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Ingurgitating Oblivion: Morbid-fuelled technical brutality from Germany. Not so serious interview with Ulrich the Vocal punisher.

1. Uhuhuhlrich! It's the time for the first question, so please try to avoid the usual introduction/ biographical quote and target the awakening of our brutal readers's interest!

U: So it shall be done… we finally found a new drummer in the person of Ingo Neugebauer who also plays guitar for FETOCIDE and so far it works out great! Finally, our ideas will get the appropriate rhythmical foundation… no more compromises! Currently we are writing and rehearsing new material so there will hopefully a new release next year.

2. Now the first question is over, and we avoided the final boredom of repetitiveness, you can tell us more about the history and important point of INGURGITATING OBLIVION's past! (Ah ah). What kind of Death metal do you play, what kind of releases did you do in the past, what were your most important gigs etc...

U: The dreaded biography/discography question! We strive to create dark and intense Death Metal, combining the feeling for haunting atmospheres that seemed to be lost with many newer acts combined with the technical proficiency that is witnessed often today. Our releases are listed at our homepage so I won´t mention them here. Unfortunately we did not play that many gigs but I guess one of the more important ones was at the Ludwigshafen Deathfest last year…



The interrogated suspect ->
(Speak louder in the micro!)

3. I really like the fact you try to find new ways of playing death metal, with technical balls and a will to regurgitate your own personal ideas, but to the contrary of many current Dave metal bands, you didn't forget the obscurity and morbidity! The listener can listen to the feeling without really taking care of the musiwank aspect! I hope you're satisfied with it :-) Considering the quite strong evolution between, let's say, your 2002 Demo and the last album it's obvious you're not there to stagnate, and I'm curious to have an idea of how the new tunes will sound! Tell us more about it, more surprise? Fresh elements? Maybe you'll play morbid jazz one day! Totally technical and jazzy as fuck music, with a real feeling of utter morbidity and carneous vocals from the grave! It could be strange but also very nice, and I think it wasn't already done! (No, I'm not talking about the kinda usual jazzy metal, but pure jazz with a morbid feeling and growls from the depth!).

U: Thank you very much! We definitely were very satisfied when we were done recording and mixing the album (the latter one was a pain in the ass I can tell you). When we look at “Voyage…” now we still are proud of it but there surely are aspects which would sound differently if we were to record everything now… quite normal, I guess. Anyway, we think that the album was the best we were to come up with at that time and with that line up, basically a good statement of the band at the time it was recorded and released.
Actually, there were some influences that could be called jazzy on the “Thought Cathedral” album which was released under the old monicker. We don´t want to “innovate” Death Metal with some overly exotic ingredients from outside… the vision is to craft utterly dark, morbid and twisted Death Metal. It is a bit too early to talk about how the new songs will sound but there will be more variation in terms of speed and (dis)harmonies and structuring… there will be more extremes and contrasts on the new recording like extreme slowliness and extreme speed. Also, with Ingo behind the skins now, the old songs sound much more dynamic, they start to breathe like some creature rising from the dark.

4. Is the ingurgitating oblivion still so voracious? It might be a bit harder to forget everything after all these abuses of nameless rancid meat! What would you answer to someone misunderstanding your moniker for the fact of ingurgitating the Oblivion itself? (First, it would need to be more than a concept to be eaten), "suck my dry emptiness" or "suck my earthquake to dry" or something like that?

If one would manage to overcome oblivion by ingesting it, devouring, forcing it down the throat, the mind… initially, Florians idea about the monicker were or are along these lines – combining a physical act of devouring with the abstract or non-graspable (is that a word? Or a compound? harhar) concept of oblivion, nothingness, so it wouldn´t even necessarily be a misunderstanding… My ideas were a bit different, I indeed think about it as the great nothingness, ingurgitating all that is ... and let me tell you… the Ingurgitating Oblivion is seething with joy and lust!

5. I know you're not only into metal, but also enjoy molesting your brain with other kinds of extreme music like harsh noise, industrial, porn movie music... etc etc.
I guess it's pretty obvious your musical personality comes from these quite opened taste in music... In the metal scene, we generally have two kind of bands: Those who deny any newer influence and would listen only to old albums, and their music often sounds everheard... And those who try so hard to be original that they forget the soul and become too volatile and sterile as a cold fuck... And INGURGITATING OBLIVION found the right middle between these two phenomenons, as they choose to fuck it hard but with the kinda old school feeling! What were the reasons and means to achieve this? It might come from your teenage years, where you could cold-fuck for free at every street corner? It seems to me musicians sometime need at least 10 years of experience to make something of their own, in the current extreme music context, while so many things were done before... Unless you don't go quite technical and the mind goes weird, you'll sound everheard, or at least won't reflect much beersonality...

