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1. Hello hungry caviar cadavers and wombies of the zomb! A morbid juicy introduction to the Morbus Chron would be a nicely putrid idea to tease our necro-readers and push them in the right mood for carnal devourment! Ah! Tell us about the past, present, goals and sarcastic victims of the Morbus chron!

Alright! So.. Picture yourself like the darkest sky you ever saw.. It’s raining blood and shit. Under the full moon lies a putrid cave where three young zombies are playing Metallica covers.. That’s basically what we did to be honest. Playing intros because we were too fucking bad to play full songs.. Eventually we had some tunes composed and released the first »demo» and sold it to everyone but metal-fans in our school for 20 kr (2 euros). We got better and wrote more evil songs and got invited to be a part of the Resurrected in Festering Slime-project. That’s when all the pieces started to fall in their places. Got a new bassist that didn’t prioritice running instead of playing in a band (love you man). Then we recorded our first »official» demo at the tomb of Nicke Andersson and played some gigs before we kicked the drummer due to him focusing on other stuff. So our bassist moved down to drums and we found a new dude to obliterate the 4 strings. Short and sweet, UÄH!


2. What should peoples expect before listening to MORBUS CHRON and would you advice so that they feel in the right conditions for your sounds? (Massive alcohol ingurgitating, sorrowful meditation, bestial rumination (of debauchery) or something else?)

Dont expect any inhuman blasting or shredding riffs. What we bring to the table is nothing new. Just some good old death metal. We recommend intoxicating yourself with anything you have avaible. Performing rituals, smoking carrots, sacrificing goats. You know, basic stuff that’ll enhance the Morbus experience!


3. Did you play in other bands before or was M.C. your first real musical project? Was it the first moniker of this wombie incarnation, or did you use other necro-occult-us names before?

Steffe (former drummer) and Edde was the dudes who started playing. »Lifeless» was the band if I am correct, with the hit song »Eaten by the rats». The two of them then invited me to join like a month after I bought my first guitar and Morbus Chron was kreatored. So, we could say Morbus Chron was the first band for all of us. Kinda..

4. How old are you generally in the band, and how long ago did you begin to practice your instruments? How many years did it take to be able to correctly play this kind of Death metal? From experience, I'd say something like 3 years... But now the youngers have Red bull drinks, and their hearts beat faster, their fingers tremble as blasting Pete-Sandovals so they have to play music to stabilize the corporal earthquakes, so it's not exactly the same anymore... Huh?

Haha, I dont know if we drink that much Red Bull, but I’ve heard it’s made out of bull urine. And we surely drink a lot of bull urine! So maybe you’re right man. When we started we were fifteen years old all three of us. Now it’s me and Edde rocking the age of 17 and drinking the beer contributed by Dag (bassist) and Adam (drummer), both in their twenties.


5. When I type your band name in google, it sends me to the German links of "Morbus crhon" (Some nice bowel troubles)... I'm not sure at all if that's why you choose this name, it doesn't sounds obscure enough in my mind... What does this name mean for you and where does it come from?

The name actually came up during one of Edde’s family dinners. Don’t ask me how, but somewhere during the meal of potatoes and meatballs his mum blurted out »Bla bla.. bowel problems.. bla bla.. Morbus Chron.» I can picture myself Edde going »WOAH! AWESOME! BLOODY ASS!» or some shit like that. The day after we settled for it as the name. The fun part is that we spelled it wrong. »Morbus Crohn» is the right spelling of the bowel disease. But I guess we should be happy cus we won’t get sued by people with blood in their pants.


6. Now, who de-composes most of the music in the MORBUS and what kind of rotten detritus does he mash to find the real good morbid vibes and nicely degenerated influences of the gore? Hmmm, to talk a bit clearer, can you tell us more about your musical (And not so musical) influences, and who writes most of the music? (Or is it a whole band effort (Orgy? Héhé)). I could quote some elements of NIHILIST, old ENTOMBED, old AUTOPSY, maybe KREATOR and maybe POSSESSED sometimes, but are there more, or is there something more obvious?

Most of the songs we have now are written by myself. Edde is about to spew out some awesome tunes tho. It sounds great! He’s more of a punk kind of oriented dude while I’m more for the doom stuff. We’re all heavily inspired by Autopsy though and you’ll here that in the new songs. I can only speak for myself, but I write everything when it’s dark and I’m tired. That goes for EVERYTHING, even this interview, haha. It’s still of course a band-effort. There are a lot of changes to the songs structure and shit like that in the rehearsal space. Beer helps by the way.

7. Few months ago I heard rumors Nicke Andersson would play some leads on your first demo, and maybe also do the cover artwork for this tape... since I didn't hear about it again, I'm not sure if it was right... Did you meet Nicke for real? If he really contributed how did it occurred? How was he as a human being? (And maybe... What did he say when he heard Morbus Chron?)

