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  ENGULFED Interview - Obscure death metal from Turkey

   ENGULFED Interview - Obscure death metal from Turkey


1. Hello. What kind of good morbid things happened in the world of ENGULFED recently? What should the cryptic readers learn before they keep on decrypting these words?

Hello G. First of all I would like to thank you for this interwiev and my apologizes for the late in answering the questions. We've just finished our European tour and it was great. The album was released a few months ago, and we already started to compose new material.


2. Your first album "Engulfed in obscurity" was released a few months ago. How would you compare the new compositions to those of your first MCD "Through the eternal damnation" ? There has been a lapse of 5 years between the two releases, so one might wonder if there is an evolution a way or another. The first track to be heard in preview on your bandcamp page sounds heavier and thicker, will this be the same style for the entire album?

We really worked hard on this release, 5 years is too much time, you know. When I compare the music, it's darker, faster, more evil and full of hatred. Yes, the entire album is in the same style than the first song. Full of different riffs and not repeating the songs itself.


3. How long did it take to compose this album? Was it a matter of months or years? What are the main ideas and morbid energies hiding behind these new cryptic compositions? Is it better to listen to ENGLUFED at night in total darkness, or the environment doesn’t matter?

You have to turn off the sun mate, hahaha! I think it took a few years working on it. The main concepts are darkness, hell, chaos, anti-human/anti religion and Satanism.

ENGULFED Interview - Obscure death metal from Turkey

4. Would you say your music is more influenced by American or European Death metal? Are you generally into the old or newer bands? (There are so many new kicking bands that some metallers might listen only to new bands...)

It is mixed between the American and European styles. We don't limit ourselves thinking "Don't be in the Us style or Eu style". We are just writing the songs as we are inspired. Morbid Angel is the main reason why Engulfed was created.


5. Where does the ENGULFED name come from? Are there a lot of caverns and tunnels in Turkey? (I know this question could sound a bit silly...). How do you say "Engulfed" in Turkish? Do you think lyrics in Turkish could be a good idea?

In the beginning, the name of the band was "Engulfed in Obscurity", but we changed to "Engulfed" as we thought we could use "Engulfed in Obscurity"  for an album title.
Lyrics in Turkish might be interesting, but it would be a problem for us in this country.


6. Before ENGULFED there was another Death metal band called BURIAL INVOCATION. Should it be seen as the same band under another name, or as a different entity? In your point of view, what are the main differences in the style and essence?

Engulfed is totally different from Burial Invocation. The songs, the lyrics, the ideology are totally different.

ENGULFED Interview - Obscure death metal from Turkey

7. Every country has metal legends and stories. Can you tell us about the first metal and the first Death metal bands in Turkey?  Did they appear in the 80's or in the 90's? Are there cult old local bands everyone talks about and respects in Turkey? The only ones I know are CENOTAPH (Brutal death) and ASAFATED (Death metal), but I don't know if they were important for the Turkish scene...

Yes, we respect the bands who are real metal legends, and not posers or fake metal heads... We respect good bands like Cenotaph, Asafated, Death Room, Suicide and Corroded. Everybody respects them in Turkey.


8. What can you tell me about the Turkish postage service? I used to trade with a few guys from there, and one told me it was very disorganized and really lacked of serious... Apparently if you don't have a P.O. Box in the biggest city (Istanbul) the postmen won't bother bringing the letters to your house... Do you confirm this fact, or a Turkish guy had a bit too much of imagination?

Actualy you don't need to rent a P.O. Box. It's all about the weight and the receipt. I think the limit is around 30€ or something. For example, Hellthrasher records sent our cd's without boxes and it was stucked at the customs... I went there, paid some fucking taxes, and I could take it off. If it's just for a few cd's or shirts, the postmen bring it to your house directly.


9. I believe most of peoples in turkey are muslim. Since your music has a quite satanic nature, we could wonder if this satanism/ anti-religion is targeted towards Christianity or your home-land's religion... This could bring a different perspective, there are European satanists who scream against Christianity, while Christianity is not strong, and even quite weak, since a long time...

You can't find anything about Christ in our lyrics. We are against all religions, not only Islam or another one, all of them. We are against all religions (mostly Islam), humanity, earth and the universe. We support total chaos, death and evil. That's all.


10. The musicians of ENGULFED are active in various other metal bands, but do you also use other kinds of art to channel your energies and tumultuous expressions? This could be painting, drawing, sculpting...

Nope, just Engulfed. We don't have too much time to spend on other things. We are all working and we are spending all our free time with Engulfed.

ENGULFED Interview - Obscure death metal from Turkey

11. What does Death metal mean for you? Now in 2017, it seems everyone wants to play "Death metal" or to be labelled as "Death metal" while it's not really their style... It sometimes seems the genre has become another product, some labels pay their bills selling only "Death metal" all the day... Doesn't it lack of spiritual resonance, underground obscurity and morbid dementia? Listening to your music, I believe Death metal is more than "Pop music" for the musicians of ENGULFED...

Death Metal is the main reason for everything. The examples you quote in this question has killed the Death Metal spirit. A lot of bands used some shitty guitar parts and wrote some interesting gay lyrics in their songs, and where are they now? They all disappeared. For eternity.


12. Which bands did you listen to the most the last months? Are you mostly into albums, or are demos and Eps also exhausting the tape player?

Albums, demos, eps, all of them. Last months I listened to Blood Incantation, Hate Manifesto, Diocletian, Kriegsmaschine and some cool stuffs. There are a lot of masterpiece albums.


13. What are the next plans of ENGULFED? What should the morbid readers expect and fear from your throats of vomiting damnation? Thanks for the answers.

In the beginning of 2018 we are planning to release some new stuffs, maybe 2 or 3 songs. e were confirmed for some festivals and shows that will occur next year, we will announce it soon. That's all for now. Thanks for this interview. Stay with us, you'll never be dissapointed. Cheers!

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ENGULFED Interview - Obscure death metal from Turkey