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1. Hailz! For the readers who haven't heard your music or never crossed your name in the infernal pits of the bestial underground, teach them how to decently suffer and send your introducting spikefilled assault!

Yeah! That’s necessary. I created SOULLESS in 2001. My aim was always to play extreme music… Our first demo was recorded in the end of 2001. Unfortunately, because of lack of drummer we had to record that stuff with fuckin’ programmed drummer. In 2002 we have recorded second demo in the same way, with machine. Both of these demos were released on one CD under one title ‘Total Desecration’. That’s the first chapter of our existence. After this when we finally had full line up (Tomek-drums, Borys-rhythm guitar, Michau-bas, and me-lead/rhythm guit.&vocal) we  played some gigs promoting that material. In 2003 Borys left the band so for some time we played as a trio. But soon Filip replaced Borys. In January 2004 Tomek was kicked out of band. The main reason were his musical skills and his behavior. We were searching for a new drummer more than six months! Pawel was that new drummer. So in June 2004 we started to overplay new songs on rehearsals (I’ve already written whole music and lyrics). In the end of August we have entered the studio. The final effect was ‘Peri Psyches’- our first material recorded with full line-up, with life drums. The response was really good. I think that moment was a kind of a real turning point in our short history. We played some gigs of course. Also in those time many splits were released for example split Soulless/Kamaloka, Soulless/Exsecrator, Porphyria/Soulless and also some compilations. It gave us hope that everything will go now in right way. But we were wrong hehehehe

As always Jesus sabotages all our dreams and plans! Because of many argues and disregarding us, Pawel (drums) had to leave the band. We have really negative memories when we are talking about this bastard. The really sad thing was when our real long-time friend Filip (rhythm guitar) was leaving SOULLESS. He is now leaving and studying in Finland, we are still getting in touch. In this situation I was forced to suspend band’ existence for some time. During that compulsory break I was searching for session musicians who can help me in recording next stuff. Finally our line-up for ‘Summoning Heresy’ is Maciek(from Mutilation/Faeces), Braniol-bass and me. There were also plans that our ex-guitarist would help us, but this idea finally failed. And that’s the present time. Now we have SOULLESS PROFANATION era.


2. How would you exactly define SOULLESS' music as I have just ordered you to do so, and you're trapped in a corner full of rusted spikes!

Hahahaha I hate that kind of question. The music we play is based on traditional death metal. Sometimes there is a kind of black metal atmosphere, but it’s rather because of anti-religious, anti-spiritual lyrics. From the more modern point of view some technical arrangements are also used. When I am writing music my main aim is to create something massive, pompous and fuckin’ feral! And I usually commit that without any bigger problems. But of course sometimes I have to make some ‘cosmetic’ changes in music of SOULLESS. I am always planning a kind of entire idea of this material long before we start recordings. But believe me, that’s only a small part of my writing process. So the whole is rather spontaneous. How I would define our music? Let’s say that’s The sound from Profundity of Death/Black mixture. But I am far from using this slogan… you know nowadays people from labels used to invent some weird names for their bands’ music. Sometimes they are really catchy but sometimes they’re totally without sense, just a kind of promotial swamp. So lets leave this topic and let maniax define SOULLESS’s music style. They’ll check it the best, and easily say if it’s good or shitlike hehehehe


3. It seems SOULLESS has changed its name to SOULLESS PROFANATION! It was probably due to the other bands using this name (The american one already has at least an album). Tell us more about it. This new name sounds more ancient, in an old blasphemic metal tradition evoking the likes of PROFANATICA or SARCOFAGO in my spikefilled hears! Does it announce a change of musical style for the band?

