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1. Hello! Before all can you tell us the important infos about DEATHTOPIA? Is this only about MEAT, MEAT and MEAT-AL?
What has happened lately with the band?

Deathtopia is a four member band with Mune, John, Yassi and tassan. We formed as a 3 piece in 2009 and Tassan joined as fourth in 2011. We are very much about meat, but we also have an appreciation for blood, of course. Meat blood pussy pussyblood ass ass blood. Etc.


2. You call your music "Gore metal", I think it's a quite putridly fitting description. Which band was the biggest influence for the sickening sounds of DEATHTOPIA? Old IMPALED, CARCASS, or maybe EXHUMED? What are the best albums of these bands in your gory opinion? How did you have the idea to mix thrash metal and grindcore?

We like exjapan. Just kidding, theFy suck... Carcass: "Reek...", Death: "Scream bloody gore",  Exhumed: "Gore metal". Put those three, and put em in the fire, and breathe it in! Also Slayer: "Seasons...". We didn't really have a philosophy or an image of the sound we wanted to make, we started with similar interests and went from there. Just got in the studio and got started crafting the deathtopia sound.


3. I didn't find much infos on DEATHTOPIA, I only saw your drummer is also a part of the brutal death metal band PUKELIZATION... Can you tell us more about the other (Past and present) projects of the members? Is the "Deathtopia" name a word-play on "Dystopia"?

Yassi is is in Pukelization. Tassan is in a band called Rigor Mortis. As for the band name, we went through a lot band names, most of which had the word "anal" in it. Tassan refused to join a band that began with anal, so we went a different direction. You're right in thinking that it's dystopia plus death.

4. Speaking about thrash metal, do you prefer SLAYER, KREATOR, DARK ANGEL or DESTRUCTION? Which can have been the biggest influence on DEATHTOPIA? Do you like some new thrash bands, or it's mostly about the old ones?

Slayer, Slayer, Sayer: New and old. Are you ready for war?


5. "Human Anatomy Show" is your first album and was released in 2011. For those who didn't have the crepitating opportunity to listen to this piece of gore metal, what can you tell to awake their fornicating interest? Do you advice peoples to listen to DEATHTOPIA while having sex? (If so, what would be the best position? Héhé)

The flow of the album is varied, with lots of different sounds and speeds and feels ... Like sex should be, so yes, everyone should be fucking to this album. The next album is gonna be dirty. The honeymoon is over, so your ears better be ready to be truly fucked. Best position? Inverted Jesus.  


6. During the recording, was any software (Like Pro tools) used to improve/ enhance your playing? Was any effect used for the vocals? I would say "no", but one can never be certain

John put the microphone up his ass and screamed like a little girl, that's the only way to get those guttural tones. That or protools.


7. In the middle of the album there's an heavier, more melodic song, that also contains some parts of acoustic guitars... What was the intention? It sounds well done, but it's also quite surprising after some songs of blasting sickness AhAh!

The album was short, so we wanted to make a long song. That's a joke by the way. We like drawn out slow songs like "Seasons in the abyss", so we made one like that. Unfortunately it's too long and slow for our live sets, so we don't often play it live. Maybe we don't even remember how to play it.


8. This album seems to be your first release... Was something else recorded before? Maybe a CDr demo, a tape or some rehearsal songs?

We did "Human anatomy show" demo with the songs "Human anatomy show" and "Let's play doctor". That was our first recording and we gave those out at a few shows.
We have  a new demo but it's only on YouTube, no hard copies yet. We'll probably wait till the new album to make a hard copy.


9. When you write songs, do you focus on the intensity/ energy, bizarre sounding riffs, catchy sounding parts... What do you have in mind, what's your goal during the process of creation?

It all comes from masturbation, that's why we're so slow making songs. And like masturbation, what comes out comes out: Sometimes it's intense, sometimes it's bizarre, rarely Catchy.


10. In your sounds I hear a bit of old death metal... Including a bit of POSSESSED ("Sevenchurches"). Do you like this kind of stuffs, or it's only because old death is quite close to thrash?

Old school death is death. The deathtopia of death.


11. Do any members of DEATHTOPIA work in a hospital, surgery center, abattoir, or something that has to do with medicine or meat?

Tassan works at a dry ice factory. Close enough? The rest of us have decidedly non gore jobs, that leaves us plenty of time for our minds to mire knee deep in gore.


12. What did you think of the last CARCASS album "Surgical steel"? I think it could have been better and don't listen to it anymore... For example I prefer to listen to DEATHOPIA! AhAh

It was good. They used a lot of interesting and unique riffs, but seems like they lost a little brutality. But the production and the flow of the album were fucking amazing.


13. Piles of meat can look quite abstract sometimes, it can look like sculptures of flesh or something quite graphical... So my question is: Do you think meat can become art?

Of course. That's what grotesque art is all about. "Blood is paint. Corpse is canvass. Murder creates grotesque art."


14. Is this true Japanese women generally have smaller tits than European ones? AhAh. What are the advantages of Japanese girls and why do you think they are the best?

They never come to our shows, so japanese girls fucking suck! We'll take the big-tittied European chicks with bad attitudes.


15. What are the future surgical plans of DEATHTOPIA? Would you rather order new axes to cut more human meat a brutal way, or improve your surgeon skills to inflict more insidious bodily damages? GORE METAL... GORE ON MY METAL SCALPEL!

We're committed to expanding our gore trading business. We're close to finishing songs for our second album and we'll start recording soon. In the meantime, we've got a few shows lined up in Japan and the Philippines. Hopefully we'll get some shows in the Western hemisphere soon too.
Thanks a rot.

Next gigs:
June 6 Manila Philippines
June 7 Davao Philippines
July 11 Osaka Japan
July 12 Hiroshima Japan
July 20 Osaka Japan

Web page: http://deathtopia.bandcamp.com