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 Here's a nice long chat I had with Kris/ Drummer of the very cool old school grindcore band INFANTICIDE! We both had about 2 free hours, so it was all done live in one take on a bitchware chat crap... no false image to be displayed, spontaneous discussion!

Gab: So you are from the Grindcore band INFANTICIDE/ Holland! How long ago did you form the band? Why did you chose to play Grindcore?

Kris: Yeah, i´m the drummer of the SWEDISH:) grindcore band INFANTICIDE. We formed back in 2002. We chose to play grindcore because we were very bored and felt that we had to do something creative! Since grindcore is the shit, it came naturally that we should play it!

Gab: Allright! Your Grindcore rather sounds old school! It's quite far from all the new school Grind like PIG DESTROYER, DISCORDANCE AXIS and the likes... you know the bands with lots of Hardcore and bizarre stuffs... Your music sounds much more like old NAPALM DEATH ad the likes! More simple, Straight to the fucking point! Are your rather into the old stuffs? Do you like new school Grind?

Kris: Yeah! I guess you could say that. The reason is that as we started out we said to each other that it should sound like plain, straightforward grind, rather than techincal grind! And and yeah! We listen to a lot of new school grind as well! I love Discordance axis!

Gab: "Technical grind" sounds strange in my hears... it was always meant to be raw and right in your face!  

Kris: Word.

Gab:  I mean most of these new bands loose much of the initial power of grind, while they win some quite interesting and original riffs... Do you think you would play such kind of things one day? Maybe when you'll be old... in about 10 years of BRUTAL GRIND!! It sounds rather like Brutal death to me... original brutality

Kris: Haha! almost every new band starts out playing quite simple but RAW music. Take Nasum for example, and then progresses into more complex music. Not having to be better than the original sound. I´m a slow writer..

Gab: Yes and NASUM were initially called NECRONY! They played quite simple kind of Gore death grind! Sure they have progressed a lot since then! Do you know NECRONY?

Kris: I know OF them but i haven´t heard them.

Gab: Okey! Sounds kinda like old SANITYS DAWN... cool band but not exceptional.
Your second demo is much more aggressive and brutal than the first one! That's cool! And something really reminded me of old PHOBIA! That might be the corrosive guitar sound, but the production as well... Is it intentional or not? Do you know old PHOBIA?

Kris: Yeah! William really did a great job when producing our second demo! We all like Phobia! Kind of an influence...

Gab: Ok. It reminds me the good old ealry PHOBIA releases like "All that remains" production wise... maybe more aggressive though. What about your main influences? Do you take mostly from the old records? Or are there some newschool old school Grind bands also kicking your ass brutally?

Kris: hmm.. Let´s see. Old Napalm Death is obviously an influence, as well as Brutal truth and carcass. Newschool oldschool bands like THE KILL and the likes also inspires us. We are also into crustpunk and fast hardcore!

Gab: Some BRUTAL TRUTH albums in particular?

Kris: Extreme conditions!

Gab: Héhéhé!! The best one in my hears!! Total old school Grindcore with killer riffs and catchy as hell tunes! Do you like their following CDs?

Kris: Yeah i  like those too!

Gab: Okey, it's a bit too weird for me... too strange and stoned probably... but you're from Holland!

Kris: Sweden!

Gab: Oooops sorry! I'm a badly informed webmaster! Ah Ah

Kris: hehe that´s allright


Gab: So the Swedish scene seems full of cool Grindcore bands! Right?

Kris: Yeah! it seems like we have tons of them!

You have NASUM!
ou have SAYYADINA!
Fucking shit!

Kris: Retaliation, Nasum and Gadget as well!

Gab: Ah!Sweden is also known for its old school Death metal! Are you into this kind of stuffs? There are good bands like REPUGNANT (R.I.P) and KAAMOS and more underground brutallers like NECROVATION for example

Kris: I have to confess to never having heard any of those bands. I think swedish oldschool Death is too slow..

