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1. Hello, What's up? Can you introduce the band to the readers?

We're a finnish death metal band named Instant, we formed this band in 2015.


2. What does the name of the band stand for?‎ Does it mean you live in the present, not caring about the future too much?

We were in rehearsals with our old guitarist and we we're trying to come up with a name. Ilmari saw an instant coffee pack somewhere and he came up with Instant. It's a weird name for a death metal band, but it's unique.


3. Your first demo "Decimation" was recorded live... Was it a volunteer choice, or due to lack of time? Sometimes records sound better with 2 or 3 guitars (The stereo "effect"), but yours comes with a quite loud distorted bass :)

We wanted to play live because we have always played live, we wanted a live feel to the album. We had 2 guitar tracks and 1 bass track on the album, which are both highly distorted. We used the classic HM-2 pedal for the guitar and added distortion to the bass from the amp.

4. I don't feel your music sounds more Finnish than European... Do you voluntary restrain yourself from sounding Finnish to ‎get more Chinese pussies (Just joking), or it's just how it happens? What does influence INSTANT the most on a musical point of view?

We don't restrain us to just to the Finnish sound (even though we are Finnish, heh) We add sounds from swedish death metal, doom metal and black metal. I think it comes naturally.


5. Your songs are pretty short for the style, the average tracks seem to be shorter than 2:50 minutes... Are you impatient bastards? Is it some grindcore roots? Why isn't there a long 15 minutes doom song in the middle of the rest? (lol)

I guess that's the lenght that we're comftorable with. We don't feel the need to drag a sound out just to make it long. We tried to do that in the dark past, but it just didn't work out.


6. You seem to be pretty young... What's the average age in the band? How long ago did you discover metal/ death metal, and what were the first bands you experienced?

Yeah, we're really young. I (Juuso) am 13 years old and Eetu and Ilmari are 15. I discovered death metal when I was about 7 or 8 (I know right) I think the first band that I listened to was Cannibal Corpse.


7. Don't you think it could be a good idea to call your next release "classic"? So the listener who looks at the corner of the CD would see "Instant classic" AhAh

I think that's a pretty good idea, hah!


8. If Instant was an animal, which would it be, and why?‎ (Are there a lot of bears in Finland, and what is their color?)

I think we would be a sloth, because were all pretty fucking lazy, and I am a vegetarian (Had to bring it out, haha) Yeah, there are a whole lot of bears here, they are brown and very big.


9. ‎What is interesting in the current Finnish metal scene? Do you think we can find some bands to be as good as those from the 90's?

I think the finnish death metal scene has risen from the grave, there are a whole lot of bands that have reunited and a fuckload of new bands like, Galvanizer, Beheadal, God Disease, The Decapitated Midgets, Solothus, Cemetery Fog (Or Asphodelus as they are now), Cadaveric Incubator, and a whole lot of other bands.


10. What do you know about France? What do you know about French metal?

We probably don't know much about France, we know there's the Eiffel tower, wine and baguettes, just kidding! We know Gojira and Fleshgod Apocalypse are from France. We unfortunately don't know about any old school death metal bands from france...


11. What are you listening to lately?

I think that's pretty easy, we have listened to a shitton of old school death metal!


12. Tell us about your next projects with the band, and feel free to conclude.

Just now we're concentrating on making new music, as we've had a small break from practicing. We're performing at Helsinki Death Fest, with such acts as Galvanizer, Lubricant, Mörbid Vomit, Corpse Molester Cult, and Cannibal Accident so that's pretty good. Thanks for checking this interview out, feel free to visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/InstantFinland

Web page: http://www.facebook.com/InstantFinland