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1. Hello Adam! What's the fucking fuck in there, and I hope all is Ok!

Hail G!!! Yeah everything is fine here, you know usual job, preparing for Christmas (haha!) and shits like that. Actually I have no bigger problems right now, therefore I’m able to work over my zine and whole underground activity pretty fast and easily, so let’s start the interview!


2. Introduce yourself to the voracious underground women who are soon to be hungry for your corpse! You will also need to introduce your fanzine activity, since NECRO might sound sexier in the hears of some... Do you like sado/masochism?

Well, I doubt am I attractive for underground women or I am, because I’m 34 years old already, moreover I’m married for almost 6 years and I have 5,5 years old daughter, so I’m serious family’s father, haha. In spite of it my corpse and dick wait for some hungry girl still, especially it would be fine to fuck some gothic slut at the SADISTIK EXEKUTION’S assault. And yes, sado/ machonism would be best then, haha! But seriously, if more women you have then you have bigger problems, therefore my strange wife is enough for me absolutely. I prefer keep my free money for music, football and beer and not for some slut. Beside I doubt is my activity with NECROSCOPE attractive for women, better I should make some glossy, professional magazine with main stream bands inside to interest some girls… Only devil and some true underground warriors are interested in such underground zines as NECROSCOPE is!


3. I know you spend many hours everyday doing packages, preparing new trades... So you must be a kind of tapetrading factory! Héhé! How many packages do you send everyday? How many hours do you spend each week spend to prepare your trades?

Yeah, I am underground factory absolutely, haha! Actually every my free day is dedicated to the music, from morning until evening and it doesn’t matter it is doing packages, preparing trading or writing the zine. I love it and it is perfect way to spend my free time. I think there are about 5 days in a week, whole days when I make something for the underground and Metal. It is possible because I work nightly very often, so I have pretty many days free, only I don’t sleep too much…I don’t know how many packages I send exactly, I think about 10-20 in a week and almost every one is full of tapes, CD-Rs or zines, so to preparing one package needs some time. I can say you, that when I moved from Gdynia to Gdańsk 5 years ago, a man from lorry asked my wife do we have any musical shop, factory. Haha!!! We needed very big car for all those tapes and all my old tape recorders; it was amazing, never moving anymore!!!


4. This trading activity seems to be quite similar to the one of a very underground label... You have to send many trades, prepare the requests of your trading partners (Sounds a bit like some orders...)... So did you think about starting your own label? Do you think NECROSCOPE could turn into some kind of tape/ CDr label in the future?

No, I don’t think about any label, because I think even small, underground label need some serious money and more time however. And almost all my money and time are dedicated to NECROSCOPE, it’s enough to me coping of my issues and sending them worldwide. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to dedicate honest job and money for label yet, you know bands into a label expects some serious promotion and distribution and it is much more than usual tape trading. Sure, there are some differences between trading and label as you’ve mentioned, but tape trading is “more personal” and not as “obligatory” as doing a label, you know I make trading/ orders, when I’m free, naturally I try to do everything fast, nevertheless always I can make some break, when I’m busy with the zine for example. Although I decided to make some bootlegs last time, so it is almost label, haha! I’ve made three bootlegs so far, they are released very poor and I distribute them amongst my friends only, anyway it takes some more time too. As you can see zine, trading and bootlegs are enough for me, for the moment, maybe some day I’ll run some small, devilish label, never say never!


5. You're running NECROSCOPE since a long time... When I got in touch with the deep international underground (many flyers, snail mails...) somewhere around 1996, you where already there! Tell us more about it! When did you create NECROSCOPE, what motivated you to create a fanzine at the time... how many issues did you release since the beginning... Has the zine changed a lot through the years? Did you ever stop the fanzine for some months/ years... Or is it a perpetual metallic maelstrom since the beginnings? Héhé

