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AAARGHH! Since I discovered them with their promo 2000,
INSISION has always offered a Brutal and technical Death metal of good quality that's just intense enough for every Death metal head. They've just released a full length CD entitled "Beneath the folds of flesh" on WICKED WORLD, and an interview was fucking needed to let you know about this good band!


1. Introduce us to INSISION in a fast and uncommon way.

Carl Birath-
HELL ! INSISION –97 Demo (Self-produced)« meant to suffer »
HELL! INSISION -99 Mcd on Heathendoom « The dead live on »
HELL! INSISION –00 Demo (Self-produced) « Promo2000 »
HELL! INSISION-01 demo (Self-produced) « Revelation of the SadoGod »
HEEEEEELLL !!! INSISION –02 Full length on Wicked world/Earache « Beneath the Folds of Flesh »
5 devoted musicians, deep in to the art of Death metal !! HAIL SATAN!




2. Has the name INSISION got a particular meaning or did you choose it because it sounds good? How would you qualify your band's music?

B- Well, actually the name insision is misspelled, with meaning, as in Mersiless etc etc.. But the actual meaning of the word 
  « INCISION ” is the wound that appears after cutting with a scalpel. It was chosen back in –97 by Johan Thornberg, the old singer, I think It had to do with the gory lyrics I guess, still now we see it more as the trade mark of our art.




3. Your music is very technical, are you able to move on stage? Doesn't this technical side obliges you to stay up as coatstands while brutalizing?

B- No man, both Toob, Roger, Daniel and Thomas are at it all the way… Of course there is parts that are harder to do while moshing but in whole, its a hell of lot energy in the boys, And as imp not doing any instrument except my Vox I’m free to move as I please…. And I assure you.. I’m no fucking mime-man…. Aha ha ..




4 On your "Revelations of the sadogod" demo, you does a Death cover.

What were your reaction when you learnt the death of Shuck Chuldiner? Some fans of the underground, of brutality strictly doesn't give a shit about the fact the Death's history has taken an end. What are your feelings about this fact? How would you react if a guy were "vomiting" on Death in front of you?

B-Hmmm..Well man, I can see it in 2 ways. One. I didn’t know Chuck personally and therefore I only think its really sad that some one who has contributed with such many things had to go so early. One the other hand many people die all the time And I guess lots of em had done pretty good shit in their lives as well. What I would have done if someone was « Vomiting » BS about C.S?? Well, If your are that small as a person, that you have to Spew Bs over some one who’s not even there to answer you and probably have done more stuff that counts then you have. You just need to get back down from your pedestal and start checking your references of get the fuck out of my face!




5. How is the swedish scene? I noticed there are quite a lot of Brutal bands here!) Do you enjoy the melodic side of Gotheburg's metal?

B-The scene is getting a bit better I think more brutal and « GOOD » bands starting to pop up Hey better check out Immersed in blood, Visceral Bleeding, Spawn of possession etc etc….Hmmm Gothenburg has lots to offer man, still they have lots f shit as well,
  Hmmpf I guess its the same here in Stockholm. I mean you don’t have to like everything; I just don’t like melodic Metal at all. I can enjoy Good musicians that I agree with, still I think that this melodic thing has turned over and have started to smell…BAD!




6.Is there very often some good gigs in Sweden? Can you give us your vision of an INSISION's gig?

Have you got a special history about a fact that would have happened during and INSISION's gig?

B-Well first of all no fucking long intros. Then hell brakes lose, If I may use a bad cliché
  ha ha ….Hey man we are intense that’s it we have no masquerade, no fire puffing. We have the music that’s it. Well A story? he he …Errr…..Hmmm, Last time we played in Avesta I whipped my self with the mike cord so fucking bad I had half of an inch fat stripes on my back all over….Really nice. Back in –96 I used to do that with my old band AZATTH but now days I don’t, but this time was an exception I was really exited and felt the need for an extra « Push ” so the demons could embrace me totally, so I gave my self a treat! 




7.What do you think about the french underground scene? Do you know some interesting bands coming from here?

B-Ha he, I really haven’t heard that much from France. Maybe because I haven’t looked that har i guess….Well, I heard one band that seemed very cool, Intence Grind death !
  Check em out ! GERBE OF LIFE. acctally wonder what it means. Never heard the name « Gerbe » before….Is it in french perhaps ?





