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1. Hails! Since the intestines excoriators is a fairly new conglomerate of nauseous pus, a little introduction to your insane flesh devouring blob would be needed.

Hails G. Submerged amongst the putrid, superficial filth of the Gold Coast, Australia, the initial conception of IE seeded April '03, creating something of what it is not today, the lineup then became solidified from late '03 up until two months ago, at which time we parted ways with our percussionist Matthew. The hunt has begun.


2. Some peoples compared your gangrenous sounds to DEVOURMENT, but they probably hasn't plunged their head under the surface of pustular brewing to enjoy a facial mutilation of underground obscurity... In other words, I feel like your band isn't strictly Brutal death metal, since something more obscure and Death metallically trephinated occurs deep inside... Something like some old INCANTATION, or very old IMMOLATION or something not so far... How do you feel about it? What are your main influences and how would you define your filthy sound?

How about Dark Apocalyptic ultra guttural death metal with all these sub sub sub genre's of metal these days? One can certainly draw parallels at times between Incantation and Immolation. A conversation with either of our guitarists will ultimately lead to discussion and worship of both band and neither is shy in their admittance of this. Yet if one was to discuss extremities with our bassist, they would be lead on a completely different path, and considering everything you heard on our demo, PTD was written equally by all 3 of them. I think there are underlying tones of the aforementioned bands, which are erratically convulsed by the majority of bassist’s work and at times, the guitarists. Our influences vary a great deal from one member to another, but we all draw on the same ethos of what we wish to do with our art, the same ethos that a lot of older death metal bands worked on. Music that depicts DEATH, HORROR, uncertainty and fear, collapsing it into something that is dark, suffocating and more confronting to the listener than what a lot of modern death metal seems to offer currently.


3. Contrary to many current brutal death bands who can't live without their crystal clear Plexiglas production, you brutally choose the opposite path as your carcass remained totally purulent and rotting in the filthiest sewers... And it's cool! Thanx to this cool attitude, your demo is able to transmit the unholy filth from the caves and some insane vibes brutal death metal forgot 10 years ago or so...

Internecine is conventional brutal death metal yet rather unconventional. We wish to steer clear of the orthodox elements of death metal weather they are modern or older to formulate something that draws inspiration and influence from the original concepts of death metal, but progenerate into something that we aspire to be recognized as our own. Near five years the direction of the band has changed dramatically, and is something we are still yet to harness or perfect ourselves. Far from it. Yet our demo; Prognosticate the Decrepitude really sums up where we wish to take our music and scripture, from then and beyond. The goal was set early, and as the path narrows, we get closer to refining our objective.


4. Why are your vocals so putrid? While it could almost sound like goregrind, it might also kinda disturb the needs of real Death metal maniacs who got very bored with all these myspace goregrind crap projects... Do you think these very low tuned vocals, that almost drown in the most liquid pus, bring something special to whole, or did it occur as a matter of facts since you're not able to make normal death metal vocals?

Haha. Curse you, but you're partially correct. Personally I don't think my vocals deliver anything special to the sound, they merely compliment the aural disgust we are trying to attain. (May I add no pitch shifting is used!) The entire vocal perspective must match the music, as well as the emotion of the music and lyrics. Your usage of the word 'putrid' is seemingly common, yet, this is something that I place consistent pressure on myself to attain. ‘Putridity’? Originally my vocals were based more on traditional mid to late nineties death vocal. After many months of practice, I didn't feel I was achieving enough within the space of time granted, and was also listening to a lot of lower pitched vocals such as Disgorge, Wormed and Pustulated and watching locals Excruciate frequently over many years. The music also shifted over time along with the tuning. Therefore it was necessary for me to make the shift down an octave or three, otherwise the vocals would sound too high, too outdated and non fitting. However, as we work towards an album, I'll be more frequently executing the older throatier vocals, but not until they are at the standard of my own personal degree of perfection.