Well, our music is still in evolution from material to material. Some changes are always hearable. I think our new stuff ‘Summoning Heresy’ brings new musical and lyrical quality for my band. Our new name is also bringing a new dimension to music. SOULLESS PROFANATION –as a name shows much better the ideological attitude of band and our belonging to some traditions. There is also a much more trivial reason of name modification… as you said there are some other ‘soulless’ bands. Actually we never had any problems or conflicts with them but in some moment I decided that now is the final time for change. At first, metal maniax will have no problems to which ‘soulless’ they are exactly listening to hehehehe But I still think that we can connect the change of name with some progress of our music. The way I write our songs now is different, they sound more specious… that’s a kind of so called ‘progress’(but in right meaning of this word). That’s only our opinion so people can accept it or not.


4. In your songs you often use guitar polyphonies coming straight from the damned world of Trey Azagtoth, and you often change riffs, so it creates some kind of complex obscure malestrom filled with spiked nightmares! Tell us how you compose your songs, what kind of atmosphere/ visions you are searching for... And tell us to which point the riffing of Trey Azagtoth was an influence on your guitar playing!

Yeah! Many people say that. Trey always was a big inspiration for me and whole band. I love that kind of totally insane and weird sounds. That’s our way of playing metal, there’s a lot of riff and rhythms changes in our music. I just love when the song structures and arrangements are so stuffy and dense like a tar, when the atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter and there is no free ‘space’ between tones and you are almost going to suffocate. When I am writing songs I always think in multi-dimensions. I have always a vision of parts of every instrument. It’s necessary when you’re writing such complex songs, you know you have to be sure about every element of it. It’s just like building something. It gives lots of pleasure and satisfaction when I am making that kind of infernal maze of sick tones and sounds. Those polyphonies you just mentioned are a great phonic weapon! Thanx to them all the riffs are crushing your bones. You are attacked from every side by low and high sounds at the same moment. When you’re listening to ‘Summoning Heresy’ first times there’s a kind of anxiety accompanying you, you’re not sure, you can’t be sure what will be next, what another riff or song element will bring to you. During the whole material there is a spirit of nervousness around (ears and mind of) a listener. Of course it makes my music demanding, sometimes you have to listen more carefully. But it’s always fuckin’ Devilish Metal War! Of course almost ever I start to create a new song from one or two riffs and than I am making a whole structure riff by riff. I write parts for each instrument. But there are some songs for which I had a concept from the first second, you know I just take a guitar, play and than re-write all riffs on a piece of paper(I usually create lines of both guitars in the same moment). When I see frame of song I write all the rest. So than go drums parts, bas, vocals and lead guitars (but believe me that sequence is not a rule, almost always I do this in different turn). So as you see my writing ‘process’ is quite chaotic- and that’s probably another source of influence for their final sound. What is strange, our songs are rather dark but I can’t write them when I am sad or something like that... Strange, isn’t it? Heheheh I think the reason is that kind of musical aggression gives me pleasure and comes from pleasure. You know I just like it. So I can’t take an instrument, sit down and say to myself ‘now I gonna to write a brutal track’. It’s impossible. Even if writing process is long and complex I have to do my ‘job’ in a spontaneous way only than this makes my music authentic and entire idea of SOULLESS PROFANATION have sense! To be honest, I think that not only MORBID ANGEL influences are hidden in our stuff. I am saying it because all the bands I hear inspire me in some way. But I also hope that SOULLESS PROFANATION will find its unique way/style and there will be some features making our band characteristic!


5. SOULLESS had the opportunities to see its recording released on various underground labels. There were your two first demos rereleased on a CDr by OLD TEMPLE, your "Pery pisches" demo was rereleased as tape by METAL RULEZ as well as on a split CD with EXCSECRATOR (EYES OF THE DEAD Prod), there's also a split with PANDEMIC GENOCIDE and ARMINIUS (OLD TEMPLE), a split with KAMALOKA (HEXENREICH Recs), other items I probably didn't hear about, and your last recording was released on tape  byMETAL RULES... I guess you like to cooperate with all these peoples working in the very deep of the underground! How does it occure most of the time? Do you think it was totally good for SOULLESS or weren't everything so good? Maybe it was more efficient to release a lot of stuffs on various labels, than only 1 or 2 albums on an average-size label... Maybe you have infected the underground better this unholy way! héhé What are your following releases?

