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1. Hello! This is the time for introductions, so feel free to insert your bestial hellish words deep in our macerating minds! What is SANGUINEOUS and what are the important points of your bloodography? What could the crushed and macerating readers expect and desire from your unholy recordings?

Morbid super dooper kvlt hails and blessing Gab! It’s Tony answering here. SANGUINEOUS is a 2 piece Death metal band from Melbourne, Australia. We play Brutal Dark Death Metal! Our discography is small consisting of our debut 2007 demo “Extinguish The Dying Light Of Serenity” on pro format CD and our second 2009 demo “Expurgating Life From Earth” on pro tape. We use a drum machine! Expect traditional Death Metal extremely brutalised.    


2. Your style has changed quite a bit since the days of EXCARNATED, I must say I liked this older band less (It was more something like ok underground stuff for me), while your new underground incarnation is both more brutal and more obscure! This can be cool: You could have tickets to kill both the brutal heads and the obscure wanderers... Did you notice it, maybe during gigs? And before I totally loose the way of my question: What kind of nice things could have led to this extreme evolution between the previous and current band?

The "Genital Gallery" and "Let The Hatred Manifest" EXCARNATED demos are killer in my opinion. EXCARNATED had lots of line up changes so the style varied from line up to line up. I joined the band in 2003, and not long after the other musos parted ways leaving myself and Chris. What we did at this moment is fairly similar to SANGUINEOUS, maybe you would like more what we did then. The line up fleshed out again too and the other guys made their contributions, I left before they recorded the 2nd album. It’s fucking sloppy as, Easy for me to point fingers, hehe. Even for that stuff though, SANGUINEOUS is more brutal and darker then the songs I wrote for EXCARNATED in my opinion. I think I’ve just refined what I was doing, I learned a lot of the old songs when I joined the band and the difference in style was very noticeable. I’ve pretty much been at this style since I picked up the axe in 2000.    


3. If you had to choose some words to describe your sound, which ones from the following would you circle with a pen? "Spaceship brutalized in the void of obscure space", "Merciless molestation in the caverns of the mausoleum", "Sudden engine shutdown in the middle of the faster highway with everyone driving like Madmax", "Bloodlusting warrior intrusion in the bearcares' rainbow world"... And feel free to add some if you want...

"Bloodlusting warrior intrusion in the bearcares' rainbow world" hahahaha. How about “Evil carebears feasting on the remains of slaughtered metallions” hah. With fangs, and they don’t talk, just make gurgling noises. Instead of shooting rainbows out of their guts it would be rivers of menstrual blood from ill defined vaginas. That time of the month all year round. Hrmmmm. I think I’ll leave the one liners to you. Good stuff.


4. Why the fuck did you choose SANGUINEOUS as a band name? Are you fond of blood orange juice mixed with alcohol? (In French, this fruit is called "Orange sanguine") or is there a deeper meaning that could vibrate in the tomb, even long after you're dead?

Because SANGUINARY was taken, haha.  I’ve never had this drink you speak of. There is a blood orange type? I have a picture in my head of a row of menstruating crack whores squatting on a bar over glasses of vodka and orange. Interesting thought. I think it’s a cool name and suited what we were working on. Descriptive word for violent bloodshed. We are playing nasty stuff, a lot of really aggressive lashing riffs. No deep thought put into the naming. Vibrators in my grave? That would be one fucked up funeral! You have a sick mind.    


5. How do the gigs occur with a drum machine? Is it easy to make this machine move its ass and show some brutal "spectacle" for the crowd, or have you got special tips like Tv screens in the background, or anything? Still no drummer in sight?

We don’t play live. No gigs. The band is recordings only with some rare rehearsals. Wouldn’t mind jamming with some musos but I’m not part of the local scene and probably that will not happen. There is no one in sight. You probably have seen some pics from EXCARNATED gigs. There were no gimmicks then.


6. Your first release was a professionally pressed MCD, your second one was a pro tape... Should we, putrid readers, expect some kind of logical "Back in time" following with the next recording (This could be a vinyl... Or even a set of 20 floppy disks?), or should I calm down my imagination a bit? What are your plans for this next release? Did you have some label offers, or will you keep on releasing your music yourself? (After all, you might be particularly interested in the Do It Yourself valors?)

No serious label offers to do stuff. A couple people have made talk but that’s all it is. I don’t think there is much interest for it. When I manage to pull another demo out of my arse I’ll probably release it myself again. Most likely tape as I can do a smaller run. If I’m rolling butt naked in cash at the time maybe CD again but I doubt it, would depend on the recording sound too. Vinyl would be too expensive. Not DIY out of principle, just no other cunt gives a fuck enough to do it. It would be cool if a label did something. Not interested in any label doing 100-200 tape run for new stuff as I can spread more myself.  


