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This interview was sent quite some time ago... It got delayed due to various problems such as email bullshits, lack of time, and apparently a not so good english for the DISCONFORMITY guys, so some questions might be a bit outdated, but it's better a bit later than never! FEEL THE BRUTALITY OF THE BALLS SHREDDING RAZORS!

1. Hello! Welcome to this interview motherfuckers and tell us more about DISCONFORMITY! A Japanese Brutal as fukk Us death band who was born from the ashes of VAGOTOMY and GLOSSECTOMY! Give us a little biography and some useful informations.

-What's up!! I'm PHILLOW-bass player of DISCONFORMITY from FAR EAST, the country of RISING SUN-JAPAN. Thank you so much to give us a great interview offer. Much appreciated. Alright, let's start the interview.

-The band formed in Nov/2002. Keisuke(G), ex-member of Vagotomy / Glossectomy, got the band started with Kazz(Dr), member of FASTKILL, and YU-KI(Vo). Later on SHO-GUN(Vo) and MUNEO(G), ex-member of EXACERBATE, joined the band for the sake of playing Pure-Slamming Brutal Death Metal.
The first line-up was complete after PHILLOW(B) joined. With twin-guitar and twin-guttural style, the band started rehearsing and performed live mainly in Tokyo-Japan, with DEFILED, WOUNDEEP and various bands.
Due to differences of musical stance, YU-KI(Vo) left the band (June/2003) and MUNEO(G) left on June/2004.
On April/2005, 34-SICK(G)(ex-member of GLOSSECTOMY,VISCERA INFEST) joined us.
Now the line up is : SHO-GUN(Vo), KEISUKE(Gu), 34-SICK(Gu), PHILLOW(Ba), KAZz(Dr) .


2. What about your musical influences? It's obvious you've listened a lot to SUFFOCATION, DEVOURMENT and probably GORGASM! But were there other ass kicking bands that strongly influenced your way of seeing Brutal death metal?

-Yes, we are influenced by SUFFOCATION, DEVOURMENT. Keisuke(Guitarist, doing main song writing) is really influenced by SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, MALIGNANCY. And we are also influenced by some old school DEATH METAL bands-CANNIBAL CORPSE, GORGUTS, etc.. and some mid school NYDM bands-PYREXIA, INTERNAL BLEEDING, etc..

3. Your brutal death metal isn't too technical as you chose to play rather simple US Brutal death, that's cool! Why didn't you chose to follow the current hypertechnical Brutal death trend? Are you too bored to wank and wank your instruments again and again? Do you think right to the point music is better? Or have you got something better to wank? héhé

-Thank you for the kind words. We like technical stuffs, but we don't like too much technicals. We think that DISCONFORMITY sounds as one kind of dance music, it needs a lot of grooves. We want the audience to mosh on during our show. If the DISCONFORMITY songs are too much technical and there’s no grooves, the audience is just standing and watches the show. We don't need that... But we like to practice. It’s really important for us. DISCONFORMITY songs have some technical parts, but not too much. I feel pleasure as a musician when I play some technical riffs. I like to practice.


4. The name DISCONFORMITY would better fit and Hardcore band in my opinion! It doesn't sound gore nor deadly but rather social... and I hesitated to check out your site when I saw a link... Why did you chose this name? Are you fed up with gore?

-Keisuke chose this name. I heard the reason for his choice, but sorry I forgot it… He said the moniker has many meanings. We are not fed up with gore, we like it, it's just we don’t need it.


5. Your vocalist has very guttural vocals! It's total gore and almost putrid Goregrind by moments! It also happens to remind me of DEVOURMENT's first CD! What kind of total dementia occurs in the head of this sick bastard? Is he hallowed to escape the psychiatric hospital only during week ends for the DISCONFORMITY rehearsals... or what? Ah Ah! What does his lyrics deal with?

-Vocalist/SHO-GUN is influenced by DEVOURMENT-Wayne and Ruben. I heard from him that he was shocked when he listened to DEVOURMENT at the first time. And he is also influenced by CINERARY-Matti. First time he was not able to sing on Guttural… He practiced day by day and became able to do so. He has never been to hospital for his throat. He has a so strong and crazy throat. He drinks honey to take care of it.

6. Who composes the music in the band? Does alcohol or hash helps a lot to find new sick ideas? Do you have to feel something special in the riffs to be sure it's "DISCONFORMITY riffs"!? Or does it only have to sound brutal enough?

-The main composer is Keisuke-guitarist. He doesn't need hash and alcohol, never. All ideas are overflowing from his mind. He is really sick. Yes ,we need something original one by us every time.


7. What about the Japanese Brutal death and grind scene? Except for the know bands and other obscure underground outfits such as MORTALIZED, BUTCHER A.B.C, BASSAIUM, TERROR SQUAD not much would come to my mind! Tell us more about the bands invading your country with their cadaveric decibels of death and other rancid tunes! Are there some forthcoming Japanese bands that will get bigger and bigger? What about Japanese paper zines? Webzines?

