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1. Hello, how are you? May I ask you "Are you morbid"? Or perhaps "Are you morbus"? :-) Which good things happened in the world of MORBUS GRAVE lately? Something morbidly cool to announce?

Hello Gabriel, well first of all thank you for your interest in Morbus Grave. Ahhaahhahahahah probably I’m morbid for sure… We grew up with Celtic Frost and they are one of the biggest influence in the band itself… At the moment, we have just finished the recording of our first album and we are looking for a label interested in releasing it… In the same time we have self-produced a very limited tape, like a promo, with three new trakcs that will appear in the full-lenght too.


2. What does "Morbus grave" mean for you? Searching on Google-translate, I found the word "morbus" stands for disease in German, but I'm not sure if Italians use this language too much... Perhaps you were raised with some Latin languages (and English) at school (Or maybe you were force-fed with German, who knows...)

When we started the band, we were looking for a name that followed the path of what we want to create, and we fond this… We wanted to  express our ideas of morbid death metal and I think that “Morbus Grave” fits our goal in the best way…


3. Your music is old school death metal, but it also contains a quite strong dose of "thrash"; I have in mind the fast beats and the "motivated" impression that doesn't sound unlike old SLAYER (“Hell awaits”)... What is so good about thrashing? Do you like to keep things simple, perhaps like early DEATH, early AUTOPSY, old MASSACRE, SADISTIC INTENT? Do you enjoy the slogan "Less is more"?

You are right, in our music there is a strong thrashing component… We listened to a lot of old thrash glories like Destruction, Kreator, Possessed, Dark Angel, Assassin, Razor, old Slayer too… And the list can go on and on… When we compose new stuffs, it’s not that we decide to do a song that sounds more thrash or death, let’s say that everything comes naturally in the rehearsal room… Anyway, the songs have to sound in the way that we like… And for sure the slogan “Less is more” don’t follow the patterns involved in our music.


4. While browsing your Metal-archives page, I can see some of your musicians play, or used to play in other metal bands such as SEPULCRAL, FUNEST, VOIDS OF VOMIT, UNDEAD CREEP... Those names might ring a bell in the minds of those who followed underground death metal the last ten years... Well, what makes the difference between MORBUS GRAVE and these other outfits? Perhaps M.G. is the "morbid baby" of a musician in particular? (If so, who writes most of the music?) And is it a totally serious morbid project, or you also like to have a part of "fun"?

Since the beginning of the band we had some line-up changes… With Morbus Grave we have the idea to create something morbid, obscure and primitive. Every bands you mentioned here have their own styles… Everyone of us participates to the writing of the music, all the things usually take shape from a riff of Maso and Magico. Morbus Grave has his own identity. We have worked a lot, especially this year and last year during the pandemic disease and hope to do the same again in the future .


5. I also enjoyed the atmosphere of your songs... Some current old styled death metal bands sound brutal, cadaveric, or else... But their music doesn't really have an atmosphere (At least for me)... It doesn't really ooze of blood, or warm morbidity, contrary to your songs on the split with DEATHFUCKER for example... Is this atmosphere something natural for you, or you happen to catalyze and collect the best "vibe" riffs to reassemble them later in vibrating morbidity?

To be honest, we are not 100% satisfied with the split due to the fact that we had some difficulties of line-up changes during the composing process. “Rancid Flesh Decay” in fact could have come out differently and better probably. We like so much the “Necronomicon” song instead, and i think that will be proposed live too. Usually the songs are worked and worked until they convince us 100%. We have always tried to keep the same roots, at least, to have a result that sounds familiar to every single release.


6. Do you enjoy zombie movies, or believe zombies are quite "obsolete" in terms of horror? And what about "zombie porn"? (It does exist, I found some half funny things on Xvideos... Don't ask me why I searched for these key words ahah...)

Zombie movies represent an important component for M.G. Especially the trilogy of Death by Fulci, or the Romero stuff too. Anyway, other influences are probably Jess Franco Movies and Hammer movies. Well, we don’t care at all about zombie porn ahahahah… This is not the kind of stuff that we like…


7. There hasn't been so many new death metal bands and releases since a long time, it seems to me there are now even more DM bands than in 2010 (When the old school was already "booming") or 2015 (When some peoples already felt a "saturation"). And there are many different subgenres, from the revamped Finnish death, to the (now perhaps a little less popular) Swedish death, the obscure cavern stuffs, the "regular" old school death... And the "groovy" American cavern stuffs... Well, what are your favorite styles from these current waves of death and metal? Do you think it might keep on growing, or might stabilize itself?

Exactly, nowadays there are a lot of bands, probably too much. Every day new demos and more  new bands are coming out… I don’t know if this is good or not. There are surely some great bands, but it is often very difficult to follow them because their stuff is very difficult to find. It seems to be almost a fashion to make the limited edition of the demos, in different and varied versions, that become sold-out immediately. And yep, I agree with you, there are a lot of styles and sub-generes but we are  mostly attached to old-school death metal. We have bought a large quantity of demos but we prefer to listen to old-school stuff… Always the same bands: Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Obscurity, Merciless, Incubus, Necrovore, and so on… 


8. What can you tell us about the current Italian death metal scene? I'm already familiar with some of the bands (quoted before), but are there more to be really cool or worthy of the crooked deafened listening? And what about labels, I'm well familiar with EVERLASTING SPEW or UNHOLY DOMAIN, but are there more right now?

The Italian Death metal scene is very good. We have cool bands like Necromutilator, Black Ejaculation, Macabro Genocidio, Sadomortuary and so on… These are the bands that we are in contact and we have a strong union with them, because they have the same spirit than us...
The Italian scene, if we can call it a scene, has always been strange... Maybe we are too misanthropic from this point of view, or we prefer not to be similar to the mass, we want to stay in the underground: Continue to work without letting us bring up the usual trends or fashions of the moment.


9. If I tell you "France", what comes to your mind? Are there french metal and death metal bands you enjoy? Or perhaps some labels could do a better promotional job? (Because we have good bands).

Yeaaaaarrrgggggghhhhhh... Speaking about France what come immediately to my mind is Death Power, Loudblast, Aggressor, Massacra, Frayeurs …


10. Do you think one year and a half of Covid could have influenced your compositions? I know this pandemic was intense in some parts of Italy, for real... Did you notice if some of your new riffs perhaps sounded more terrified, doomed or alienated than the older ones?

We don’t think so… Covid for sure was and is a terrible reality. All the things that we are creating are coming out in the same way…


11. What is the "big goal" with MORBUS GRAVE?... Do you plan to release a full-length, or produce something "special"?... Or you don't really care and might as well record demos when the inspiration comes? (The second choices is alright, it reminds me of the old days when bands took their time to develop, record demos, and didn't feel an urge to seem as professional as possible, immediately...)

We have just finished to record out full-lenght... Yeahhhh demos are the most suitable format, we like too much… Remembering old tape trading and stuff like that… But we have worked very well for the full-lenght without having pressures or something similar. The goal of M.G. is to remain underground and to follow our path in the same direction.


12. This is the last question, the final countdown is over... Let us know about your forthcoming projects, and conclude the way you wish.

For the next future we hope to release the full-lenght soon. Thanks to you Gabriel and Nihilistic Holocaust. In darkness!!!!

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