Well, NECROSCOPE was formed in December of 1993 and the debut issue was out in April of 1994. I think these are usual things that motivate me to do this. I love extreme metal art and always I wanted to be a part of the underground. Since I can’t play music, therefore I though about a zine, especially because I always liked to write whatever! Zine was a perfect kind of activity for me, so when I was sure I am able to make serious zine, then I did it! Also possibilities to getting in touch with many underground warriors, having an access to rare, underground music, were very important reasons too! As you can see nothing uncommon when we are talking about editors. Furthermore my next idea was that doing the zine should vary my daily, boring life and it is better to write about my biggest passion than drinking beer whole days… I released 17 issues so far but when you’re reading this there should be 18# out already! The zine has changed obviously through these years, however you should look on my first issues and last one to note this big progression (in my opinion). The 1st.issue had only 27 pages including a few, laconic interviews with Polish bands only. And the 18# will has over 140, full written pages, where you’ll find a lot of unknown bands from whole world. Also articles are much better, more informative although it is obvious… Only the lay out is the same, still pure underground, old school one and I don’t want to change it. No, there wasn’t any break; every issue is released very regularly, about 8 months after a previous one, so we can say it is metallic maelstrom since the beginning. Never stop the madness, haha!


6. I know you're still doing tape trading, and you have an HUGE list with more than 7000 items! AAARGH! When did you begin trading tapes?

Actually my trade list has about 8.500 items right now! I started to trade together with doing the zine, so about 1994! Nevertheless I was into Metal much earlier, since 1986, so when I got into the underground and trading I had pretty huge collection already. Between 1986 and 1994 I bought few tapes (such “original pirates” that were very popular in Poland back then) every month, my hunger for metal stuff was totally wild since the beginning! And the underground and trading only made it bigger and bigger! Even today, when I am experienced, old editor I have to receive some new stuffs every week, if I don’t then I am sick!!!!

7. With so many items, it should become some kind of problem to tidy up everything right! haha! How many rooms in your house do you need to stock all your tapes and CDs? How does your wife feel about it? (And did she already menace to burn a part of it? ARGH! BLASPHEMY!!) How are you able to find something when you need it? Is it all in alphabetical order? Maybe there's a paper-listing showing on which tape this live recording is, or this rehearsal one is...?

Yes, it is quite difficult to keep all these tapes and albums; however one bigger room is enough! I keep a lot of tapes and albums in huge boxes that are under the table, on the segment, everything! Also I got from my brother such big segment, especially for my stuff, only my wife and daughter have not a place for their clothes, haha! Sometimes it is fucking hard to find some record, especially if some asks about taping some old, forgotten demo, then I have to dedicate few hours even for finding that, this is most irritable thing in my activity! The collection is in such “date-order”, you know one box has tapes that I received in the 1994 and so on. Therefore I know more or less where to find a proper tape or CD, however not always, haha!  My wife has not anything against it, maybe because I told her before our marriage that she must accept it and she’ll never win with the music, my passion… Beside she says it’s better that I am in the home taping music, writing than I would hang with friends into the town. You know, women like when their men prefer some hobby in the home than beer and other women, haha! But seriously, my stuff and music isn’t a big problem at all, since I keep everything pretty clearly, there aren’t any chaos…


8. Thanx to Computers, Internet and Mp3s, it seems the amount of active tape-traders has massively decreased through the last years... Are you still in touch with many tape recording maniacs? Do you regularly trade stuffs with peoples outside Europe (Asia, South America etc...) or does it mostly happen in Europe? Do you know some French tape traders?

I’m afraid you are right, the internet, mp3s are much easier than classical trading, snail mails and likes. In the result most of the maniacs (even those older, who remember old times) prefer to limit their activity to computer. There are less and less tape traders, although still few ones are finding! Even I can say those ones who keep the classical way of collecting music are best example for die hards and most devoted metal heads. I mean those few traders are usually very honest and dedicated people with great, huge lists, like in the rule “only strong will survive”! I have an impression even that there are less rip offs and posers right now, all of them are in the internet scene now. Luckily I can trade regularly still with people from whole world! That’s great because thank them I get lots of killer records and can piss on this whole internet!!!! I have traders in Europe, Australia, East/South Asia, States, Latin America, only I can’t find any serious trader in South America! Believe me, most of the metal heads in Brazil, Peru, Chile are intended to internet, mp3s only! From France I trade with G.S. sometimes (do you know him?), Monier from DEVILMENT zine and that’s all for the moment. But some years ago I traded with some great French guys; actually they were my best traders in the 90’s! it was Christophe from the band LAMENTATION and Laurent, the individual with unique list!!!! I remember I was very sad when they stopped (very suddenly) their activity…


