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1. Hello. To begin with can you write a short introduction to TRENCHROT?

TrenchRot is a Philadelphia band concerned with writing intense, poser-crushing death metal. We are Steve J (Vocals/Guitar), Brooks (Guitar), Steve G (Bass) and Justin (Drums).


2. Your first demo "Dragged down to hell" was released on digital format in January 2013. How are the reactions of the metal crowd? Are you satisfied with the comments you could have gathered? Was there also a limited CDr pressing, or it was only digital?

Brooks: It’s hard to actually gauge the reactions of the metal crowd, since our music hasn’t spread much outside a few hundred people according to our online plays. All the feedback we have received so far has been positive, and we will welcome criticism, albeit not by some fan of poser tech-death. We only released the demo online because it was more important for us to get the music out to as many people as possible, and giving it away online was the most direct way for us to do that. Playing live is very difficult for us due to our work schedules, so there would be very little reason for us to make a CDr pressing.


3. Even if your songs are quite straight to the point, you seem to enjoy tracks with a certain sense of composition (Chorus, verse, bridge, or something), and with a touch of melody... For you is Death metal something to release aggression, brutality, morbidity, or is there a bit more?

Brooks: In keeping with the stricture of our bands’ goal, it would do us no good to over-think writing death metal. Songs should be unhinged and intense, but still remain “songs,” not some random assemblage of slam riffs and arpeggios.

Steve: I think that death metal should always have a sense of urgency and we always have this in mind while writing. We obviously aren't trying to break any new ground with TrenchRot, but we always want there to be momentum in our songs that will make you bang your head which is exactly what the old masters did. I feel as though a lot of newer bands just mash riffs together and play as fast as possible. It's totally aimless and you can't bang your head to it, so what is the point?

4. In my ears, your music mostly sounds influenced by old European Death metal, you doesn't seem to convey too many American elements (I could think about a bit of MASTER sometimes (But it's more for some kind of "bluesy" feeling than music in itself) and also one riff reminds me of DEATH "Leprosy")... So I would rather quote names such as PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, DISMEMBER, maybe CARNAGE and a bit of BOLT THROWER... Would you like to add, or delete, a few names from the list?

Brooks: Without being very explicit, you have pretty much got the right idea about where our music comes from. We are fans of all kinds of metal…

Steve: Yeah, we definitely are going for a more old school European sound. However, I'd  say that Autopsy, old Death and Obituary are American bands that definitely play a big part in what we do, but you more or less hit the nail on the head.


5. Your music contains some kind of vibes and "hot" energies that let me imagine you are all in your 30's, because the younger peoples generally don't have the same way of creating old styled death metal... Is this all about beer, whisky, or being "old"? ;-)

Brooks: Our bands’ ages average in the late 20’s, but our spirits are with the old masters. Our energy could come from a combination of beer, whiskey, some illegal substances and our level of maturity. We remain a little jaded at the state of younger musicians playing death metal.


6. Your vocalist has scorched screams that occur to really remind of Martin Van Drunen by moments, it's really cool. I imagine it might not be common to hear an American Death metal band with such kind of vocals! It is screaming without mercy :-)
What are his favorite epochs from the "screaming carreer" of Van Drunen? The PESTILENCE days, the old ASPHYX days, or maybe the newer ASPHYX records? (Or even perhaps the COMECON album, if it was available in Usa)

Steve: The first day I heard Asphyx's "The Rack" years ago was the day Martin Van Drunen became my favorite vocalist in death metal. I love everything the dude has done, but the Asphyx stuff will always hold a very special place in my heart.


7. The topic of war seems to be something important for the band. Your song titles "Trapped Under Treads" and "Dragged down to hell" lead my mind to this subject, and your band name also does. Could you develop a bit the story behind each 3 songs?

Brooks: War is solid subject matter for death metal, as it is both inspiring and disgusting. There is an underlying theme between our songs and our artwork, and perhaps a historical fiction that the lyrics are written, but we are not a “concept band.” The band writes the lyrics togetherso reading the lyrics and looking at the art really communicate all we have to say about our subject matter.


8. You signed a deal for a future album with Unspeakable Axe records.
Do you already have new songs in stock, and how will it sound compared to the demo?

Brooks: Unspeakable Axe will release our full length on CD; we hope to secure a label for vinyl as well, since we are a band of vinyl enthusiasts. We are well into writing, and should be recording somewhat soon. The songs are a continuation of what we originally set out to do, though we’re constantly trying to improve with each song in speed and aggression. There will, of course, be the slow, doom numbers as well.


9. I didn't find much infos about TRENCHROT on the Internet, so could you tell us more about the past and present activities of the musicians? What are your current other projects, metal or not, musical or not...

Steve: I'm in a speed metal band called Infiltrator which I also play guitar and do vocals for: http://infiltrator.bandcamp.com.
Brooks and I are also in a band called Crypt Sermon which is doom metal ala Solitude Aeturnus/ Candlemass with touches of heavy metal.
We are currently having our demo mastered, so it should be up online here in the next few weeks.





10. How is the metal scene in Philadelphia/ Pennsylvania? Some cool bands to quote and advice to the readers? Are there kinds of metal that dominate your local scenes, or is it generally a bit of everything?

Brooks: Philadelphia’s metal scene can be pretty insular, and musicians can often find themselves playing in multiple bands that may share a bill on any given show. The punk scene is big here, ranging from crust punk and D-beat to peace punk.
There is not much of a death metal scene in Philly, and certainly none in the traditional style. There is an abundance of black metal bands, and pseudo-spiritual, beardo doom. However, Philly is fortunate to be a large enough city that some cool international tours come through.


11. It's time for a playlist! Which metal albums were played the most often in the musicians' players the last months?

Brooks: A brief list of music we listen to while taking drinking and smoking breaks during practice would include Hypnosia, Bloodbath, High Spirits, Unleashed, Morbid Angel...

Steve: This past week it's been a lot of the following: Necrophobic, Saxon, Riot, Destroyer 666 and Desaster.


12. You can tell us more about a subject you wish, and conclude the interview. METAL ON METAL, BONES ON BONES, BRAINS ON BRAINS.

Thanks for taking the time and supporting real death metal!


Web page: http://trenchrotdeathmetal.bandcamp.com