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NIHIL: The first MCD of KADATH is now unleashed upon mankind, do you feel proud about it? How many copies did it sell?

HOLGER: I donít feel proud about it, thatís exaggerated, I just think itís great to have a CD out! You know itís not our 1st release. When our debut-demo came out some years ago, then I felt proud! Meanwhile we got rid over 500 copies of our M-CD and it was released in novemberí97! But I sent out many copies on consignment, so they are yet not sold and itís impossible that Iíll get some copies back in some months!

NIHIL: How would you describe your music?

HOLGER: We call it grind metal! But we try to include many different aspects in our music to keep it interesting! Itís basically death metal with many grind (no core) influences performed in a complex and variated way! Wait for our new songs which are far more violent than the M-CD!

NIHIL: In your music I found lots of old SARCOFAGO tunes, some riffs reminds me a lot their ę INRI Ľ LP (in particular the opening riff of the song ę nightmare Ľ). Are you OK with me or am I just an ignorant metal head?

HOLGER: Hey man, youíre just an ignorant metal head, haha. Just kidding. Of course I know SARCOFAGO and their I.N.R.I LP, but I donít see any similarities to our tracks! They played much more primitive, but maybe their is a riff or 2 similar. In any case, itís unintentionable, Ďcos the guy who did the riffs doesnít listen to SARCOFAGO (at least not the old ones). We were compared to so many different bands that you wonít believe it! Back then we were told to sound like MORTICIAN, BOLT THROWER, BRUTAL TRUTH or SUFFOCATION! I t     ake it as a compliment to be compared to these bands, even if I donít see the connection! I just agree with KATAKLYSM , Ďcos these dudes really influenced us!

NIHIL: Youíve included some little breaks with guitarís arpeggios, usually itís not my cup of tea but here itís excellent! Donít you think Die Hard fans could reproach it to you? Are you for or against the bands who try to include some different stuffs in their music?

HOLGER: Itís okay with me if bands try some different stuff in their music as long as it stays brutal and extreme! If a band is too progressive I normally hate it! But if some original or own ideas are included, it helps to make the music more interesting! We just try this and as you, for example, like it, it seems that we succeed! Itís easy to play fast with 3 riffs or so, but itís not so easy to connect different stuff to one complete song! I donít think Die Hard fans will reproach it to us , Ďcos that is our way, thatís simply KADATH! Brutal and fast death/grind with some small hints of melody! Maybe a MORTICIAN and DEAD INFECTION fan could think weíre too soft, but I donít care! We are no grindcore-band and we play what we like! Come to our live gigs and youíll witness some of the most intense and wild shows! Pure brutality! I think we are suitable for brutal death metal and grindcore fans. But wait for our upcoming full-length CD that will totally crush! Twice as brutal, heavy and fast as the M-CD! Thatís a promise!

NIHIL: Who writes the music in KADATH? When you write songs do you try to reach a certain feeling? I mean music is an emotion and perhaps the one who writes the stuffs tries to put himself into a certain state of mind, Tell me everythings!

HOLGER: We all do the music together! Everyone includes his ideas, but mainly our guitar-player Marcus comes up with some riffs and we all arrange the structure of the song! We donít want to reach a certain feeling, we just want to create brutal and fast songs with variety! The only emotion we have is lake and anger (and sexual excitement, haha).

NIHIL: How often do you rehearse a week and how long does it lasts? Is it easy to find rehearsal rooms in Deutschland?

HOLGER: Normally we rehearse 3 times a week for about 3 hours! But at the moment we just rehearse 2 times, Ďcos our drummer is having some exams and our guitarist is doing his driving-license! But thatís okay with me, Ďcos this way I have more time to do the mail and answer stupid interviews like this, haha. (Just kidding). In 2 months or so (when you read this) weíll prepare for our next CD and Iím sure weíll again rehearse 3 times a week! Itís not so easy to get a place for rehearsals here in Germany! There are many places, but there are so many bands (of all kinds). If we would lose our room, we certainly would have a grave problem!

NIHIL: For me the german scene is thousand times better than the french one, in Germany bands are more professional than in France, some demos bands sounds like albums... What are for you the best german bands? What do you think of NECROPHAGIST and IMMURED?

HOLGER: Yeah, the German scene is better than the french one for sure, bur you have some cool bands like GOTHIC,SUFFICIDE,BLOCKHEADS,INHUMATE,DAMN NATION, DISABLED and others! IMMURED is a great band and it was cool to do a split-EP with them! I advice you to check out their new tape out on Obscene prod! Itís very heavy and crushing! About NECROPHAGIST, I just love them! Their demo is maybe the best German death metal demo ever! Perfect sound, great playing ability, complex and crushing songs and a very low and brutal voice! Just brilliant! Look out for their debut-CD coming in the next few months! Other cool German bands are BLOOD, ORTH, SANITYS DAWN, DAWN, MUCUPURULENT, old NYCTOPHOBIC, CEREBROCIDE, FLESHCRAWL, HARMONY DIES, MINATORY SICKNESS, RESURRECTED and ANASARCA. And the worst is definitely KADATH, hahaha!

NIHIL: The artwork of your MCD is really beautifull, the photograph of these skulls stackedd on a piece of wood is interesting and original! (It reminds me the cover of ę Requiem Ľ from the mighty BATHORY ...) The colors are perfect, where did you get it?