9. The tape situation in France isn't exactly cool... The prices have increased quite a lot the last years, and unless you visit the markets during week end, it's not really possible to use tapes anymore... I think it might be a worldly situation, so tell me how it is in Poland! Do you still record a lot of tapes, or did you switch to CDr? Do you have a special feeling for tapes, if so tell us a little bit about it.

This situation in Poland is exactly the same! It is harder and harder to buy anywhere any cheap, decent tape, however still I’m able to get few tapes in moth. Sure I still record on tapes, because I have some traders with great lists, who don’t want to hear about CD-R even. Besides I still love to listen to music from a tape, like today I’ve listened to SLAUGHTER; this is great experience still! Anyway we have to like CD-R too, because they are very cheap and easy in recording. Besides music is most important and not its format, isn’t it? Summing up I feel a special sentiment to tapes, because I grow up with this format and still I have a lot of tapes, I really like to listen to them very much but also I have no bigger problem with CD-R, especially when it comes with some killer band/demo…


10. What do you think of the Internet? Do you think that would work well for you? After all, someone only has to click few times to find what he wants... But on the other hand, you don't have much contacts with the guy who owns the music, and you can't really find everything (I think about some obscure demo recording from Asiatic countries... Even many European demo bands aren't in the Mp3-sharing softwares, even in the best and most specialized ones...). So, this subject could be discussed for dozen and dozen of "minutes"... But give us your opinions and feelings about the MP3s and Internet-Infestation! What do you think it kills and what are the positive aspects in your eyes?

OK, I’ve written something about my relation to internet in the 8th.issue but of course I can say something more yet. First of all I’m in opinion that internet is great thing, great innovation of our civilization although you must know how to use it. I mean, I appreciate internet when it comes to policy, sport etc. to check some actual, need info, like news at TV and that’s all. I’ll never read anything behind monitor for longer time, because to me a book, news paper, zine have to be released on…paper. Also I can’t understand people who spend whole days with their computer, internet, this is sickness and nothing more. And when we are talking about the underground then it becomes to be pathology for me! Just the name UNDERGROUND shows that it is for elite, people truly devoted to whatever it is music or some other ideology. And internet means EASY, FAST, generally available media, so what underground has to do with that? It’s like you would had show in TV tribute to NUN SLAUGHTER for example, haha! This easy access to “underground” in the internet is the pathology exactly, many internet freaks can say now ‘I am metal head” but they have no nothing to do with a true metal head, who recorded taped, printed flyers, visited gigs years ago. This absolutely different kind of metal head and it is sadder because most of “metal heads” prefer this easy internet and forget about classical underground, even many old bands, maniacs turned into this shit! All in all internet slowly kills the true underground, like car has replaced a horse or gun replaced a knife… natural evolution although I though that metal heads are more devoted to the underground however, I could have hope that the underground will survive this modern innovations but I was wrong… Anyway there are still few underground devils, who remember about classical rules and for them I make NECROSCOPE still, with them I can trade still, so for the moment the situation is pretty fine yet…You are fucking right saying that they’ll never find in the internet some killer stuff from deep underground, whatever you mean it is Asia, South America or even Europe! A guy who downs music from mp3s only has much poorer, soulless collection than pure metal head into classical trading. I hope you’ve understood this long yet chaotic answer….

11. You are into the underground since a fucking long time! It's commonly known everything were very different back then... Even 6 years ago things weren't the same than today... What were the first demos and fanzines you bought? Give us your feelings about how the scene was in the beginning! Was it easier to sell a fanzine? Was it easier to get in touch with maniacs? (Peoples often don't answer when you send them an email... Do you think more peoples answered their messages when they received a snail mail? After all, someone who sends you a snail mail puts more effort in this: He has to write it down, pack the letter with many flyers, go to the post office, send the letter... So at least, there was more meaning and effort to communicate behind it!).

