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1. Hello, before all can you put a few drops of oil in the mechanism, so that the door of the coffin doesn't creak too loud? (This is the introduction ahah)

Hey there, I'm Zack from Nekrofilth! I've never been inside a coffin, have you?


2. Could we say you play psychedelic music for nervous ugly necrophiles? Cadaveric blues for the fast paranoid ones? Or a more sober "Death/ thrash/ punk" might be enough?

I don't know what the hell we do, everyone tells me something different!


3. If you had to choose between Hellhammer and Celtic frost, would it be a hard task, or would it be easy for you? Which would you go for, and why? Now between Slaughter and early Kreator, which is your favorite one? (I think I know the answer from your last album "Worm ritual", and it has to do with the one who incinerates ahah)

Yeah that's a really tough one, I find myself listening to frost more, and I think the riffs are just unstoppable. But the primal uglyness of those HH demos is hard to match. I think they come as a pair really! The great thing about the world is I don't have to choose!!
Yeah, Slaughter are fucking gods! Perfect discography. I do love early Kreator. I wish Ventor still did vocals from time to time. RIOT OF VIOLENCE makes me want to fucking kill!


4. When you compose Nekrofilth songs, how do you know when a riff is good enough? Does it appear immediately to be right, as some kind of revelation? Do you happen to record drunk rehearsals and listen to them later at home to find good riffs hidden in the unconscious "drunk"-riffing? Do you sometimes ask the opinion of close friends about new songs? (Doubts might appear sometimes)

It depends! Sometimes songs are written right on the spot! Other times it takes a while until everything is right. The feeling of a killer riff is a real high though. A far as recording rehearsal, I usuallyonly record completed ideas, not an entire practice.


5. A long while ago, when I was playing in bands, a guitarist had the following tip to find good riffs: He used to play the guitars of his favorite bands inside out, trying to play it slower or faster, in reverse, adding notes etc... And apparently sometimes it worked... What's your opinion about it? Do you prefer to drink a lot/ smoke a lot and let the riffs flow?

Yeah, I definitely have "borrowed" ideas from existing riffs, whether intentional or not. I think everyone does though.. I think there is a fine line between "homage" and "rip-off". I think what matters to me is sincerity.


6. Your sound is quite close to the early Earache days, perhaps even more their very first releases when the label was more punk Hc/ grindcore oriented... So I wonder, what are your favorite early Earache releases? If you had to choose between Heresy, Concrete sox, Napalm death, Unseen Terror, Spazztic blurr, Intense Degree, Sore throat, Accüsed... What are the best? (Some of these bands aren't so quoted anymore, but I think peoples should dig in there to find kicking stuffs, right?)

Carcass for sure, the first album is godly to me. Also Accused first record is fucking great. And Napalm Death. To be honest I don't really follow labels, just bands. But of course no one can deny the rad releases Earache had in those days.


7. NEKROFILTH moved from Cleveland (Ohio) to Denver (Colorado) a while ago. Even if it might not mean much for European peoples (It remains in USA), it might be like moving from France to Germany for example... Did it affect a lot the life of a band to change of state? Was it easier to find gigs, a rehearsal place, or perhaps musicians?

I actually have moved again recently to Portland, Or! As far as physical distance, each move is more like moving from France to Slovenia!… about 2000km each time. Wasn't necessarily for the band, but just personal decisions on where to live next. All three are places with good music scenes, so I've been lucky!


8. What's the nicest thing when you play live? Is it about hearing your riffs very loud with a cadaveric guitar sound? Is it about seeing peoples moving and headbanging?

I love the release, and the energy of the crowd. Nothing beats it


9. Is the necro filth a caustic or a morbid filth? Does it precede or follow death?

I think you're asking about the name itself and what it means? Nothing! Just sounds cool! Don't think about it too hard!


10. Which band or album would better represent the "morbid groove"? Would you say it's rather a Finnish death metal thing? Or do the American bands defend them very well in this matter? (I have in mind the old American band ATROCITY which had cool slow morbid riffs between their fast grinding parts...)

Not totally sure what you mean here, as far as artists with a good groove, I'd say James Brown and also Grand Funk Railroad!

11. Do you enjoy noisecore? (I have in mind the "short grindcore" style, not the technical-post-hardcore genre...). Do you think one can say a lot of things with very short songs ("You suffer"), or is noisecore simply a short explosion of aggression?

Sure, I dig Sore Throat and some of the classic bands. I think these days you have to be inventive with it or what's the point? Got the Final Exit LP recently, that shit is bananas! But typically I am not a noise guy. I like songs


12. Do you have other musical projects right now? Is Nekrofilth your main band, or you also need to try other things, in other contexts, or with other non-musical forms of expression?

I'm in the process of a few other things now, but Nekrofilth is my main project. I have a lot of other interests as well. I do think it helps your brain to spread interests around some.


13. What are your next projects? Something to announce? Something to officially cancel? Thanks for answering.

We are working on getting some more releases out this year. Mostly splits. Nothing exciting. Thanks a ton for the interview. See you in hell!