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1. PUTRID is a quite new Death metal band that was formed in 2008. Unroll the parchment and tells us the stories of your quite brief livid existence.

We formed, as you said, during the summer of 2008. It was me and G who started the band and we soon engaged Nicke as bass player. We threw together our riffs and the songs on Morbid Awakening were done. Since we had no drummer a friend of ours agreed on putting down some drum tracks and also helped us arranging the demo recording. Right after we tried out with Acke and it seems to work.


2. Even though you released a first demo in 2009, I didn't read a lot about this recording in fanzines, and apparently it didn't circulate much. Were you really happy with this demo, or kept it on a quite "private" level until you had better morbid juice? Is this demo still available and do you keep on playing some of these songs?

We aren't really satisfied, it was more of a tryout for us but it still got it’s charm. A guy from one of our session drummers other bands did the recording/mix and he didn't really had the touch for death metal but we manage to record three songs and added an intro I made. All 160 copies (or something) are sold out. We do play some of the songs live and sometimes we also play the whole demo during rehearsals.


3. What are the differences between the PUTRID of the first and second demo? What has improved, and are you currently closer to what you have in mind?

Our new tape represents us better, everything is better. It is a pretty drastic change of sound, the first one is clearer, while this one is a bit more raw. The songs, the lyrics, the structure… Everything is better in my opinion.


4. PUTRID is a quite morbid name... Is there a special meaning for you, or was it just a nice sounding moniker? Where does it come from (The grave?) and who inspired this moniker? (The now dead neighbor who won't be a trouble anymore? Ah Ah). Aren't you a little afraid some peoples would imagine you play goregrind? What are your tips to increase the daily level of putridity?

Putrid is the essence of the music we play, so it was a pretty obvious choice for us. No not really, it shouldn't take too long for someone to find out what we're about.
A good thing if you feel too clean is to stop brushing your teeth (if not already done) and eat some raw meat. Works every time…


5. Now help us to locate the musicians in the necrosphere: Were the current putrid members involved in other bands before, maybe some also play with the rotting carcass in other outfits?

Acke played in Karybdis and then in Lamentation before joining us. Nicke were in what later became Necromancy before hooking up with us. Now they both play in Necromancy besides Putrid. Otherwise nothing that is to be mentioned right now.


6. Why didn't you release the second demo yourself? Did you loose faith in the virtues of Do it yourself? I mean it's not currently hard to spread 200-300 copies of an old school Death metal demo from Sweden, and it's more rewarding to do it on your own... You have total control, you gain experience and contacts... And apparently even earn some money if all necro selling points are aligned in the right order...

We don't make any money either way… We still do most of it ourselves though, but now it gets done a little more professional and we don't have to sell the fucking tapes ourselves. Since we don't like to whore ourselves out it’s good to have someone doing it for you, like a pimp. One could say Jerry is our pimp.


7. What's your opinion about cock suckers in the current "Old school death metal" scene? Wasn't this part of the underground much safer few years ago?

I do not like the term “old school”, we simply play Death Metal. Most of those who claim to be "old school" are fuckers with baggy pants and caps. Fuck it


8. And suddenly... There were legions of Swedish Death metal bands. It's quite surprising that a lot of new bands appeared more or less "spontaneously". What's your opinion about this phenomenon? Which are your fave bands from this new "wave"? Which ones could improve in a really morbid manner and kick our ass a brutal "Forever-remembering" way? (Maybe you have visionary powers of something?)

It got two sides, on one hand some of the bands are good and on the other some suck. I know for sure that that the EPs from Invidious and Degial will be nothing but pure hate. Some bands that I like besides those would be Necromancy, Gravehammer, Eviscerated, Lamentation, Necrovation, Graveless, Morbid Insulter among others…


9. As well as many current Swedish bands, when I listen to your songs it reminds me more of NIHILIST than early ENTOMBED... Is this a volunteer choice, or just a matter of rotting facts? Maybe it's due to the production that sounds more raw than super heavy and brutal? Do you really prefer the NIHILIST stuffs, or you don't have preferences between these demos and the "Left hand path" album? (After all, it's the same songs, with a different production).

I'd say we are more of a Nihilist band in that comparison, and yes I do like the Nihilist demos better but I have nothing against Left Hand Path. The raw production and the intensity it creates fits us better and in that way one could say it is an active choice from our side.


10. Sometimes when I listen to these new Death metal bands, I feel like it could be some historically pre-ENTOMBED stuffs: I mean they doesn't sound so heavy, brutal and ultra morbid yet, as if they didn't down-tune their guitars enough and are still playing somekind of "morbid thrash metal" while the sunlight studio wouldn't exist... I mean the super heaviness and brutality à la ENTOMBED ("Left hand path") and especially GRAVE (First two crushing albums!) isn't there (Yet?)... I would more often think about something between REPUGNANT, MERCILESS and NIHILIST... And there remains some black metal vibe that isn't really Death metal! What could be the reasons? All these guys have eaten too much of thrash and black metal to really extract the big juicy parts of morbidity? Is it too frightening to down-tune their guitars lower than the grounds? (Lower than the soils is located in HELL! While "high flying" guitars are somewhere in the air (Heaven if you wish)). Or is it just that the times of heaviness are over and Death metal is supposed to sound "normal" and "calibrated-to-please-the-hears-of-the-average"? (Sigh)

The reason, at least for us, is that we don’t exclusively listen to death metal and we have no interest in limiting ourselves. If something doesn’t sound enough death metal we don’t reject it if it’s still good. We simply write our music and it becomes what it is. It doesn’t need to be tuned down to B or something to be ultra heavy if you ask me.


11. There are not a lot of paper zines in Sweden right now... At least the very few aren't very easy to get, unless you belong to some totally occult necro "jet-sets"... It's a bit strange for me: There are many bands, but almost no fanzines... To the contrary of many other European countries who have more... What could be the reason for this? Do everyone prefer to create a band to play music, or what? And if you created your own fanzine? Would that be possible, how could it be called and what kind of content would the first issue contain? (There are a lot of bands, you have choice!)

I think it is as you said, people prefer to play music instead. But who knows, there just might pop up some 'zines? I guess it would be possible, but not likely. The interest in 'zines doesn't seem overwhelming here... "insulting Mag" would be a cool name and it would probably cover mostly swedish bands.


12. What is currently on your playlist? Which albums and demos kicked your ass recently, to the point you come back each time for more?

Right now it’s a lot Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion, Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath, Altars Of Madness and Covenant and the Obscurity demos.


13. This is the "reverse power" question: Did you already turn you band name inside out? Once you do it, it sounds like "DIRTUP" or better said "DIRT UP" with a little adaptation... Is that a subliminal message to promote your dark ambient/ drone subproject? You like other kinds of music, or extreme music, or only metal is real?

No, it’s just you turning it backwards… I do like other music as well but it is extreme metal that I enjoy the most.  


14. How do you think PUTRID will sound in the future? Have you got particular goals and plans? Or will you keep on macerating in the old mausoleum as long as the livid energy is there, devouring your flesh to escape the physical body? Tell us about your future projects, available merchandising, and feel free to conclude a morbid way or another...

Right now we focus on an upcoming EP and possibly some kind of split as well but we are pretty stagnated at the moment. Also we'd like to play more live shows... We'll see what happens, fullt ös medvetslös! No merch at the moment, just check out our MySpace for info et cetera.
Thank you Gl, ride the wings of death!

 Web page: http://www.myspace.com/putriddeath


Post scriptum: Notice this interview wasn't meant to support
 Detest recs! Underground is not about fame, business neither suddenly following the trend with precision!