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Here's an interview of SPEARHEAD,
a cool old school Death metal band from Austria.
Didn't here so much about them until now...
Support yer underground !?


 Why did you form a band? Did you play in other bands before? Have you got some parallel projects?

We formed the band to make the music we like. Yes, some of us played in other bands before. No, only our drummer has a second band called “Legacy of Hate”.


How would you describe your music? Is there a special concept or motivation between SPEARHEAD?

A combination of Death and Thrash  Metal. There is no special concept.


Not so many bands play some kind of old school mid placed Death metal nowadays. Most of them wants to play fast, complex and technical. Why didn't you choose this way of writing music? Do you think Death metal can evolve only in its most extreme boundaries? How do you see the future of Death metal?

We think we are fast, complex and technical enough! It’s not a question of brutality, every band makes its own boundaries. Death Metal was, is and will remain a underground music. And that is good so!


You've just released a self produced MCD. Did you get some positive reactions about it? How many boring interviews like this one should you answer?

We’ve got a lot of positive reactions all over the world. Not to much up to now, but they are getting more and more.


You include some influences that do not come from the Death metal realm. Did you get some negative, or let's say cold, feedbacks from Underground Death metal purists?

We aren’t a pure Death Metal band, but we didn’t get negative or cold feedbacks from Underground Death Metal purists.


You sing in german (or at least it the vocals sounds like German in my ears) It fits well to the Death metal style as the German language ahs got quite aggressive textures. Aren't you afraid of sounding like RAMMSTEIN by moments?

Our lyrics are definitly not in german! We had a song some years ago which we performed in german. We have never intend to sound like Rammstein – and we don’t do, but if we would do so, we wouldn’t have a problem with it.


I read in your bio your actual singer refused an offer of the band to join. So, are you big enough for him now? Ah ah!

It was never the question of how big we are or were! Hartwig had an other project at this time! But when we needed him most, he was there, and we are glad about it!


How is the scene is Austria? Some good bands to check out?

The scene here is small, but alive and growing. There are a lot of great bands covering the metal genre. Some of the old bands have reunited like Pungent Stench and Disharmonic Orchester, and there are lots of great young bands with great potential like Impurity, Subacid, Midgard, Entoomed, Mortus, Legacy of Hate, Infernal, Disastrous Murmur and Demonize …

Your band's name comes from a BOLT THROWER track and you've got some musical similarities with the old style of the english Death metallers. What do you think of their musical evolution? What's your fave BOLT THROWER album?

Our name isn’t really influenced by this BT song, although they are a great band and some influences may occure.
There wasn’t a musical evolution, they still sound as always. There is no real fav album – we like all.


I can hear some SINISTER influences in your music for some quite heavy parts not so far from their "Bastards saints" MCD. How do you see the fact they now have got a female vocalist? Don't you think it's a bit bizarre for a woman to sing in Brutal Death metal? It's Ok for me if she plays the bass guitar as Joe Bench (BOLT THROWER), but to growl you must be very brutal and get big guts and balls. Women aren't known for this things...

We don’t care if a man or woman do the job, as long as it sounds good! Have you ever heard the female vocals of ARCH ENEMY? This girl has BALLS!!!!


I noticed some MORGOTH "Odium" little touches in your music. As you're comin’ from Austria, a country that's touching Germany, you may have seen them live. Is there something you'd like to tell us about MORGOTH's great old days? Did you see them live?

Yes, we have met them. First in 1990 in their early days; they were good then but they were even better at the ODIM-time, when we saw them for the second time. I think they have reached their top then. I like the latter albums more than the early stuff and I also like the “Feel sorry for the Fanatics” album, although it is no more Death Metal.


And what about SLAYER? Your drummer is influenced by Dave Lombardo's drumming by moments. What do you think of what they're playing nowadays? Would you cut yourself one hand, or at least one finger, to see them playing again what they did around 89?

Slayer are still one of the greatest band in the world, and our drummer feels honoured to be compared to Dave Lombardo. We like the new stuff as much as the old! We’ve seen them live several times and the still kick ass!!!


What does Death metal means for you?

Aggression and brutality, but it has to be technically perfect. There are so many bands out there claiming to play DM but it’s only noise!


What do you think about the french Underground?  What do you know from here?

We don’t know much about the French scene, but there were some really great bands coming from france like Aggressor, ADX, Treponem Pal, and my all time favourites LOUDBLAST!!!


Maybe you'll play at the Milwaukee Metal fest. How did you put your band in this big metal festival? Which band will play at this festival? How will you go there in USA to perform a gig at Milwaukee, will you spend some days at some bands' friends homes?

We were asked to play by Rob Grohl from New Jersey. A lot of great bands which are not confirmed yet. Confirmed are Cannibal Corpse, Arch Enemy, Dew Scented, Nile, Diamond Rexx, ……….
We have friends in the USA, but not in Milwaukee, so we stay in a hotel.


What are your future plans?

Playing as often as possible and recording a new album!


Something to add to conclude this int?

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