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1. Can you introduce PAZUZU to the eyes of our morbid readers?

Pazuzu was spawned in the year 2005 when two friends keyrotten (drums) and me “tomil” (bass and vocals then) wanted to create an old school black/death/doom metal band (influenced by early SAMAEL and HELLHAMMER) and with the help of other 2 guys we started to rehearse once in a week and in a few rehearsals we create 2 original songs (which never got recorded) and a couple of covers "SODOM´s outbreak of evil" and "VENOM´s in league with Satan”. This period lasted one or two years maybe, but then inner conflicts within the band forced us to stop playing and all the efforts done were buried and forgotten.
Almost 6-7 years after, during “Siembra y lucha open air” me(only vocals now) and Keyrotten got reunited and talked about reforming the band (this time looking for a death doom sound ala CIANIDE, WINTER, DECOMPOSED, ETERNAL DARKNESS etc.) and from that day we started the search for new members to begin rehearsing, the obvious choice was to talk to the other guys of the first line up, even if they tried, the band was not working well, so we decided to move on and try Repulsive Death´s guitar player and good friend Giovanni “Pichon” and he fit perfectly into the new malformation of “Pazuzu”, but we still needed a bass player that share our same ideals, and that’s how Steven became the last official member of the band. Again rehearsing once in a week we started the decomposition of 3 tracks which now are part of our first demo “Revenant of blasphemies” stronger than ever in our line up, we are looking forward to release as many demos, splits, and finally a full album or more, who knows?....


2. At the first approach I thought your music was quite influenced by old AUTOPSY, but the more I listened the more I found some early GRAVE (First two albums) mixed with some "regular" Swedeath and some traditional death doom.... Can you tell us more about your morbid influences and what matters for the compositions of Pazuzu?

Hails to almighty Autopsy, sure it is one of our biggest influence (what would this world be without fucking mental funeral??? a world of shit!!!!) also and as you describe we are a lot into Swedish death metal, there are so many bands to mention but sure Crypt of kerberos(demos), Eternal darkness, Grave, Nihilist, Edge of sanity and many more, … But also we are a lot into US death metal, Brazilian death metal etc….


3. I like the way you inject influences from early English doom (death) in your music... Are you more interested in early PARADISE LOST, old MY DYING BRIDE or early ANATHEMA?

I didn’t talk about this in question #2 because I saw this question!! Off course, we are all fiends for blood of those bands you talked about, but exclusively in their first records/demos. And if there is a band from Uk's death/doom that I can put as our biggest influence it would be the mighty beast called DECOMPOSED (everything they did, is just perfect!!! Theres no other band as perfect and brutal in UKs DD), if you don’t know what the fuck Im talking about, go and blast at full volume “Hope finally died” and you will agree with me…

4. Your second recording, composed of 3 songs, was released as a split with polish metallers THRONEUM, the CD version appeared on your own label, while the tape version appeared on the polish/ English label Demented Omens Of Masochism. How did you get in touch with THRONEUM to release this split, and why did you choose them particularly? (Poland is a bit far from Costa Rica ahah). How did you get in touch with D.O.O.M records and how did things happen?

One of the guys who answered my mails requesting trades for our first demo “revenant of blasphemies”, was some sicko offering only material from Throneum, obviously I asked him if he was a member of the band or what? He told me he was “The great executor” former member of that band, when he received the demo; he gave me a great review from our material and kept our communication on and on. I asked him if he was interested on a split album with us and he fucking agreed immediately, so we started our work…
About our polish release on tape, it was just that I ve been trading with my polish brother Piotras for some time, and when he knew about our split with Throneum(which actually I think is one of his personal favorite bands) he told me that this release should be unleashed upon mankind on tape by DOOM Records.
The cd version of this split was released by my label psychogrind and co-released by Osculum cruentum records also from Costa Rica.


5. The improvement in the production is impressive compared to your first demo, the songs on the split tape/ CD have a more powerful and obscure production that fits! What were the differences in the recording? Perhaps the first demo was home-made while you went to a real studio for the newer songs?

Thanks for those words mate!, well actually both recordings were done by me but in 2 different locations (specially drums), the recording of the split was made 100% in my home studio (which I named Grotesque studios) and its partly mixed and fully mastered by a friend who owns a way better studio than mine, obviously we were always taking care of all details about the final result, we wanted to have a better, clearer sound but keeping it as dirty, filthy and raw as possible, I think we did good with this material but also I personally love that putrid demo sound on revenant of blasphemies (our demo)


6. Could we say there is a place for spirituality in the music of PAZUZU, or it's mostly about brutality?

Pazuzu its about brutality, horror and blasphemy.


