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Some bands do not answer interviews, some take a long time to answer... Some even seem to refuse the support from the underground scene...
It took a lot of time until I received the answers of CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN, I thought it was over and could forget about it, but finally a purulent surprise crossed my mail box: The questions where there! Hourah!! Hourah!
Of corpse some questions are a bit outdated; but it doesn't corrode the content, and the whole remains putrid enough for the metal needs of those who still have balls ( I didn't know testicules had a valuable price, it seems some peoples are ready to sell their jewels at any price to follow the "evolution", or better said Trendsheep, of what once was metal... Arh!).


1. Hailz! Welcome to this interview and prepare for my rotten questions! Tell us more about CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN and it's background since you're a very new band to the hears of most metal heads!

Matt: Hails Gab and to all NHzine readers. Convergence From Within is a Death Metal band from Alabama, USA. The band started in 1999. We have played over 130 shows across the southeastern United States with a variety of awesome bands. We have two cd's. The first was our 2001 promo which featured four songs. The second being our 2004 full-length cd entitled "Only The Strong," which was released through Forever Underground Records.

2. How would you introduce the style of CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN in few words?

Matt: CFW is an extreme Death Metal band. We incorporate some technical parts with dark melodies. We have classical type riffs also. Our solo's are in the vein of old Morbid Angel mixed with brutal parts like Suffocation, etc.

3. Eventhough CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN is a monicker that shows a good abstract paradox, many guys seem to misunderstand your formation as a Hardcore band... What does "Convergence From Within" mean and what does it stands for? Why did you chose this band's name?

Matt: Our band-name derived from our desire to help others understand the importance and power of living for yourselves, not being controlled by fascism's such as Christianity, greed, etc. Our band stands for the "converging" of the elements that surround each of us everyday and how important these entities are in the ever-changing tides and currents of our lives. This band, in the beginning, had been thru a plethora of names, always resulting in another band allready having the names. In the year 2000, we played shows under the moniker "From Within" but soon found out that there was a band, with four releases, using this name. Upon further thought, we decided to add "Convergence" to the name. This was important because this was the "converging" of four metalheads with the same goals, beliefs and ideals. Thus Convergence From Within was born.

4. Some of your riffs are real hymns of cryptic cadaveric misery and flesh consuming hatred! How do you achieve to find such kind of unholy guitar melodies that awake from inhuman torments the endlessly dormant? What can be seen as inspirations for CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN?

Matt: I can speak for all of us when I say we all are fans of dark, heavy melodies and harmonies. We each write our own riffs for each individuals songs, which brings a variety of style to our music. Then when the basic songs are written, we discuss and work out where and how harmonies and solo's are to be added. Thus bringing four different styles and ideas to all of the songs.
Convergence From Within are inspired by everyday life situations. We are all aware of our elemental surroundings, spirit, air, fire, water and earth.

5. Apart from MORBID ANGEL and POSSESSED, which bands do you consider to have this kind of real morbid riffs that speak to the guts and whole entrails of the undead as a call to massive mutiny and global humanity crushing holocaust? In other words, which bands do you consider to play real Death metal: the unholy metal of death!

Matt: Each member has their own influences. Some of our influences include: Diabolic, Suffocation, Angelcorpse, Agnostic Front, Nile, Emperor, Satyricon and Slayer, just to name a few.

6. The former drummer of FLESHTIZED is actually a part of CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN! Are these two bands very distinct or did it happen to share common musicians/ composers? I read FLESTIZED have reformed and will play gigs! Is it true? Tell us more about it!

Matt: Both bands have distinct styles and sounds but only Gary helped in the composing and lyrical content on CFW's releases. You are correct! Fleshtized have reformed, made some line-up changes and are soon to release a full-length cd. We were honored to witness this newly reformed band in 2006 at Hellfire Manifest in Huntsville, Alabama, an annual tribute festival in memory and honor of Dageth of Bloodstained Dusk. Fleshtized played a very powerful set. The world is going to be surprised at how awesome these new Fleshtized songs are. Keep an eye out for Fleshtized.

