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1. Hello! Can you introduce IMMORALIST to the readers? Tell us about the important points of the band's existence and anything good to begin in immorality.

Greetings Nihilistic Holocaust! We are very glad, that you web-zine has paid us attention. Immoralist was formed in June 2003 in small town in Northern Urals Mountains Russia. Anton (guitar) and Evgenie (drummer) is the group founders. Artem (guitar) joined the band a year later. After infinite changes in 2006 joined Vitaly (vocal) and Konstantin (bass), early playing in death metal act called Mind Shadow. And since this moment we have actively started to compose the songs and to play live. Three moments in our existence will be the most important, perhaps, is an idea of creation of band, definitive formation of constant lineup and release of our first album "Progressive Demise".


2. How wold you call your kind of metal? Technical death? Technical thrash? Have you got a particular way to sticker your music and attract peoples' attention? Could it be any «old school», or it’s just what it is?

The basic structure of our songs is generated by two people and each of them has a special sight at stylistics of metal riffs. For example, Anton more gravitates to melodic passages, but Konstantin, on the contrary, tries to bring more brutal approach in track creation. As a result we receive a mix from thrash and death metal with shades of some melodic. And how much it’s technical - to judge to our listener. Certainly, any modern metal music however was it called (metalcore or brutal death grind), has roots of "old-school» that as well has not bypassed us. It is an indisputable fact though also many with it will disagree.


3. Your compositions contain quite a lot of riffs and different ideas... How long does it take to compose a full song and make every riffs fit together? Do you work on a track at the time and wait until it's finished, or you always have various songs in progress? What’s the best way to compose a complicated serenade in your opinion?

The basic guitar stuff is composed at home. Then on rehearsal we join the parts together in the song, composed drums and after that vocalist begin to write a text. But final step its arrangement. We add something, delete, or alter some rhythms. On a song leaves 4 - 5 rehearsals. Sometimes, the unfulfilled track is postponed, while at us does not appear fresh ideas. At this time we are working at another following composition. Perhaps, it is the most effective method for us.


4. Is it easy to find peoples to play this kind of music in Russia? Would that explain the band was created in 2003 and nothing was released before 2008? Or you waited until everything was right before releasing something?

In the big cities there is no problems with good musicians, but in a small country towns, as ours, they really deficiency. People play easier styles of music, or they simply do not have time or desire to play that kind of music. It's became a reason of constant changes in our lineup. But in 2006 all became on the place and we have begun work on music and to play live on local gigs.


5. "Progressive demise" seems to be your only recording (At least metal-archives doesn't inform me much about your discography). Can you tell me more about this recording? Why did you initially release it by yourselves? You never recorded anything like a demo before? Maybe you played under another moniker or in other bands who recorded something? (If so, was it the same kind of metal, or a strong evolution has occurred?)

Yes, it is our first record. We never think about some demo. We consider that it is better to give all forces on record album with a 9-10 tracks. We think that demo with 3-4 songs since it will not open all potential of Immoralist to our listeners. Besides, we thought, that large labels in our country, having received our album, maybe will publish "Progressive Demise". But not. Only the answer -it is not our format of music. In Russia the big labels are not interested in cooperation with young and unknown bands and we decide to let out an album by own strength.
You ask for more info about our album?
Our designer Tatyana Vetrova who has helped us with CD booklet took part in a recording of "Euphoric". She has agreed to sing some parts in this track. In Progressive Demise We used sample, a monologue of one of heroes of The Matrix for complete perception of a head track in album. At last we have not forgotten about cult group "Death" to which has decided to pay a respect, having record a cover on "Without Judgement".


6. This record was re-released by WINGS OF DESTRUCTION Records, was it a welcomed help and did you notice an improvement of the promotion? Will you search for more labels to release your music in the future, or "Do it yourself" is a good solution in your opinion? (It has positive aspect such as total control, total knowledge of what happens...)

Our vocalist already co-operated earlier with Wings Of Destruction with his brutal project "Phlebotomy", and in search of worthy promotion has send our stuff to this promo-label in hope for positive review on Immoralist. Tiran (boss of WOD) liked our material, and he has decided to take us under his wings, and we are at present happy with its work. We are always glad to offers of the labels and are opened for cooperation with them. But we do not support the imposing to group any standards.


7. You seem to have quite "old school" tastes concerning the technical sides of thrash and Death metal... In your music I hear some DEATH, touches of ATHEIST, other less known bands in the genre, and maybe even some MEKONG DELTA... What do you think about the current technical kinds of metal? Don't you feel it has became a bit hard to digest, and sometimes comes with a so clear and plastic production that the metal atmosphere disappears? Are you nostalgic of an era, or just not really concerned by some newer musics?

Yes, that’s right! In our music there are many shades of various bands, but thus we develop our personal style and comparison us with such monsters of death metal to us very flatters.


8. What were the most important bands that defined the soul and stronger tendencies of IMMORALIST? What were your stronger influences and most important records?

The biggest influence to Immoralist has rendered the music of Chuck Schuldiner. In any metal genres there are many bands which like us. The basic criterion is qualitatively played music and correct presenting of the material.
Atheist-Unquestionable Presence
Sceptic-Internal Complexity
Slayer-Reign In Blood
Coroner-Punishment For Decadence
Mekong Delta-Music of Erich Zann
These albums - standards for modern technical death/thrash metal groups.