Gab: Hu! héhé.. It's maybe too old school for you grinders? Ok. Maybe you prefer Brutal death like INSISION or SPAWN OF POSSESSION?

Kris: Yeah and Deranged! But i can only speak for myself. Maybe Johan and Simon would disagree with me.

Gab: Did you hear the new INSISION CD?

Kris: Yeah! I've heard it! Great shit!

Gab: Cool! But it's not fast enough! The first one was fastest! Very cool anyway.

Kris: Yup

Gab: So I guess you are not much into ENTOMBED héhé...

Kris: Nope, not that much of Dismember either.

Gab: Allright. Not the biggest fan of DISMEMBER either.
Coming back to INFANTICIDE: Who writes most of the music in the band? Everybody contributes?

Kris: Johan writes almost every riff, and then we all contribute in putting the songs together in the rehearsal room. Johan and i write the lyrics.

Gab: Concerning the drums, do you happen to change your rythms many times or is it always bound in stone? I mean new ideas pop up from here and there... Are there conflicts coz sometimes you play a rythms that do not please Johan?

Kris: I get inspiration from other drummers and find cool things that i could use in my own way, or i just try to think of this that would go with the context of the song. I rarely displease Johan with my drumming ideas. Nor does he displease me with riffs

Gab: (I played in a band with a drummer who was never happy... he always wanted us to change the riffs...I think drummers should shut the fuck up and blast! Haha)

Kris: Héhé.

Gab: Most of the grindcore drummers actually blast with a double bass drum! It's easier and not as tiring... but I read the guy from NASUM for exemple blasts with a single pedal!! How does it work for you? 1 or 2 bass drums?

Kris: On our first two demos i didn´t use a double-pedal, but i do nowadays. It really is easier and gets more powerful strokes

Gab: Okey. I always thougth the drummers were blasting with 1 pedal only... But you must have a good drum kit so that the two bass drums sounds equal, right? What kind of drumkit have you got?

Kris:  I have a pearl export. Nothing much really, it´s just grindcore :)

Gab: So would you play into some old style bands of HC/ Crust who have very simple drumkits... with a bass drum, a snare drum, and two cymbals...  It sounds even more simple than Grindcore it's... SIMPLE CORE! héhé!

Kris: That's kind of my kit!  A bass drum, a snare drum, three toms and two cymbals!

Gab: Then you have a double pedal for one basse drum... Uh! Your demo sounds more brutal than that!:-))

Kris: Well, great production i guess :)

Gab: Sure, it sounds RAW and CORROSIVE! Perfect for underground grindcore!


What's your opinion about Triggers? One could see a difference between the studio triggers and the live triggers...

Kris:  I´ve never used triggers when recording, so i wouldn´t know how much they are helping. I think it´s allright to use them if you think you need them. Never played triggers live either..

Gab: But some drummers are cheaters!!

Kris:  Yeah i guess some are :)

Gab: Some guys can't play their drumkit properly, and they use triggers to change their style but they aren't able to do that in reality! Uh.

Kris: Posers! =)

Gab:  SURE!! I know some guys who use triggers during gigs... it's really easier to have a better sound this way ...

Kris: It's probably better!

Gab: Anyway, it's quite trendy to say triggers sucks! So we'll skip this one! Did you play a lot of gigs? Are there a lot of peoples during the INFANTICIDE's moshpits assaults? Which bands did you play with? Hope it was at least metal bands...

Kris: I guess we have played a few, but never outside our area code :(
The amount of peoples depends... If the place for the show serve alcohol it tends to get moshy. Otherwize it´s kinda lame. We´ve played with mostly hardcore and punkbands, since its alot of that going down here: Reign of bombs, Tear it up, Gadget, Out cold and so on...

Gab: REIGN OF BOMBS sounds like a pretty cool band name! What kind of Hardcore is it?

Kris: kind of straightforward crusty-kind

Gab: Cool. It's what some call D-beat?