Every of these releases is addressed to maniax from different countries were normally one label would not arrive with this release and would not cope with it. All people from this labels are really dedicated into underground. They are giving us a great support. We appreciate it a lot! This is a real spirit and the right attitude to the idea of underground. Most of labels we used to co-operate with are doing everything what’s in their power. Sometimes we don’t even sign any deal or something like that. Everything is relied on trust. Usually I just receive a letter with proposal of release or I am writing to label. You know, we usually know each other previously by the way of some trades or something like that. And than I am just delivering them our music and they do all their best to promote that stuff. I am always discussing about character and climate of the release long before it is manufactured and finally released. Did we have any bad experiences? Yes, but not to many. There were many problems with Redrum666 records (they released our split with Porphyria). The guy was delaying and delaying the release date, for almost year I’ve lost contact with him! He did not answer for my phones and e-mails. But finally (with almost 16months delay!!!) he released that stuff. I think we will not work with that man any more hehehehehe But it was only one fuckin’ exception, so our attitude to most of underground labels is enthusiastic! Yeah, I think buy this way of releasing our stuffs we are infecting scene like a gangrene hehehehe I always correspond with local labels and distros to make our materials easily accessible for everyone. For example ‘Peri Psyches’ was also available in Brazil. It was distributed there by Anaites prod. (there is also a zine with the same name). Brazil is a really ‘exotic’ country for us and we just had to accept the release offer. What is more Brazilian fans are really dedicated to metal music.

I was receiving many letter long before ‘Peri Psyches’ because they knew ‘Total Desecration’ (finally it was also distributed by Anaites prod.). So in this situation we could not ignore that! If someone wants our music I can always send the Cd, but it’s easier to make a release by local label. That’s the best solution. If label gives us sensible and rational conditions we will give’em our material or even record new songs especially for them. Yes, we have some new plans about our another releases. In my opinion that real noteworthy release will be a CD version of “Summoning Heresy”. It will be unleashed by American Butchered Records. Patric (the labels boss) is taking the whole thing very seriously so we are also full of hope. That deal gives us a possibility to promote the name of SOULLESS PROFANATION not only on European scene! At this moment it’s a highlight for us. Thanx to good response for ‘Summoning Heresy’ I received some offers for releasing our 1st full length album. So our time has come hehehehehe Oh, to look back one more time for tape version of ‘Summoning Heresy’, it’s also distributed by InnerVoice records in Sweden and maybe (I am not sure about it yet) tape will be also available in Brazil by Hellspike records. But as I said it’s nothing sure coz I lost contact with that guy. Any other following releases? Hmmm yes, I think the main one will be that full length album I’ve just mentioned. I’ve already written almost whole material and lyrics. Now I am talking with friends with other bands about recording session. And as soon as the line-up will be stable as soon we will start preparings for war! I think it will be a continuation of ‘Summoning Heresy’ but also some new sounds will be hearable, I’m sure that it will be much more offensive phonic holocaust, Real fuckin’ nail into your ears.

6. About half of your recordings were rereleased on tapes! Is it something you especially like, as you might have a big tapes colletion in your own grave, or was it simply because you got some offers and didn't see a problem with tapes?

I love tapes. I am still a part of generation which grown up on listening tapes. When I was starting my adventure with music tapes were (still) something normal. I discovered many cult bands thanks to tapes. You know they were always cheaper… but that’s not all. When I started my research in underground and I was ‘discovering’ new bands, most of them were sending their demos on tapes. I always wanted to be a part of this. And now I’m glad to see SOULLESS demo on tape too! Unfortunately, the thing about tapes is different because now we have CDs which are more practical and useful. On the other hand, this makes tapes special. The same is with vinyl. Tapes and vinyls are very demanding way of listening music, you have to take care about them. Their decay is faster than the new digital recording. But it’s worth to collect that stuff. Tape gives you unforgettable climate, vinyl gives something similar but also some tones sounds different than on CD, also the booklet is usually more expanded. And than all those old school cover art looks fuckin’ impressive! That’s an integral part of metal tradition. Maybe it’s strange but it’s just like with patches, t-shirts, leathers, metal spikes or tattoos! But sometimes people forget about that aspect of being metal maniac.


