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1. Do an introduction to CORRUPT: short bangography, headbanging facts, last spiking-news... and corrupt my soul with your nasty words!

Corrupt was formed in late 2002 by Joseph and Mikael who needed to get outlet of all their anger and found a great way to do it in a thrash band. They recorded some stuff at my house together with bassist Tobbe who later joined. Before the first gig, I was asked to join the band as a second guitarist. And it went on pretty well from that point. We continued the path of which we had started on and wrote material for another demo in 2004 and also did a few gigs. During 2005 and 2006 we mostly wrote material for the releases Curse of the Subconscious and Silence equalst death. At the moment we are working with brand new material for an upcoming fullength record.

2. Did you choose the name CORRUPT while you had in mind the corruption of society, greed and nice things like that, or did you think about something more abstract like the corruption of the soul with extreme crass and morbid putridity?

In the very beginning as you might know, the band was called Corrupted. And I think we referred to as you say, corruption of society and similar stuff. Corrupt has nothing to do with such things as gore and morbid putridity and will never have.

3. Allright! On your last CDr demo CORRUPT played thrash death à la old SEPULTURA meets CANCER, but I have the feeling you evolve much more in a fast fast fast Death thrashing was reminding me of early MERCILESS and other thrashing urge masters from the early days!! Faster and more technical! So what motivates you to push the level of adrenaline always higher? Maybe you life is more stressing than few years ago? Or you recently ordered a new fridge of death? (New bigger fridge = more beers = more pure fucking death and brutal neck-breaks! Argh.)

Our latest CDr demo was called Born of greed and that was in 2004, nothing else. Our latest material is the Silence equals death EP and yes, I can agree with you and say it is more towards old school death metal. Times changes and we all have our periods of what we listen to. I think at that moment the members of Corrupt were listening alot to merciless and such old death metal bands. And we still are to.

4. How do you feel when a riff you have found is good enough for CORRUPT? Maybe you keep on playing the same riff for 20 minutes... And then, after a lot of thrashing loops of ecstasy, you say "Yes! This one rules!" or maybe there's something else?

I dont know really. We make songs in many different ways. The most common way is that Joseph writes a few riffs and tries them together with Micke and then we puzzle it together all of us.

5. How many times a week do you rehearse and what does it take to have the songs all tight and technically Ok as you imagined?

well, we dont rehearse that often nowadays. It is more like before a gig or before we record something or when we are writing. We have played together for such long time now so we just dont feel that we need to rehearse once in a week or something.

6. In what kind of conditions do you rehearse, and are metallers welcome or is the access quite restricted?

Hahaha.. If it would be an interest from metalheads they would be welcome, but since there isnt...haha. we have none. Or the guys from tribulation use to hang around with us when we are rehearsing sometimes

7. The screams of your vocalist also reminds me a lot of early MERCILESS (Swe) especially on the great "The awakening"! It is as scorched, and the same freshness is there! Are you big burnt maniacs of this kind of vokilling manifiestas, or did it naturally happen to escape the putrid mouth of Joseph in a morbid way?

I dont know really. Joseph just screams in the way he likes and I think he does it great!

8. GOTHENBURG is dead!! (At least I hope so!) Many traces of gayness and boring mellowdick bands seem to disappear a bit more everydays! It seems like peoples are bored with so much cock-sucking! Tell us more about it!

Gothenburg is not dead sadly, believe me. The gay scene has just new shapes these days. First it is the EMO-metal crap which is pop right throught. And the other thing is the trendy, glam/sleeze wave. The funny thing is that the guys who recieved this trend is the people who used to listen to techno and hiphop and such shit. I say, kill em all and let us have our metal alone in peace.

9. 2 years ago, I had the feeling something especially thrashing was happening in Sweden, as I discovered newer and fresh thrash attackers such as OPPRESSION, CORRUPT, LETHAL, TRIBULATION and few others... But since then, I didn't discover much bands thrashing the skull an old way! Is it some kind of feeling I might have because I'm not really connected to and drinking the depraved wines of Sweden in Phallelujah, or is there really nothing really new? (Quote some band names if pussyble!). At least, the bands I told about keep on improving and developing in the real underground.

I think that there is a lot of new young bands that play great metal. The wave has just started! To mention some: demented, morbid insulter, divider, helvetets port, charons blade, katalysator and ENFORCER of course hhaah.

10. How old are you all motherfuckers? And how long have you been playing the guitar, bass, drums and throat of sexxxekuting nightmare?

We are between 18 and 20 and we have all very different musical backround. But we all have played our instrument since we were kids.