5. Your guitars are fucking lowed tuned, and sound unperfect, and so the putrid listener is able to feel very low frequencies of the rotten, something many bands forgot nowadays... Sometimes, the guitars bang your head as a massive demonic cock that didn't ejaculate since dozens of years, it's really cool to feel all this demonic semen exploding right in my angelic face! Really, I have to thank you for the great facial assault! Ah Ah! How did you record this demo, how many guitars did you record before the final mix(ture) and how many strings did you break before the final product was finally totally rancid and gangrenous?

It's been a long time in between 'drinks' for myself, yet I still sit here with two basketballs in a session bag and a pitiful sized 'pea' as an appendage. Regardless, the facial exfoliation you speak of is flattering. Do you require a snorkel? The trinity of tuning, production and songwriting is something which has remained flaccid in the anatomy of many bands today. To obtain the desired level of trans-production, the guitars in PTD were self recorded in what appeared to be a single sweeping take, and were later mixed and mastered by the unseen hands of Aphotic, Portal. Each string conspirer recorded their tracks in unison to create the bellowing frequencies which is encompassed on PTD and is portent to future releases. As for the strings during the album they resonated with an undead frequency, ceasing to shift into any harmonious balance possible, and remaining lifeless and inept for any but the sole purpose intended.


6. Many evil metallers love to masturbate their cock very hard about the Australian metal scene... And it's not particularly a bad idea, since quite a lot of cool bands are coming from your big isle of nightmares... But I'd like to have one more opinion about it: How is your current underground scene right now? Are there quite a lot of cool putrid (or not) bands to check out? Are you in touch with cool bands like IGNIVOMOUS? Do you like BESTIAL WARLUST and is it true some kind of comeback is secretly prepared during the black masses that nephasteously occur every weekends?

Are you implying that someone out their maybe masturbating to IE right now? I think that's the greatest compliment we have ever received next to our 'demonic' cock you speak of. From state to state it seemingly varies. In regards to 'Putrid' bands, you may find one or two from each state, except Sydney which is rotting in its own preposterous nonsense. Its slim pickings for sounds such as ours throughout the Austral lands, but I think the underground metal scene in Australia on the whole is quite strong and I have always marveled (or perhaps been partially biased) on the unique sound of Australian metal. The only problem that seems to have hindered our scene is the longevity of bands. An album is released, a national tour is executed, if that, and then things dissipate. Perhaps a lack of opportunity and recognition is presented? With Ignivomous, we were luckily enough to have Chris Volcano instigate contact with us, and from that point he has been an avid supporter of IE, in frequent contact, who has been only too happy to spread our wares down south. A smaller scene thou has created somewhat of a 'big brother' effect with Australian icons such as Astriaal, Excruciate, Portal, Funerary Pit, Ignivomous, DarkLord and Beyond Mortal Dreams only too happy to guide us, the moment we have asked for counsel. Bestial Warlust….ahhh. I first listened to Blood & Valour whilst I was in high school, and the raw intensity and aggression on that album along with some of the most frantic, structured, yet irrational musicianship has not been matched in the 13 years since. I have heard rumors, but who am I to comment without fact. Other extreme Aussie bands that require your attention next to the ones that have been outlaid above in my opinion are: Stargazer, Cauldron Black Ram, The Dead, Torsorgy, Limb From Limb, Daemon Foetal Harvest, M.S.I, Oracle of the Void, Psycroptic, TzunTzu, Carbon, Ruins, Fuck…I'm Dead, Mournful Congregation and Pestilential Shadows.


7. Each country has its own old obscure legends and morbid stories... In case of your country, can you tell us about some old and forgotten Death metal or brutal death bands that darkened the scenes of the "first" years? I'm sure some cool, quite unnoticed bands would need to be listened again and again until intense hear-mutilation... Most of the European bastards from the sour grounds know about SADISTIK EXEKUTION, MARTIRE, CORPSE MOLESTATION/ BESTIAL WARLUST... And later, maybe, about the old ENCABULOS stuffs... But there might have been some really cool and obscure demonic entities to exist and release some cool tape releases from the graves... Weren't there some good obscure Australian Death metal between 1989 and 1998? I'm sure there was something particular, so please tell us about it!