7. I knew your two first demos and wasn't too fond of it (I found it boring to be honest), it sounded like somekind of blasting "old school brutal death" with drum-machines... While your later compositions evolve much more into an obscure and evil death metal! what leaded to this evolution? Personal changes? Newer musicians? Or maybe it was simply due to the arrival of a real drummer that kicked your ass? Héhé

Everything has important meaning. Line-up changes, better skills etc… I am the only song/lyric write in SOULLESS PROFANATION so I would call this natural evolution. I never planned that we have to do something like this or like that. In fact new musicians (except drummers) don’t even have any insert in our final sound. Maybe that fact made my music sensible, authentic in all dimensions: every guitar riff, arrangement and lyric create one solid entirety. I also think that from time of ‘Total Desecration’ we’ve made a huge progress. This stuff was like a first step of band. It shows that raw face of SOULLESS.


8. Some Polish bands such as BEHEMOTH or DEVILYN have taken a very professional step in the 'evolution' of death metal in their last albums... It's so professional, well produced and compressed, everythings sound so "perfect" that the obscure and burnign feelings seems to be gone! What do you think of it?

For me the best what DEVILYN has recorded is ‘Reborn in Pain’. It was very dark, brutal but also demanding album. And that was their style. Now they are sounding like all the other bands who want to be a part of new age American death metal scene. What about BEHEMOTH, I like all their stuffs, from these totally old black metal to that more in MORBID ANGEL and NILE style. It all depends what is the source of changes and what is band’ aim in that so called ‘evolution’. If everything is natural, if there is no artificial calculations then changes are OK. I accept it. You will always feel when band is doing something against it self.


9. I'm in touch with some Polish undergrounders, and your scene seems to be in a good health! There are at least 7-8 paper fanzines, 4 DIY labels, some more professional labels releasing CDs...I can't sount all the bands... And all of this in a Death metal wave of sickness! Tell us more about it! Are the relations between each others decent? What are the promising bands in your opinion? Is Poland also polluted by all these melodic and so-called "Original" crap-bands that bring nothing new or deeply personal than another "new" mix of other influences? (Another mix is just the same scheme: a mix of other influences héhé)

You’re right. On Polish scene there is lots of bands, zine and labels. But my nation has one bad feature. We can’t co-operate, I mean everyone wants to do everything on it own. That’s a kind of lack of solidarity and it makes a huge mess. Hopefully there are still some metal maniax who feel the spirit of underground, they correspond, make cd and tape trades, collect demos and they are treating you with open arms. So our underground exists thanks to dedicated group of maniax. People here are changing. Unfortunately often for worse. I mean they are coming only for big concerts of big, well-known bands, they are buying Cds only when they are added to any magazine. There are also some bands you called ‘crap-bands’, but  fortunately they are disappearing faster than they came hehehehe I see that You know our  scene well, so you see that there are some good representative bands from so called ‘1st league’, but there are also hordes from the deepest caves of underground. That’s a good omen. Our scene is still evaluation, it is still in progress. You have to remember that our scene in not only made of mighty death metal acts. There are also lots of black metal carnage. Like new ones: STRANDHOGG, POGROM, or fuckin’ dark killer KRIEGSMASCHINE. Last longplay of avant-garde NON OPUS DEI shows how to play black metal in totally different way. I knew this band for a long time but that’s a real turning point in their music style. From older bands HERMH came back on scene. Last weekend I saw live bands: ARKONA, THUNDERBOLT and BESATT (this gig was a celebration of their 15 anniversary). Great gig and great black metal hordes! From death metal I highly recommend DISSENTER, BESTIAR, ANIMA DAMNATA, SHADOWS LAND, REVELATION OF DOOM (their debut is for me one of the best Polish releases during the last year. It’s titled ‘Unholy Goatfuck’), well known for every maniac THRONEUM, INSEMINATOR (total necro thrash/death). What about zine’s, there is some really good prospering from a longer period of time (like cult NECROSCOPE which is written in English ), however there are some new. When we are talking about labels (those really professional) I can mention three of four labels which are prospering in the right meaning of word ‘professionalism’. You know what I mean: releasing new stuffs at regular intervals, promoting then really reliable method and sponsoring the recording session of their bands. So when you compare the amount of bands with amount of labels, that’s not much! Nevertheless I know lots of people with inventiveness who has great intentions and motivation! In result we have here some small underground labels helping bands like SOULLESS PROFANATION and some distributors. Some bands are releasing splits on their own by their money. Thanks to this our scene will exist for a long, long time and it’s health is still good.


