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1. Hello. Can you introduce BLOOD SPORT to our metallic readers?

Greetings! We are: V on vocals, Burst on guitar and bass and G.U.N. on drums. We like playing metal music as fast and loud as we can. From the future. Where everything is kinda fucked.

2. I think there's no need to ask you to describe your style, Blood sport sounds like old school speed/ thrash/ heavy, and it's very cool. Right? Should someone who disagrees be burnt on the spandex cross?

We are not fans of burning humans alive so perhaps they should be tortured in some other way. With lasers and stuff.


3. I think Blood sport is a solo project, but correct me if I'm wrong? Perhaps you (or the other musicians) used to play in other bands before?

It's not a solo project since there is two human beings involved and the third one is something otherworldly...

4. Blood sport was also an action film featuring Jean claude Vandamme and released in 1988. Did you choose this name for this reason? Was it because of the "retro" touch or you enjoy early JCVD particularly?

Everyone asks this particular question... We just like blood and sports?!

5. I have been listening to your 4 songs on bandcamp again and again to prepare these questions, and I don't feel bored, but rather the opposite... So there should be some good quality in these riffs :) Do you pay attention to the feeling and coolness of the riffs? How long did you take to compose these 4 songs?

Burst is the mastermind behind the guitar action, I drink beer and tell him if it is good or not. But obviously fast and cool riffs are very important. It actually didn’t take that long, but oh man was it intense.


6. Your tracks have the energy of speed metal... But some riffs are quite fuk***g technical, this brings something like a great impression of "speed of light" for me! Is it important for you to bring some nice technical skills in speed/ thrash? Perhaps it helps to distinguish your riffs from the average "brutal only" thrash bands?

Obviously exhibiting technical dominance to your heavy metal enemies (and friends...) is essential. We just want to make music that pleases ourselves.

7. You're not afraid to play it rock'n roll, sometimes almost influenced by 70's hard rock! Which are your favorite bands from this epoch? There's most probably Motorhead, and then?

Definitely Motörhead and lots and lots of Judas Priest.

8. One of your two Eps was self-released on tape... Are there projects to have it rereleased on a label sometimes?

Our friends at Gates of Hell records will be releasing an EP containing our first two singles and a brand new single pretty soon... So be prepared for some speed metal action! Pre-sales started already so make sure to get yours before they are all gone.

9. The state of mind in your songs reminds me of the very first ENFORCER recording, when it was still a solo project (and Olof used to promote the songs on Myspace)... Are you sure you're from Finland? ;-) The Finnish scene is usually more known for old school death metal than the speed/ thrash style, so do you feel cool in this ocean of doomy and brutal morbidity? Or are the Finnish musicians and listeners quite varied musically?

We feel cool (and very finnish indeed), but hot at the same time always..... Our approach to doomy and brutal stuff might be different than our finnish friends, but in reality we are very evil too.

10. Do you dig early BATHORY? Some rehearsal songs from the early days have a speed metal/ blackened Motorhead vibe, so could be nice to have your opinion about it. (The song "You don't move me" for example)

Never heard of them. Only listen to VENOM!!!

11. If you were trapped in a closed room for an hour, and could listen only to one of these albums, which would you choose?
EXODUS - "Bonded by blood"
DESTRUCTION - "Infernal overkill"
RAZOR - "Evil invaders"
SLAYER - "Show no mercy"

-Since there is no RAZOR - Executioner’s song, it must be Show no mercy. Evil has no boundaries!!

12. What are the next plans with BLOOD SPORT? Thanks for the answers.

We're gonna take over the world and deliver the goods. Thank you for the interview, it’s nice to hear that you liked our stuff!

  Web page: https://bloodsportz.bandcamp.com