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1. Hello, what's up with METASTASIS? Something good to announce of the readers?

Hello It’s Gabriel here (guitar/vocals). Well, we are currently rehearsing to record our next album, hopefully by the end of the year. We’ve also had our first one reissued by a Mexican label called Detonation.


2. I saw your last album "The essence that precedes death" was recently rereleased. The visuals were reworked, and the recording was remastered,. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, Detonation Records contacted Aldo (bass guitar) and offered to reissue ‘’TETPD’’ on cd format with reworked visuals and the sound of the vinyl version, which sounds better than the cd one. So i think it’s ready now and will soon be available. We are really grateful for the support of Detonation Records.


3. Old school thrash or old school death, what's the winner? And why? Your music is basically old school thrash metal, but it sometimes comes with Death metal influences, so I guess you can have mixed feelings about this question?

It’s a difficult question to answer. I like them both, thrash got me started in metal and death metal is what I’ve been listening more. As a band, at first we were more into doing thrash, but as we grew up, our music evolved with us, so we are using more death metal influences. We try to play something more like a death thrash metal. Our new songs are a very raw old school death/thrash metal, i personally think it’s our best work so far.


4. The METASTASIS name has a somewhat medical/ pathological feeling, did you have some goregrind roots at the beginning, or perhaps you choose this name to somewhat denounce the ravages of cancer?

When we started we had no idea how to name the band. We did some proposals but they all sucked big time. One night, we were drinking with a friend of ours who had battled with  cancer and got away, he said you should name you band ‘’Metastasis’’. We found that it had a very dark meaning, death related significance, it sounded good and none of us new another band with that name, so that’s how we got our name.  


5. What makes a thrash metal band to be a very good thrash metal band, and not just another good one?

I don’t know really. In my personal opinion, if you are able to play aggressive, intense, raw thrash metal but still find some originality in this wide range of musical influences, then you’ve got a very good band.


6. What are the best cities for metal in Chile? Puerto Montt? Santiago? Why are there so many great metal bands in Chile? Why would you say the Chilean scene is much more developed than neighbor countries like Peru example?

I will also add the 5th Región. I think we have a great underground scene in Chile. We all have the same influence of old school southamerican/european underground. Every now and then a new band shows up, doing something new (or at least trying to), but always with a touch of that old influence. We’ve never lost that and it can’t be done in any other way. I’m not into making comparisons but I think the chilean underground scene is one of the best in the world.   


7. I'd like to know more about the situation of record shops in Chile, since there are so many bands down in there, I imagine there would be a massive metal scene, and then you might find many record shops, perhaps even in every big cities. Can you tell us more about it? Here in Europe record shops are much more rare, and it's often not too focused on metal or it's the commercial bands...

There aren’t that many record shops dedicated to metal. You can find a lot more in Santiago compared to any other city in Chile. I think it’s the same everywhere in the world, everything centralized. The are some physical stores in every city, but that’s just about it. There are also some facebook pages dedicated to selling underground metal, so you can find some good stuff there. When I buy music I usually contact the band itself, buy it on gigs or trade. We still trade a lot this days.


8. How would you compare the food from Chile and Europe? Why would Chile win?

I haven’t tried that much European food. But, we have some awesome barbecue, beer and wine, so that beats everything, no contest there, sorry.  


9. And what about metal? Are you familiar with many current bands from Europe, or France? ‎What do you enjoy, and do not enjoy, in the current European metal?

Actually right now I’m listening to Chilean bands. There hasn’t been a new band from Europe right now that blows my mind. Not talking about the classics, my personal favorite bands are Pestilence, Massacra (The gods of hate!!!) and Merciless. In france you had some bands like Mutilated, Agressor, Adx, Sortilege, H-bomb, Catabomb, Loudblast, Nomed to name some, really great bands and with different styles.


10. Chile is sometimes known as "Chilean hell", I imagine the gigs should be pretty intense and burning in your country. Here in Europe, during festivals you can see some peoples dressed as giant bananas or sponge bobs and trying to be funny... How would that be accepted in the Chilean scene? Would the local metallers tolerate these kind of funny mainstream amusement park behaviors, or something special might happen? ‎AhAh

I’ve seen some videos of bananas or spong bobs and stuff, sharks etc… what’s the fuck with that? I mean, I have no problem with people doing that shit if they want to, but in gigs it’s seems like kind of odd to me. I’ve never seen this kind of stuff in chile, maybe they happen in some grindcore gigs but I don’t listen to grindcore. As I said before, the metal scene here is underground, raw, street like and violent. Not funny or dressed like animals. Thrash, death, speed or heavy metal is supposed to be real, sincere, true to it’s roots and not a circus. All of this styles came from violent times as a way to protest and face repression, and not from Disneyland.  


11. Vomiting, would you say it's a pleasure, a tradition, or a necessary evil for metallic beer drinkers?

Tradition hahah


12. Would you rather vomit church and its imaginary beliefs, establishment and it's well rounded manipulations, or mac Donalds and its cheap industrial food?

I think the first two with all pleasure. I can’t say no to food, sorry about that hahah


13. Do you remember the times of the Myspace website? I remember it was a very good site to share and discover underground music, much more than Facebook... I feel the musical discovering and efficiency to promote your music has decreased with facebook... What do you think of it?

Myspace was a great platform to promote and to find music. Facebook offers some interesting stuff too, like groups where you can buy music, trade and sell. If you really want to know bands you must look into underground zines, support zines and buy zines. That’s the real deal.


14. To come back to Metastasis, your last album was released 4 years ago. Did you write a nice amount of new songs since then, and how does it sound? Perhaps the style evolves a little bit towards old death metal, old thrash metal, old speed metal?

We have new songs and we are getting ready to record. I think it is the best thing we have done so far. It has some more old school death metal influences but we cross that with thrash metal. It’s the darkest music we’ve made because we are in dark times. You can expect something aggressive, corrosive and violent death/thrash metal.


15. What are your next plans? Feel free to conclude.

Rehearse and keep rehearsing, record the album and start playing live gigs until our fingers fall. Thanks for the interview and for the support. Cheers Maniac!!!

Web page: https://www.facebook.com/Metastasischile

Listen: https://metastasischile.bandcamp.com