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Here are some true evil questions (666!) I sent to the label CACOPHONOUS. They refused to answer these, calling me a "sorry guy who need to get out more" (Common, give me more beer!!) as they probably didn't notice it was so full of shit, sarcastic and cynical answers were needed! One more time big labels weem to take themselves too much for serious! I thought the label owner was a man when I sent the questions, but she probably uses a dildo to sodomize Dani anyway!
You can read the questions! All hailz the slip!


Try to introduce your label in an original way, if you're able to!

According to what I read in old interviews, your label's goal and state of mind were to release quality and original musics... BLASPHEMY!! One more time a label betrays its initial roots to release pure shit from the crass pants: unmetal and untrue pieces of pure total shit like VERGELMER, ABYSSOS, ANCIENT CEREMONY, TWILIGHT OPERA or EBONY LAKE!!? At least your first releases that were shit definitely had a shitty tastes! But that is not the case with the next ones that were purely tastesless and flavorless recycled white excrements! One more time I can only say "THAT FUCKING SUCKS!!". Did you realize regularly Assfucking Dany made you loose the taste and feel of flavors, while the tasteless shit gains a flavor and the tastefull putrid shit looses all its qualities?!

 Are you aware with the release of the first and second CRADLE OF FILTH albums, you brought life to a new "Black metal" trend that does it with so much overwhelming keyboards, shemale vocals, trol-lutins-forest-fucks and overall abusive gayness it lead to the appearance of too many bands trying to imitate their gay idols!! This is pure total shit! Do you realize you strongly contribute to the gayness of the metal scene?! If you don't stop your activities at once all kinds of metallers will finally sodomize each others in a big orgy of creamfull homosexual faggotery, on a CRADLE OV SHIT musical Background!! Is it what you want!?

We all know HECATE ENTHRONED was purely a Cradle ov shit musical rip off, so why didn't you try to sign more bands of this kind to really capitalize on the succes of the shit band? Are you too stupid to take only the worst of success and trends?!

Listening to the CRADLE OF FILTH demos recorded before their albums, it can be heard only few high pitched screams were used as the vocals were mostly Death metal! So I have strong doubts about the fact the vocal change was natural! You forced the band to use these high pitched sodomized screams to increase sells of their first CD!! And to be more 'origiinaaaaaaal'!  I have even heard you emasculated Dany in your WC and brutally sodomized him in bleeding pain as he refused to sing the way you wanted! It seems the bitch likes that now!

You are maybe aware of the fact NS Black metal has became a big trend in the underground! But I see you didn't release any nazi Black metal!! This is pure blasphemy! Are you so much personally involved the Nazi music an ideologies you are too afraid to sign Nazi bands and let see the world your real face? It's obvious if you don't change your label name to KKK-Phonous you'll be burning in the deepest pits of hell until Dany Frites would be operated to become again an he-male!

In your label biography you proudly claim to be an open minded label that release various stuffs including DEATH METAL! Looking closely to your releases, I can see only a single band that could be affiliated to what Death metal is! This is another blasphemy! How can you claim to be so open minded and full of metal knowledge from hell while some untrue statements of this kinds are pure lies!
Arf! you'll have to die another long and brutal death!


Did you ever thought about changing the label's name to CACAPHONOUS? That would be purely awesome! Then you could sign new kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiller bands like DIMMU BURGER, CARPETTE ENTHRONED, CRADLE OF FRITES or BAL FAGGOT! Many bands of this hellish kind are ready to drive and dive for an evil label of your kind! 666! KVLT! ALL HAILZ THE SLIP!!

What do you think of NARGAROTH (Total kvlt!!!)? Would you sign him for a multi albums deal? According to his incredible under-estimated talent, it's a true blasphemy(666!) this band is still not signed on your label and intensively ass leeched in big commercial magazines!

As everybody knows, a guy at your office is paid to spread wrong rumours about your bands! Because bad promotion is good promotion! This cacophonous faggot using various nicknames spends his days on various Metal forums and Soulseek's metal chats to spread wrong rumours and bullshits on your bands! What future measures will you take to avoid the unavoidable and gain the docile metal groupies' trust on more time??

Tell us everythings about your passion for the mighty VONDUR Kult from hell!! (666!) How many 'It' and 'All' items do you own, how many records, collector items, signed unreleased rehearsals from hell... everythings!!

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Try to conclude this interview in an original way, if you're able to!