10. I have some Polish roots, so I had the great joy to hear some "old school" polish music during some family dinners... What are your feelings about Polka? Is it wide spread in Poland, or are the newer generations interested in anything else than their roots? I kind of think some Polka music doesn't sound as crappy as some older French music... Sometimes it sounds a bit more 'evolved' and rythmical, on a musician point of view... At least the ternary rythms sound funny... Uh?

Yeah, I know what you mean hehehehe As You said, younger generations are not interested in folklore and their roots, maybe because they are presented in wrong and boring way… for example when there is some occasion or a kind of national feast only old people used to dance and cultivate old behaviors and habits. Only in mountains because of tourism younger people (dress up in clothes of locals; ‘highlanders’) promote that kind of entertainment to make their area more attractive for (foreign) visitors. In other regions of my country those roots are dying by natural way. For example I am leaving on south of Poland (Silesia). And all traditions and folklore comes from way of living, and from so popular job (in the past) like miner was. Now the situation has changed, people are living in more modern way and are not interested in their roots, or don’t even have time for it.  


11. Did you ever think about singing in Polish? It might be a quite too complex language to scream hymns of revenge! (At least some words seem quite long and over-articulated in my eyes) but it might also bring an exotic touch from the east! héhé. Were there ever any extreme metal bands to sing in Polish?

Well my friend, your idea seems to be very interesting. But I am far away from realizing it hehehehe Yes, some band used to write songs in Polish EBOLA, BESTIAR, VADER (yes, yes on their last EP, I also heard one song from their beginning before recording ‘Necrolust’demo), BESATT,MOULDED FLESH (they recorded a joking song about Karol Wojtyla hehehehe) ARKONA, BEHEMOTH (on old stuffs but I’m sure You knew this), ABUSED MAJESTY and some bands from the past like KAT. Yeah, writing lyrics in our native language was much more popular in 80s and beginning of 90s. I’m not going to write my lyrics in Polish. At first this is a serious barrier for foreign listeners to understand and I think it would not fit and correspond well with the climate of SOULLESS PROFANATION. Except English I also use from time to time some phrases from Latin. What is more, some polish words include such strange sound that it would be difficult to arrange them for growls and screams hehehehehe No, definitely Polish is not good language for death metal like us. Most of bands are using our language as a curious detail in one or two songs or even only in chorus like ABUSED MAJESTY did.


12. I see more and more death metal bands who play damn obscure and crushing music, but do not have an obscure message, not really darkened lyrics and their band name sounds quite nice...Do you think it's okey, or maybe they are not real SATANIKKK EJAKULATORS OF THE PUTRID SEXXXPLAGUE? Ah Ah! What about SOULLESS? What is your message, if there's one, and what do you lyrics deal with?

