm glad you like our newer stuff more than the old... the old shit was great, but the new songs will be killer.


4. When I listen to your last tracks, I think about blasting Death metal such as INFAMY (The "Blood shall flow" album), the first CDs of GRAVE (Especially the sound of “You’ll never see…”) and maybe something like ROTTING from USA (On the “Crushed” CD or something like that… It’s not so fresh news anymore) Would you agree on these possible influences, or would you rather point other morbid affects as my name-quotes might be the result of self interpretation?

I like Rotting, but I think we're more on the classic Death Metal genre while they were more brutal or grind... Less guts, blood and anatomy!!!
Regarding GRAVE... You named one of our main influences, so yes, their old stuff was amazing!


5. Which feelings would characterize the most your music? Would you rather point hatred, anger, frenzy to play fast... Or another one?

We want to spread Chaos with aggression and hatred.
Our lyrics are about Chaos and the scorn for humanity.
"Return to Chaos", "Uncreation" and "Wrath of the Knowledge" were written before I joined Uncreation, but the so called "concept" is Chaos and its aspects.


6. You recorded songs for a split Ep with NECRO that was released by various labels. Your tracks from this record are an improvement compared to the tape demo: Better playing, better production, more skull fuck... Should we expect the next recording to follow this path or perhaps enhance the size of the morbid cock-tail?
Coming back to this record, can you tell us how the involved labels take care of the various aspects of the morbid (hand?) job? Is one specialized in distribution, while one would deal with promotion, and another one would take care of communication with the graveyards? Or is this rather each label doing the same work of underground insemination in his own area?

Regarding the 7" split with NECRO... Well thank you, but the next tracks will be a fuckin blast, trust me. We are working on a  a much better songwriting and arrangements, and we'll record the album in a studio, a real studio with a sound technician. Probabiy we'll stop or split after this, this album will be our testament. A scar in the world of underground scene. We are older now, more focused on songs and quality.
The labels... They worked equally on distribution and on printing. Babu is dead now (RIP my friend), but we're still in contact with Necrotony from Blasphemous Art and with Stefano from Terror From Hell, they're very good guys and great metalheads!


7. Concerning your rehearsals, could we say it's something like rehears"hards" as it takes effort to play everything tight and fast, or rather rehears"slugs" as your state of mind is closer to the "Free flowing... Fuck you!" way of defenestrating things? Does it need a specific amount of alcohol, smoke, stench or negative energy?

Rehearsals... Well, few years ago playing was a game, we were on drugs and alcool most of the time... Fuckin madness, I swear! Now it's more serious, more focused on music and real dedication Ahahahah ;-)


8. Tell us everything about your love for defenestration! Do you deal only with furnitures, or also happen to involve pets and human beings in your pleasures of the crushing game?

Usually I throw babies out of the windows... My baby boy first! ahah ;-)


9. Do you make a difference between Death metal and morbid thrash? Don't you sometimes feel some new "old school" Death metal bands lack of balls, heaviness and low frequencies? What could we do to solve this viscous problem and show them there are more intense and orgasmic ways to play Death metal? (Would it be enough to help them find the best old bands and lead them to realize the inner qualities of the best records?) In your country, are there currently bands to be worthy of the morbid quote or that could become so? (No black metal please)

Death Metal is Death Metal... Thrash is something different.
I quote the words of the Dead Congregation singer: There's no old school or new school, there are only good or bad Death Metal bands!
Actually the best DM underground bands in my country are Profanal, Funest, Necro and Mefitic, Voids of Vomit, Blood of Seklusion, B.N.T, Valgrind, Hateful and many others... No black metal as you can see, but I love BM italian bands.
By the way: Did you hear BESTIAL EVIL? It's the new incarnation of insanity from the Blasphemophagher members... BESTIAL DEATH METAL as it must be!


10. Death metal, life metal… Are there any differences at all?

Death Metal is Metal for Life!
A life dedicated to Death Metal!


11. If you became deaf for an unfortunate reason, what would be your reaction and how would you adapt yourself in the metal world? Would you turn into a fanzine maniac reading every possible zines and reviewing it on your own website? Or would that loose too much of sense? By the way, did you already hear about metal musicians to be blind? Do you think it could affect their compositions? (It might perhaps be more abstract than the ones of “normal” peoples... Since their eyes aren't focused at all on the external world, they probably see more things from the inside...)

Deaf? No shit... I'll probabily fall in depression! Music is my life. Better blind. Even Jason Becker can still write amazing songs, but he's not deaf! I'm no fucking Beethooven!


12. What do you think about webzines? Do we really need them?

Web is the future, so webzines are ok!


13. What are the albums you listened to the most during the last weeks, months, years, centuries? If you became immortal for a fortunate (Or unfortunate reason, depending on the perspective) which 6 albums would you take with you in your endless journey through the empty paths of the endless space? Would that also work with 6 demos, or fuck me you really would need albums since CDs are longer? (I wonder how many times you would need to repeat the same 6 demos over and over during an infinite life)

Immortality sucks in the human form...
"And Justice for all", my first choice!
then "Human"  - Death
"Covenant" - Morbid Angel
"Spheres" - Pestilence
Gorguts - "From Wisdom to Hate"
and last, something from SPK.

My endless journey into space will drive me insane ;-)
By the way, ther last Diocletian and Disma albums were insane... also Dead Congregation rules. Last Mefitic LP is incredible.


14. Did you hear the Spanish UNCREATION that used to play brutal death metal 12 years ago? Will you travel in time to insist and make them change their moniker? After all, on an endless-life’s point of view 12 years isn’t very long and I guess other immortal beings could mistaken both bands… We should be careful and react! Erase impostors from the past! (Ah Ah… And no I had nothing against the Spanish UNCREATION)

Ahahaha no worries about having the same monicker ;-)
We're italians and we don't give a fuck!


15. I felt inspired and typed “NOITAERCNU” in Google, but got only 3 results… So you didn’t register the reversed Uncreation moniker? Aren’t you afraid someone at UNIVERSAL robbers incorporated or VIRGIN global mind conditionners would steal your ideas and suck all the juice from your wormy skull? The creativity in the mainstream music industry is so dry they are ready to any compromise! Beware of the ugly bear in your mailbox! Big robber is watching you!

I hope some day I'll sign for Universal or Virgin and get rich.


16. This last question is not, but will soon become. Tell us everything about UNCREATION that is currently NOT, but will soon or later BECOME. In a less Azagtothish manner, tell us about the forthcoming plans of the band, feel free to give us a listing of your available releases, and insert whatever you want! (I have put my chastity belt, so I’m not afraid at all! Ah!)

Ok, thanks for your interview, first.
Second: We're ready for a KILLER album, something that you'll remember, for sure.
Support music and Death Metal.
Chaos Dominates
Death is her Bride
Humanity shall perish!


Web page: https://www.facebook.com/UNCREATIONGODS?fref=ts