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1. Hello! Hello? It's time for introductions, so please introduce your dirty fingers in the cavities of our eyes and hears, let us feel all what SPEWTILATOR is about and lobotomize our brains with your sharp nails (To directly insert all important informations!)

1,5. What has happened in the embalmed world of SPEWTILATOR lately? Something nice to announce before the interview really begins?

Hey G., glad you dug the tunes enough to send us the interview. It's definitely the best one we've gotten yet! Spewtilator is pretty much just about smoking weed and playing fast. As for what's been happening in our world lately... we are currently on a short hiatus while I get in the swing of being a new dad but we have some shows planned for later in the year... a festival appearance with Phobia and the mighty Wormrot, a Halloween cover show, and we're playing along with Age and Hellshock on an Otophobia reunion show which will be rad. We've got 4 songs that are being re-mixed and mastered for a 7" that will hopefully be out by the end of the year plus a song or two on some compilations that will come out eventually and a bunch of new stuff we need to record... so we're staying busy.


2. In my humble rotting opinion, your band name sounds like the "VOMIT VENTILATOR! The mighty ventilator that throws puke in everyone's face!". Why did you choose this not-very-nice name? Were you forbidden to fucking eat citrons when you were young, or you have particular feelings for puke? What does this name mean for you: When you are sober AND when you are drunk? (And does it make a neat difference?).

2,5. Have you got particular slogans or vomit-motive leitmotivs? Since you're from the United Spews of America, and you were released on a drunk Canadian label (Hello Hulk Keegan) you might know the Canadian band SLAUGHTER and their song "Incinerator"... You could aspire the introduction idea from them and make your: "MAKE WAY TO THE VENTILATOR!!!" or "MAKE WAY TO THE VOMIT VENTILATOR!!!"... Or not?

Haha Vomit Ventilator huh? I like that, maybe that will be a new song title. Spewtilator was just a name I came up with that conjured some sweet mental imagery... like some super wasted dude just blowing chunks all over the place and totally devastating everything around him with unholy amounts of barf. It doesn't really mean anything different when we're sober... it just doesn't sound as cool.

Slaughter is sick but Razor take the cake for Canadian thrash in my opinion. Keegan was cool enough (or foolish enough haha) to put out a "Canadian" version of the demo that came out on Reaper's Grave Records... a good dude for sure.


3. I can't avoid thinking about EXHUMED when I listen to your demo... I mean mid-old EXHUMED, at the time of the split with HEMDALE or first Eps, there's the same kind of sickness/ deliria... It's obvious, you have searched in nauseous territories and have exhumed something strange and full of bizarre pulp... So this is the bore-iginal question: What are your influences? Obviously there might be more than EXHUMED so give us more juice!

Exhumed is definitely a big one for me, their early material is pretty fucking flawless in my opinion. Our influences come from all over the place as we all listen to a lot of different stuff but as far as direct influences Death, Repulsion, Morbid Angel, Motorhead and Slayer are the big ones. We're talking '86 and earlier stuff in regards to Slayer obviously.. that new stuff is garbage but our song Altar of Snackrifice is a pretty obvious rip off/tribute to Altar of Sacrifice... we're actually doing a Slayer cover set for Halloween this year. Our old drummer was real into stuff like old Dying Fetus, Nile, etc. so you can really hear that influence in his drumming, especially on a couple of the tracks we recorded for the upcoming 7"... they're pretty much straight up death metal. One of them, "Zombear," is up on our myspace in it's pre-mastered form along with "Super Ghouls and Ghosts" which is a thrashier one.


4. But in your songs I hear more thrash metal influences, I mean old school thrash without plastic, and even some nice technical stuffs à la old DESTRUCTION (Before the comeback). What gives you a need to thrash so much? Would you say you're blasting glammers or doomy flower-power-violence masters?

I'd say we're more stoney bologna burrito grinders but that's just me. We do love our thrash metal though, particularly early Destruction, Kreator, Razor, SOD, Demolition Hammer, Dark Angel etc... i could go on forever really, but with this resurgence of bands just playing straight up 80's tribute style thrash we try to keep things varied and stay away from that. I think a lot of those bands end up just being boring and derivative and quite frankly if I want to hear 80's style thrash I'll go listen to the bands who did it best 20 years ago. We def try to throw in some technical bits here and there to keep it interesting but we don't really give a shit about being a "technical" band we just like to play fast and thrash metal has some of the best riffs for speed so it's a pretty natural fit for us to throw a healthy dose into our music.


5. When I listen to the first track of your demo, it contains some nice crazy juice, and more important, the great pulp of crushed green citron! You probably became experts at the art of pressing citrons to extract the pulp! Tell us everything about your expert knowledge and your sexual life with citrons! What's the best way to behead a citron and force him to give us the inner bowels of delicious pulp? What are the best kinds of citrons? (Yellow? Green? Orange? Errr Blue?)

