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From Russia to your Cathodic Screen

1. Hello! Can you introduce the band to our readers? Where does DEKONSTRUKTOR come from, what should we know before going on reading?

Hello! Dekonstruktor is an inhuman energy, way of transformation so-called “reality”. As we try to go beyond conditional factors, our personal individualities go second.
The trio formation has never changed since the beginning in 2009 and it is the best and the most stable in all respects. It gives the opportunity to change instruments if we want to, easy to come to mutual understanding and so on.
That time 9 years ago we just wanted to make as heavy and slow stuff as we could but things had changed since then..


2. When you're talking to some new peoples during gigs or festivals, and they don't know your band, how do you describe your music so they can have an idea?

The answer is above. Usually people get the energy during live sets intuitively, the meaning is more situated in a non-verbal space.


3. The band was initially called The Moon Mistress, until 2014 when you decided to change of name for DEKONSTRUKTOR. What are the differences between the music released under the two names, was the change of moniker synonymous with a quite strong musical change?

Without the Moon Mistress there would not be Dekonstruktor definitely and we still perform songs from the Moon Mistress era.  
Somewhere along 2013 hypnotic mechanical konstruktions arose from the depths and melodious riffs of the previous period stepped away. Accordingly together with new touches and outside experiences the band had entered the void as we understand it, so the name change was inevitable.


4. The newer name Dekonstruktor has a quite strong introspective and industrial tone, and it sounds quite brutal. Are you involved in activities such as meditation, introspection? Do you enjoy visiting the old factories in Russia to smell the rusty iron and embrace the old industrial moods? What were the ideas/ concepts behind the choice of this name?  

Some of us practice meditations. We enjoy visiting industrial locations, they are strong sources of inspiration for  Dekonstruktor, and these landscapes are worth visiting not only in Russia of course. We did it during tours also.
For example this June the band had played in Kharkov, one of the biggest cities in Ukraine, during previous regime it was the industrial center of the whole soviet union. They even have metro station called “Industrialnaya”, so we went there and had a walk through several half-desolated factory zones, where huge abandoned blocks go one after another, amazing.


5. Your first recordings under the Dekonstruktor moniker were very doomy and dark, it surprisingly reminded me of very early GODFLESH ("Streetcleaner"). Was the Godflesh influence volunteer, as you might be big fans, or was it a coincidence due to common influences for example? (In case this description was a bit misplaced, which other bands would you quote as possible big influences then?)

You may be will be surprised, but we are not big fans of Godflesh. Skullflower and Scorn are closer to us if mention the British scene. We can also name Saturnalia Temple - Aion of Drakon, Hey Colossus - Dominant Male and Ride for Revenge works as our joint fave releases.


6. While maintaining a doomy basis, your newer songs tend to evolve in other more "open minded" spectrums, one can find some black metal, some kraut rock there, and more typically "psyche" elements on the top... Was it an "effort" to avoid repetitiveness or it simply follows your musical evolution as listeners? Do you consider yourselves as a metal band? Do you feel closer to the metal, industrial or "experimental" scenes?

An accurate description one can say, thank you. There wasn’t any special effort to be not as others, it is natural drift of affairs which lead to the current situation. The Moon Mistress was more into stoner doom stuff, but Dekonstruktor is acid metal.
Each of us came into Dekonstruktor from different sides: black metal, electronic music, noise stuff and at the same moment now Moscow underground is more a less a fusion of scenes (like in other countries today), so black/death metal bands can be presented on the same gig’s poster together with noise acts and sludge-doom formations.


7. Is Dekonstruktor a political band?



8. What is the most interesting or useful to deconstruct? A human personality, a modern society, a problem that must be solved?

We are attracted by deconstruction process itself. Fuck life we go further.

9. What do you think about these albums?

-Godflesh - Streetcleaner: The riffs and the guitar tone are nice, but as we mentioned, we're not fans.
-Hawkwind - Space ritual:Along with Acid Mothers Temple it was one of the first psych bands for our drummer, so he loves it.
-Kreator - Renewal:great front cover
-My Dying Bride - As the flower withers:- We are more into early Tiamat


10. Living in the west of Europe, I have the feeling the metal scene improved a lot the last couple of years... While 15-20 years ago you had some old fashioned bands that weren't always cool, nowadays you have very cool bands in the old death metal and doom genres... What is your view about it? Could it come from the fact Russia is in a better economic situation compared to 15 years ago? Or perhaps Russia is now more "modern"/ opened to the remaining of the world?

In 90-s there were original bands here, from black metal to noise rock and industrial, the sound was not ok at all in many cases but nevertheless they were fucking intense: Himera, Orgasm Nostradamusa, Hladna, Sekta Feniksa, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Forest, Branikald, Old Wainds.
Due to internet Russia became more open to musical influences, economics goes down again at the same time. We cannot recall any unique bands like from 90’s although there are a lot of cool ones.


11. What do you know about France? What is your view about the french metal scene?

The drummer had travelled through south of France this May, according to him it is the place for any kinds of hedonistic pleasures. Obviously, he had spent good times there hah.
As for French underground  - UFO Gestapo and Antaeus come into mind at first.


12. Now let's talk about your playlists... What do you listen to the most lately? Are you mostly into old (cult) or newer releases?

Guitarist 1:  "Merzbow & Nordvargr - Luxon" and "AFX - .1993841" - these recordings has been listened during last 2 months often
Guitarist 2: Agatha Christie (RU) discography and 90s death metal such as AGONIA (ITA), DISINCARNATE and BAPHOMET
Drummer:  Burzum -  Hvis lyset tar oss, Maeror Tri and Troum, new Archgoat and Ride for Revenge albums.


13. What are the next projects of DEKONSTRUKTOR? Something special to announce to the readers? It's the right moment... Thanks for the answers.

This year Dekonstruktor is going to release live cassette - two full Ukrainian gigs were recorded in a good quality and the atmosphere was insane there. Also we are going to make a tour in Europe (first time after 2014) in the beginning of 2019, so all the interested organizers are welcome.  Thank you for the interview.

Order: https://visceralcircuitryrecs.bandcamp.com

  Web page: https://www.facebook.com/DEKONSTRUKTORzero