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1. Can you introduce your label and yourself to our humble rotting readers?

HEYYYYY G. - Iam Disgustor666 of the dumb ol' HEADSPLIT RECORDS.


2. Headsplit records sounds like a sharp name, could you explain the transcendantal concept hiding behind this moniker? Are you a little bit schizophrenic, your mind splitting in two distinct entities talking to each others late at night?



3. Some of your releases are a bit closer to grindcore or black metal, could we say you run a Death metal label, or would you choose other words to describe it?

Disgustor: In the Begining I had Intended to only do Grindcore with my label - but i threw that stupid idea out in a few months - I will release anything - mostly into Death and Grind!!!! 


4. You seem to like the tape format, most of your releases are on tapes! Why did you choose this one exactly? What are the advantages of tapes compared to other formats?

Disgustor: I have always enjoyed cassettes since getting into metal!!! Me and my friends began collection and trading right when we got into underground metal! Tapes are just rad - a bit more durable and a bit more diehard!!!


5. Newer labels are more and more attracted by pro tapes... What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to regular tapes in your opinion? Is it rather about having 200 tapes ready-to-use (And not dubbing everything yourself), or is it rather about having a “professional” product? Do you make a big difference between pro tapes and "regular" tape demos"?

Disgustor: Pro tapes rule if you can afford it - Its nice to have everything ready to go - luckily at my job the supervisors are retards and i dub my tapes WHILE working!!!! Godamnit!!!!! I think it depends on the release weather ya should go pro or DIY. Love 'em both!


6. To which labels would you say you identify yourself the most? Would you feel close to older peoples, older than 30 who run labels for years with their "old ideas", or you feel closer to other younger guys who began at the same time?

Disgustor: I would say my three allies in all this madness would be INCURSION records from Seattle and VAP/DIABOLIC FORCE from Maryland and of course PARASITIC from portland!! There are  a few more - but i have been supporting/been supported by these labels since the start - and the guys who run em are totally fukkin nuts!!!!


7. Sometimes when I listen to some new old school Death metal bands, I rather feel listening to something like "Morbid thrash metal"... It seems to me they're closer to something like SLAYER "Hell awaits" (With its morbid atmosphere), the first POSSESSED album (With the screams and distorted sound), NECROVORE or eventually the first PESTILENCE album, than the old school Death metal I know (With downtuned guitars, low death growls and more...). Would you say there's something like an evolution in the meaning of "Old school Death metal" for a part of the audience, or is it possible that I'm becoming old? (Hu?)

Disgustor: Some Morbid thrash fukkin rules for sure - i think GROTESQUE,PENTAGRAM(Chile),RAPED GOD 666, are some i can rattle off the top of my head!! Some good newer death metal - RUDE, TREPANATION, TORTURE RACK, BONE SICKNESS, NECROT,  RITUAL NECROMANCY, + some other shit are all in my local area!!! Old School death metal rules - thats all there is too it - but there are many bands that are playing it now-a-days and sound great!!!


8. What's the best way to promote your label in your opinion? Is it necessary to use everything: Emails, forums, facebook, twitter, youporn, door-to-door selling at the hospice, desperate flyer spreading at the supermarket... Or did you find a special tip that enables you to drink more beer?

Disgustor: Unfortunately - ol' gay Facebook - is the best i have to say!!! Next in line Forums - Every sick freak, crazy drunk, uptight dumb ass nerd is on the NWN forum i believe haha. I've been known to print thousands of HEADSHIT handbills and throw em out the window of my car while driving around town - I DONT GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!


9. Do you happen to run "stands" during gigs to sell tapes? Is this something that works in Usa? (Personally I tried to do so, but it's a problem for me to stay behind a table and wait...)

Disgustor: Standing around waiting sucks - plus you have to pick the right spot - and you gotta put up signs - cause people are stupid and drunk usually!!! It works great for me - recently i have been setting up out of the back of my Van and pulling up right infront of gigs - that way all the drunk ass smokers and kids are wandering around in between bands and stuff.


10. Tell us everything about your love for the Us postage service and their massive increase of postage costs.

Disgustor: I honestly dont give a rats dick hahaha - as long as shit gets from point A to Point B then the money is worth it - maybe if i was rich i'd have some hot big titted woman drive all my shit around the country - but since i am not - USPS will do just fine - plus i get to be a total creep in the postal lines and i steal all their tape!!!!


11. Which one from your releases is your favorite, and why? Which tape you did was the most successful? (For sales or trades) Did you notice some cassettes were easier to sell/ trade and did you notice why?