Of course this old underground was different but it doesn’t mean it was perfect. There were lots of rip offs, zines that existed on flyers only and so on. Many people didn’t answer for snail letters back then, especially bands, which considered themselves as bigger ones didn’t answer for interview for new zines and I had huge problems to get some interview in my early days… But there were much more people into the underground and in spite of all you could get much more letters, zines than nowadays. I remember I received about 20 letters back then in week from Polish maniacs only! It was amazing; my zine was spread with about 100 copies in Poland only! So if I would able to start writing English zine in the 90’s then I could sell about 500 copies I think, without any distro help!  Yes, for paper zines these old times were much easier, furthermore I could meet personally many maniacs with whom I traded letters, on various gigs, festivals etc. I remember some gigs in Warsaw, where we drunk amongst 20-30 people and everyone knew others from snail correspondence! And look on the present situation; when I visit present gigs I have to describe to young band….what is a zine all about, not mentioning about flyers…. I’m talking to one band with interview offer and they say me I must to find their www…. Sure there are some better things right now too, I’ve said you already that my actual traders seem to be more devoted with greatest trade offer, maybe their number is much less but much more concrete… Any time is perfect, only I’m afraid that soon will come time when nobody will be interested in paper NECROSCOPE zine and everything will be about internet….Then I’ll have to leave it all.


12. I'm quite curious to know how you were able to stay so deep in the underground since all these years! Are you constantly immerged in putrid obscurity since all these years, or are there more relaxed weeks/ months while you are rather a lazy bastard (héhé). Or do your Underground state of mind/ mentality naturally come from a crappy life of frustration and anger? Could you live without the Underground? If that was possible, what do you think could match all this passion and very busy activities?

Hmm, I think I’ve described it clearly in the previous questions. I’m just crazy metaloholic! There aren’t any  relaxed weeks, moths when I’m lazy, only one or two days I can relax, to tribute more time to family or some other things. But after two “lazy days” I’m totally sick to write something, to tape something, I think it is sickness just but in a very positively meaning. No, my underground devoting isn’t influenced by any frustration, or maybe you mean about escape before boring, daily life. I mean I prefer to make the zine, preparing packages than visit my family on some Sunday dinners and likes and to talk about weather and policy with them. I love my family but it would be too needless for me, I have to do something every day! Sure it is possible that I’ll leave the underground someday, but rather only when this underground will die, because I don’t want to be part of the modern, internet scene. Then I can enjoy my all tapes, albums which I gathered through those years, to read books, this would be much more pleasant than sitting behind internet and writing bullshits to pseudo metal heads. Time will show when the classical underground will die and my passion can die only together with the underground!


13. I know you work in an hospital! Tell us more about it! What are you supposed to do in there, does it pay well, and are there strange things happening at night?
(Are the polish nurses sexy? HOoo! Are they Ok for a good thorny ride? héhé! Give me a tip to easily convince a sexy polish nurse to clean my big snake! héhé Are they generally easier to convince with some Vodka (or another special brevage of your own composition?), or maybe a special "Sexy word" would suddenly turn them into bestial sex goddess begging for your body ? Ah Ah)

Yes, I work in hospital on “Emergency” ward, so everyday I’m familiar with death, blood, human pain and so on. Much more than all those gore bands, haha! Anyway this is very interesting job, I am amongst intelligent (almost) people over there and I can learn many useful things. I am hospital orderly and I make everything what is needed for patients including help at some small aberrations. Yes, sometimes there are strange situations, more often funny situations and actually one bad thing with this work are pretty small money, although I can live from them luckily. Forget about Polish nurses, sure some of them are cool and like sexy shows that we do sometimes after work. But of the nurses are stupid women who think only about job and how to show her pseudo intelligence, you know such sort of business woman. If you’ll be in hospital some day then say to nurse that you can not pass water, then you’ll see what she will do, haha!