11. I know your guitarist using the sexy Viking (?) name of "Olof" play(ed)s in few thrashing sub-projects like CAUSTIK STRIKE or LEPROZY! Do you like these projects? Since it seemed to be some kind of real bands, did you already see them live and banging like hell? What about the sub-projects of other CORRUPT musicians (If there are some).

Thanks for that compliment, Gab! I am a sexy viking, believe me. But without a beard of course. I like my other bands almost as much as corrupt. I just need to get outlet for all of my inspiration from all kinds of metal and use of the riffs and the music I write that doesnt fit in Corrupt. The other guys also have other projects. Joseph is doing the singer/songwriter-thing and will perform at swedens third largest festival this weekend! Micke and Tobbe play alot of punk and stuff too..

12. Give us your definition of what thrash metal needs to be REAL THRASH METAL with two big balls and a strongly headbanging head just on the upper! Are you into the more modern kinds of "thrash metal" like ZHE HOWNTEED and how do you feel when some peoples happen to write "trash metal"... ( Without the sexy "H"... At least some peoples in France do so... They might love the trash-cans or something héhé).

We all have different opinions in that matter. I personally prefer the american 80s scene with bands like vio-lence, forbidden and megadeth and so on.. but the other guys is more into the more brutal german scene I think..

13. If I happened to penetrate your house, and steal all the fresh beers from your fridge! How would you react? How would you punish me for this outrageous blasphemy?

I would kill you. Or torment you with some disgusting glam music or something.

14. What would be the best solution to hide your fridge from my thirsty eyes in your opinion? Maybe with many black metal stickers? (or even better: Glam stickers!!) héhé

hahahah. If I know you right I would set a stereo in front of the fridge playing In Flames and pour my beer into milk-packs :P

15. Beer! Ok, it seems to me a lot of younger metallers prefer the old styled extreme metal from the past, because it's not too-technical, too-produced, too this and that... And of corpse, a bunch of them are currently forming some bands sexxxtremely aggressing the neighborhood with insane vibes of energetik old school thrash metal and morbid death metal of the earliest kinds! This is totally cool in my opinion, but a question occurs to cross my mind quite regularly: Do you think these Death thrashers will keep on banging their heads for REAL METAL, or do you think this thrashing state is only a part of a whole evolution that could turn to evil blasting death metal, technical as fuckk death metal... Once the musicians will have a better technical level?

I can only speak for myself, and we would never play anything else that raw thrash! And, the most of the european underground death/thrash-bands really suck. Underground IS underground for a reason.


16. Until now, you have released two Eps on the Vynil label of Rodrigo/ BLOOD HARVEST! (And a tape re-release of your last demo on his tape label ZOMBIE RITUAL). His label seems to turn in something cool, with many old styled death and thrash metal bands from Sweden! How do things occur in general with him? Is the promotion good? How many items of each release did you receive for the band? Does he send you the news concerning sells and blablah? And do you know if he will focus the label only on Swedish bands, or was it a neck-breaking coincidence? héhé

I really dont know.. But It is awesome that he sign a lot of young promising metal bands in Sweden!

17. Your first release on BLOOD HARVEST was a split Ep with NECROVATION! Each band offered a track of their own, and a cover of an older metallic band. Are you happy with the content? Do you personally know the guys of NECROVATION (And maybe you already played some gigs together?) or was it a label thing to gather the two bands on a piece of dark vynil?

I am really satisfied with everything concerning that split. We know Necrovation personally and it was all their idea and we also have them to thank for coming in touch with rodrigo/blood harvest. It was pretty funny how we met Necrovation. Micke and I sat at a bench in Kristianstad and waited for the train to arrive which would take us to Sweden Rock Festival 2004. We sat there and listened to early Sepultura when this guy comes to us and just sat down beside us and said nothing and just digged the music. Then we started to talk and we realixed that we knew eachothers bands!

18. Did you know the guy who did the cover artwork (Nathaniel/ RESISTANCE Thrash heavy metal band/ ex MUTILATING PROCESS Zine) is a French metaller known for his nudist inclinations, real tastes for glam/ radio-friendly hard-rock and like very much cold water above all? HAHAHA!! Well, would it be ok for you if someone who did the cover of your artwork was really nudist, into glam shits whatever, or you don't give a flying fuck at all?

Hah, I didnt know that. But I dont really care actually as long as the paintings is good.

19. Beers! Tell us about your future projects, alcoholic live desecrations, and fist banging mania parties!

We are currently working and rehearsing for the first full-length!

20. Beers! This interbeer is over, you are welcome to conclude, and say "Beer!!!" to everyone who might deserve to drink a fresh special beer! Greetz.

Thanks for the interview, Gab. I think you can go and have another beer now. And remember. Praise heavy metal, fuck glam!
Olof Wikstrand, Corrupt


Website: http://www.shotgundeath.tk