CDr Fucking sucks?





In the very deep underground, CDr demos are often denied as not being a real release, being gay, ugly, bad sounding, and finally not metal at all. I understand this statement when the guy speaking is a 24 years old+ metaller who still have thousands of tapes at home and do not need "ugly looking" CDrs in his collection... But how does it feel when it is for example a 18 years old (or less) speaking Darkthrone fan who even didn't know the tapes era? Is he able to totally understand this and is he able to stand for what he preaches?

We should think about the following facts, without taking care of what seems to be the most cult and old school  (Because totally old school, retro and narrow-minded doesn't seem to be totally honest anymore):

In the 80's, tapes were the best and cheapest way to copy an album, as a metaller obviously couldn't afford to buy many albums. The bands often couldn't even record their demos in a studio, so thinking about releasing something on vynil (or later on CD) was often out of consideration (Even if not out of dreams). To keep it short, metal was and has always been music for the working class, not for rich guys who can release any fart noise on vynil.

In the 80's and 90's, tapes where denied by the big labels as they said it was "too easy to copy an album" and it represented a strong loss of money for their greedy bank accounts! (A good part of these are still active and complaining in 2006...). Some labels even didn't want to receive "rotten demos" because it was totally "out of talent".... In a way, tapes were some kind of "rebellious format" for those who couldn't afford all the $$$ of vynil and CDs.

In the current situation, while every factories focus on building new CD players, faster CDrom recorders and "innovative CDr", it's harder to find tapes at correct prices (even if it remains possible), I even do not wonder how much would cost a tape player in 2005 (I didn't see any when I recently visited the Hi-Fi store). Very few peoples would buy a tape player anymore, so fewer companies would spend money designing or distributing new ones, so the remaining players available are much more expensive. (Out of price?). If you have a tape player, did you think about the day when it will be dead and fucked up? Do you think you will buy a new one even if it's very expensive? That's a question I'm currently thinking about, I'm not sure if paying about 800 euros simply to play tapes is interesting.


Since the tapes and tape-hardwares are much more expensive, I wonder if this format hasn't became some kind of "luxury product" for those who can afford it (some kind of "rich and grim metallic elite"?), to the contrary of old rotten demo tapes from the 80's that weren't so expensive.

It really looks strange and kinda comforts my opinion when I see some demo tapes sold for 5 euros + postage (so about 7 euros) in some mailorders! Are we talking about a good old demo tape that was sold for a cheap price for those who couldn't afford to buy long players? Has the cult status made things that much more expensive?

Of course, the Internet era is in part the cause of this "Anti CDr movements", as many want to totally stay away from all that could eventually look like a computer. So CDr are bashed as well. But since computers are more and more commonly used, I wonder if these statements are always honest. It sometimes seems to be totally "IN" to be in old school bands and have an as retro as possible vision of metal...

You also have these vynil fanatics who would only dare to listen something pressed on vynil, claiming Cdr, CDs and even tapes fucking suck! They should keep in mind underground metal was never full of money and vynil is fucking expensive! I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these spitting "integrists" running a vynil only label and releasing badly produced black metal like Darkthrone... And then demos suck? Maybe I'll take about it next time... I could also talk about all these "underground supporters" who can't face the ugliness of a CDr or tape demo! As they say, Tapes and CDr doesn't sell anymore, it doesn't "sound good" and "nobody wants it anyway"... Some who once gladly released D.I.Y things even proudly claim "No shit CDr" or "No tape bullshit"... and dare to say they're fucking "true". Allright!

If you take in consideration the following:
-As well as tapes, CDr are commonly used and could be listened by most of metallers.
-As well as tapes, CDr are currently the cheapest way to record and spread your music.
-As well as tapes, CDr do not have the best sound (unless you do it really well) and do not have a that long life length (unless you really care about it).
One could conclude there are quite few differences between tapes and CDr (expect from the nostalgic and historical sides).
So I wonder what the problem exactly is with CDr demos! Ok, CDr aren't exactly as passionating as tapes were (for those who knew this format back then, there's a good part of nostalgia flying as evil flies around this format...). Of course there is always a bunch of teenagers who only praise tapes since they are rich youngers in temporary need of identity and reactionary attitude, but I suppose and hope most of the current underground isn't filled with brainless teenagers who like to speak (and think few years later).
So I wonder what the problem REALLY is! Has the underground become so full of money? Has the fans became so lazy thanx to computers? (Click and feel the orgasms. Much easier than to write a snail mail...) or is it simply the fact most of peoples are becoming fucking stupid thanx to the massive abuse of metallic informations bombarding their minds from everywhere?