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If you donít know KRABATHOR youíre really a big ę blaireaux Ľ because their two last releases have been heavily promoted by MORBID RECORDS all over the world, this is for me one of nowadays geatest brutal death metal bands, nothing more to say: read this interview!


NIHIL: Could you introduce me your band, tell us all your releases?

CHRIS: The band started 1984 by me and two friend of me. In the begining it was hard because it was in time of the communistic totality. In the 1986 joined band Bruno and now we are two old members of the band only!!! In the 1988 we released three demos called BREATH DEATH, TOTAL DESTRUCTION and BRUTAL DEATH. It hadnít a good sound quality because the kind of our music was little bit forbidden and we couldnít go to the good studio. It is from the rehearsal room only! In the 17 november 1988 we played our first gig in front of 1500 people here in Czech republic in Prag. In the 1991 we released demo FEELING OF DETHRONISATION in two versions and decided to found label for first CD. In the 1992 we released our first ONLY YOUR DEATH IS WELCOME... (sold over 16000 copies) and in the 1993 we released our second CD called COOL MORTIFICATION. After this CD we decided to found a new label because MONITOR RECORDS have had distribution through Czech republic and Slovokia only and we wanted to be better ditributed over all world!!! We did a three songs promotape (later it was released as 7íEP THE RISE OF BRUTALITY) and contacted lots of labels. We got offer from the MORBID RECORDS and in the 1995 we released the LIES CD and in the 1997 mini CD called MORTAL MEMORIES. Now we are three pices band, me (CHRISTOPHER)- guitar and vocals, BRUNO- bas and vocals and SKULL- drums!!!

NIHIL: This is really cool to have rerecorded old songs from your old demos on the ę Mortal Memories ĽMCD. Where is this idea coming from? Are the old demos still available? Will you new album sound like the song ę Orthodox Ľ (which I find excellent) and your last album ę Lies Ľ?

CHRIS: Before of our upcoming CD ORTHODOX we decided to do a mini CD because we didnít want our fans to wait a too long time. Because our old demos have had bad quality we wanted to put them in the new sound and we took three songs from our demos from 1988 and included two new songs. Our old demos arenít available now because of the poor quality, we donít want to distribute it. Sometimes I record it for somebody but itís better to have the FEELING OF DETHRONISATION demo. Our fans musnít be afraid because our new songs are in the coat of the ORTHODOX song or songs from LIES.

NIHIL: You are making a great promotion work as I receive lots of flyers in my letters and Iíve ever read lots of interview in french zines. You must spend a lot of time, what are you doing instead of playing, listening music and working for KRABATHOR?

CHRIS: Youíre right, we are working a lot for the band, Iíve spent all my free time on it. I have a normal job because I canít live from the music only. Sometimes it is stressfull but it is work for the band and things around which ones I like only.

NIHIL: What are your Ď97 favourite releases? What are your 10 all time favorite albums? What do you think of bands like ANGEL CORPSE, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, BESTIAL WARLUST?

CHRIS: I donít know, itís always hard to say something about the music. I guess that from the not death metal things it is GRIP INC. and from death metal itís the new VADER for sure!!! I canít tell you what can be first and what can be last because I always change it, I like SINISTER:Hate, VADER: De profundis, MORBID ANGEL: Covenant, DEICIDE: Deicide, DREAM THEATER: Awake, JOE SATRIANI: The extremist, VENOM: Black metal, KREATOR: Pleasure to kill, CELTIC FROST: Morbid tales, POSSESSED: Seven churches...


NIHIL: In czech are there lots of bands? Whose are the best? Could you give me their contact? Do you know french bands? Tell us your favorite ones.

CHRIS: Here in Czech republic you can find a lot of bands, some of them are good, some are worst. I like bands as PANDEMIA, SCABBARD, INFANTICIDE and many others... I donít know so many bands from France, of course I know the old bands as MASSACRA or LOUDBLAST. I have seen D.A.B. playing here in Czech republic and it is a good band, they were touring with SINISTER!

NIHIL:As you are into thrash/ death metal since a really longtime, could you give us some sick informations about bands like BATHORY, POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST and all the early death metal ones? (I really love these ones! I would be really gratefull!)

CHRIS: When I started the band I was into VENOM, CELTIC FROST, POSSESSED... and other stuff so much. I have had lots of things about all bands, maybe I can find something somewhere at home but it isnít so important because allmost everybody who have interest in these bands know it!!! At coincidence, not so long time ago ( about one month) I have invaited a castel called ę CACHTICE Ľ, it is the castel were lived Elisabeth BATHORY. It is only 40 kilometers from my hometown, it is in Slovakia but near of the border. There was rainy weather and it was crazy for me because there in this ruins is a lot of blood and death!!!

NIHIL: What are your projects for the following year?

CHRIS: We have recorded our new CD ę ORTHODOX Ľ and it will be out in march. Weíll probably do one videoclip for it, we pla some gigs to support our new CD too!!!

NIHIL: Say what you want to finish this godly interview!

CHRIS: To be happy, stay brutal and with the clean mind!