I think Australia has always had an awesome DM scene. The main thing I find it extremely unique in its sound. Dust off the caverns and search for the following: Invocation, Abremalin, disembowelment, Abyssic Hate, Killengod, Psychrist, Miscreation, Anatomy, Nazxul, Armoured Angel, Bean flipper, Destroyer 666, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Misery, Manticore, Necrotomy, Slaughter Lord, Volatile, Spear of Longinus, Excarnated, Dismissal, Neuropath.


8. In your opinion:
-Does black metal suck?

In my earlier years, I would have been adamant and loyal to the Death Metal cause, and have to agree with you. However, over the last 5 years I think Black Metal has siphoned out a lot of the 'whispy/gay' crap it became heavily proliferated with, and the lines of what defines true Black Metal have narrowed again creating something I certainly appreciate more so than Death Metal at times. The main reason being, I find black metal has a darker edge and evokes a feeling generally lost in modern Death metal.

-Was the underground better before? And if so, before what?

The Internet and segregated genres such as 'Death and Metal 'Core' which has seeped through Death Metal creating a sterile, lifeless or at times euphoric, happy, feeling in the music. Melodic Death Metal? What the fuck? When was Death Metal ever melodic? Fuck off! Whilst the opportunities and exposure for bands has increased exponentially with the internet, and the accessibility to find Death Metal has enlarged, I think it has allowed a lot of 'scenesters' perforate our once proud 'scene'. The challenge to find great death metal and the ability to actually communicate and trade with fellow like minded individuals is what I love about Death Metal. Everything was word of mouth. Now everything is documented on a MySpace bulletin and become impersonal. I also think the 'extremity' of the underground has been lost with this modernization.

-Is transsexual metal any good?

Tucked and terrifying. A rare 'breed' of Death Metal is dawning! Top tits, nice figure, but fuck me if that dick doesn't look out of place!

-Why don't you create a paper fanzine now?

A what? Oh, those things we used to 'read' before MySpace?


9. Does INTERNECINE EXCORIATION play gigs, and if so is there something special to occur at the level of the musicians or the crowd? What's the emotional difference between gigs and rehearsals? According to the style you play, I might say a dark atmosphere might be more touchable during the rehearsals, than during gigs, when there's too much peoples for that... But I might be wrong and polarize too many ideas towards illusions from the inner darkness...

We have played 13 shows over a 3 and a half year period. Many offers are made, but we are quite selective with when and who we choose to expose ourselves with. I say 2008 will pass with not one show to be exercised. At least in our home state. For the most part the crowd more or less stands their perplexed. A few bangers are up the front, but generally you see the tendrils of death excavating ones soul from the ground leaving the punter physically and mentally exhausted. Few understand exactly what we are trying to do with our music. Seeing as thou our shows are so sparse, each one is conducted like an exorcism, not a performance. We genuinely feel what we are trying to transpose, however, elements such as sound issues (many venues struggle to hold our sound to our standard), and human nature such as nerves, dealing with alcoholic consumption and frustrations associated with perfection not being reached. Our newer shows will have an addition of 'elements' to visually depict our direction and process. Our rehearsals can be variable depending on our intention of presence.


10. Did you play in other bands before or have you got other sub-projects? In case of juicy underground stardom, it might be quite helpful to locate who's who, and eventually send old school fanmail, with possible sexy gifts such as necro underwears that were kept rotting under the grounds for weeks, bottles from my sexy sperm collection, or the common and good old anal hairs...

One member of Internecine has an involvement with Australian horror fiends PoRTaL. Another has played bass in local identities NecroSculpture and Koil, currently plays bass for Limb from Limb, and guitar for The Crisis Therapy. And others have played in numerous outfits, but nothing that has come to documentation, whilst IE snapped my legs back and decimated my band hymen. Can I ask how sperm is deemed sexy or ugly? Generally those remarks are made in regards to one's taste of one's man milk. If I may make the suggestion, for the participant amongst PoRTaL I would certainly recommend the rotting under garments, as he could potentially use this as future stage attire within Portal. Another could use the sperm, as his hit 30, and I have a feeling his dealing with impotency whilst the other could indeed use the anal hair as he is one of those freakish individuals who shaves once every 4 weeks, and lacks stubble.