7. I don't have access to your lyrics, but two song titles such as "Skeletal remains from a messiah lost" and "Pious souls captured by oblivion" are enough to understand you're not really religious enthusiasts... Which level of atheism/ anti-religion/ satanism would you say you've reached? Is it personal beliefs and rejections, or are there more involvement such as reading books of the occult (Fairytales?), honoring the goat every Friday night, or going to the satanic church with your wife every Sunday morning? (Ahah)

Chris is the lyricist. We are both anti religious! I’m an atheist and have been so since I was 13 years old. Level of atheism? I don’t believe in God, Satan, Ghosts, Witchcraft, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Boogy Man, etc. When we die we rot in the cemetery(or maybe stew in barrel of acid), there is nothing else. Our thoughts and emotions die with our brain. Being is primary to Consciousness. Religions are the creations of humans. Chris’ lyrics tend to be either anti religious, apocalyptic fantasy or a combination of both. So a little belief here, a little fantasy there. Like story telling.


8. Some musicians of SANGUINEOUS are involved in other projects; I know PERVERTUM OBSCURUM and remember there’s a bit more but the names have problems to surface the cloudy top of my mind... Can you tell us a bit about these, make a little introduction to each and stuffs like that? By the way is EXCARNATED still active?

EXCARNATED broke up early 06. I only do SANGUINEOUS. Chris does PERVERTUM OBSCURUM, Chris` one man band. It’s fairly primitive Death Metal with mid range vocals. THE NIHILISTIC FRONT, with Gary who played on the first 2 EXCARNATED demos. Crushing heavy Death/Doom!  And now he does vocals for a good local Death Metal band called MONOLIYTH. Think 90’s Florida Death Metal. That’s a gigging entity so he’ll be bustin moves on stage to 10 people soon, haha.


9. As Europeans, we often have a picture of Australia to be a country full of war metal bands and other very "Metal metal" affairs... Would confirm or invalidate this idea? How does it feel to live in the middle of this kind of underground as your music isn't exactly of the same genre? Which Australian bands currently kick your ass? Are there some, not too famous, that could please the readers of my webzine? (So, not too much of black metal please).

It was big but that stuff has really died down it seems, though some of those types have rebadged themselves as true kvlt Death Metal. It’s very over hyped. BW and ABOMINATOR made good shit though. I have no interest in the aussie black/thrash scene which was more prevalent. The scene as it was meant little support for what we did. There was a decent Grind scene though also. I’m fairly isolated from the local scene these days. Australia is a developed country and this bestial attitude has little to do with how these types of people live I think. Maybe they should go to Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, or Afghanistan and find out about War and Hell, haha. Some currently active bands that are fairly unknown… I would recommend: BELLIGERENT INTENT, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS, TZUN TZU, EMBODIED, MONOLIYTH, Like I said I’m not involved with the local scene anymore so maybe there is more, probably interstate. I think most of the best aussie bands are inactive or dead. DESTRUKTOR – Nailed is fucking killer, solid Death Metal! But they are well known.    


10. Since you live in Australia, which is more or less the other side of the globe compared to France, you might not have the same musical roots. Tell us about the bands that led you to discover metal, and Death metal! And what were the first underground bands to enter your Hi-fi system? Was there a good Death metal scene with many bands, radios, fanzines and other stuffs like that at the time? If some Australian metal bands from the 80's and 90's could be considered as cult, what would be their names in your humble rotting opinion?

I got into Metal when I was 16, in 1995. First Metal for me was SLAYER – Decade of Aggression live album and SEPULTURA – Arise a friend lent me. The heaviness and aggression grabbed me. I wanted to hear more aggressive, more heavier. First Death Metal was DEICIDE – Once upon a cross. Mostly as a young cunt it was discovering the bigger bands especially in the late 90’s when I entered the work force and had money to spend. CANNIBAL CORPSE - Vile, MORBID ANGEL – Formulas Fatal, INCANTATION – Diabolical Conquest, KRISIUN – Black Force Domain, IMMOLATION – Failures for Gods, All I took punts on in shops, what fucking luck! Late 90’s/Early 00’s I discovered heaps of killer stuff from Metal Shops, Hock Shops, Old stock in a local music shop. Without dropping name after name I have a modest growing collection of about 800 CDs, 100 tapes and a small stack of vinyls. I’m no veteran and my collection aint prolific. First underground Item I got my hands on was probably ANATOMY – Twisting Depths of Horror from a hock shop, total killer piece of Australian darkness! Really it was not until the early 00’s that I start to buy from distro stalls at some Grind gigs, also Chris put me on to Tim of LIFE FLUID PRODS where I found some killer stuff over time in his distro, he was from Tasmania. From Local distros I discovered killer bands like PURGATORY, BRODEQUIN, DRAWN & QUARTERED, FUNEBRARUM, DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY, HORRID, NEFAS, THORNSBREED, DISGORGE(mex), MORBOSIDAD, BLOOD VOMIT etc, plus lots more. I continue to discover new and old killers to this day. There was not really a Death Metal live scene in Melbourne then, just isolated bands that played here and there. The killer ENCABULOS was the first I saw live, they were from Geelong. EARTH used to play a bit, they ended up abandoning Death Metal. ABRAMELIN did a hand full of gigs when they reformed. RANDOM VIOLENCE (Death/Thrash) and EXCARNATED started playing some live gigs in the early 00’s. That was about it. Radio shows were either mainstream or Black Metal at that time from memory. Zine culture, if there was one I was completely ignorant of it. Most cult bands? Haha. I’ll name one from the last decade, CRUCIFIRE!! Arrgh! Unblessed into Hatred demo crushes all these current retro bands, and it precedes them. Already named, the mighty ABRAMELIN, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, DISEMBOWELMENT, NECROTOMY, CORPSE MOLESTATION, DARKLORD, SUFFERING.. I’ll leave it there. Chris got into Metal in ’89 and was around for the early 90’s scene. He could probably tell you some more interesting stories.