There’s rumors going around ’bout us? Freaking awesome, haha! Well, rumors are rarely correct.. No, Nicke wont play any leads or anything like that. He recorded the demo and drew our logo. But that’s it. And yup, we got to meet him of course! Really cool guy, and I mean really! We gathered around with our jaws dropping to the floor while he told us about stories and stuff like that. Nothing less than an honour. Nicke digs Morbus of course, it’s Edde’s brother after all. What choice does he have? Haha.


8. On Metal archives it says a "Morbus chron" demo was released in 2009, but you told me it wasn't really released as it was for few friends only... So what should we expect from the first real demo? It will contain the same songs or something different? (More songs, better recording, different artwork etc)

Yeah, that tape was printed in one copy (TRVE KVLT!) and given away to a kind dude in Germany. We were suprised to say the least when we saw it up on Metal Archives a few days later. I guess it must’ve been his plan the whole time. Creepy germans! It was basically our myspace-songs on a tape. The upcoming demo »Splendour of Disease» will contain the same tunes, freshly recorded and sounding MUCH better.


9. This picture from Metal archives shows a black tape that looks very much like those from the beginning 80's that my father used to dub polka music and other shits like that (ahah), did you recycle old tapes to make this first release or are the tapes in Sweden too fucked and ugly? (Here in France, we have "superb" translucent tapes with the earth printed on it... I even found purple ones... But they don't know what black tapes are, shit)

Ye, we fucking stole your fathers old tapes man! You guys in France are to pretty and clean. Come to Sweden and be greeted by the smell of filthy men and listen to fucked up and ugly black tapes.

10. You even didn't really release a first demo, and you already got an album contract with SOULSELLER records! You might be very happy about it! How does it feel? It's quite cool to see you will anyway release a first demo before, it's good to choose the old ways and always release some demos first, to learn many things and keep on improving... Tell us more about what SOULSELLER offered and when you plan to record this album (Have you got enough songs for it now, or do you prefer to take your time and finish it in 1 year, or even 2 years, maybe?). And I think someone from Mexico will release the demo tape, tell us about it as well...

Change of plans! After some broken hearts we settled for Pulverised Records instead. It feels amazing! We’re kids you know.. Its crazy.. So, we’re scheduled for a 2010-release. At the moment, no, we haven’t got all the songs written. But getting there! Right now we find it very amusing going around being bitches to unsigned people. Nah, not like that… Yet. And yes! The demo is being released by Dybbuck Records, MEXICO AMIGO! Everything is done, just waiting for the final mixes.


11. Your lyrics are about obscurity and morbidity, right?

And unicorns.


12. Why are there so few informations about MORBUS CHRON on the web? It's a conscious choice to remain obscure and underground, or you prefer the paper zines, or it's because nothing was really released yet?

Man, we can’t even show our faces outside anymore! It’s fucking… No. We’re underground. People overground don’t know anything about us and we like it like that. And yes, we haven’t released anything yet. Except for the compilation-vinyl which helped us big! We’ll see what the future holds. Being interviewed by French Zines isn’t wrong at all!


13. Since you live in the same City than KAAMOS, is it true they have reformed, or was it only for few gigs? By the way, how is it to live in Stockholm? Is it a metal town or is it rather boring? Are there gigs every month?

KAAMOS, who are they?! I don’t think any of us are big Kaamos-listeners. Didn’t know they split up. Heard about some gigs but didn’t go. The shit I’ve heard sounded cool as fuck though. Shame on us! Living in Stockholm… Well.. Living in Sweden to begin with, it’s dark and cold. Perfect conditions for Death Metal. Stockholm isn’t any different. I’m getting pretty tired of it. Want to live inside a freaking pyramid in Egypt or something. But there’s a lot of great music and cool people so we stay alive. There’s always beer!

14. Speaking about gigs, did you already play gigs, and if so how many did you inseminate in the rotten asshole of Sweden? Which were your brothers in crime to sodomize this darkened country? How did it happen and who were the best evil penetrators?

We’ve given the folks a couple injections of Morbus Chron. Some gigs with MAIM. Always great to play with those guys! We did a show in Uppsala with INVIDIOUS. And we played the same festival as ENTOMBED. Some smaller gigs in between. But the coolest gig was the last one at Kafé 44 with almost the full Ressurected in Festering Slime line-up. Aaaaah, it was fucking great!


15. Speaking about penetration, is prostitution legalized in Sweden? Are the prostitutes good lucking and are they quite cheap, so would it be good for some French men to invade your country for super-fucks?

Oh yeah, oh yeah! Prositution isn’t just legal. Its the national sport. Come over here and see for yourselves. The super-fucks are waiting!


16. Speaking about fucks, and especially "fukk", do you like SADISTIK EXEKUTION's fukked up music? Or maybe it's a bit too much for you as you prefer things to be more traditional along the end 80's and beginning 90's ways? If that's the case, I might advice you to check out their first two albums "The magus" and "We're death fukk you" (It's still fucked, but more influenced by old death and thrash).

