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1. Hello! Can you introduce PUTREFIANCE to our morbid readers? Do you advise them to read this interview in the darkness of cavern or in the hot atmosphere or a rock bar?

Hi, we're a three piece death metal band with two vocals from Bordeaux-France, and readers can read this interview wherever they want, although I think most of them will read this in front of a computer...


2. One could say you play death metal, another one could say you play morbid death metal, then another one could say you play obscure death/ doom... In your putrid minds, how do you view/ call the music of PUTREFIANCE?

It's just plain death metal, no trends, no skills. We are influenced by the late 80's – mid 90's classics of the genre, but also by thrash metal and punk hxc music. Let's say it's «old school death metal», no more no less.


3. Some members of the band used to play in the grindcore band GERIATRIC SLAUGHTER that split up in 2017... Then PUTREFIANCE was created in 2017... Is this a coincidence? Were you fed up playing grindcore and felt the need to play morbid death metal?

I think it's coincidence as I didn't know anything about Geriatric Slaughter back then, I asked Fran (drums) and Regis (bass, vocals) if they would be into playing in a death metal band and their answer was « ok ».


4. Your band name PUTREFIANCE sounds quite Finnish, at least it reminds me of old band monikers like PURTENANCE, ABHORRENCE... Does it stand for PUTRID-DEFIANCE? PUTREFIED-STENCH? When I hear your band name I see a pile of rotten body parts dissolving in a putrid liquid! Please dissect the mangled remains for us... Let's spill the morbidity!

Putrefiance is not a word, it does not exist in french at least. It has « putrid » in it, and also it ends as « Defiance », so yes you're right !  It sounds death metal with some thrash roots.


5. When you write death metal songs, how do you know when a riff idea is good... Do you always immediately realize there's something morbid and kicking? Or you have to record some rehearsals to listen at home later? Or you always bond your girlfriend on a chair during every rehearsals, so that she can hear every riffs and tell you when it's good or not? (Ahah)

First you have to like your riffs. Then everybody has to agree with it, although we're in a « don't discuss each other's riff » way of writing. I personnaly ask if they like it or not when i'm doubting about it. The arrangement can also change the way you hear the riff at first : the pace, the place in the song, the vocals... Sometimes you're not 100% with the riff at first, and after a couple of practice and different arrangements you find it better. Anyway we do not think « is it morbid ? » we just write and play riffs we like.


6. What can provoke the inspiration to write good morbid tunes? What works better for Putrefiance: Cold alcohol, heavy food, 3 hands masturbation, bizarre movies, walking in the cemeteries...?

We just think « let's write death metal songs the way we like ». You grab your guitar and let it flow. I can't play anything else, and don't want to. We try to achieve a certain mood over songs or riffs. Anyway cold beers are always appreciated.


7. One of your songs is called "Magnificent Putridity", do you worship putridity as some kind of "death bringing entity" or do you simply see some beauty in the putrid?

Putridity is fascinating in a sense that it's the climax of the living process : your flesh rotting after your death. It's also really repulsive... Death metal is like putridity : fascinating and repulsive at the same time.

8. If PUTREFIANCE was a pile of meat, from which animal would it be? Would it be rancid and would there be flies all around? Would the meat be so putrefied that it would look green or blue? AhAh

If Putrefiance was meat it would be cheese... Full of maggots !


9. In your music, the mid-paced or slow moments can remember of old ASPHYX or GRAVE... Everyone might not agree, but I'm not so fond of these bands' new albums... Their best releases are without a doubt the first ones! (For me)

Slower parts are a full component of death metal as we like it. Asphyx and Grave had some, as tons of other bands we like (Autopsy, Obituary, Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower...). About the newer Asphyx and Grave I can't speak as far as I didn't listen to both since 1994 or so.


10. What does Death metal mean for you?

Its the genre I have listened to the most in my life, and I'm still very found of it, new bands like Taphos, Corpsessed, Undergang, Death Vomit, Echoes of Death (to name a few) keep the torch burning. It has to be dark, brutal (not in a « slam » way ), raw, it has to smell the old, it has to be repulsive.


11. What can you tell us about the metal scene in Bordeaux? Are there a lot of ugly death metal bands, or can we find every kinds of metal? (From the very modern stuffs to the very retro hard rock... Same than everywhere?)

Bordeaux has some cool bands like Fall of Seraphs, Iron Flesh, Ad Patres, Cryptic Grave, Gorod, Exocrine (all death metal), Angoisse (black punk), Carcohl (doom metal)... I don't know any Sludge stoner nor Heavy metal or Thrash, but there are some for sure.


12. How do you see the future for PUTREFIANCE? Do you think your music could evolve into something more bizarre and technical (Like Demilich), more doomy... Or you don't care and just live the morbid moment?

The music will not evolve into technical territories, nor progresssive ones, it is our choice. Our music is rot, filth, and we like it the way it is. We'll focus on better songwriting, maybe we'll include more teutonic thrash in it. We're always improving the sound too, not to get a « bigger » or more professional sound but to improve the kind of mood we try to achieve.


13. Tell us about your future projects, and feel free to close the coffin.

We're working on new songs, we have a show on February 16th with Carcohl and Tentation here in Bordeaux (organized by Metal is the Law productions-radioshow), we should be playing the Anti National Fest on 5-6 of july thanx to Lust for Death, and we'll record a new demo as soon as as we've got enough new tracks. Guyome from Pulmonary Fibrosis did a really cool job on the demo, we'd like to record with him again. Garrote Vil recs from Spain is repressing our demo on pro tape limited to 70 with 4 live bonus tracks (recorded during our gig with Nashgul, Monarch and Birushanah last july), and Metal is the Law productions are releasing our demo + live tracks on pro cd digipack 100 copies. We'll soon have new merch available too, all our shirts are 100% diy printed by Bastien from Metal is the Law.
We do not have any site or social media, except Bandcamp. Feel free to write, let us play to a town near you, send split proposals, ask for distribution, keep on rotting... Thanx for the interview – stay dead !