U: That question should be answered by Florian as he is the creative core of IO but as he is not available at the moment… the bands we grew up with as fans and also instrumentalists definitely made their impact on all of us. Our musical tastes are partially quite different so there you maybe have an “open” perspective yet at the same time are enough bands etc that we all like – for example, we all tremendously enjoy the classic erleases of the so-called Florida sound of the early nineties. The other thing is, that we somehow know how IO should sound but at the same time do not slavishly adhere to usual musical formulas. I am also convinced that you can turn almost every influence into Death Metal when your mind set is right.
The time factor you mentoned also plays a role, I think. We all have been in the scene for more than just some years, we saw trends come and fade again – that also naturally helps to find an own position, so to say.

6. Is Ulrich your real first name, or did you choose it when you were young and a very big fan of METALLICA? By the way what's the nationality of this first name? For some reasons, I built a quite unconscious mental link with the huskys (You know, these white dogs from the snow).

U: Haha, no way – I never ever liked Metallica (even tough they were okish but it is the same with the Beatles… they have their place in music history but for me they are absolutely irrelevant) so it is not related to him. It is a germanic name which means something like “He who inherits the farm” if I am not mistaken. Hm, Huskies are beautiful animals. I am not that hairy, though

7. Ulrich, I know you're very much into teddy bears... So tell us about your passion for these impressive little monsters who never hesitate to scream "Heeeellloooo!".
How do you prefer them colored, pink? Yellow? Blue or white? And tell us the story about your very first Teddy bear! (We also want to know what he became)... I heard from trustful sources you're so much of a teddy bear maniac, that you even own ALL copies of the American fanzine SATAN STOLE MY TEDDY BEAR! It must be a very nice collection! Would you trade some (Double) copies against toys or something?

U: Let me tell you that your information sources are faulty, to say the least… but I would be interested in that fanzine as well!

8. Do you make music by yourself and did you record something worth the bile? Please, don't answer you're making purely vocalizing music, based on the structures or R'n'b, but strictly built on a basis of Death metal vocals that take both rhythmic and singing paths... That really wouldn't be nice from you (Ah ah)

U: No a capella vokill project from me, sorry! I actually have a bunch of old school Death Metal tracks up my sleeves which I started writing from 94 on. Unfortunately, I am an incredibly lazy bastard so that they still are on some shoddy tapes and in my mind but not properly recorded… time shall tell. I also do some non-metal stuff but as I do not believe in cross marketing I won´t name it here – hah!

9. Since you're not strictly into metal music, I'd like to know your opinion about what follows: Would you like to hear some INGURGITATING OBLIVION tunes remixed in an industrial or dark electronic meat grind? Do you think it could be an interesting option, and how would you like to sound? I know it wouldn't be easy to remix your tracks, since it's very fast and technical... It wouldn't really be easy to turn it into a groovy or martial way...

U: That could yield very interesting results! We never really thought about something like this for IO but the idea is cool. So far, nothing is planned but we will see… Concerning the outcome of such an experiment – it would depend strongly on the way of working with an Ingurgitating Oblivion song. I mean, treating the elements like riffs, drumbeats, vocals as a mere soundsource, twisting them in every imaginable and unimaginable way, similar to the raw material of a field recording or going for a more structured approach, retaining much or all of the characteristics of the source material. To answer the question what I would like to hear: Something well-thought, man!

10. What was the last album to kick your ass on a Death metal point of view? Do you still receive a lot of demos, and are you kinda impressed by the level of professionalism and quality of the bands? It seems many could have released an okey album few years ago, but things change... Things change... And there are fewer label to take risks, and the fans are always more and more picky concerning the production of the albums they decide to listen (Remember we listen to the music, not strictly and exclusively to the production)... How do you feel about these points and aren't you afraid you'll have to buy the services of a name (aka productor) to stick it on your album, and awake the interest of the fans one day? It's fucked, we're not in a fucking jet set and many peoples seem to forget it...

U: Uh, there are some dark gems for sure! Oustanding monuments are Headhunter D.C. – God´s Spreading Cancer, Necros Christos – Trivne Impurity Rites, Melektaus – Transcendence Through Ethereal Scourge. The Axis Powers album is also a fine fucker and I have to get the new Portal album!
About receiving demos… the last one which really impressed me was from a Spanish Funeral Doom act called Of Darkness – really oppressive and fucked up. I think they got signed by Xtreem now, so I should hurry up with the review, argh!

“Good” productions are relatively easy to achieve nowadays but writing good songs is still as challenging as it used to be.
Hm, I think it is save to say that we will NEVER rely on the name of a producer. The only thing that counts are his/her skills to capture the music appropriately and turn it into a crushing production. It is utterly stupid to hire a producer just because he has a shitty bit of scene fame… and just listen to most productions of the “big names” nowadays – they suck! I mean we got one or two bad reviews for “Voyage” because it wasn´t polished but “dirty on pupose” or something like that. How pathetic is that? In general, we are not in this for money or the fake recognition in high gloss magazines where you only get a review when your label pays expensive advertisement space.