I'd say if there was any juice contained in our songs it would be malt liquor. We drink a lot of this shit called Joose over here which is essentially and energy drink combined with malt liquor that has 12% alcohol so you end up hammered and wired as shit at the same time.


6. If SPEWTILATOR was a fruit, what would it be?

Whatever kind you can turn into a bong or fill with liquor... maybe an apple or a watermelon.


7. Why are there no nude pictures on SPEWTILATOR's web page? Was it volunteer to force peoples to buy all your demos to find the nude photos, or you're against the exploitation of animal nudity?

Haha I actually have a tendency to get naked when we play shows so you could say Spewtilator is 100% pro nudity. There's a few pics on our myspace but my bass hides the pièce de résistance so to speak.


8. What do you think about experiments on fruits, exploitation of fruit nudity in bigger magazines and even... Torture of fruits!! It's fucking insane! We should do something to solve this unbearable problem! (Any suggestion?)

Any experiment turning fruit into some sort of weed smoking device is backed 100%. Also experiments turning fruits into man-eating creatures or ladies torturing our fruits are backed 100%.


9. Did you register your band name? In these current years of lack-of-ideas and need for originality, some peoples are ready to anything, to find an edible band name... So I could only advice you to register SPEWTILATOR, as well as the reverse version "ROTALITWEPS", and maybe the close brothers (STEWPILATOR, SPEWTUGNATOR, STEWPULGATOR... For possible suburban projects!). Puking about projects, have you got strange (And not strange?) parallel projects? Do you conceive a perpendicular project could be as good as the main band, or not?

We haven't registered the name with any sort of copyright or trademark but there is the "poor man's copyright" which involves mailing yourself a copy of your music by registered mail once it comes out and keeping it sealed so if anyone tried to steal your music, name, logo etc. you have registered proof with a date on it that as of that date it was your intellectual property.
None of us have any side projects currently but we joke around about doing a side project all the time, though I don't know if it would ever really happen. We jam a lot of different kinds of stuff at practice ...doomy black sabbath type stuff, stoner rock / progressive type stuff, punk and black metal type stuff... who knows. None of it ever goes beyond practice but like I said before we like a lot of different kinds of music so it would be fun to do other stuff too. I'd like to do something where I don't have to do vocals and can just play bass... double duty gets a little annoying sometimes.


10. If SPEWTILATOR was NOT a fruit, what would it be? And why?

Maybe a really awesome shark because being a shark would be pretty tight. Or Robocop.


11. What's the best way to have access to a SPEWTILATOR gig? So many fashion-assed peoples want to see you live, it might not be easy to make way for our fat ugly asses... So have you got any tips? Special tattoos like "CITRON PRESENCE" or "I'M THE SPEW VICTIM" could help? Should one have a very original air cut such as "Embalmed in green jelly of puke" or "Electrified doomer with artificial punk crest"? And once peoples achieved to enter the gig room, what could they expect from your live appearance? Something worth the effort?

The best way to have access is just to show up! We've got a good scene here in Atlanta so most of the people that come out are there for the right reasons... getting drunk and having a good time! The live show is what we're all about. You can expect loud ass heavy metal, nudity, moshing, flying trashcans, robot costumes, smoke machines, etc. It's all fair game.


12. Have you got new songs, and how does it sound like? Should we expect more thrash, more death, more grind... Or more of each? Or even... fewer of each?? So what should we expect, if we should expect something from the VENTILATOR? (A spew-ventilating boomerang would be something nice indeed, huh? (Return to sender with amplified force! Héhé))

The newer material def still has plenty of thrashing and death metal-ing but encompasses more grind influence ala Terrorizer and even some d-beat and black metal type stuff.


13. Is mind the worst enemy of humanity or pterodactyls? What's your opinion about exploitation of bird's nudity and sexual abuses of pterodactyls? Shouldn't the aliens come and clean this planet to let the mighty insects reign in peace? (Or piss?)

Mankind is fucked and will die off eventually...maybe not entirely but surely civilization as we know it will end at some point. Every civilization in the history of man has fallen eventually, even the greatest empires meet their demise so if the aliens don't do it first I'm sure we'll do it on our own before too long. Or maybe Terminators will... god damn Skynet.


14. What are your future projects? What could peoples expect from the VENTILATOR in the coming months, years, centuries? (Yes centuries, because it might be a family affair transmitted through congenital vomit and menstrual blood!). Feel free to take away your dirty fingers from our bloody cavities, and conclude with as many jumping words as necessary... THE PUKE WE COLLECT! THE RUNNING VOMIT WE CATALYZE!

We have tracks ready to put out on a 7" once we get the money together or find a label that wants to help us out and enough new material for at least one more after that. Hopefully we'll be back out on the road next year and playing more sweet shows.
Thanks again G.! Keep in touch!

Web page: http://www.myspace.com/spewtilator