Kris:  yep

Gab: Okey. I'm not well aware of that shit... Is INFANTICIDE of any help for pussies?? ;-) Ah ahWell... If you want to fuck a chick, that could be nice to tell her: "COMMON, I PLAY IN INFANTICIDE AND I'LL FUCK YOU!!' Ah Ah!

Kris: I don´t think that would work :-/

Gab: héhé... Never say a bitch you play in a brutal band... Unless it's a goth bitch... Uh!! Are there a lot of Goth bitches in Sweden? ^_^

Kris: Hehe. I wouldn´t know, since i don´t hang out with any of them!

Gab: Ok. It seems it's not as trendy as in France! You can see Goth bitches everywhere in the streets!

Kris: Maybe not

Gab:  The worst is with nu metal teenagers who think they are evil! lol

Gab: Grindcore always had a good portion of Crustcore! And you have some good punching energy in the old way as well! What kind of pure Crust bands do you like? Do you know DISRUPT, old EXTREME NOISE TERROR , DOOM! But it's rather old shit... are there newer Crust bands actually? The biggest bands in the style everybody listens to??

Kris: I like those you mentioned as well as Dropdead, Mob 47, Krigshot, Hellnation and so on! Yeah there are newer crustcore bands! At least in sweden...

Gab: Cool! Is there a difference between crustcore and crustpunk?

Kris: I think thats the same thing?

Gab: I guess. lol. Maybe DOOM was crust punk coz it was more punk, while DISRUPT sounds more powerfull.

Kris:  Maybe.

Gab: Who knows.  How long have you been listening to underground music?

Kris: Six years maybe...

Gab: Do you read paper fanzines or only webzines?

Kris: I read the paper fanzines i get a hold of! It´s harder to get though...

Gab: Argh! It's almost a damnation! Are there few paper zines in Seden? You could quote them?

Kris: This is a question more suited for Simon, really.... I´m very bad at namedropping fanzines.

Gab: Okey. What are your fave Webzines? Maybe www.goregrind.net?

Kris: I like Attack! fanzine and evigt lidande alot. Both swedish :) And yeah, goregrind is great

Gab: Sure... Swedish webzines are cool... but its all written in Swedish... héhé

What about the lyrics of INFANTICIDE? It's probably social lyrics! What does it deal with?

Kris: We started out with gore-lyrics, but we´ve progressed into more social and Hateful lyrics, yes. It's mostly about things we hate!

Gab: I was going to ask your opinion about gore lyrics... would be a bit fucked up. lol

Kris: I like it. It´s just not for us!

Gab: Do you write your lyrics in a special state of mind? (boredom, pissed off...) or do you write lyrics full of reflection, in a hateful matter?

Kris: Usually i sit alone infont of my computer in the middle of the night and write them! Inspiration seems to come at night. I´m very often pissed off when i write!

Gab: Yeah! Inspiration and deeper thoughts better comes in the night!
Do you think Grindcore is metal? or a part of metal?

Kris: No. I think it´s some kind o mixture between punk and raw metal, forming it´s own genre.

Gab: ok. Do you think Goregrind has something to do with Hardcore?

Kris: No that feels very distant!

Gab: Okey. Do you know CELTIC FROST? They used to call their music Hardcore back in the years 84-85.

Kris: Again. HEARD OF. Never heard

Gab:Argh. Ok! And they had quite Hardcore and punk inluences even if it was pure metal! Almost crust riffs by moments :-)

Kris: Ok. I know alot of Black metal bands are inspired by them!

Gab: Coming back to the inspiration... Do you draw or paint some things? The night is a good inspiration for these stuffs

Kris: I used to draw. I actually took three years of art classes in school, but i realized i wasn´t very good at it.

Gab: Lol. I had kind the same problem... Wanted to work into artworks for videogames... but you must have a lot of talent for this...

Kris: haha! I draw logos, though. I drew our new one!