11. Since you're a part of my new releases, a split CDr with 4 Death metal and brutal death band entitled "Reincremation", I will have to ask a special question so that peoples think there's a link between all of this, a very special concept, and feel so impressed that they influence their girlfriend with telepathy to make their underwears wet and immediately send it to me via Yousendit! Here we go: Ulrich, how' your life with the cult of reincremation? Why exactly do you prefer to reincremate things and not to simply burn it? Is it always better the second time? What were the most exciting thing you burnt? And the biggest?

U: When I was a child I burned some things but I won´t get into detail here, you nosy bastard! And now give me the matches back, please. By the way, cremation, both physical and spiritual, is the subject of one of our new songs so there is some kind of connection, even though nobody planned it.

12. I'd like to know why you exactly choose the vocals as a brutal instrument! Was it be cause of a lack of time to practice guitar, a lack of money to buy instrument (Or maybe you can actually handle a guitar and keep peoples respectful in front of you haha) and did you use to be a big growl-frightener? (You know, many Death metallers used to make strange noise in their first years of metal, while some peoples choose to also bother their classmates with the reeks of whatever comes from the inside, Death metallers were more respectful and choose only the sound... But what sounds! Disguted frogs assault... Undead invasion of voracious worms in the water-closets... Everything needed to make your beloved teacher afraid...). By the way, did you also use to table-drum as fuck and make little concerts as a little Pete Sandoval from hell who couldn't stop blasting as fuck to avoid every and any word escaping the mouth of the boring economy teacher?

U: It is the easiest thing plus I never have to bring equipment to gigs, harhar! No, actually I play guitar as well. I was approached by Florian after “Cadence…” was recorded in order to draw a logo for the band which just changed its name back then. Afterwards, I was asked if I would like to try out the position of the vocalist as both guitarists wanted to focus on their playing… and now I am here. So, I was the air-guitarist-type, you see? And when I was bored I was drawing Slayer logos on the school desks.

13. In case you'd have the choice between the two soundalikes, would you prefer the beer to reside inside of the bear, or to the contrary the bear to be in the beer? The last solution could create quite frightening metal situations, while the first one would remain ok... (As long as the bear doesn't fart acid beer in your face!). Anyway, we could always scream: WARNING! THERE'S A BEAR IN YOUR BEER!!! And the philosophical liturgy of the alcoholic bears could go on...

U: It would be neat if the bear would bear a beer for me. One could argue about the right to bear arms or the right to arm bears as well!

14. To keep on our diarrhoea in the beautiful words, I guess you know the metallic slogan: METAL ON METAL! But what does it mean exactly? Was it created by maniac metallers who collect any kind of metal releases, and so build piles of metal albums and so put METAL ON METAL? Or was it simply meant to sound more metal than metal?

U: Maybe something similar to BALLS TO THE WALLS? Actually, I don´t even want to think about that one, so let´s go back to what you asked… the big plus of that slogan is that it contains the word metal twice, therefore it is obviously more metal than metal alone because it it is metal and metal.

15. WE'RE DEAF, FUCK YOU! Do you like SADISTIK EXEKUTION? I have a tendency to prefer their older releases... Because the first one was quite good in a thrashy and fucked death metal style (Even though the sound was crappy) and the second one shew some quite technical ideas in the fucked world of mental discordance... The last ones sound brutal, fucked and everything, but there are so many noises and blasts at the same time that one couldn't really understand all the music, and appreciate their musicianship (Yes, they know how to play) and fucked compositions.... I occur to think it's a shame, what about you?

Yessss, Sad.Ex stink, therefore I worship them. I actually painted their logo on all my rotten boxer shorts so that I can fart at it. I agree to the most part – “Magus” is a classic piece of rotten Death Metal and their second album had these really great and fukked up schizoid slow parts that, sad as it is, never really showed up again in their other albums (apart from few exceptions).

16. This intervision is almost over, it's distro time! Tell us about the merchandising you currently have for sale! And what should peoples do to put their hands on these nice pieces of morbidity that hopefully won't fall into oblivion!

U:As of now, we only have cds and cdrs for sale… no shirts to decorate your filthy bodies. That may change, though. Maybe we will print some shirts this autumn as we will play this years Drachten Deathfest. Just check our website or myspazz profile for updates. We still have copies of the “Cadence…” demo and the “Harvest” split (containing the “Cadence” songs) left. “Voyage…” is also available directly from us, in case you don´t find it in your local distro/mailorder… and of course we have that 4-way split a certain French pervert released, hehe! You can get all these aural gems by dropping us a line, easy as that.

17. Thanx for the answers and have a nice bear!

U: Thanks for the interview, of course I was slow as fuck in replying on time but well, I think I gave answers that are shitty enough for your stupid questione, hehe.
Good luck with Nihilistic Holocaust in the future and drink some beers!


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