11. Since I have just opened the little gate to paper zines, I feel obliged to ask questions about it! Are you into paper zines, and what are the advantages compared to web and portable-phone websites? Are you a zine collector, or just an enthusiast, or you just don't give a fuck? (Blasphemy!). If this last possibility (hopefully) wasn't chosen, what are your all times favorites zines? Maybe one of you used to run one years ago, if so what was the name, content, style... And why not trying to resurrect it in 2010? (It might be a little easier than, let's say, 6 years ago... "Old school" is more or less back).

I like paper zines. Like I said there is not really a zine culture here. I only start to get many when I release SANGUINEOUS and started getting into the trading. Chris did all the mail in EXCARNATED. He introduced me to the underground in that way. Paper zines are better for practical reasons, namely I don’t want to sit in front of a monitor for hours passively reading, I’ll fall asleep. I couldn’t imagine trying to read a book from a .pdf. I don’t have a smart phone, just a pleb mobile, so a print zine you can take on a train, to work etc. Also what happens if website editor is not into doing his/her zine anymore and let’s the domain name and web hosting lapse. All the content would be gone. Paper zine is a permanent document, piece of history. Best zine I’ve come across is NECROSCOPE. Most prolific I’ve read. Other cool reads BLACK BLOOD, PRAYER BOOK, CALL TO THE INFERNAL HORDES, DEMONS JAIL, PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT, some more. Cool to read about a band in a zine then you check them out and they’re totally killer. Neither of us has edited a zine. I don’t think I would ever do this.


12. Are you ready for a little of sport? Ok. If a brutal catch contest occurred between INCANTATION, IMMOLATION and MORTICIAN, which of the three would be the proud winner in your opinion? And why? Now we thought about the winner for 2010, let's imagine a contest between the best epochs of each one, a spatiotemporal battle between the strongest years of each band.... Which could be the total crusher? And why not? ;-)

Closest I’ll get to sport. Hrmmm. They’re all killer bands. I’d have to say INCANTATION to win on the whole. Everything from Onward to Blasphemy are gems, Mortal Throne and Diabolical Conquest are the darkest, most twisted for me. IMMOLATION from Dawn to Unholy Cult are killer, Failures for Gods and Close to a World Below are gems and are the darkest, most twisted for me. Failures and Close to a World Below are more twisted then Mortal Throne and Diabolical for me though, absolute master pieces. IMMOLATION wins that one. MORTICIAN comes in 3rd. All of their albums are killer for me, crushing, devastating, heavy Death/Grind, pick of the batch is probably Chainsaw Dismemberment. They didn’t have the same impact as INCANTATION and IMMOLATION did on me though.



13. Did SANGUINEOUS already play cover songs? Do you think covers should be quite close to the originals, to offer the same initial vibration and help peoples remember how much some elder morbid hymns were great, or would you think it has to offer quite a lot of changes to offer something new that didn't exist before? If this isn't too complicated or boring: What were the best covered songs in your livid opinion?

Never played any cover songs for SANGUINEOUS short existence. I won’t be doing this either. Better to write some of my own stuff when I have the drive. EXCARNATED was going to cover HYPOCRISY – Osculum Obscenum and INCANTATION – Profanation when I joined. I think the programming was off and the line up fell apart so it didn’t happen. We just focused on writing.    


14. If SANGUINEOUS was a dish, what would it be? Would you rather choose the appetizer, middle dish or dessert, depending on sweet or salted reasons...?

The appetizer. Four’n’Twenty meat pie. Who ever eats it will die of poisoning in minutes, leaving the middle dish and desert for the Evil Carebears to feast on. They will then proceed to devouring the corpse of the victim.


15. What’s currently in the work for SANGUINEOUS, and what should our insanely-macerated readers expect from your bleeding wounds in the future? Feel free to conclude this interview a way or another, the questioning torture is over.

I’m sitting on my arse at the moment. When I get the itch I’ll get back to song writing. That’s pretty much how this band works, on a project basis. Maybe expect our 3rd demo in 2012, haha. Thanks for taking interest in the stuff!


Website: http://www.sanguineousdeath.com