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I totally youtubed their asses. Sounded cool. But ye, I wont jump out of my chair unless you give me Mental Funeral or a fucking can of ravioli. I’m hungry.


17. To come back to the traditional ways of thrashing metal, what are your favorite old Swedish bands from the past? Do you listen mostly to the Lps-bands, or you also like to dig deep in the old underground to find the ultra obscure demo band who made only 50 copies of a morbid tape in 1993?
Since you live in Sweden, you might have super good surprises, such as visiting a second hand shop and finding a box of old demo tapes sold for few euros (Or Swedish crowns...)... Please tell me it doesn't exist, so I won't have to cry in my little bed tonight ahah! (Here in France, you might find some old demos sometimes (rarely) but the local bands weren't especially thrilling most of the time...). Have you got a nice collection of old Lps, demos and fanzines, or you prefer the CDs (I agree it's much easier to use).

I think the best bands from the Swedish scene got the attention they deserved. So, I might seem boring. But Entombed, Carnage and Grave are my favourites. Of course, the feeling of putting on an old disgusting tape with some obscure band beats everything! I’m no collector though. Way to poor for that and Elias (Rich motherfucker!) buys everything anyway.

18. Are there some good underground paper fanzines in Sweden right now? Maybe some are only into Death metal or thrash? Unfortunately I don't know a lot of Swedes zines... It's even quite surprising, because there are currently quite a lot of new bands, but not much zines to speak about them... Maybe everything is on the web? So... Maybe you could advice use some cool metal webzines from your cuntry?

I really have no idea about that. I guess this myspace-thing comes with a few drawbacks. We’ll leave the zine-business to France, at least you’re good at something. Haha, no hard feelings. It’s just that 4 years of lousy french classes sucked.


19. The new wave of Swedish old school Death metal becomes stronger... At least it hasn't been that strong since years... Do you think something special could happen again, and your country might take over the world again by force with so many killer music... And should we, the listeners, prepare for a new Swedish invasion from the depths of mystery? Should we order a new pair of hears, so that we can keep on listening to all the killer music even when we are all deaf over deaf?

We will attack with our cheap super-fucks and shit! BE AFRAID! Ye, but you’re right. Something is definitely going on and we’re not sad. Finally people are playing music as it should be played. There’s still a lot of crap. But we need something to complain about as well. The situation right now is great! I mean, there’s so many fucking awesome bands it’s crazy. »Dra ballen i gruset» like we say in Sweden. Which translates »Drag your penis in the gravel».


20. During an alcoholic Death metal party, if you had to choose between "Where no life dwells" and "Left hand path" what would you choose to bang? And why?

We would probably be too drunk and put in an ABBA-record or something. Growling along to Dancing Queen. But I would totally go for Left Hand Path. Too much epicness on that record. You press play and… »AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!»………… Ye, epic.

21. What do you think about Death metal bands who try very hard to sound Swedish, but originate from other countries... Do you think it's a bit strange, and they might try to be influenced by their own country, their own musical past? Or do you think it's great and might feel some kind of Swedish pride?

Eh, look. I don’t get why you would write and try really hard to sound like for example Swedish death metal. Just write whatever you think sounds rockin’ and go for that. If it sounds Swedish, well, that’s good. But if it doesn’t, who the hell cares? Too much labeling going on. Just play it raw and untight! Total death.


22. I hear many new Swedish bands were strongly influenced by REPUGNANT, apparently their quite few years of existence were important to reanimate the livid corpse of putrid Death metal in Sweden... Some bands such as KAAMOS, DELVE/ VERMINOUS and few others might also have helped... Do you think REPUGNANT were really so important, or they were only one the morbid factors that helped the wheel of infernal torture to turn again? Do you think they could come back sometime, or it's quite buried?

I fucking love Repugnant! Epitome of Darkness is freakin’ badass! I can’t say we’re influenced by them really. But a great band to say the least. PREMATURE BURIAL! UÄH! It’s awesome if people got inspired to begin to play horrific music again. But they were not our reason for reigning terror upon the lands of emokids.


23. Did you notice once spelled inside out, MORBUS CHRON sounds quite Ok... It's says:"NORHC SUBROM"...Decent for some black/ dark ambient project... Huh?

Haha, I had a laugh at that. Norhc Subrom… Hm.. It does sound kinda cool doesn’t it? Maybe if we like release two albums. One normal and one played backwards. We could call that one »Morbus Chron – Norhc Subrom». It would probably sound shitty as fuck.. But totally worth it.


24. This is the final countdown... You only have few seconds before the planet stops to turn and gigantic explosions of lava take everything in the other side, so use this last opportunity to tell us about your future projects, merchandising, and last words... IN DEATH WE TRUST!

Keep supporting meta…. Nah, that’s too gay.. Bathe in blood and total fuckin’ death! Look forward to a morbus release in 2010! UÄH!