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DEATHCULT interview - Death metal/ Black thrash from Usa




1. Hello. Before all, could you introduce the band through a brief, ejaculation-like, introduction?

Hey Gabriel, thanks for the kind words and interest in Deathcult!
For those of you who won't know, Deathcult is comprised of 4 losers from Chicago. If you don't like our music you can kiss my ass!


2. When was the idea of DEATHCULT born, and when do the first songs date back to? Was the band created from a kind of musical frustration/ impossibility to compose music in your previous bands? Is this the first "band" where your compositions appear?

I started Deathcult in 2012, the first two songs being the demo, 'Born to Lose' and 'Mutant Generation'. The first album 'Test of Time' was written and performed by me because finding a full lineup with people with the same mindset is hard to find. It was also partially from frustration of playing in other bands. I like what I like, I don't need some limp dick telling me a riff or drumbeat is too simple. Our live lineup changed a few times over the years and there has been a hiatus or two. Our current lineup is: Tim Hellpuke - Vocals/Guitar Ken Kong - Lead Guitar Dan G. Couchpisser - Bass/Vocals Philthy Mess - Drums We'll all been pretty close friends over the years, and the new album 'Tyrant Of All Tyrants' was more of a collaboration as opposed to first album.


3. The easiest way to describe your music could be to use the words "Old school metal", since it contains both influences of thrash metal, black metal and death metal in old school manners (Even if confusion could occur for fans of 80's FM metal, old AOR or glam metal, but that's another question). Is this a sticker you agree to embrace, or would something be more convenient according to your perception of the sounds?

We're fine with the old school metal tag. I always had a hard time describing the band. It's not thrash, it's not 100% death or black, it's DEATHCULT. We sound like shit!

DEATHCULT interview - Death metal/ Black thrash from Usa

4. Your two songs demo from 2011 announced a first album would be released by Razorback records... But it didn't happen as planned, and was finally materialized on tape by Caligari Records and CD by Do or Die Records. Could you tell us what happened with the initial idea? Perhaps there was a disagreement of musical matters, or maybe you preferred to keep things more underground on smaller labels?

There was no disagreement or falling out with Razorback. After signing with Razorback I had the terrible idea of starting my own label, Do Or Die Records. At the time I figured it'd be weiser' to release it myself so I can oversee everything and have enough copies. It's been downhill ever since!


5. In the review of your demo, I quoted the names of PENTACLE (Old), old DESASTER (Ger... Just a bit), and will now add the names of EQUINOX (Usa) and old USURPER for the question that follows: Are you familiar with these 4 bands, and did you listen to their music enough for it shall have influenced your compositions?

I am familiar with those bands except Equinox however, I wouldn't say there was a direct influence.


6. Now which are the real influences, the official ones, the band-names none can deny...

In the beginning I was shooting for more of a death metal sound. Obituary, Massacre, Cianide. If we stuck to that goal it would have been forced. We're not looking to copy any particular sound or band. There's too many bands these days that are just copying older styles, like Swedish Death Metal for example. We don't confine ourselves to sounding like just 1 or 2 bands. If one songs Death Metal, and another one is Black/Thrash, that's fine with me. I'd say the influences that I couldn't deny and leaked through is Gospel of the Horns, Destroyer 666, Celtic Frost and Venom.

DEATHCULT interview - Death metal/ Black thrash from Usa

7. Isn't it a bit ambitious to call your album "The test of time"? After all we aren't in 2033 and can't really know how the metallers will perceive your songs in 20 years.

Who cares! They can blow it out their ass!


8. While the two songs from the demo contained a quite strong Celtic Frost and Pentacle vibe, I would say the whole of the album is a bit more varied, you can find more black metal and thrash metal exploring other territories... Is this something that evolved naturally (While you weren't in the same mood than for the writing of the demo), or perhaps found the style a bit too restricting and needed to enlarge the scale? (The songs from the demo sound more compact, perhaps it harder to write in this style?)

Yes, the album has a varied sound throughout because naturally, I love different types of metal. I can't be starting a new band for every song that sounds different!


9. To be totally honest, I feel more interested when your songs are closer to the style of the demo (It's neither celtic, neither frosty, but there's something cool and warm)... Will we be able to hear more songs closer to this in the future?

Today is the "official" release date of the 2nd album 'Tyrant Of All Tyrants'. You be the judge!


10. Deathcult is a solo project and every instruments were recorded by yourself... It's funny because some of the songs sound quite "live" and alive, it is warm and could have been composed in jamming rehearsal conditions... So I would ask something like: Do you get so excited and metallic once all alone and the guitar in the hands?  Or maybe you jam with a drummer but only for rehearsal moments?

I was jamming with Rob Campos(playing drums) a lot in the early stages of Deathcult. We had a live lineup in the beginning after the demo release so there was a lot of rehearsal time before doing the album myself. Fun fact: Rob drew the cover art and logo for the first album, and also drew everything for 'Tyrant Of All Tyrants'.

DEATHCULT interview - Death metal/ Black thrash from Usa

11. Don't you miss to play some of the songs live? Or it would be perhaps too complicated to deal with 3 more lazy peoples and make them learn the songs? What would be good with a gig of Deathcult?

I'm pretty pleased with the band lineup as of now. They're all losers too, so it makes me feel better about myself.  


12. How were the sales of your album? Do you know the amount of copies that landed in the collections of metal-devourers? And from which locations emerged the best orgasm-filled reactions?

Album sales were fucking crazy man, it made shooting down offers from Century Media and Metal Blade all the easier! Couldn't even go to the grocery store without some ole hag trying to give me a coupon for a cd! I never kept track of how many copies were sold by me, most of them were traded with labels overseas. Not a lot of cd's were sold in Chicago either That might have something to do with sitting at the bar and not watching our merch at shows, haha! Adam from Cardiac Arrest (Death Dealer Distro) most likely sold more Deathcult cd's than us.


13. If DEATHCULT was a beverage, what would it be? (Too generic answers such as "beer" or "milk" are forbidden... We are in the deep underground and need more precision!)

Hot dog water. We're running hot we're never cold!



14. Old CELTIC FROST against old OBITUARY... Which is the winner?

Celtic Frost...Morbid Tales over To Mega Therion


15. Tell us more about your music playlist from the last months... Which albums or demos did you listen to the most frequently?

Here's a few bands I've been listening to lately. Undergang, Metalucifer, Empheris, Hate Them All, Blue Oyster Cult, W.A.S.P., Convent Guilt, Vestal Claret, Contagion


16. What are your next plans? Are there new songs that might appear on a split or something? Will there be merchandising? Feel free to conclude and add anything needed. The strings keep on burning \m/

We have the cd release show tonight, and have a 7 day run starting this Saturday. We have shirts made for that, and have a few more shirt designs to be made when we get back. We're currently looking for labels to release 'Tyrant Of All Tyrants' or 'The Test of Time' on vinyl We'll probably squeeze a few more out of town shows before the year ends and record material for a 7'' split. CHEERS BANG YOUR HEAD UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD  


Web page: https://www.facebook.com/DeathcultChicago