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1. Hello in there! If you aren't all drunk to death, and lying around as putrid zombies vomiting the remains of their undigested girlfriends' smelly pussies, I'll ask you to introduce the DECIMATION to our putrid readers!

Greetings. We're good enough to answer your questions, no problem here :) Decimation is a brutal death metal band from Turkey’s capital. We started under the moniker Death Rattle back in '99, then this title changed and many member changes occured. We managed to set up a stable line up in 2003 and in 2004 we released our demo "Helpless Souls". Right now we're working on our debut album and everything is smooth here.

2. Your music sounds complex, and every riffs flows quite well after another, so I guess it took quite some time to build everything! Tell us more about it! And is there more than a decomposer in DECIMATION, or is it a massive sexual orgy?

Thanks for your kind words, of course it takes some time to come up with riffs and bridges to compose a complete song, but if we don't like a riff, it has no way to get into a song. Sometimes we even throw completed songs into trash can. Back in the demo days, Emre and me were the main songwriters but all songs in the lp are written by Emre and I should say that he did a hell of a job.

3. This is the usual question, but it always works quite well: How would you describe and call your music? What are your main influences?

Our music is fast, brutal, dark and sometimes mid paced. I can easily say that we're influenced by some great names such as Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Immolation, Death, Deeds Of Flesh and Gorguts.

4. DECIMATION isn't a very original name. At least 4 bands share the same moniker. Why did you chose this name, and maybe you'll change it a bit for your future album? (I wouldn't advice you to change for DECIMATION 666 or DECIMATION 41 (Ah ah), but maybe a little something could make it more personal...)

You're right there are other bands using the same title and it's true that it's not the most original name on the planet earth, but we think it's an awesome name. We chose it because our level of english does not allow us to find a better name heheheh We're not going to change our name to for example Decimation666 ort 41st Decimation. :D I think it suits perfectly to our music.

5. Concerning this forthcoming album, you told me everything are in progress. Tell us about how this next recording will sound compared to the demo! Will it be exactly the same style, or maybe with a bit different (newer?) influences? Maybe it will be faster?

It is going to be way different than demo. Of course we're not playing the same style cause our taste of music has changed and we've improved as musicians. We've been going through a time where Gorguts, Immolation and Hate Eternal became our primary influences, so our sound did change indeed.

6. If DECIMATION was an odour, what the fuck could it be?

I guess it would smell like putrid and it would probably remind of dust, smoke and other chaos related things :)

7. If you could make a videoclip for DECIMATION, I guess that would be nice! But what about a new technology offering the possibility to have the SMELL of rotting cadavers in 3 dimensions? That would be kind of great, the more you put your nose in the rotting pussy, the more you could feel the odour of vicious putridity! héhé So, tell us a bit about the way your videoclip would look (and smell?) like, if you already dreamt about it.

I guess you're point is what would we do if we had all resources under our belt. I think we'd shoot something with the technology used in Matrix style movies, preferably in a parellel universe. It'd be cool to picture ourselves in a place much darker than the hell's itself, or on top of an abyssal cliff where all the chaos flows and pours. ?

8. I didn't know much about the Turkish scene, only IMPACT DRILL Zine/ SUKK Prod, but lately I got your demo as well as the one of SUROFHEST for the brutal death metal side, and TOTAL DEATH Records sent me loads of Turkish black metal... How is the Turkish scene? It seems like it has always been quite dead, until few years ago... But I might be wrong! So tell us about the past of Turkish metal, its old cult bands, first death metal grave diggers... And of corpse, spill few blood about the current scene! Underground bastards are usually hungry for unknown putrid flesh!

When you compare our scene to French or other big country scenes, of course it's more like dead. But in our own terms we have a good scene. I haven't heard Impact Drill zine, but I know SUKK and Total Death. We've got some distros like them called AMA and Alternative and also some of our printed stuff are actually impressive such as Enred (RIP with a legendary status) and ZOR and some others I can't name. We don't have many useful webzines but all of them try to serve the underground as much as they can. Surofhest is allright but I guess they have some line up problems. Whatever, Turkish scene is expanding with some new breeding bands which is a positive thing in my opinion. Cenotaph (probably you know them) and Suicide are the foremost death metal bands in Turkey. Besides them there are some other good bands, to name few of them: Ominous Grief, Raven Woods, Self Torture, Bayt Gadol (RIP?), Asafated (RIP), Corroded, Cidesphere (RIP), Nettlethrone, In Spite, Acrimony (RIP?), Burst Appeal, Episode 13, Bleed Myself Tonight, Hecatomb, Definitive etc.

9. What about Turkish beers?

Efes Pilsen owns it dude! ;)

10. Do you think mixing technical brutal death with an industrial approach and many strange samples everywhere would be nice? It could create something new, more "spaceship" alike... But wouldn't be easy to reproduce in live conditions...

We believe that whether it's technical or not, the structure of death metal should not be altered too far. The source of the consistency of death metal is its conservative side.

11. Do you often play gigs in Turkey, and how does it occur? Is it in small bars, or is there some bigger "official" concert places for metal bands? Is the crowd numerous during your live appearances, and are the Turkish babes sexy? Are you able to warm them enough with your brutal death so that some sexy gifts occur in the backroom? Héhé

To be honest we've got the opportunity to play in these two ways, both in small clubs and concert halls. But most of our gigs are held in bars and usually same bands rotate in that cycle. We'd love to get some backstage gifts but promoters do not give up licking popular names' asses and apparently extreme metal is not cup of their coffee.

12. Do you sometimes play coversongs? If so, what is it? It could be nice to pervert some non-extreme-music radio hits in the brutal death patterns of aggression! Would you cover a Kylie Minogue song if I asked you very nicely, and offered a lot of money? Héhé...

We rarely play covers. I remember that we used to play a Cannibal Corpse song, and this year in a gig we covered a song from Hate Eternal. Actually the ones that we would like to cover are really though songs so we do not focus on them too much. But if you insist we can back you up with some cash to not cover Kylie Minogue :)

13. What are the last albums you enjoyed, and kicked your ass until it bleed?

I'm hooked to the latest albums of Spawn Of Possession and Psycroptic. Also I've been listening to Sleep Terror's demo/ep and it surely did some serious damage in my ears. The other guys also listen to some stuff but I'm not the one to answer on behalf of them.

14. Ok, I think there's enough questions. Tell us about your forthcoming projects, and enlighten our beers with a cool conclusion.

It was the best interview we've done so far. Thanks for your good questions and support. We hope to finish the lp and release it from a good label as soon as possible. You can check the updates on: www.decimationnet.com Take care!


  Website: http://www.decimationnet.com