14. How do the surgeons and patients react when they see your ugly face of evil metalhead? Ahah! Aren't they afraid of being contaminated with the filth and impurity of the deep underground's evilness? Ah Ah! Wearing a CARCASS or some goregrind Tshirt when you work in an hospital isn't exactly sane, is it?

haha, my face isn’t so evil and metal head. I had some funny situation naturally, one when I dressed on duty NOCTURNAL VOMIT’S t-shirt (white with evil monster on front), some nurses were shocked back then. Some years ago we got some Nun, she was unconscious and I started to sing her KAT ( the black metal band with Polish, Satanist lyrics ) to wake her up, haha! Also my friends in hospital call me “Satan” and when some old patient will hear it then his face are totally afraid, haha! But seriously, patients have no idea about my underground activity (like almost all nurses, doctors etc) and that I worship Satan, this is only job and my true life starts when I’m back home, in my personal church of Satan, haha!


15. I read in an interview you were constantly listening to metal... Even when you work at the hospital! So I wonder how it is possible! I mean, one can't put his dirty hands in the bowels of a patient to extract the cancerous pulp... with a mussel Death metal background!! Or there would be high chances for the patient would find his guts totally fucked up and lying on the floor! héhé! Is it possible to bang your head in Polish hospital or... maybe you are only  hallowed to bang the polish nurses?

No exactly, I meant that I listen to metal even when I’m going to hospital, in bus. Of course also sometimes in hospital I can play my old walk man, when there aren’t any patients and I have nothing to do. Then I can sit down, take some book and listen to music. No, I have to care of my work because in Poland is a huge problem with decent job. Therefore there aren’t any hellish shows in the hospital. Maybe sometimes, in a night when hospital is empty and we have some drunken homeless patient, then I’m going to play them something extreme to wake them up from this alcoholic dream. Sometimes it brings great effects and a patient can leave emergency and I can lie down to sleep few hours…


16. You are one of the last guys I know who glue his stamps and asks me to send it back! Please tell the readers about it: How much money are you able to save thanks to the stamp-glueing mania? How many times are you able to use a stamp? Does it take a long time to save all the stamps, clean the glue etc... Are you well organized for this matter, as you might have books of old stamps to use again... A real METALLIC STAMP MAFIA! Héhé

I must ask about sending back my stamps because I have no enough money to buy only new ones from all those packages to Asia, Australia etc. thus I must to use some older again and I can make more packages this way! I think I’m able to save pretty many money by this way, at least when we are talking about my small, homely budget. One stamp I can use even 5 times but naturally not always, sometimes it is “destroyed” after one time already. And fucking yes, this save the stamps takes quite long time, sometimes I really hate it. I’m not organized actually, however I have my personal way saving stamps, it is called “puzzle” and from 2 bad stamps I make one good, if you want to know how that get in touch with me for lesson.


17. You do not use the services of distro and mailorders to spread your fanzine, because of huge sexxxeroxing costs... so you send it to some maniacs you are in touch with... But you are able to spread 100 copies of it! It's not bad at all, especially since the zine is quite big, and each issue is sold/ traded one by one, little by little! It shows there are still quite a lot of maniacs who like to send snail mails! (Yes!!!) Does it take a long time to spread 100 copies of an issue? Do you mostly trade it, or are there a nice amount of orders? If so, how many copies of the last one did you sell?

You are right; I don’t use the services of distro and mailorders because I have no more money to copy more zines. Every one that I’m able to copy is sent to particular maniac. Nevertheless I know some maniacs copies NECROSCOPE by themselves, so in the result the zine is written by much more freaks. That’s very good, no rights reserved, haha! Also you’ve noticed very correctly that NECROSCOPE is quite huge, so the price for one copy must be huge as well. The latest 17# was spread with about 120-130 copies and I agree that this is pretty good result, especially when I know that every copy comes to a truly metal head. Most of the zines are traded against some demos, albums or other zines, but also there are some maniacs that order my zine and thank them I have money to release a next issue! You are right, it shows that there are yet some truly devoted maniacs but from the second hand I’ve spread only about 30 copies in Poland and this are poor result absolutely. Anyway I’m quite satisfied and still I have inspiration for preparing next issues! Every issue is spread for few months actually till the next one, although even when I have new issue then still I spread a previous one, there is not any particular rule.