Gab: Ah!! Logos are cool as fuck! But I always sucked at it! It was simply unreadable! Total gore of complex... but looking like nothing... else than BATMAN!! héhé Did you draw logo for some other bands?

Kris: No.

Gab: Did the INFANTICIDE musicians play in other bands before?

Kris: Numerous unserious bands. IFTC was the first real one! I started drumming about when we recorded our first demo.

Gab: What's your opinion about Mp3s? We're actually chatting on an Mp3 sharing software... but we know it kinda kills the music to burn all these albums and trade Mp3s like hotcakes... Are you for or against MASSIVE MP3 DOWNLOADS?

Kris: I like mp3s, because i get to hear alot of new bands that i never should have heard otherwise! Also, it is a great way to get your own music out to people.

Gab: And fuck off all these labels?? AH Ah!
In fact there were no labels at the beginning... so it could comeback to tape trading... or at least Mp3s exchange... without any label! D'ya think it would work?

Kris: Mp3s hurts mostly super-rich people like Metallica anyways. Real musicians that are in it for the music take no harm. Yeah that would be great fuck the capitalist labels. DIY!!

Gab: FUCK THEM ALL!! I read in a computer mag, some full of money businessmen are complaining of all the Mp3s and on the other hand they release more Hardware Mp3 players! What the fuck is that???

Kris: Bullshit is what it is!

Gab: I mean, the society is SONY. They take legal actions against peoples, but on the other hands they have portable players and shits... Total contradictions! They will even stop the copycontrol shits on their audio CD.

Kris: Theyre idiots. That´s what it comes down to.

Gab: Ah! Wait a minute... I smoke a Cigarette and I come back!

Kris: me too! Hang on!

(Few minutes kater)

Gab: Do you know the band CANCER? haha! They should die from CANCER ;-)

Kris: hehehe!

Gab: What's the most frightening music you ever heard?

Kris: Frightening like "bad"music?

Gab: Nope, like good but terryfing! Something that makes you afraid...

Kris: hmm... I don´t find music very frightening, but there are some that make me kinda sad. Lyricwise. Angstridden hardcore for an example! Thing you can relate to...

Gab: What are you doing in your daily life? job? school?

Kris:  Right now i´m out of work and desperately searching for a new one, but things look quite bad.

Gab: Ok. Is Beer an important thing for INFANTICIDE? Does it help for music's inspiration?

Kris: VERY important :)    Sometimes, maybe...

Gab: héhéhé... Allright! Can you play drums when you are drunk?

Kris: You seem to get alot of "great" ideas when youve had a few beers... But no, I get totally slow when i drink

Gab: Okey... and maybe these ideas are that great... lol
Slow like... sludge?? Doom? What about hash?

Kris: I don´t do hash. Sometimes sludge and Doom can be good.

Gab:  Okey. I played in a Grind band... we were smoking a lot... it was very cool... but not really serious due to H! Do you listen other music than Hardcore/ Extreme metal and the likes?

Kris: Hmm. recently i´ve been listening to Ice-cube and NWA =) But it´s mostly hard music. I like synth music like Kraftwerk and S.P.O.C.K though

Gab: Some Hardcore rap might be cool... but not my cup of beer either.
I see on your profile NAPALM DEATH "Harmony corruption" is one of your 5 fave releases! Did you hear some of their side projects?  They did some very various things like Noise industrial or alternative rock... Do you think it's cool, or are you rather against it?

Kris: Okey. Wich bands do you mean? I know about Lockup with Shane. I think it´s alright!

Gab: Lock Up have some good tracks!

Kris: "Hate breeds suffering" kicks as!!

Gab: There was MEATHOOK SEED, and "few" others I don't remember at the moment... Do you know GODFLESH? The master of industrial chaos!!

Kris: Johan really likes Godflesh! I haven´t heard that much...

Gab: If you like depressive and chaotic metal, you should try it! Some albums have really dark chaotic and shredded riffs more mechanical, eventhough it's not fast, but always metal!

