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Y. Oozing hailz cloque fukker! What has happened in the inseminating camps of the Karnariumized these last months? Are semen and disgested exkrements flowing like never (Like an ever flowing stream!) and what could our spectators need to read and feel decently introduced to this new intervision?

Oooooz! News is that an additional guitarist, Necrosadistic Watcher, so our music will take on another twisted turn I believe, and yeah the juices have turned into a flood, drowning all the children in the abysmal sea.


T. Is the album selling England by the pound correctly (How many cuppies of tea are currently in circumlation?) and how are the cadaveric responses of the vomiting underground wound? Did you count the amount of interpukes piling in the rancid common grave? Are the ugly groupies queuing one behind another to take their "fukk ticket" for a delicious karnariumizing group therapy?

Actually dunno how many cups. and the response has been good I guess? People seem to like the shit so, yah loads of groupies but most of them have been shemales.


I. KARNARIUM might be more influenced by the klok fucking revenge of SADISTIK EXEKUTION, the bizarre worm jumping decrepitude of AUTOPSY, the hell torment of ooold MORBID ANGEL, the schizoid elongating mind crush of FALLEN CHRIST or the illogical first ATROCITY (Ger) Lps than anything procreated by Sweden... Are you a Swedish band for real, or are you secretly located in Tahiti and decided to paste the "Sweden" word for more sales?

Hahaha yah, fuck, you're actually one fo the few bastards who name bands that actually HAVE inspired us(apart from Atrocity, how the hell did you hear them in our shit?), normally all these humans write about nihilist and grotesque bla bla bla.. fuck that. Good to read that someone reckons we ain't that typical swe-death. And yah, we are a real swedish band, but we have some finnish and irish blood in our veins too.






N. Describe the furnace occurring in the process of karnariumization and how do the pulp of the kloks erupt to bring the best pustular juice of abstract rejoicing? Is it all more about the "Fukked" or the "Metal" for you? Is your Death metal more conceived like an alcoholic sewer mixture, like some visual arts, or what the fuck could we compare the karnariumisation to?

There is no single structure, no single way, no formula - sometimes it can be a surge of rage that needs to be harnessed.. sometimes the riffs come as a subconscious stream or so you know, probably when entering or being on the verge of the theta-state. that's even more annoying though coz then you don't know how to record the fukker!  I don't ponder the riffs that much only a certain feeling is to be manifested. like an astral entity you know, a demon wants manifestation in the physical world, so do some of the riffs I guess. Then there's a basic idea, then we take that idea into the pit of the rehearsal room, and toss it upsidedown and insideout til we're satisfied with the shit. Sometimes I have made 90% of the song at home in my shitty apartment, but often it varies. there's no single way to make music but rather a cascade of mediums..  one of the new songs has a riff i wrote on my cellular-phone for instance. there is music in every noise out there so...
...as for either metal or fukked,  I think it's more that there's something fucked that needs expression, and the proper medium for that is death metal. I'd compare the karnariumisation with an alchemical process, most often gone wrong hahaha. If we weren't doing death metal, we'd probably be doing metal music in other bands though. So it's both about the 'fucked' and the metal.


A. Few years ago, it was sometimes talked the main composer of REPUGNANT would play classic Death metal riffs inside out to create his own graven impacts... But did you find your own way of ripping the cadaver's chastity belt? Do you listen to the songs of SADISTIK EXEKUTION inside out to finally throw the Hifi system in a big cauldron full of burning oil? (Ok, the seconds of music won't be very numerous as the Hifi will rapidly be dead... But it might be pure liquefying genius... And might explain why it's so looong and needs so many old Hifi systems to finish a song ahah) Or do you all listen to Sad Ex at maximum volume in a giant pool (Music played INSIDE of the water, of corpse! The total state of immersion will create the NEW abstract sounds!)

This is riboflavine. Look at the answer above. Only water is real. So no Sadex in the flood.



S. How do you anally analyze the evolution of your filthy sounds from the beginning to the last explosions of whoregasmic fukk? I know I found your first demo to very average doomy death, didn't really follow that much what occurred in the wormy underwears, and finally your last album explodes all the fukked up worms of this gory year in my face... What could have influenced you to make it more fuckked, or is there no influence at all since it's a naturally putrid evolution? Did you have this kind of sounds in mind at the beginning and couldn't practice them because of a too putrid and liquefied muscular finger decrepitude?  

doomy? you sure? Our first demo has no slow parts at all! sure we're talking about the same release?
...sometimes when the theta-musik starts going it's hard to make it physical.really fucking annoying! but has been a long time since I went there. so then one has to do something else.  as a whole there is evolution perhaps since we learn to play our instruments better, and lyrickally i think there is more of it too, I really don't want to write the same thing twice, there's no need for that. but it is at the same tyme all this crap is cyklic. like older material might sound "new" whereas newer material can sound "old". I think we've made more and more spaced out stuff during the years but ehm? it's more of everything.


E. Wasn't the word "Karnarium" composed by compressing «Carnal» and «Crematorium»? If not, what does it ever mean if it meant something in our purulent world?
I already need to create an alcoholic project called KARNARHUM and we'll play alcoholic music to be strictly rehearsed and recorded on boats in a full sea during the ugliest tempests! Or did you already trademark the name for a new blasting doom project featuring Rodrigore of Blood harvest?

No Karnarium is from the word carnarium, but K iss better of corpsed. So head says; Carnarium means meat-axe or meat-hook.
Yupp, RodriGory has already got a karnarhum cd going on.


H. Tell us something interesting about KARNARIUM's lyrics.

They are all mental regurgitations.