18. Since your last issue, NECROSCOPE is written in English. That will probably help to spread more copies in the whole world... Since you changed the language of the zine, did you notice more peoples contacted you? Did you sell more copies compared to previous issues?

NECROSCOPE is written in English since the 15th.issue, so the recent 18# will be the 4th.English one. Yes, it helped me a lot to get more contacts worldwide. It was the main reason for English version, I have noticed that there is less and less people in Poland, which are interested in, therefore I had to offer something for foreign maniacs. And it has been worked from the beginning; with every moth I have more, CONCRETE contacts with maniacs, zines and small labels from whole world. Now the Globe is for me like very small country. And even if most of the gays escaped to the internet I still note a decent interest in my work, honestly bigger one compared to my last Polish written issue. Yes, it was very right decision, in every country of the earth I have some readers, the response for latest issues is great. I met with great, honest admiration for my work and this great! Only I miss the Polish language because I really liked to write in this beautiful language…


19. Many peoples say the paper zines are dying, and the webzines will take every readers... and blah... and blah... BUT I hear these kinds of blablah since 4-5 years, and I don't receive less fanzines of real ink and paper in my mailbox! There are always new fanzines popping out, and when an older one stops his activities, a new hungry bastard begins a new one! I feel like there will always be paper fanzines... Give us your feelings about it! Do you receive more or less zines than few years ago?

Maybe you are right but I personally feel that paper zines die slowly however. Maybe there are still many of them, in spite of it obviously less than in the 90’s. beside you have to note one thing yet, less and less maniacs are interested in paper zines, the same with bands, which want to answer only through e-mail, the same with labels that don’t promote their stuff in small zines etc. I think web zines aren’t responsible for that only, but generally such sick professional ambitions into the scene. Every band, label want to be a part of big, main stream magazines, maniacs prefer to buy the too because main stream bands inside and “free” compilations… There aren’t interests in unknown, underground bands, so also paper zines have small and small audience. However they still work pretty well, since I’ve told about my sell results just only, it is not so bad still. I have an impression that mostly old warriors keep zines alive, there very few newer editors in my opinion, the same with tape traders. A new and young metal head doesn’t give a fuck about the underground usually, it is too hard and expensive for him, since he can click or ask his Mom about magazine from musical shop. I’m sure I receive less zines than in the 90’s, only the fact that I have more foreign contacts nowadays help me. Sure, maybe I bore you with all these complain concerning zines, tape traders nowadays, since it still works, this interview proves it best. Anyway I’m afraid the interest in paper zines is less generally!


20. On the other hand, most of the surviving paper zines are in the deep underground and kinda focused on the underground, as the most commercial and "ooooriiiginal" professional asstrap magazines of once have all gone on the web... I think that's totally cool! No more sterile bullshit to read! Ah!
Do you think it's because peoples in the deep underground are more Die hard, and need something real and strong to keep it in their dirty hands and drink many beers screaming hymns of revenge, and inserting the hardest fanzines in the pinky assholes of the Glam/ Emo/ Mellowdeath poseurs!!! YES!!! Ah Ah Ah! While "metallers" of the commercial asstrap don't give a fuck about anything, they sometimes seem like hippies who are happy with the whole situation of the world and only need to click 3 times on a computer to be happy and satisfied.. Well, is it ENOUGH?
Give us your feelings about it, I happen to think these words when I have staid in my smelly cavern for quite sometime, but I guess it's not all wrong...

Exactly! You got the point! I’m writing from the beginning of this interview that a present underground is created by truly, honestly devoted maniacs. Those strongest individuals, who survived the internet innovation. This is beautiful and makes our small underground very strong, maybe even stronger and more elite that in the 90’s. There aren’t place for bullshits, posers, pseudo metal heads at all and I personally have noticed that most of my letters are from very serious maniacs, not like 10 years ago. Zines are made mostly in old school vein; include only extreme, hellish bands with right, underground attitude. The pseudo professional products with romantic, pseudo metal music have gone to the internet and professional magazines. The underground is smaller yet clearer, it is much deeper in under ground. And yes, it is because people who still keep the underground passion are obviously more die hard, they are just stronger and more honest in the passion, they are metal heads in the purest meaning of this word. And those main stream, internet kids are more hippies as you’ve written or just internet freaks, they love their PC and not the MUSIC, they don’t feel the DEVIL! That’s the reason why I don’t visit any metal parties, most of gigs any more, I have nothing to do with a present metal hippie head. I prefer to stay in my small house with my tapes and there band my head for Satan, haha!