Kris: Okey, i will check it out.

Gab: "Streetcleaner" is very chaotic! Sounds like the end of this rotten world! The GODFLESH guitarist was playing in the beginnings of NAPALM DEATH... he plays guitars on the first side of "SCUM"! Does it say enough? ;-)

Kris: Johan has been talking about "Streetcleaner"! Maybe it´s worth checking... Ahh ok!

Gab: It might take a while to understand it

Kris: Lee dorrian started candlemass too

Gab: héhéhé! Cathedral :P

Kris: oops!

Gab: Lol. Candlemass was more melodic if I remember well...

Kris: Embarresed... you see? I´m not very familiar with that slow shit =)

Gab: no problem... Neither do I.
You're probably into Mick Harris' kind of drumming!

Kris: Yeah, best drummer ever!

Gab: héhé! It was totally killer, with the fucking ideas at the right moment. Did you hear what he did after NAPALM DEATH? Very strange stuffs indead

Kris:  I love how crasy he looked when he played too! yeah i heard about that

Gab: The backcover of "From enslavement" is great! Few drummers actually headbang while playing ;-)

Kris: I couldn´t take it!

Gab: Must be hard... I dunno how he did that... he was maybe too stressed...? Did you hear about MOTLEY CRUE's drummer? I heard his drumkit war rotating during gigs lol


Gab: I mean the bass drums going from up and high, and he was playing inside out if I'm not wrong. ^_^
Do you like some Black metal bands? Some have fast drummers!

Kris: I like alot of BM bands. Frost of Satyricon and 1349 are really fast, and blasts with one foot too!

Gab: SATYRICON "Nemesis Divina" have some strong drum patterns! You're probably not a DARKTHRONE fan, uh?

Kris: I actually like them!

Gab Okey, I meant for the drummer.

Kris: hehe, nah, but that´s their style! slow and grim..

Gab: What's the worst drummer you heard? Some are really shitty... but they record CDs !! like.... DARKTHRONE??? Ah Ah!

Kris: I know what you mean. I can´t really think of anyone, but i hate when theres no variation. Concerning Darkthrone, Like i said. Thats their style. Apart from the drumming, the music is cool.

Gab: Okey... Just saying that coz their drummer was super skiller on their first (Death metal) album and then he became very simple and grim. strange thing.

Kris: I guess he figured being a good drummer wasn´t being true :)

Gab: Now I have an embarassing question to ask you! I'll ask to answer in full honnesty! What about NU METAL?? Do you like some of it?

Kris: No i can´t think of any Nu.metal that i like.. Maybe one song with slipknot where they grind. Does hatebreed count as new metal?

Gab: Hmmm, not really. It's more metalcore, if I don't mistaken.

Kris: Good, cuz i kinda like them.

Gab: I think they were here before Nu crap... Héhé!

Has Chili Con carne an important place in the matter of your infanticidal compositions? I mean some Chili is damn hot and burning, so some pregnant women shouldn't eat that crap for brutally abortive reasons! Uh? Would you use BRUTAL CHILI for your need of global and radical infanticide?

Kris: That would certainly be an option in fulfilling our goal of aborting every fetus on the planet, yes!

Gab: In a matter of killing children, are you rather a direct and brutal bastard who kills both the mother and the unborn baby at the same time, or are you rather a thought guy who prefers to make things slowly! HAILZ THE VICIOUS TORTURE!! Do you rather give some acid beer or toxic drinking to the mother so that she slowly but surely infects the developping baby inside of here?

Kris: I think I would feed her drugs so that she becomes a junkie and commits suicide whilst giving birth to her crack-addict son. Then i´d kill him!

Gab: Hmmm... sounds like you prefer to wait until the fukker actually lives and suffers for a few years!Ah!

Kris: hahaha. yeah...