-Don't forget these great bands : DEFILED-Masters of Japanese Death Metal, INTESTINE BAALISM-Swedish style Death Metal Masters from Japan, WOUNDEEP-hyper techs and blasting killaz, INFECTED MALIGNITY-young slumming and blasting killaz, they have released 1st full CD on UNMATCHED BRUTALITY, INFERNAL REVULSION-it's a new band, they sound as a mix between NYDM and TXDM. We often play with these bands, especially DEFILED. You must check them out right now if you don't know their music!! Our brutal bro-Seiji started and a great Brutal webzine called Ingurgitated Decapitation :
http://www.ingurgitateddecapitation.cjb.net He helps and supports us every time.


8. Some Metal bands take more and more influences from their country's traditional music! It's very common in the Norwegian scene; some Israelian bands do so... but are there some Japanese extreme metal bands using some totally Nippon or old Japanese induced melodies? It would sound very strange, and I'm quite curious...

-Yeah, Japanese melodies are not familiar.. But there is a band using Japanese traditional melodies, their name is SABBAT. They have been playing Black Metal for 20 years!!


9. Does the Japanese metal scene have a strong past and deep metallic traditions? Or is metal a rather new phenomenon in there? Where there some Japanese metal bands that existed during the 80's or 90's that were very influential on your scene or that became cult?

-The Japanese Metal scene is still underground, especially  the Death Metal one.. There are many Metal listeners who are both young and old in Japan, but most of them only listen to bands who released Japanese editions of their CDs and are reviewed by some major stereo-types magazines.. That really sucks!!! These people never listen to underground music. Can you believe this rotten Japanese reality??! There are so many great bands in the Japanese underground, but most of peoples don't know their names and have never listened to their sounds!!
But recently, the  Japanese underground Death Metal scene became super strong and deep!! There are some great young bands and I think the amount of listeners has increased.
I like 80's or 90's Japanese metal bands, especially X-JAPAN. Some bands became major just only for a while, but  now they became cult. Peoples who listen to these are over 30 or 40 years old.



10. You probably know SABBAT who plays old school Black thrash since almost 20 years! What's your opinion about them? Would you say they were very influential on the Japanese underground or did they rather become cult?

-Yeah, I like SABBAT!!! They are great and cult!! I respect their stance. It's really hard and difficult to keep doing a band for 20 years, right? I hope to keep doing DISCONFORMITY as long as they did. And to become cult? It's not bad.haha.


11. It seems to me the fact of having slanting eyes helps a lot to compose ultra fast and grindcore influenced music!! What would you say to all these Japanese young bitches who pay so much money to get some "normal" eyes? Could you bear a girl who hasn't slit eyes in DISCONFORMITY? hé hé... Maybe you'd have to rectify the doctors' transformations with hammers and cissors if she was a good musician... Is it a so big trend to have 'European eyes' in Japan, or do the mass medias voluntary disinforms us, little European piles of shit?

-We Need more girls..haha. There are only few girls during our show. We really want more girls to listen to our sounds. And we have to bastardize and brutalize the stereo types from girl's ears, and of course the stereo types of mass medias too., I think it's our mission.


12. What about Japanese beer?? What are the best beers? The cheap ones you drink to be easily drunk? We want some names!! If Brutal death metal was a Japanese beer, what would it be?

-I recommend ASAHI, KIRIN, SAPPORO. I have been drinking with some bands from overseas, they all loved Japanese beer and all said it’s deep and high quality!! But there are also some cheap stuffs in there, yeah, easily drunk and vomiting!!
If Brutal death metal was a Japanese beer?? All Japanese beers are high quality, so all Japanese Brutal bands are high quality!!


13. Did you hear the new SUFFOCATION CD “Souls to deny”? It's a bit more melodic and less brutal than before.... Do you like it? In my opinion bands such as CAPHARNAUM are the forthcoming usurpers who'll dethrone the Emperor from his mighty throne of brutality!

-Yeah, I heard it and I think so too. I like SUFFOCATION, but I don't like that.. My fave album is PIERCED FROM WITHIN.


14. I read on your website you're currently working on a full-length CD! Tell us more about it! Will this follow the style of Brutal death of your Demo? Will there be brutal differences? Which label will release it?

-Yes, we keep working on our 1st full-length CD. Now, we are writing songs and practicing hard to prepare for the recording. Our style haven’t changed, but the whole quality became higher and awesome, I can say it. The Japanese version of the CD will be released on the indie Label of our friend : WDSounds. We’d like to release an overseas version of the CD on another label, but we think about it… We need for more infos…


15. It's the final countdown! Since we are all EUROPE fans, please sing one of their might "hits" for us.. just kidding... What are the future projects of DISCONFORMITY? Conclude this interview.

-Our future projects are, first of all, to release our 1st full CD. We really hope to release it before next summer. And finally we go to USA next September, to the CALIFORNIA DEATH FEST. It will be the first show we’ll play overseas. Of course, we hope to visit Europe soon.
Thanks again for the great interview offer. Keep it BRUTAL!!! DEATH METAL FOREVER!!! Don't miss the FAR EAST BRUTALITY!!


Site Web: http://disconformity.jp