8. What does Death metal means for you?

B-Its the intecest music I can think of, That has a red line going through it. Its a Wepon. A great way to canalize what you think and feel.
  Death metal ! Say no more, say no more ! Wink wink ;) ha ha




9. According to your Tshirts, you're into the old school side (Entombed, Bathory, Celtic Frost). Are you listening to other style of music that are not metal. And if it's not the case, why?

B-We listen to ots of things that are not directly metal related. I know both Roger and Toob are really into strange Jazz and other wierd stuff and Im also into lots of folk and irish music. Mostly we listen to a lot og hevey metal generally. But also « Hard Rock »….i mean what’s make your hart beat twice is good. Dont care about any fucking Image. But keep DEAth as it is and dont crossover and destroy it.




10. How do you see the evolution of a band like ENTOMBED that goes fom quasi pure Death metal a their beginning (NIHILIST epoch) to a kind of death rock, to finally play a mix à Death, rock, metal and some other néo and Alternative influences? Do you prefer a band like UNLEASHED that remains stagnant and enclose itself in the same repetitive and boring style since years or a band like ENTOMBED that evolves to the point of betraying its roots and a part of its fans? 

B-I nebver mind Entombed. I was not treally such a big fan anyway….Well I know this Q is important, but to be honest I really dont give a fuck. I see Neo-bands everywher popping upp dying out…I dont feel that my energy should be wasted on thet BS. Ok. I think its bad about Entombed, but havent they got back a bit now with « Morningstar » ? And conserning the hiphop-crossover Linking puke and all that….Bhaaa Why bother anyway ! Im just tired !







11. Was you here at the time of NIHILIST, and what are the differences between the actual scene and the one of this time? Had this pre-version of ENTOMBED something special? Have you got some things to quote about this mythical band?

B-Nope. not really !




12. In several years, if INSISION grows bigger and that you don't feel anymore the need to brutallize as much as today. Will you keep in playing this style for the respect of the fans and of the band, while you make the band evolve, or will you leave the band?

B-If we decide to go Mombo-jumbo-bananas. We will probobly change name compleatly. Or just desolve tas a group. But evolv we will !I think its a must. But not in the wrong direction. If you know what I meen




13. What do you wait from the Earache sublabel on which you've signed? What has been their offer and did some other labels show some interesting propositions?

B-Well I hope the neme of the label will help us out a bit and that theire contacts with booking agents will help us out on tour. Becouse we are a live band and need to play live. I know ther has been trubbel before conserning Earache, but i guess you just have to wish for the best out come. So far there havent been any major conflict nad i guess there wont be any eiter, but you never know. The main thing is that W.W is the sub-label to Earache and that always give you the upper hand in lots of things so…..Hmmm other labels ? There was some smaller Labels who was interested but they dident have the backup that we needed you know like putting together a tour etc, . Then the « Bigger » names just ansewred in the regular ways like « sorry we’re full, bla bla… » and when Wicked World came with an offer we grabed it(Affter some months of inter-disscution )




14. Birath, you're the vocalist of the band and you also take care about INSISION's website. Keeping in mind what the fact of taking care of the site represents (links trade, maintaining, thousands of Emails every day). Do you think another member of the band could have the time do take care of the site? How many time do you spend each day with your site and all what is attached to it? (All the informatical stuffs linked to the band). Do you train a lot for vocals?

B- As Im the only one with a working computer(Exept Roger) and the « Skills » of
  grapixs end programs, I guess I’m the only one doing it a the moment. The thing is that we had anther guy atending it before I joind but it dident work out the way we wanted, To slow updates and no direct devotion to make it work the way we wanted, so I just told him to stop. And I learned for my self how a site is build up. This is my 3rd INSISION-site(As for those who have been hanging around a long time know how my first site looked  LoL) Anyway, It would acctually be an huge relife for me if someone even helpt me out jus part time. It feels like the onely thing I do is taking care of Insision cumputer related stuff on my spear time. A regular day looks like this : Up at 6 go work 7-4. get Home. Get some snacks. Get infront of the Pc. Answer mails and updating the differesnt links etc….Damn man, The mail bit is the heviest part. I try to answer as personal as possible and that takes time when you get a ton of those mails everyday….
After that I try to see what Uppdates I have forgotten, and time from time I have to compose some Interesting Info for the
  News letter + answere Interviews., which are getting longer and longer for everyday, last inte I got from Germany was on 31 Q’s and had about atleast 2-3 Sub-Q’s to every damn Q !!  He he …Well lets say like this I stop for food around 7 and then I’m back to work again… But as for the vocal parts I never train at home, but we do Rehears 2-3 days a week on both Thusday , Thursday and  Sundays, so thats my time of…. So to speak.




