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1. Hello! Here's the first question! Introduce THROWING SHRAPNEL, and give us the most important "selling points" to catch the attention of all the label-owners trying to find the new sensation on this webzine! Ah Ah!

Smc - guitar
Dom- bass and vox
Kith mutiny - vox
Davey shrapnel - drums and vox

We dont really have a selling point, we work our asses off. we play shows, lots of shows. We're constantly writing and recording to better find our sound. If a label wants to help us out, awesome, but otherwise were doing good right now.

2. What the fuck does THROWING SHRAPNEL stand for and is there a special torturing or spiked meaning behind this moniker?
Why didn't you choose a band name such as TROLL THROWER, GOAT THROWER or THROWING THE TROLL?

It was hard to agree on a band name at first and we were going to go with Throwing Daggers, but after seeing it written as a logo from our friend who does webdesign, Nicole Cuddy, we realized it was way too NuMetalcore for the style we were trying to get across.
I think the use of the word GOAT in any metal name has been taken care of, as for troll well id rather watch STARWARS then LOTR.

3. I saw the various kinds of cover you used for this demo on Myspace, and surprisingly enough it was all old styled drawings! Many current bands do not like these "ooold boooring" drawings as they prefer the "complex" computerized synthesis images, or the ultra soft looking pictures la modern HxCx meets Relapse Records.
Tell us about your choice! Do you prefer old styled drawings, or is there simply a guy of the band who decently uses his pens?

The majority of the drawings comes from our friend Sam V who has done artwork for Bones Bridage among other bands. We all grew up listening to bands like Doom, Black Flag, the Misfits, Disrupt, Dropdead and Cannibal Corpse ha.....so it was only fitting  We continued that style of something that was appealing to the eye, and still held its ground without a band name attached to it. We wanted whatever cover we choose to stand on its own, more then wow people with computer made or photoshopped pictures. It's about bringing back the styles of 60/70 when an album cover was more then just a picture.

4. Your music isn't really easy to describe... Some guys might say it sounds a lot like CEPHALIC CARNAGE... But I don't agree!
THROWING SHRAPNEL sounds more obscure, in a way, and your influences seem to come from elder bands (maybe some that also influenced Cephalic C.) like SKELETON OF GOD, BRUTAL TRUTH (Second album) and some old schizoid and forgotten US bands like the boring ADNAUSEAM for example. Tell us about your musical tastes/ influences, and what kind of blasting brevages you like to let flow in your brutal magic potion!

Again we take from a wide range of bands and styles. We don't limit ourselves when we write music, saying we can only play death metal or only punk. But seriously our problem isn't styles, its the fact we have worse ADD then a cokehead in charge of the radio. We just like to keep ourselves entertained and hope other people dig it too. CAN YOU DIG IT !!!!!!!!!!

5. What does D.I.Y. means in your eyes? Do you think D.I.Y. has as much sense and meaning as it had in the 80's and 90's? (At this time a band had to do fucking everything to be a bit heard and known in the underground... While they actually only have to rip a couple of Mp3, click 3 times, and they are online...)

Yeah it has changed a lot with DIY, it is now a selling point for a lot of bands out there to just throw that around, when in general no one is diy anymore. It's now just a label, but I will say this even with the added bonus of playing in this day and age, there are a lot of drawbacks too. The kids are overwhelmed, there are so many bands, nowadays with things like myspace you dont even need a band just the know how to program a drum machine and make some noise. Get some fancy art and promote the fuck outta your band. You really gotta have something to break thru in this day and age.


6. How big amount of green stuff do you need to smoke during rehearsals, so that you're fukked enough to compose good riffs and let the sociopathic revenge explode from corroded carcass? How big??

Actually none, SMC is the only smoker in the group. Doom and Dave are both edge, and Mutiny drinks, thats it. But after our set, hey feel free to stop and smoke my ass up, please feel free to send a blunt in the mail if need be! Ha.

7. I turned your myspace page in every sense possible, but I found few infos about your previous bands... It is supposed to remain top secret and hidden in shame? Give us the names of your previous bands, and what kind of music was played in the rotting rehearsal places!

Dave played in a deathcore band from CT, the name escapes me at the moment. Smc played in a few bands that never really did much, mainly rock/heavy metal bands. Doom played in Aganihm and As Long As Were Living, Were Dying. This is mutiny's first band.

8. What was the initial goal behind the band and what motivated you to create it? Was it easy to find the suitable musicians and are everything okey on a line-up point of view?

It came together nicely and has been going strong since feb '05. With only the vocals changed to Mutiny, I don't really see any line up changes in the future.

9. How is your local scene? Do you often play gigs? Does it occur well and intense, or is there something lacking? (If so, what is it?). Do you sell a good amount of demos during gigs, or is it becoming hard to sell any merchandising?

The first year we played out 50times, from feb - dec recording twice in that time and now we do weekend tours down the east coast or towards the midwest. The local scene around new england is very busy, lots and I mean LOTS of bands getting formed or already here with insane amounts of quality riffs.


10. If Justin Broadrick had remained in NAPALM DEATH after recording the first side of "Scum", do you think the band would have drawn the same musical evolution through the years? (A little tip: Justin was already writing quite chaotic and depressive sounding riffs at the time)

I think they've all done really well since splitting.

11. If there hadn't been Punk, where the fuck would Grindcore be? Don't you think many bands claiming to play grind only play some kind of death metal, with blasts and screaming vocals?

Of course there's not really a set course for what rules, you can put on a genre so when people go out and say were just this or that... They really pigeonhole themselves into being called out for using other styles which in and of itself is weak. Not saying everyone should be going around saying we play music; but you gotta realize by playing extreme music; you're going to drift into other styles of music.

12. What do you think and know about France? Are there some French bands you like? On the TV news, did you hear about something special happening in France, and if so how was it exposed, and on what degree of intensity did the US medias described the events?

Most us media outlets don't cover stories about France, but when i watch the BBC they usually have stories. My favorite was last years riots, goodstuff. America needs more of that here.

13. Who is the biggest enemy of THROWING SHRAPNEL?

Ct state police, Ny state police and Maryland state police. They like giving us tickets for road violations, not fun.

14. Who is the biggest enemy of Humanity?

Ha! Humanity as a whole is its biggest enemy.

15. What's the fuck?

What you lookin at me, you lookin at me....Shaddap gawy.

 16. Would you advice a throw of Shrapnel to:
-Hippies who like only Stoner/ grunge.
-Fans of technical Brutal death
-Old school grinders
-Goth babes
-Elvis Presley collectors
-Eletronic industrial maniacs
And from this list, what are the 2 kinds of peoples that would seem to be the most receptive to your music?

Ha, that's hard to say, we get a mixed crowd....But I'll go with goth babies and stoners. Take a shower you hippies.

17. If a listener doesn't seem to be too much interested by your music at the first approach, how would you convince him to pay a closer attention and to try to get in the ring?

We dont try to, when I'm playing it's not a show, it's still practicing. People just get to be there and check it out, if they're interested, cool, if not, oh well... Also watch out for Mutiny and/or Doom, they tend to like to attack the crowds if you're just standing there! Take a look at one of the pictures in our myspace profile of Mutiny.

18. Interview over! It's time to conclude and tell us about your future projects/ gigs, and merchandising for sale! Danke fr die Antworten!

Fuck all! Spark a doobie and support single mothers who are riding the pole.


  Website: http://www.throwingshrapnel.cjb.net