7. Tell us about the musical background and previous bands of C.F.W's musicians! Are they into underground bands since a long time? Were these all Death metal bands?

Matt: Living in the region we do, there are only a hand-full of Metal musicians. It was mutual friends that brought us together. Each member has been fans of the underground since early ages. Matt, being the eldest of the band, has been a metalhead since Metal was first conceived. All members have spent much money on attending underground gigs and purchasing music from underground bands for years. We support in every way we can.

8. Did you happen to use some old riffs from your previous bands for CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN? Sometimes it might help when a song lies unfinished and needs that riff that cannot be found... Is there a main composer or do all musicians contribute?

Matt: All riffs were conceived and written for this band. Sure there are some riffs that lingered in our minds from the past that were used in the writing of our songs. Each member contributes his own songs to the others which as before mentioned, forms that which is the different feels and styles to the overall metal musical journey that is CFW.

9. Would you play Death metal if there wasn't the underground with its many brutal music fanatics and countless garage brutal bands? Standing strong and insanely alone with your guitar in front of the obliterated and sterile humanity! Would CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN have a sense in this case? What death metal means for you?

Matt: Death Metal is freedom. We are a family made up of brothers and sisters that stand strong for our beliefs and virtues. CFW would absolutely be doing what we are doing no matter what. This music is the music we love with every fiber of our beings. We are proud of our metal heritage and will fight for its survival, forever.

10. What about gigs? How is the crowd and do you occur to have decent conditions concerning the sound and the rooms? How would you react if some fools were there with their Cradle of shit T-shirts and their "elitist" faces, in front of something they couldn't understand nor appreciate? In other words, do you like to kick the ass of these so "thought" moronic faces whose only use for gigs is to pose?

Matt: We always have a good turn-out to shows. The crowds are always awesome. CFW appeals to a wide range of fans. Personally, I think that even though some kids are blinded by music that has been forced onto our scenes by money hungry labels, we hope that by them attending our shows, will help them to realize how much better true Metal is and that true Metal will be around long after these shit bands are long gone.

11. Your first album "Only the strong" was recently released on FOREVER UNDERGROUND Records. Are you satisfied with the final release? What are the most positive and less pleasing points of this release in your opinion? How much time did you spend in the studio to record the full-length and how much did it cost?

Matt: We spent six days in the studio. Our cd was then sent for mastering at another studio. This made us very unhappy because we could not be there to say what we wanted as it was over a 12 hour drive to the studio in which the mastering was done. We were unhappy with the final release. Some solo's were extremely low in the mix. The Bass tone is weak. The intro clips are almost non-existent. Our overall musicianship is there, unfortunately, it could've been better had we had the opportunity to be there during this process. We are interested in re-mastering the 2004 release for re-release. Also this cd was recorded in 2003. It took FU over one year to finalize everything and actually get it out. This was pathetic in our opinions.

12. Why did you choose this label? They usually rather deal with US Brutal death and grindcore bands, which might not be the best choice for an obscure and full of hatred ancient brutal death band! Do you like some of their releases? I had problems to get a copy of your album... perhaps because FOREVER UNDERGROUND focuses on USA and the likes... Are they doing a good promotion and distribution job?

Matt: Bill of FU Records had the opportunity to see us open for Mortician and Exhumed and again in Indiana when we opened for Monstrosity. He contacted us and made us an offer. Being the young band we were at the time, we decided to sign a one record deal with FU. There are many good bands on this label that deserve alot more recognition than they received, such as: Venificum, Reprobation, Blast Corps, etc. Unfortunately again, we have no power over how or when he mails out discs. We try to make it known that to ensure prompt response in regards to ordering our cd, contact the band.  

13. Considering the kind of metal you play, you're probably antichristian, or at least against any kind of religion! We all know about the churches' burning and the cross inversion, but it remains quite ineffective in my opinion... How is the Satanist and Antichristian movement in the U.S.A? Are there some extremist bastards who take real and painful actions to show their convictions?
One good thing would be to reverse the churches, turn it inside out the roofing in the soil! That would be some big work of anti-clerical devotion and it would show the Christians how much they are currently beloved! Ah Ah Ah!