Disgustor: Iam gonna give a dumb answer that people always give in this position - I like them all!!!! But I think the Dementox, Impetigo, and recently the SCHNAUZER cd are my favorites cause of the music!!!! The Impetigo cassette is the most successful of course because....THEY ARE THE GODS OF GORE!!!!!!!! Proud to support any and all bands on Headsplit Records!!!!


12. How many copies of a tape do you generally distribute? Do you voluntary limit the amount of copies, or is it rather because the possible listeners won't need more than 100 or 200 for example?

Disgustor: 100 or 200....Yeah, like you said..thats just the right amount.


13. Do you think you will stick to the tape format for a long time, or you have plans to release something on vynil or CD? For you, is the tape label a finality, or a step towards something else?

Disgustor: Iam getting into both Vinyl and CD right now!!! I have the GRINCHFINGER/ COMPULSION TO KILL 7" coming out very soon and the SCHNAUZER - TRAX FROM THE WAX cd just came out!!! I still will always have a steady flow of cassettes coming through - up next TORTURE RACK, LORD GORE, SCORCHED EARTH , THE BEAST, BLOODSOAKED (mex), DEAD, etc.


14. Fanzines... What do you think about paper fanzines? Are there good underground Death metal and grindcore fanzines in Usa in 2013? Do you think Pdf files displayed on smartphones or tablets are good enough to replace zines?

 Disgustor: ONLY PRINT IS REAL!!! hahaha aside from this online interview...jeez what an asshole!!! hahaha...Anyways i personally do not get many fanzines cause i dont seek em out - I myself put out a printed newsletter that pertains to HEADSPLIT releases and other bands i support + local shit going on in the metal scene.


15. How did you discover metal, and Death metal in particular? Was it immediately something quite obscure, or did it evolve gradually from quite mainstream music, to something a bit more extreme each time? One might wonder how it happens for the younger guys in the new century, because with the Internet it's much easier and faster to get in touch with very extreme music... When I was a teenager in 1994 it began with hard rock in my father's Lps collection (Alice cooper, Led Zeppelin), then there was some Heavy metal or grunge (Iron maiden, Nirvana (Yes, ouch!)). Then some thrash metal like Sepultura or Slayer... And then some quite famous Death metal bands (Like Death, Carcass, Morbid angel)... Would you say your travelling in the metal world was quite close, or the use of Internet changed a lot the way peoples get in touch with underground metal?

Disgustor: My mom and Dad were always rocking AC/DC and shit - on top of a bunch of terrible music too!!! But I realized at a young age I loved heavy music so I kept pursuing it - of course I went through some terrible shit myself going though middle school and shit but eventually found Extreme metal - and have been totally obsessed and insane since i was 15!!!!! my metal tastes went Black Metal>Thrash>Grind>Death Metal - I still love them all - Black metal the least tho.


16. There are more and more bands trying to sound like Swedish Death metal... What are your feelings about it? Do you think it's good, since it's a genre you like very much, or do you feel a bit bored and would need something else? What could be the next underground trend in your opinion?

Disgustor: I am tired of that shit!!!!! I like nasty sounding death metal like IMPETIGO, ROTTREVORE, DR. SHRINKER, AUTOPSY, PUNGENT STENCH, etc. - I really hate all the "doom" piles of shitty fukkin asshole bands these days!!! FUKKKK!!!! Morbus Chron is really sick tho - and Necrocurse 


17. What would be your most crazy dreams with the label? (Maybe something like releasing the music of a band in particular?)

Disgustor: I wish that some asshole would give me a fukk load of money and then id only be doing vinyl of course!!!!! 


18. What’s the craziest thing you ever did with a tape? (I didn't mean something sexual, but it can be ahah)

Disgustor: I made this Chick put it in here snatch than putt the tape out so it was a Casset-ampon!!! One time this shitty player ate my ANVIL tape so i broke the fukk out of it and threw it down the river i was getting drunk at!! POLLUTION = DEATH METAL


19. This is the free question, feel free to speak about anything... Metal or not.



20. Tell us more about your future plans, and feel free to conclude... A morbid way!

Disgustor: The Label will never stop - HEADSPLIT RECORDS is invincible, And as mighty as the canadian heavy metal legend THOR!!!! Watch yer backs!!!! Support the underground or die!!!!!! Just Die anyways!!!!!! Thanks G.!!! Hail Nihilistic!!!!

Website: http://headsplitrecords.blogspot.com