At first I have to say that for me music and lyrics in SOULLESS is unity. So if music is blasphemous and dark than also words should be! What about other bands, I am often talking with their members about writing lyrics and they sometimes don’t have good ideas for them. On the other hand, I think that some bands don’t feel or had forgotten the aim and sense of metal lyrics. They should be dark, rebelish and profanating all what divine. Metal lyrics should stand in opposition to all this what society presents, that lyrics should also uncover all lies and deceits people propagate and believe in. Sometimes I also touch some ‘sophisticated’ themes but most of my lyrics are rebelish and have unholy character. I find the inspiration and the influences everywhere, we are inspired by everything that makes us think. The message we spread is anti-religious in general, especially anti-Christian coz that religion and it’s believers are so close to us. Their life style is poisoning our freedom and our lifestyle. But I am not restricted to write only about them. Every religion has similar traps which are set to capture the weak and non-individual souls. Religion always stands on equal with enslavement. Sometimes I am connecting this topic with psychology and humans weak mind, but lyrics always are radical to the core. The same is with so called image of the band, we don’t look nice. I used to wear ammo belts and shit like this.


13. Since few years I noticed many kinds of Death metal are called "old school" as long as it doesn't sound modern, hyper technical or "oooriginal"... Even some brutal death seems to be considered as old school Death metal in some peoples' minds... In my mind, old school Death metal means early POSSESSED, early DEATH, PESTILENCE (Consuming impulse), old MORGOTH and other bands of this deadly kind! What's your opinion about it?

Some motherfuckers are using it as an advertisement, you know like a good promotial slogan or something like that. It strange but that two words \‘old school’\ made a new trend hehehe Totally sick situation. Absurd! It shows that even on metal scene there are careerist and stars ( I mean that pejorative meaning). I agree with you, we can use this term only in case of bands from first wave of death metal and of course new hordes which are strictly cultivating it’s tradition by playing death metal in that characteristic almost raw style, including slimy and lustful lyrics and having ugly black/white cover art…


14. Describe a SOULLESS gig for the unfortunate readers who didnt have the opportunity to experience your sexxxual flegellations live!

There is a THRONEUM’S song called ‘Infernal tanks attack’ and I think this title should be the best definition of SOULLESS gig hehehehehe We are always doing our best. Just come on stage and make fuckin’ nuclear storm. Fury, wall of loudness and headbanging. There’s no sense to write about this. I hope you and your readers will have a possibility to see SOULLESS PROFANATION on stage in future!


15. How would you compare the intensity of your music during gigs, rehearsals and on a CD? If possible, rate the intensity of each evil manifestation on a scale of 1 to 10!

The scale is too small to show the evil we produce on stage, so I rate it for 10,666 points. Rehearsals and recording CDs it’s something totally different. There is less spontaneous feelings coz you’re trying to arrange and record your parts the best and precisely you can. Gigs are a total spread of hatred, blasphemy and alcohol. I mean that what you hear on CD is our minimal power, so when we are playing live it can only be more brutal. You know in studio there is less emotions than on gig when the spirit of aggression is almost touchable. That’s the main difference, when you’re playing live you have more energy more power and motivation. In club before the gig you see all this people, drinking beer, feeling smoke of cigarettes, there is very loud, people meet each other… you know thats the spirit of metal.


16. Is Vodka an important molestating and sexxxvomiting factor in the unholy existench of SOULLESS? What kind of hellwarming alcohols of death do you regularly experience... and what is (are) the best polish strong alcohols to get fucking drunk and ready to fight? Héhé

Personally I prefer rather beer, but yes most of my friends, musicians are guzzling Vodka bottle by bottle. If we are talking about real cult alcohols I have to mention ‘samogon’, ‘zytnia’, ‘zubrowka’, ‘beherowka’ (it’s from Czech republic) and ‘sliwowica’. You have polish roots so You should now that. Sometimes we also drink so called ‘atomic fuel’ (it’s spiritus from behind our east boarded which is mixed with water). It’s really difficult to stand up after this hehehehehe But as I said I rather prefer beer, these Polish ones are very good and its really worth to taste it.  


17. How many emails do you receive weekly, and is it always cool or possible to answer all these "promotional" offers of webzines that needs promotional copies, labels who wants you to pay $$$ to be a part of their compilations... Did you know the great time of paper letters? In my opinion, it was longer to communicate, but it was much more fun and pleasure to answer letters, receive and send flyers everywhere! Sitting in front of a computer for hours isn't exactly cool... Uh?