Matt: We are indeed against any form of organized religion. This is rubbish in our opinions and should be crushed to dust! We have friends that are avid anti-Christian and we support their cause. Fuck Jesus and any idolic entity that controls peoples lives and beliefs. Our song "Infected by the Blood of the Lamb" is an example of how important it is too pummel these beliefs and make rise to the powerful legions of truly free-minded warriors in our world.

14. Did you send a copy of your album to Trey Azagtoth? If you could have his opinion about CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN, would you prefer to hear the words of the "Altars/ Covenant" Trey Azagtoth or the one of the later albums?

Matt: We personally have given our cd's to Trey of Morbid Angel, Kerry King of Slayer and Moyses of Krisiun among many other well-established musicians and we honor their opinions of our music, whether good or bad.

15. Considering your music is quite technical (but not too much!), do you enjoy some very simple kinds of metal, or do you need a technical minimum to remain entertained during the listening? Would you rather choose a totally abstract and simple music, yet with a dark atmosphere and strange feelings, or a very technical release that is interesting on a musical/ technical point of view but that do not display much emotions?

Matt: We strive to be all of that which you have mentioned. Our music comes across as more extreme than most. We do enjoy many genres of Metal, though, the more fast, technical styles are truly more appealing to us as a band.  In our upcoming release, there is a more classical yet brutal feel indeed and should satisfy a wide variety of listeners.

16. What's the situation in USA, and especially Alabama, concerning Death metal? United States were and still are rather known for its countless Brutal death metal and technical death core bands... Is it actually the situation or are the newer upcoming ones embracing a more evil and sulfuric kind of Death metal?

Matt: Thanks for this question, as it allows me the opportunity to mention some of the many awesome Metal bands from our home state. Quinta Essentia, Fleshtized, Bloodstained Dusk, Octagon and Trokar are just to name a few that are keeping real the truest forms of Metal in Alabama. We are very proud of what our area has to offer. The world needs to know more of these bands.

17. What's your opinion about these bands:
We've had the opportunity to open for Immolation on two separate occasions. They are great guys and superb musicians.
-INCANTATION: Again, we have opened for Incantation at several gigs and they are very cool guys whom have always stayed true to their style.
-DIVINE RAPTURE: I have some cd's from this band. They play a killer form of Metal.
-FALLEN CHRIST (R.I.P): Not famiar with Fallen Christ, sorry.
-ANGEL CORPSE (R.I.P): We had the opportunity to open for Angelcorpse on their last tour with Krisiun. They played an awesome set. At the time this interview was filled out, there is news of an upcoming reunion of this band. I think every true Metalhead can't wait to hear this one.
-CANNIBAL CORPSE (Old): Old Cannibal Corpse is great. We were all influenced by them.
-CANNIBAL CORPSE (New): New Cannibal Corpse is great as well. The new lineup is indeed bringing the Metal like it should be.
-KRISIUN: Krisiun are a band that seems to have no bounds. They are true to the extreme and are sincere in what they do as a studio band and as a live touring band.
-SIX FEET UNDER: None of us care for the music of SFU.

18. Which individual living the farest from you do you feel the closer? ??

Matt: This is a difficult question as we have many friends all over the world that support our music and our cause.

19. Allright! This is the final question. Feel free to conclude and tell us more about your forthcoming plans! And of corpse, thanks for your answers

Matt: Thanks again Gab for this interview. We apologize for the delay as this band has been focused mostly on writing new material and playing live shows. We value each of your readers and are proud to be showcased by NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST zine. We would honor the opportunity to one day tour in France and Europe. We plan to hopefully have a late '07 release if we get the backing and funding needed and to increase our merchandise. Hails to all true Metal Warriors!!!



  Website: http://www.myspace.com/convergencefromwithin