21. Do you think gigs are absolutely necessary for the life of the underground? After all, things are quite cool when we are at home waiting for the postman to give us more underground demos; reading fanzines, writing snail-mails, preparing trades... After all, I think this is more underground than going to many gigs, because we are active and fighting for it! Only pure efficiency for the needs of the underground! No poseurs, no time lost with blahblah, the money is directly re-injected in the underground... It's also quite boring when some "gig-organizers" harass you with their gigs and are not happy because you didn't "move your ass" to go and see his "super gig"! And they will tell you are not a "True underground supporter"... Well, sitting on a chair and drinking beers during the crappy gigs of each week-end  isn't exactly what I call supporting the underground! But my opinion about it might be due to the fact I don't consider the underground needs so many peoples everywhere to exist, I rather feel it as something personal, internal, intimist, quite solitary, with a need for devotion (it depends on the activity...) and with strong wings of cold sorrow giving you the strength to achieve some big things, and leading you somewhere where imagination takes a great importance... It's not only children happiness, fiestas and show off, contrary to what many metawwwl peoples seem to think... What's your opinion about it?

Funny, you’ve said exactly the same in this question. In spite of it, it is not so simple answer. Naturally when I have to choose some mainstream gig with romantic bands and staying in home, listening to some extreme demos, then the choice is obvious. I prefer to take some beers and drink alone listening to NUCLEAR DEATH, as I’m doing right now. But of course I have some real hunger to visit some real underground gig, including really extreme hordes and meet some friends again. But there aren’t such gigs in my area for a very long time, so there isn’t any choice by the way. It seems you are a kind of misanthropist and I can understand it. I love too stay alone in home and wait for postman, to make my packages, listen and listen to music whole day, or just read some cool book, I love it. But sometimes man needs to meet with some other people and here underground, extreme gigs are perfect. The problem is only, this gig has to be really underground and not with youngest newcomers that have not idea about underground. I don’t want to look on those lads with short hairs and CRADLE t-shirts, who are killed after 3 beers. Brrrrrrr, I prefer to stay in the home. Furthermore I don’t give a fuck about gigs organizers and complain of audience. If somebody will gather killer bands and make proper promotion than frequency will be always decent. Naturally it depends how many people organizer wants to have, if few thousands then he is not underground organizer and just fucking businessman, fuck him.


22. What do you know about France?

Haha! It would take whole your zine if I had to write everything what I know about France. History it is my 3rd.passion (apart of metal and football) and read everything what concerns the ancients and Middle Ages. France is the one of the most important country in the European history; therefore I had possibility to read lots of books about your country, since the ancient Roman time, Middle Ages with Franks to Emperor Bonaparte (one of my favorite person in the history!). I would write you a large article about France over here, but it’s not article about history at all. I appreciate the French laic attitude very much that you got thank mighty Bonaparte, I really like French football, and also I enjoy some French philosophers, like Voltaire first of all! Believe me, there are many things, which could be told about France… And I would like to ask you what do you know about Poland? Since your family’s roots are in Poland, aren’t they?


23. Allright Adam, this bunch of questions is over. Thanx for taking the time to answers... Don't forget to have a nice beer! Greetz.

Ufff, it was probably the biggest interview, for which I had to answer. In spite if it I had a very nice time with your questions, they showed you are into underground as much as me, surely we’ll meet both in asylum some day, haha! I’m really appreciated your devoting to the underground, that’s cool to see such maniacs as you are. Keep your great work alive and I wait for some new demos on NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST! Thanks a lot for the support. People get in touch with me! You can ask about 18# NECROSCOPE Metalzine, tape trading and my bootlegs. I have released three ones, including ancient and today forgotten hordes from the ancient underground. Great portion of the raw and extreme Metal assault!


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