T. On the last album, the end of your fifth song proudly shows the appearance of a mighty and totally old school bontempi keyboard! It's fucking surprising in these times of modern-to-the-assbone extreme metal and over produced anything anytime anywhere (Even the producer needs to be overproduced... Otherwise it's not modern enough anymore AhAh… Yes, I mean make ups and glamfaggothic shits like that! Uh!?). So tell us more about your pro-bontempi claims, and where was the album recorded, and how, and did you use ooold analog systems?

The studio is called Evil  Grill. The producer is into old school stuff I guess. We stumbled on that keyboard by accident, he had it lying around so we used it. It's dark shit haha! We recorded shit live, but i don't know if it was analogue. I think it was a bit of both digital and analogue.


E. Did I trip a little too much on classical music, or is the beginning of the 4th song influenced by the "Funeral march" of Chopin? What's you favorite classical music composers? I know some Mussorgsky or other East European composers would be fukked or darkened enough to satisfy your bowels, but some re-decomposers are often very light in parts and also lack of really rhythmic impact and explosions... What we need is pure maelstrom of the gods!

hahah yup, that's our version of it. i like wagner and orf mostly, but listen to rarely to classical music. fuck! yes you are right, we need more maelstroms.. damn what wrong with these composers anyway? music is stupid anyway.


T. If KARNARIUM was a cunt, which species would it be? The fat juicy one, or the ugly purulent one? Or maybe cunts suck and are ways too phagocytosising to keep it decently putrid?

yah unless u can reduce the efficiency of the phagocytes, Get some ebola and it'll work out well I think!


A. What are your favorite beers? What's for sale in Sweden and is it any good, or would it be better to directly drink piss from the faucet of the old "unwashed for years & smelly" grandad? Sometimes, it might be even better to drink milk... Milk... Wait... Some metallers are so much into the goat cult that someone should brew some goat milk! It should sell well for sure, we could even invent die hard brewages such as black goat milk! (It's already a best seller...)

No fav beer really, in Sweden there is pripps, spendrups, mariestad, arboga erh.. whatelse? It's not that good no, but on the other hand I like darker stuff, Guiness and Kilkennys. if you have to deal with swedish beer, I'd suggest a mariestad.


M. When we had virtual sex and I tried to insert my cybernetic penis in your softwarized hole of all pleasures, you confessed to be a very big disco fan, owning all ABBA Lps and even being a suicidal & proud member of the "Headbangers against disco" club! Ah! It's enough to say I'd be proud to remix your songs an elektro industrial way, but would that be sexy enough to be fukked in the old FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY vokal trepanator? I find it odd no dark electro nor industrial noise remix is included on your album, I'll directly send a Paypal complain to Blood harvest! It's pure disgrace to the corpse of Sid! Ah! If someone wanted to make a crazy project and invite some dark electro/ industrial/ noise projects to remix your music a fukked way, would you agree to see it released somewhere as some kind of "Necro remixes Ep" and do you know someone to eventually release it on floppy disk?

Haha, You told me that the ABBA -deal was our secret. You betrayed me!!!!, now I shall tell the world you like watching Dawsons Creek dubbed in french, and that you really like melodic black metal, the scandinavian wimp-way! ......Achtung readers!! He is only bullshitting you into submitting to his melodic needs!! Nice interview you are making here by the way! hahaha fuck you once again Glaukom Synod-head!
I wouldn't mind an electroversion of our shit. I dunno what the others care about that though. release it on floppy disk? hahaha. No release it on VHS. you have to have a vcr to listen to the  shit through the tv. VCR-deth.



E. Inside of the CD booklet, I see one of the karnariumizators wears an OBSCENE shirt... Is this band still active? As far as I remember it wasn't old school but rather brutal death metal... So you also like this kind of music? Which other very small underground (But new!) Swedish bands could you advice to our readers? And do you see the Swedish scene grow fat, big, ugly and deliciously putridly disgusting with tons of metallers in hellish metallic orgy, or should I stop dreaming in formaldehyde?

Yah that's me with the t-shirt. Yes I like all kinds of deathmetal. NEW swe-ug? You tell me. As for the swedish scene, yah you are dreaming too much, lay off the glue man.


R. Give us your feelings about: Syphilis, Ebola, Leprozy... Which is the winner?

I actually had to do some research here, just to get your stinking interview more interesting:

Syphilis -  Filthy fucker that in early stages only remind you of the price you pay for doing the sexy groove all nite, but can turn into something deadly when it reaches its third stage. It can infect ya brain, that's why it's cool, it shows that sex can fuck you in/on the head, in more than one way!

Leprosy - is of couse a cult disease, nostalgia you, the good old leper-colonies.. knowm but just like syphilis it's treatable. That's why ebola is a bad-ass-mofo and today's winner; there is no cure for it, having a 90% mortality rate.


C. What are the next projects? Do you think it will take some time before the next release, or do you already have enough voracious man-eating cockroaches in stockings?

Is some merchanteasing available and is it possible to trade against body parts, frozen ancestor's semen or simply the nervous tongue of a current girlfriend? (I know some underground perverts run very nice collections, but collecting ass-hairs has became quite too common AhAh). The last ugly middle finger is yours!
Next is to do a split cd I hope, but when and with what band I am not sure really. We have 7"s(w/defiler and w/bestial mockery), tänk på döden for trade, plus some cds with the fullength(running out quickly though achtung) I'd gladly trade other shit too though, non-musical shit. collecting ass-hairs? Only on wednesdays though. Thanks G. ShowWrong Hoe-down for this weird intie, and thanks for not asking boring standard questions!
No more legs!!



Karnarium, c/o Edlund, Madängsgatan 2, 41702, Gothenburg,


Achtung, anyone wanna get in contact, do NOT go through myspace - snailmail or email is preferred.