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1. Hello. How are you? Are things okey in Haarlem/ Netherlands, and who will answer these questions?

Hi Gabriel, Thanks for having us! Things are very good in Haarlem and the rest of the Netherlands. The metal scene is resurrected after the pandemic and so is Ecocide.
My name is Sten I play guitar and vocals for Ecocide since the beginning

2. Your new album "Metamorphosis" was released recently in october 2023. How would you briefly present it to the readers, and how would you say it's a metamorphosis compared to your previous recordings?

Metamorphosis is an album made for old school death metalheads.
Raw, intense, nostalgic. We wanted to release the album we promised back in 2014. Compared to Eye of Wicked Sight I’d say “Eye” was more Massacre/Bolt Thrower-Style and “Meta” is more Pestilence/Morgoth-style.  

3. Compared to your first album, one can feel a difference at the level of the vocals... While on the first one it was deeper and lower, on the new one it's more scorched like old Pestilence and Morgoth... It's not usual that the same vocalist changes from low to higher pitched vocals. Why this evolution?

I have being doing a lot of vocals for other metal projects from Thrash to Deathcore. I like being diverse in what I write and play.
I love playing guitar but I’m more of a songwriter/vocalist then a “real” guitar player. So with “Meta” we brought in a new vocal style to pay homage to bands such as Pestilence and Asphyx.

4. Could I say this new album comes with a little more "progressive" touch, a bit in the spirit of what we could find on Pestilence's Testimony and spheres? Perhaps it's also a bit more doom infused by moments...

Absolutely! We brought in some influence from Death of course, on songs like Vortex Singularity. I think our first album had a more raw aggressive sound and with this album we kept it more dynamic.  

5. The production between the two releases has also changed, while the first Lp was closer to a somewhat Morrisound production, the newer one has more high/mid frequencies on guitars. giving perhaps a more Morgoth (Cursed) or Pestilence (Testimony) impression... What this volunteer, or was the bass guitar amp broken during the recording? ahah

I went as close to the two recordings you mention with the mixing process. I think it fits, although you might miss some low end haha.

6. Your band name has a somewhat grindcore touch, a bit in the spirit of the old "political" bands from the 90's like PHOBIA for example... Did you play grindcore in the beginning of the band?

We play “You suffer but why” from Napalm Death sometimes and make some weird noises during live shows but we were never really a grindcore project.

7. I see your two full-lenghts were both released in 3 different formats: Vynils, CDs and tapes... What's your favorite format and why? Do you consider digital or streaming as a format?

It feels amazing to have a record on vinyl. But I like the reach you can get online and the nice interactions with fans and other bands.

8. If you were asked under torture to cover songs by a non-metal band, and had to turn it into a death metal song, which would you choose? I remember the Danish metal band GROPE once covered the BJÖRK song "An army of me", which wasn't a too bad choice since it was the singer's most "angry" track... But what would you personally choose?

Sean Paul - Get Busy has this melody in the beginning of the song that just feels like this groovy riff. Oh and you wouldn’t have to torture me to make it haha.  


9. You're located in Netherlands, a country that has brought some names that are well known by death metallers, such as PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, PENTACLE, SINISTER, GOREFEST and others... Which are your favorite Dutch metal bands from the past and present? Which of these did you already see live, and did you already meet some of the musicians? Was it cool to meet your "idols" and did you learn interesting things?

My favourite dutch bands at the moment are Adversary, Obstruktor, Violent Silence  and I can name a lot more. It’s amazing to see this scene grow into a community of cool bands in all kinds of metal genres. But back to the old school bands. I did some live sound for Sinister at a venue in Haarlem back in the day but me and the guys have not yet met the other great bands you mention.

10. To dig a bit deeper in the underground, which other Dutch bands would you recommend to the readers who would like to discover less famous death metal bands? Is the Dutch scene rather about old school death, brutal death, black metal, doom, or perhaps it's a mix of everything?

Really a great mix of everything and I don’t see a lot of gatekeeping. I’ve seen Hardcore kids at Thrash shows and Thrashers at Deathcore gigs. But to shout out a few more: Headless Hunter, Cryptosis, Loyalty Ends Here, Bloodcrypt and Massive Assault.


11. If you had to leave almost everything behind, and live on a desert island for one year... Which 10 non-death metal albums would you take with you?

Fit For An Autopsy - Hellbound
END - Splinters From an Ever-Changing Face
Cursed Earth - Cycles of Grief
Megadeth - Rust In Peace
Sepultura - Arise
Slipknot - Slipknot
Grayscale Season - Everything Hurts
Spiritbox - Eternal Blue
Animals As Leaders - Joy of Motion
Stray From The Path - Internal Atomics

12. Then one year later, if you had to leave everything again, and come back on this island... If you had to choose 10 albums again, but five of these couldn't be metal at all, which would you choose?

Something like this.
Pearl Jam - Ten
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
Rick James - Street Songs
Lyn - Persona5 Original Soundtrack
Everything from Frank Sinatra
$uicide Boy$ - Stop Staring At The Shadows
Cypress Hill - Black Sunday
America - Self Titled (Horse With No Name) right?
Buena Vista Social Club - Self Titled
Hyper - Lies


13. Did you ever question yourself about concepts such as survivalism and peoples forgetting all kinds of technology to more or less "go back in the forest" or live in a much more rural/ ancient way of life? Do you think it would fit yourself? Do you think it would be "technically" possible on the long terms in 2024?

Nah that would not be something for me.

14. How do you see the evolution of the band's music in the future? Do you think it could become a bit more tortured and "industrial" (Like Morgoth's "Odium"), or follow a more technical/ progressive path?

We would like to use the HM2 pedal in the future and combine Old School Death Metal with some Black Metal and Hardcore elements.

15. What are your next plans with ECOCIDE? Maybe more gigs, new merch, more noise?

Definitely more noise! So keep an eye out for our next release. Thanks again!

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