9. Some old technical death metal bands were reformed these last years... There are ATHEIST and CYNIC for the most famous. What do you think about this kind of come-backs? Do you think these old bands can return, more than 10 years later, and make something good enough? Did you hear the last CYNIC album and if so what do you think about it?

Returning of old legendary bands is conclusive plus for a today's metal-scene. These people stood at sources of the style, and on returning after 10 years their music has not lost urgency and looks very adequately against modern metal players. The last album of Cynic as example. Many of us expected repetition of album Focus, but the Paul and his company have preferred to go deep in Fusion and they have shown to all that group is full of innovative ideas.


10. Who made the cover of your record? It has a nice atmosphere... Why didn't you use a black and white drawing made by your little sister, in some cases it's said to be more necro (Ah Ah), but I’m not certain such kind of art-puke would fit your music… Speaking about art, can you advice us some old (Or new?) Russian painters who did some very obscure, cataclysmic or bizarre works?

In one of Russian metals-magazines we have seen Olga Golubeva's artwork. Work was pleasant to us, and we have decided to ask her for the help in cover creation. We have in details described that we wish to see on a cover, but did not begin to clamp creative potential and imagination of the artist in any frameworks. After a while work has been finished and has satisfied us on 100 %. The picture has been made in color, because we play not so gloomy music and there is no meaning to drown the cover in black-white tones. And that about an art in modern Russia, we, unfortunately, not in forces to prompt. Maybe Internet helps you))) Sorry)))


11. Now let’s talk about your lyrics: What does it deal with? Are there particular subjects that often come back or is it quite varied? I'd like to know the content and meaning of "Paved roads to abstractions" in particular.

The lyrics, basically, reflects sharp social problems of a society. Terrorism, environmental contamination, narcotic addiction, thought freedom. In one of texts we described causes and effects of children's violence and cruelty in relation to world. Certainly, we have not avoided history of our country. Cult of personality of Stalin and proletariat dictatorship.


12. The quality of Russian metal records has improved through the decades (I remember years ago underground Russian Death metal didn't have a very good sound, and some bands suffered from very raw sounding records). Do you think the reasons of this improvement could be: The economic situation to be better in Russia (?), the Russian metal scene is more organized, or it's simply easier to record something decent with a computer? Can you advice us other Russian bands who play the same kind of technical metal than you do?

Russian metal-scene earlier very strongly lagged behind a foreign scene. The notorious Iron Curtain of the USSR was already open in 80-s' years, but nevertheless metal the scene remained in a deep underground. If in the USA and Europe, in the beginning 90, there was dawn Death Metal in Russia during this period only arose Thrash. But one of features of our country is a fast development. Already by the end of 90-s' there are many groups playing every possible metal and quality of music became 10 times more professional. To the beginning of this century already all was equaled. The situation has exchanged: there was a set of the sound recording studios equipped by last word technicians. Almost all had computers. If on studio there is no money, there is a possibility to make record in house conditions. The Internet gives the chance to send the stuff throughout the world and every metelhead may download the Russian bands, about Russia starts to learn all world and it is pleasant, that other countries start to support ours metal scene! There are many bands which play qualitative music. For example- Hieronymus Bosch, Scrambled Defunct, Human Device, Arhideus, Teoria, Monumental Torment, Damage Dealers and more and more…. But one of pioneers were Aspid, Already in the beginning 90-s' they played a technical thrash the higher test!


13. What do you think about?
-Control Denied.

First of all it is improvisation and very difficult musical current.

-Industrial/ Noise music in Russia.
In Russia, now, all is, but we are not interested in such music.

Chernobyl’s accident has shown to world that such an atomic energy. It is occasion to think about consequence of nuclear war. For today, this force is not subject to humanity. All now have understood that in inept hands this force can destroy all worlds.

-French music, or France in general.
France it first of all history! The dynasty of kings, a culture Dawn, revolution, the Bastille, Guillotine, fashion capital, football, a cinema, a place where wishes to leave each woman. As to music - Gorod, Aggressor, Massacra, Anorexia Nervosa and many other good things... 

-Peoples who come to life without sex (Not male, not female).
Aha! People Not male, not female! They have big eyes, they of 2 meters in height, the skin grey! Oh my God!!! Is Aliens! They try to capture our planet and to transform us into slaves! Somebody help us! ))) 

-Retro peoples who use the Internet as few as possible.
Maybe it is good. Just imagine the person who even orders food and clothes through the Internet. The world around is not interesting to him. Everything that attracts - computer. So there pass years and human will turn to a vegetable! Internet will dominate and manipulate our personality. If all people will be live like that all world turns into chaos))) 


14. What are the future projects of IMMORALIST? Have you got particular plans or something to announce to the readers? Feel free to conclude the interview a way or another…

At present day we work at new material and soon we will begin record of the second album. Also, in parallel, we made a clip on Terror Is Your Name track. In plans also to рlay live on some metal gigs.
And we wish to thank all readers of Nihilistic Holocaust and all metalheads throughout the world! Viva, France! Keep support metal music and Stay brutal!


  Web page: http://www.myspace.com/immoralistband