15. How many times do you rehears in a week? Is it easy to find a decent rehearsal room and motivated musicians in Sweden?

B-As I said 2-3 Days aweek. Well The rehearsals are pretty good here I think. Especially compeard to many other countrys, lots of yuth centers provide a place to play, if you are younger, thats how I started out
  back in those days. Then you can also get some kind of  « social help » to support your band, A small amount of money to help you get a place to rent. Many times in some industrial arias. Musician-wise I think it all depends on what you are looking fore and how motivated you are. Nowdays there are a growing interest of doing the more extream-metal stuff, and there for its much eisyer I think.





16. For the promoting of the band, do you think it gains more feedbacks to do this through the web or by the traditional way (mails, flyers...). Do you see a bigger impact at the following of promo packs sent to paper fanzines or webzines?

Do you think a band can achieve the fact of "taking on" the underground while forgetting one of these 2 ways of promotion? Do you think these 2 ways of promotion are indisociable?

B-I really dig the classic paper zines ! I see it 2 ways, The web Works fast but is also kind of unpersonal(Spam shit and stuff) The old way is way cooler and way personal but way more expensive. I think you may use em both. I know we have been doing lots of Pr through mail before but has tackeled of a bit now…Bu we are on our way to do some
  flyers as we speak which will be sent out….
i also think that the Avrige reader reads not even close as much at a Web-zine then in a Regular Zine…I guess its becouse At the W.Z It’s way more eizyer to just click your way to what you are interested of and in that case you also miss out on other things that might catch your eye.




17. In a way, we could say the Internet Underground and the "classical undergound" aren't composed of the same individuals: on one hand there's those who have got some money, big PCs with good softwares and hardwares, tons of free CDs, and on the other hand there's those who'd "die to eat" and should be happy with their badly photocopied zines. Don't you see a paradox here?

B-nowdays you dont have to have a big pc to compose a web zine thats readebul. But I see what you mean. On the other hand those who « die to eat » might be better involved and devoted  to the scene and music ? Not that I mean that the other ae but can you get the paradox in that.




18. It's as if a part of the scene had "privileges" and  wasn't really understanding the true essence of this music that is human suffering, rebellion and couldn't really see what the true spirit of underground is.
B-Especially the rebellion part, mate. But I also think that you shouldent get to serius about all this « who’s true or who’s not » becouse it’s a waste of energy. Just « be » instead !




19. One day, do you see yourself speaking about anything else than subjects as Satanism and occultism in your lyrics?

Birath-I already do. Still, my Lord is in fact in my flesh and blood and I cant stop being influenced by him. In the same time I have no one to  obligate to so I do as I please. I will come to him in any case what so ever.




20. Have you got some parallel, other projects beside INSISION? ( Music and others: art...)

B- No not really, I want to get back to a one man project I did in –93 called  « Birath ». It was some kind of
  march/dungon- music with lots of drums and synths, really bad acctually HA ha…. Made on Computer with an synth on the side. It was more of an experiment nothing Metal related at all.  Dont belive in Using mhuch Synths in Deathmetal at all. Still I have lots of idés on how to evolv it. Experiments with diffrent strange intruments and sounds all with a Satanic red line throug it. Probobly me Chanting ….. Well its just a thought that have been going around in my head. It would have nothing to do with Insision. Before Insision(And after AZATOTH) I was involved in a Black-Metal Project with Tobias Forge from Repungnant. SUPERIOR. We released 2 demos First on 20c and second on 50 or 100c….




21. What are your future projects with INSISION?

B- Keep The violence up ! TOUR TOUR TOUR ! Compose more good shit That makes the hart beat Dubble speed !




22. What do you think about the zines that ask the same questions to all the bands? Did you mentally prepare yourself to submit to a lot of interviews of this kind?

B-To be honest I really hate to be asked the same Reg. Q’s Coz its so fuvcking boring to read The answers are bound to be as the Q’s, just flatt and dull and thats sucks when you wanna read a good article about a band that you are into. I usaly just not answere Q’s that I think is uninteresting , I mean I know what I would like to read about, whe it cmes to bands.




23. Ok, these last words are yours? Thanks for having taken the time to answer!

B-thanx for a great inte!…Keep up the good work, its actually the magazines that keep up the scene in meny sences !
So Keep it Hard and brutal I know we will !
Xcheck out Insision over at insision.com and support us. Check oput the record I know you will not be disapointed !!
Over and out !










WEBSITE: http://www.insision.com