7. ‎If Pazuzu wasn't a deity, but an animal, what could it be?

Haha, Pazuzu it’s what it is, I can’t imagine anything else….

8. There aren't so many infos about your band to be found online, it seems you don't have a facebook page... Is there a will to remain obscure and close to the old underground spirit, or you prefer to wait for a full-length to make more promotion online?

Well, we have our bandcamp, isn’t that enough?...
I guess we really don’t care that much about social media, we are in this for ourselves and we will remain this way.
If anyone wants to reach pazuzu, write to: psychogrindcr@gmail.com (we will answer fo sure, fuckers!)


9. What does Death metal mean for you?

Death metal is everything in our lives, it’s an obsession, we listen to this type of music every day, I think it’s the greatest excuse to wake up and say fukk I’m alive…I will listen to that record..!


10. What does life metal mean for you?

“Life metal”?? means nothing to me….Only death is real.

11. Sometimes I wonder if the slower kinds of death metal, death doom (And some genres of doom) could be seen as the most extreme evolutions of blues... After all, for some bands it's the same "blues spirit" (taken literally) ‎ but taken to a more extreme extent and in a darker universe... (And Entombed also had an album entitled "Wolverine blues" Ahah)...
I know old blues rock is a very soft kind of music, it's sometimes even quite "sleepy", but when you think about the core of the spirit, I believe there's something in common... What do you think about it?

I think you really got inspired for this one (haha)...
But sure you are right about this inspiration, the roots of this slow decadent “death doom” or other doomy subgenres of metal must go back to that ancient spirit of old blues, rock and roll etc..


12. What could the European metallers learn from Costa Rica on a musical, and non-musical point of view? Is there a good metal scene in your country and which bands could you advice to peoples interested in old death metal and old school metal? Culturally speaking, I imagine Costa Rica has the same roots than many countries in South America, or perhaps I am wrong? How do you say "death doom" and "death metal" when speaking with local metallers, do you use English or Spanish words?

Costa Rica is a very small country but a nice place to visit, many beaches (and bitches), volcanos, waterfalls, mountains, nature in costa rica is the greatest thing to talk about. Google it lazy fuckers…
Well, actually no, we don’t have a scene to be proud of, but sure we have some sick bands that your morbid readers may want to listen to, for example: NAHS(Satanic Blackened death), Repulsive death (Death grind), Bloodsoaked necrovoid (death doom), Astriferous (death metal),Buried(death metal), Vale picha(Noise-core), Morbid Funeral (Black metal), Exacerbacion (Grindcore), Ruined (Death metal), Necrolisis (thrash metal).
Death metal or death doom, or whatever you call it, is the same in Costa Rica.


13. ‎If the 4 musicians of Pazuzu could spend a hot torrid night with Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Rihanna, which would you choose (To fuck) and why?

Tomil: I don’t give a fuck about those whores, bring me Mia Khalifa…everyone knows why!

Keyrotten: I would fuck the one that dies 1st, fucking dead bitch!!

Steven: If I have to choose, I will go with rihanna, but those bitches suck! fuck them

Giovani: He doesn’t care!


14. I see you will release a split 7 Ep with Morbid Perversion, can you tell us more about it? What are your other morbid plans?

Hell yeah, we are just waiting for the 7”s to arrive, everything is ready now (test pressings approved already), I think this is the sickest version of Pazuzu (a fucking brutal track of 6 minutes), also morbid perversion did something totally twisted and grotesque, this 7” split name is “darkest abominations” and will have 3 versions: 7” black vinyl limited to 300 copies released by psychogrind Recs/Osculum Cruentum Recs(CR); pro tape limited to 150 copies released by fukk records (Poland); and a very limited pro tape limited to 66 copies on Primitivo Records(Brazil).
In the very near future we have 3 more splits to come, one with a polish band, one with a Japanese band, and the last one with a Costa Rican band, so that would be it for 2019, probably next year we are going for the full length (labels and fiends get in touch).
Thanks brother for this space in your sick webzine, and to all fiends reading don’t hesitate on writing to our email address, you will receive a putrid answer for sure!

Web page: https://pazuzucr.bandcamp.com