At first I have to mention that I am still writing paper letters. What about webzines and labels proposals, sometimes I have say ‘fuck off’. You know sometimes you can just feel that guy will rip-off. Most of them are not even serious, and their amount is so high that’s impossible to answer them! I have my ‘contact list’ and I am constantly in touch with some group of people. Internet gave us a real fast and comfortable communication channel, but it also made some people very lazy. Hopefully I still know many people who are more into the traditional way of contacting, we are still exchanging flyers, posters, stickers… they are sending me their trade lists etc etc…  I try to use computer as short as its possible.


18. I really prefer to read paper zines, as it has a soulful approach, includes nice layouts and sometimes epileptic morbid drawings from hell... and you're not obliged to sit in front of a computer to be informed about what the next metal desecration will be! But on a promotional point of spike, it's not so easy as some fanzines need quite a lot of time to release an issue... So you might need to wait from 6 months to a year to read reviews concerning your music! Needless to say these reviews might need 2-3 months more to have some impact... This in mind, do you prefer to promote SOULLESS on the web or in the good old paper zines? Even if paper zines do not have a so wide circulation, it might have a better and stronger impact on the long term since peoples will read about your band several times and the review won't be lost in just another archive folder of another website, just after 30 peoples have read it... This could be discussed... What do you think of it?

I promote us in zines and webzines, but I am always trying to send cds to the zines at first. Coz as you said the time of awaiting for review is longer. It’s a lots of hard work when you want to prepare issue of your zine on really high level. Both types has some pluses and disadvantages. It’s normal. But, it all depend on it’s editors! And both of types has it’s readers so it’s worth to send promo cds to them. Personally I used to read traditional paper zine’s much more often, it’s much more comfortable. I am using information from webzines when I am looking for maximal fresh news. But when I want to find some distros contacts or other zines I used to o browse through the paper ones. When we are talking about those traditional (with ugly, blasphemous paintings) ones but released in good quality I have to mention HERETYK’zine and METALRULEZ’zine. They are not xeroed but printed. From those more typical I can mention ETERNAL DEATH’zine and DEMOGORGON (r.i.p.) or BOMBER’zine these were xeroed but still good. We have also some interesting newsletters written in specific style like CZART. But they are in Polish.


19. What are the next plans for SOULLESS? What will be your next recording? Do you have some merchandising available?

Yes, we have some satanic t-shirts pro manufactured, also patches with our new and old logo are still available. There will be also some new shirts of SOULLESS PROFANATION made by APOCALITPIC SHIRT PROD.(www.underground-shirts.com). We are now waiting for CD version of ‘Summoning Heresy’. American label Butchered Records (www.butcheredrecords.excommunion.com) will release it soon. Probably at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2007 we will play tour in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. We are also talking about gigs in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Now I am recording the first demo material of my second band STURMGEWEHR666. We are playing satanic black/death, my friends from other bands(BELFEGOR, DECEPTION &HELLSPAWN) are helping me in realizing it. Together with other blasting death metal horde –MESMERIZED- we want to find a label to release our materials on split. It will be probably titled ‘Deatchreich Decalogue’. The first material of other project –PANZERKAMPF- will be also realized in this year. It’s totally antI-musical noise with metal influences. This is the project created by Adestroyer which is well known on noise/ambient scene from playing in PARANOIA INDUCTA (www.paranoia-inducta.com). Now about our main recording plans. In the end of 2006 SOULLESS PROFANATION will record 1st full length album, so we are starting works now. Expect a source of heresy!   


20. Allright, this interview is over. Send more blood-filled spikes! Thanx for the answers.

Yeah! Thank you G. Thanx for supporting SOULLESS PROFANATION and our scene! Check our latest ‘Summoning Heresy’ SUPPORT SOULLESS HERETICS!

Daro Swiatek
Hierowskiego 62/2
40-500 Katowice