Gab: It's even more suffering! NO WASTE OF GOOD SUFFERING!
In your opinion, what would be the best way to kill the unborn in the inside of the mother? (Maybe flesh ripping Acid? Toxic Hash? Gangrenous food?)

Kris: All of the above! Simultaneously!

Gab: Fucking shit!! Do you think the mother would survive? lol Keep in mind she's a nice looking bitch and an intense fucking party would be a cool thing. ^_^

Kris: Haha! I don´t have a clue. I´m not that much of a killer, really!

Gab: Really? But who are you thinking about when you hit the drumkit as a nervous bastard?? (Teachers: Go to bed. Employeers: Deeply Hide in the W.C!)

Kris: "FASTER,FASTER!!!!!"

Gab: Allright! You are a motivated son of bitch! ;-)

Kris: Sometimes!

Gab: Lol. Lazyness doesn't help much than beerdom... unfortunately.

Kris: Yep.

Gab: By the way, why did you choose INFANTICIDE? as a band's name?

Kris: Johan came up with it years ago. We always thought i sounded kinda cool, and it´s also an Assuck song. So we used it!

Gab: Okey! Do you know what's the difference between Grindcore and Powerviolence? I never really got it...

Kris: I really don´t know. Some bands call their music powerviolence, and others call theirs grind. It´s all brutal so why divide it?

Gab: True... I thought to think some Powerviolence band sound more screamy and aggressive... but well... maybe a bit more CORE in the mind? basically it's the same kind of Grinding Crust

Kris: Yeah, probably more core.

Gab: Do you like Noisegrind? Noise and craps like ANAL CUNT?

Kris: Anal cunt is great. Arsedestroyer is greater.

Gab: Ok. not my cup of beer.
Tell us everythings about your love for the REEK HOT CHILI POOFTERS! Are you Hot and gay, or do you eat so much Chili crap incarnated you find yourself boozed up and sing some mighty GAY HOT CHILI POOFTERS Tunes with a microphone in your ass? Ah AH

Kris: yes.

Gab: So you are a Brutal Chili eater?

Kris: I like to think so!

Gab: Do you think Chili would have a place in Grindcore? Or rather GORE Grind? What kind of food would symbolize Grindcore? Goregrind? Crustcore Same question with beers (if possible...)

Kris: Sure! Chili could have a place in grind and crust. I guess you could swallow a bowl of it before going on stage. For energy. Also, chili could be a great substitute for bowels on goregrind-covers. Ahh! And beer is always beer. Essential when making music

Gab: So CARCASS weren't scientists, as they said, but cooks! Hu! Specialized in Chili and very hoot meats ^_^

Kris: Hahaha. Maybe!

Gab: They probably didn't say that because EARACHE would have had to change their name to STOMACH-ACHE to follow the Cult goregrinding stomachal concept! of Bill and friends!

Kris: Yep!


Kris: Hahaha.


Kris: That would have been great!!

Gab: Héhé. I read you will release an Ep quite soon! Tell us more about it! Will this be new tracks?

Kris: The "Lunacy" ep is out now on Yellow dog records. It´s a remastered reissue of our second demo. It´s a killer and everyone should own it!

Gab: Cool! Will try to get my hands on a copy of it! Eps are cool as hell!!
What will be the future plans for INFANTICIDE? Gigs? A new demo?

Kris:  A full-length is planned to be released on Yellow dog as well. We are currently writing new songs for that one. We´ll probably record it sometime this winter.

Gab: Cool! Any cover song scheduled?

Kris: We're thinking about covering a DESTROY song. We have one in mind

Gab: Ok! This chat is almost finished! Thanks for your times and answers! Keep on grinding your drumkit the brutal way! Greetings! Add anyting you want to conclude!

Kris: Thanks alot for doing this interview with me! Keep up the good work! I´m currently drumming with the emo-crushing band GET IN MESS UNIT. And Simon is playing bass with local crustband DIGITAL DÖDSMASKIN. Check that out too! CHEERS!!


Website: http://www.infanticideterrorunit.tk