11. If I sent you a part of my body, would you agree to infect this member with all kind of sexual diseases from the most dirty bitches sleeping in the Australian sewers, and then send it back to the expeditor for a better morbid French crusade? HéHé. Then I could be some kind of Australian molestor for real HéHé. What kind of juicy services would you ask in return?

It is agreed. Living on the Gold Coast, Australia's wannabe 'Las Vegas' to enlist the services of dirty bitches wouldn't be a problem. There are copious amounts of dance clubs here on the Gold Coast that smell like rotting, infected vagina by 3am any given Friday or Saturday night. Lot's of blonde surfer whores. We love blondes, they get dirtier quicker, and grow piggy tails naturally, as they have been picked up so much. In return I ask for you to not send any Man bits. I refuse to touch an appendage, man carry bag, perineum, nor puckered winking knot hole of love. I'm not picking that shit up from any customs office.


12. How many copies of the demo did you spread under the skin of our hardly surviving putrid scene of dolor? Are the feedbacks generally cool, or rather out of touch with the morbid reality? I noticed you're currently signed on BLOOD PIT Records, is it your own label or did someone send you a contract for your next vomiting release?

The demo was pressed in a quantity of 500. Around 125 remain. Around 50 where sent out in the name of 'promotion' to various sources. From those we have sent copies too for promotion, only a handful have been back in touch, but with only good things too say. It's hard to gauge these days. Working with a label myself, I understand the amount of material you receive and are expected to give expected feedback on, however, it is still disappointing that not even ' it's shit, look elsewhere' was received. The reviews we have accumulated have all been encouraging, although some failed to tap into the true essence of what we are trying to portray in our art. The Blood Pit is actually what we refer to our rehearsal dwelling as. It is NOT a label of any sort. We currently have interest in our forthcoming works, but this is mere discussion and nothing has been approved. We invite interested parties.


13. What should the listeners expect from INTERNECINE EXCORIATION in the future? Will you release another demo, as it should be, before a possible album that would see the light of the scars in few years? Or would you betray the old rules of the underground (And good sense, in my own conviction) and release another boring album after only 2 years of rehearsals? (Some bands might think the best demonic sperm is ejaculated after the first tries... They're very wrong! In my own conviction, the only way to procreate the best demonic kamikaze spermatozoids is to slowly but surely catalyze the best of the best seeds, to take years of microscopic labor... ). Is there some particular merchandising available?

It's interesting you have bought this up as it's been something we have been discussing of late and I am in agreeance with you. Since PTD was completed, our focus immediately shifted to working on a full length album. Over the last few months thou we have been discussing the option of reverting back to the old school mentality and perhaps engineering another demo. Two to four tracks, perhaps all to be used on the album, perhaps not, I can't confirm. For my personal liking thou, I think another demo should be constructed, whilst we slightly breathe on the panties of the listener and tease them a little. This will also provide the opportunity for us to exhibit our new percussion section, our darker direction, and then remain idle on that for a few months, and see if a few more songs are spawn. Six months after the demo is unveiled, then start to think about documenting and unleashing an album. We currently have a small amount of shirts that were made in conjunction with the release of Prognosticate The Decrepitude available. The Demo is still attainable, and a new range of stickers to be used on the mouths of those you choose to restrain and gag. All merch enquiries can be directed to internecineexcoriation@hotmail.com


14. This session of interpuke is over. Feel free to conclude with all the needed nauseous words. Thanx for the answers.

Many thanks G. for this opportunity to have Internecine Excoriation, laid on the Nihilistic holocaust slab, on its back, hands bound legs splayed open and shackled in the air whilst you probe our birthing canal with a chainsaw to find the answers you seek. It has indeed been a pleasure as her juvenile form writhes in ecstasy with each coercive thrust. Feast!


Website:  http://www.internecineexcoriation.net