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The guys from GOTHIC have released their 2nd MCD and each time their music sounds more professional, I wanted to know more so Iíve done this interview with XELA (Bass/ vocals).

NIHIL: How did the band form? Is there a lot of death metallers in your country? Introduce GOTHIC to our readers.

XELA: Well, for those who donít know GOTHIC, the gang formed in 1992-93, we released out 2 Demo tapes and a MCD called ę BCFEA Ľ in 1996 (That is a success). Our new CD ę Prelude to killing Ľ is out since the 18th december of 1997. For the country itís not bad, but itís not fantastic, finally we canít really complain!

NIHIL: This is a long time since youíve released your MCD, what have you been doing?

Not really a long time! Itís out since 1996. Since then we worked a lot about ę Relude to killing Ľ, our new CD and we had to find a new drummer!

NIHIL: How would you qualify your brutal music? What are your fave bands? 10 times favorite albums?

Too many favorite albums, itís difficult, too difficult. We like Ragga, Trip hop, Teckno, Bossa nova and Death metal. So I think you want Death metal names like RUPTURE, FLESHGRIND, NAPALM DEATH, SIX FEET UNDER, FAST FORWARD. I love the last KREATOR and I am a big fan of PROTECTOR! For our music I donít know really. I will talk about Death core with some other touches, in the future we hope to do somethings new, we have to give a new breed to the Death metal scene!

NIHIL: Are you a necrophiliac? Would you like to fuck a dead body? Which hole would you prefer?

XELA: I am not into this kinds of stupidity, If I tell you the inverse I am a lier!

NIHIL:  Happy with the way the  "Brutal conditions for extreme alchemy" MCD turned out? What would you change if you had to do it again? Did it sell well?

XELA: Well, weíve sold over 2000 copies of it around the world! If I could change something, yeah! Maybe 1 or 2 titles! Like ę beyond truth Ľ that is not my fave title to play!!! But I love ę Ever free never die Ľ, you know it has been a death metal french hit! We are proud of it!

NIHIL: The fifth song is a remix buy a guy from TREPONEM PAL, what does it mean? I donít find it necessary.

XELA: We did it for us, itís a joke between us and D. from TREPONEM PAL, and thatís all. We did it at the end of the CD, if you donít like it you can start the CD again at the first song!

NIHIL: Donít you think the title of the MCD sounds a lot like the Butal truth first albumís one? Is it volunteer? Do you like the new BRUTAL TRUTH?  

XELA: I donít really like BRUTAL TRUTHís new albums. For the ę BCFEA Ľ CD title, itís unvolunteer, but you arenít the first who say it to us! I hope that when peoples hear our music, they find it different from rather Death metal bands because we want to do our own thing!

NIHIL: Donít you think a more putrid name would have been better for the band? when I first read the name I asked myself what kind of music you were playing.

XELA: Yeah! Itís wanted, for a new death metal breed. We have to start changing names, and music, you know. If a guy donít know Death metal and see GOTHIC at his metal shop he sais OK, cool, letís try it! But personnally if I see a putrid name on a CD, I laugh! And I will think that itís shit and trendy guys, itís my standpoint! I think that cadaveric names belong to past. Itís not terrific anymore, itís ridiculous!

NIHIL: Do you think an elephant or another creature listening to GOTHIC would entice your attention?

XELA: Yeah for sure!

NIHIL: What do you basically like in grind death music? How did your idea of playing this kind of stuff come?

XELA: As I said I donít like only Death and Grind, when we started 6 years ago I was 12 years old and I loved brutality and we waited all and quickly now itís a hatred against all peoples, but a pacifist hatred!
I hope that mentalities will change about our music style. If I like Grind and Death metal musics, itís because itís direct, true and has got a killer style!

NIHIL: Do you like gore movies? Would you play in a movie?

XELA: Yes, I find it funny! I will start to do a film with some friends in 1998, itís not a gore film, but more about ... drugstrafics and things like that! I am a bad dealer in this movie! I think it will be an interesting experience for me and the band because we will do the original songs for this film.

NIHIL: I heard somewhere you had problems with your drummer RONY, what has happened?

XELA: He disappeared in 1996. We are without any news from him at that time!

NIHIL: What do you know about Brazil?

XELA: No a lot of things, we have 2 deals over there but we have some fans in Brazil. I love Bossa nova music like Chico Buarque. I know that Brazil have difficulties, a lot of misery and unemployement.

NIHIL: In France, lots of bands are putting atmospheric things and various influences into their death metal so it can be accessible. What do you think of the french scene? Favorite french bands? Any good contacts?

XELA: Yeah, the french scene is great! For trendies we have an overdose at it. Like good bands I can tell you about INHUMATE, APOPLEXY, KRISTENDOM, FAST FORWARD and all the parisian mafia underground. In general cool bands contain cool guys and itís the case for these bands! I could tell you over 10 or 20 others bands' names.

NIHIL: What do you think about extermination of the nuns?

XELA: I donít really care! I donít fuck with devil and christ is shit for me!

NIHIL: What do you recommend to new bands who begin to play?

XELA: Do your things, be your own producers and continue until your time, if you work hard, you will win!

NIHIL: Wich bands would you like to tour with?

XELA: A ton of bands, I think about NAPALM DEATH, They are cool guys and we didnít played with them until there... It will be fun!

NIHIL: I know youíve got an album, is it recorded? When will it be released? What are the differences between the CD and the MCD?

XELA: Itís not an album, itís a new MCD but with a full color booklet and a more huge production, itís called ę Prelude to killing Ľ . We worked hard on it. I hope it will be a success like ę BCFEA Ľ, maybe better, it will be great to sell we 3000 or 4000 copies around the world. It contains 5 new songs we worked with Didier Tillit our mantor and D. from TREPONEM PAL. Itís powerfull, intense, brutal, raw, melodic. I love it! We are very proud of it, the price is 10$ for a fist at the new Death metal generalities!

NIHIL:  What do you think of zines and radioshows?

XELA: Without them, GOTHIC wouldnít exist.


XELA: Apart from NAPALM DEATH and MERCYLESS, I donít  really know the other new bands' albums, but all bands you noticed are great!

NIHIL: Have you got a last message for the french necrofuckers?

XELA: Yeah, just write us and buy our new MCD, enter in the mafia underground!