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Some will say french death metal scene is dead (and inhumed) but theyíre wrong coz  with bands like DISABLED they will have got a good surprise! After some well received demo tapes they recorded a MCD on CRAZINESS MUSIX and even if this isnít perfect this is good enough for my tastes! All the more their attitude is very positive and their future releases seems to be even better! Support thee bands who are true to themselves!


NIHIL: Itís been a long way since the 1992 eight tracks demo, tell us more about the french underground at that time, do you think the scene evolves in the right way?

STEPH: Yes, there are more and more french bands who play better and better like DEPRAVED, MORTUARY, D.A.B., ASGARD, BLOCKHEADS, INHUMATE and many others. There are more and more french bands who have their own Cds and play in foreign countries. This is a proof that the french scene is getting better and better.


NIHIL: Iíve seen on your bio you werenít always happy with the result of your demos. This time how do you feel about your MCD?

STEPH: We are satisfied only about the result of the third demo. About the 5 song CD, thee sound is okay, but the production could have been better, more powerfull... I hope weíll be totally satisfied with thee next release.


NIHIL:  At the beggining you first called the band DROWNED and later changed it to DISABLED, why this change? DROWNED was a pretty cool name for a death metal band!

STEPH: I think I answered too much to this question. At this time, there already were thee spanish label (now Repulse rec) and other bands with thee DROWNED name. So, we changed it during thee summer 92.


NIHIL: The kind of music you play becomes more and more rare, why do you think lots of yesterdayís so called death metal band change their style to something more melodious, gothic or anything else? Do you like this bands?

STEPH: I donít know and I donít care... This is their problem, nott mine. I suppose theirr prefer be famous rather than play the music they like. Look at all these black metal bands who played death metal before: itís just a problem of trend. I donít like these bands! In fact, they donít interest me!


NIHIL: The death metal scene has became more underground, are you happy with it?

STEPH: Yes, underground scene is the true one!!! Extreme music must stay underground!!! Iím more interested in infamous bands who play what they like than in the ones who play to earn money.


NIHIL: What are your fave albums and demos?

STEPH: CANNIBAL CORPSE: Vile, Eaten back to life; VADER: all; DEICIDE: the 1st album; SUFFOCATION: Human wast, Effigy of the forgotten; BRUTAL TRUTH: Extreme conditions; TERRORIZER: World downfall; BROKEN HOPE: All; Dyingg fetus: All. I canít name demos, because there are too many of them that Iím fond of.


NIHIL: Now about your lyrics I think there is two main sides: some of them are gore and the others are about occultism/religion. Tell me more about Csejthe...

STEPH: Well, the 1st lyrics I wrote were about anti-religion. But I think all have been said on this subject. Moreover, Iíve no message to send; I prefer people think by themselves. This is why the lyrics I write now are stories from my mind, which must bee read like gore movies much be watched. Iím very influenced by serial killers like Jack the ripper, Ted Bundy, Ed Kemper, Henri Lucas, etc...
About Csejthe, thiss is the castle were countess Bathory comited her bloody events. The beast of Csejthe is simply the countess Bathory.


NIHIL: What do you think of satanic bands?

STEPH: I donít care! They can write about what they want. I like satanic lyrics when they are taken from mind. For example I donít like the DEICIDE lyrics, because there is a message behind them. Music musnít be mixed with messages! If you want to tell something, make politic!!! In the other hand, I love the DEICIDE music.


NIHIL: I know you have played some gigs with the french MERCYLESS and I would like to know what you think of their new stuff which is more into progressive metal, same question for CARCASS, LOUDBLAST and CRUSHER!

STEPH: I have already answeredd to this question. Bands can make what they want, I donít care. Yes, we have played with all these bands and all thee members were really cool with us, except CARCASS we didnít talk with.


NIHIL: One of your riffs reminds me a lot ANGEL CORPSE! Do you know this band ? What do you think of this new old school death/ thrash metal wave?

STEPH: I donít know ANGEL CORPSE a lot. Iíve just listened to it once or twice. The old thrash/death is coming back and that is great because it is the root of all death/black metal bands of today.

NIHIL: What is your new material like?

STEPH: We still play in the same way than on the ę Faith ablation Ľ MCD. We try to get heavier and more brutal than ever.


NIHIL: Last words are yours!

STEPH: Thanx for your support! Thanx to all people who comee to our gigs! KEEP IT BRUTAL!!!