HOLGER: Yes, we really like the cover, too! Itís some kind of clichť, but we donít care! We like skulls and you immediately assimilate it to Death metal! That was our intention! We found it in a magazine dealing with political topics! Our bassist Marc saw it and showed it to us and we agreed to take it as cover for our M-CD. I donít know exactely where itís from, either Africa or Asia! Sorry, but I canít give you further details about the photo!

NIHIL: I read your lyrics and it deals with the decadence and perversion of man. You seem afraid of man, do you think thereís a killer inside of every single person? You seem a little pessimit about the future, do you think the end of the world is near?

HOLGER: If you see the new everyday, you HAVE to be a pessimist! All these wars, killings, crimes, diseases and so on! Yes, in every man can be a killer! No one can look behind the facade and so you NEVER know someone for real! You have a friend for over 10 years and think you know him and then heíll backstab you! Or you think heís friendly and harmless, but behind closed doors he rapes little children! You can trust no one!!! I think that the end of the world is near, but Iwonít live to ę see Ľ it! But humanity is stupid enough to destroy itself within the next century! I generally hate human beings, most of them are fuckers!

NIHIL: What does KADATH means? Where did you get this name? Do you know the french band CATACOMB who released several demos and a EP called ę In the maze of Kadath Ľ years ago, do you know what is the maze of Kadath?

HOLGER: The word ę Kadath Ľ is from a novel by H.P. Lovecraft called ę The dream quest of unknown Kadath Ľ. The main character in this fictional story is searching for the palace of the gods (all in his dreams). This palace lies on the giant mountain with the name Kadath! Of course I know great CATACOMB from France! I was totally into their single and that was the first time I saw this word! So I guess the mountain Kadath has a maze, a labyrinth for people to make it harder reaching the top and the palace! I didnít read the novel so I have just to guess! We didnít take this word as monicker because of CATACOMB, it was BLOODís fault! On their 3rd CD(O agios pethane) the first track is simply called ę Kadath Ľ! At this time we had to change names and we all agreed with Kadath! Itís short, good-sounding and original! We just didnít want to name our band Bestial Slaughter Death or Bloody Massacre!

NIHIL: Youíve released 7eps with IMMURED and EVOKE, how did it happen? I think itís cool to release 7 Eps nowadays because vinyl seems to be a little forgotten, itís like if Eps and Lps are slowly dying...

HOLGER: Yeah, sad but true, vinyl is dying! I like singles very much and so it was fantastic when we got the chance to do the 2 split- EPís! First, Dave of IMMURED asked me if we would like to do a split with them! Some time before we should release a CD5 with them on WILD RAGS, but it didnít work out! So we took this chance to cooperate with IMMURED! They knew a guy who was interested to do the EP (thanx to Frank of StuhlgangRecs)and so it happened! Our bassist Marc was in contact with Switzerland based PARANOIA SYNDROME RECS.,ícos they distributed our 2nd demo! Then they offered us a split EP and of course we agreed! So this is our part to save vynil! If some other labels are interested to release EPís or split-EPís with us, contact me, we are always open to cool offers!




NIHIL: You cover a classic grind song from TERRORIZERís only album (ę Corporation pull in Ľ), do you prefer the drum work of Pete Sandhoval in TERRORIZER or in MORBID ANGEL? Do you think it would have been better if he has staid in TERRORIZER? What do you expect from the next MORBID ANGEL?

HOLGER: You really canít compare TERRORIZER and MORBID ANGEL! For me, Id rather get a new TERRORIZER-CD than a new output from M.A. I donít care for this band anymore. I think their debut LP ę Altars of madness Ľ was mega-great, but then it got weaker an weaker! In any case I prefer TERRORIZER! They have one cult-LP and are no more and so we took a cover-version from them! We donít cover bands who are still existing! Weíve and AUTOPSY-cover (Severed survival) and maybe we do an INCUBUS song! Thatís my all time favorite band! Especially their 1st LP.

NIHIL: Youíve also got a zine called BRUTAL FUCK, are you happy with the way it sells? Is it well known in your state? How do you choose the bands you want to interview? Do you think the extreme metal scene is in good health and have you got any new unknown but trully excellent band to recommand to our readers?

HOLGER: First up, the B.F Mag is mainly Marcís thing! 2nd, the mag doesnít exist anymore, Ďcos of the lack of time, money and nerve! I just did some interviews, mostly all reviews and some reports! For the 1st issu Marc took bands he liked and some he knew very well! The 2nd issue only had great bands we liked! I think the extreme metal scene is in a good health! In spite of the trend of black metal, hardcore and gothic (go-sick) there are many cool death metal bands and grindcore bands emerging! They are pure underground, so you wonít find them in Metal hammer or so! Great (yet) unknown bands you have to check out are OBSCENE CRISIS with a former KATAKLYSM-member (extremely brutal grind/death), CORPUS MORTALE (DK, skillfull death/grind with a slight black touch), CENOTAPH from TURKEY with technical and fast grind/death, DEADEN (Brutal us death/grind), LIVIDITY (ditto), MENTAL ABERRATION from my home town (death metal in old C.C. style)

NIHIL:The last words are yours!

HOLGER: Thank you very much for this interesting and long interview! Good luck with the zine! Everyone into brutal death metal should contact me. No IRC needed! We can offer our Mini-CD ę Twited Tales of Gruesome Tales Ľ for 10$ ppd world! It contains 4 trax including the aformentioned TERRORIZER-cover-version! The booklet is 8 pages and full coloured in professional lay-out! Support true and brutal bands! Keep the underground scene alive! Grind on! Write to:


Holger Friedenberger


52068 AACHEN