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1. Before all, can you write a short introduction to the band?

Atavisma started in the autumn of 2013 with G. on guitar, bass and drum, and me (L.) on vocals and most of the lyrics. Our first demo "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" was released at first on MCD by Dead Center Productions and later on tapes by Nihilistic Holocaust. We have now a complete line-up and begin the gigs. Also, our split with Indonesian band Maur called "Buried in the Ethereal" will be released shortly by Atavism Records.


2. Why did you choose the ATAVISMA moniker? Can you develop the meaning this word takes for you, and the concepts hiding behind?

Atavisma itself doesnít mean anything. It's a twisted version of the word ďatavismĒ which means a lot of things for us. Briefly, itís about heredity and resurgence of anything. For us itís like an ancient wisdom, knowledge or tradition which was latent and now appears. You can make a parallel with history, old beliefs and paganism but I donít like to use this word, too many people use it without knowing what it really means.


3. The pictures displayed on your mini CD differ a bit from the themes usually found for a death metal band... The wolves, the forest, the nature... It looks closer to what was seen in 90's black metal records. Does this mean some Norwegian black metal influences could be found in your next compositions?

This is a good question, I love this scene but I donít know if you can find it in Atavisma. We do not try to copy any scenes or concepts. Atavisma is an extension of ourselves. The current themes in death metal does not match us. Iím incompetent to write any lyrics about a subject that doesnít interest me. If gore, war or brutal violence is your stuff, good for you, but these subjects do not interest me so I just do not write about it. I guess we can say, for me at least, that the Cascadian black metal scene is surely the scene with whom I share the most in common in terms of lyrics.


4. While listening to your music, I can't avoid the thought of a cavern. It can be an obscure and cold one, or the picture of a neanderthal blowing fuses in a cave... So I might wonder in what kind of CAVERN you currently live... Perhaps your apartment is so small (and unhealthy?) that you feel confined in a cave? Or perhaps I am misleaded by my own interpretation?

My apartment is quite comfortable but youíre right about my bedroom! This is a real cavern with gray and scratchy walls.


5. Some peoples say your music is influenced by Swedish death, and especially Entombed, but I would rather describe a mix of slow Funebrarum/ Incantation and old Finnish death metal. What would you tell someone to describe your music? Which influences would you perhaps underline to try and tease his morbid tastes?

This is more the case for G. than myself. As a fan of death metal I like the Swedish scene, but youíre right, I prefer bands from USA such as Incantation, Disma or Funebrarum and the scene from Finland for their rawer appearance.


6. Which words would fit your sounds the best? Molestation, Rumination, Vomiting, Penetration, Creeping, Amorphous, Monolith, Ritual, Spiritual, Debauchery, Enormous, Malevolent, Enlightened, Shiny.

I think that Monolith, Ritual and Spiritual are the words that fit the best for us, even if it may not be felt in our music, this is certainly my view. I guess that the listeners may or may not find other words to make a description.


7. Your music being often slow, or located in the mid-paced heart beats, one might wonder if you enjoy faster kinds of metal, blastbeats fiestas, or if you're really stuck and bound to the slower and doomy side of the cave.

Too much blast-beat kills the blast-beat. I have no problem with brutal or fast metal. Iím just a fan of all kinds of doom and I think that this scene is too unknown or ignored.


8. At the time your demo was released, Atavisma was the project of two guys, and a drum-machine was used. Are there plans to use the bones of a real drummer later? Would you like to play gigs, with or without human beater? And would you welcome someone who would like to bring his musical inspirations?

Yes, hopefully we have now a drummer. He brings his musical inspirations which are very wide, heís just like us, a servant of old-school spirit !


9. What does Death metal mean for you? Do you think you could play another kind of death metal on command?

Huge question ! For me Death Metal has different interpretations depending on the way it evolves and on the subjects addressed. According to the style it could evoke the violence, the might or also the rawness. With this question you can write a book to answer!
Yes, I think that I could play another kind of death metal (even another kind of metal) as long as I like the music and the themes. I have an open mind and I'm naturally curious about everything. I think that I could be in a non-metal project such as crust, nťo folk or ambient.

10. If ATAVISMA was an old prehistoric animal, which would it be and why? (I didn't necessarily mean a dinosaur, other kinds of early animals could be interesting for various reasons)

A fucking Liopleurodon living in the deep and dark abyss of Jurassic.


11. Which albums and demos appeared in you playlists the last months, in a repeated manner? What would be the best of 2014 as of now?

At the moment I don't have any demo or album that I listen a lot, the last release that has marked me is the last Eyehategod. I didn't have the opportunity to listen to all the releases of 2014 Iím interest in, but those that I listened a lot are Dead Congregation, Lvcifyre, The Great Old Ones and Triptykon.


12. Tell us more about your forthcoming projects. Thanks for the answers.

As said before we will have a split that should appear before 2015. We are currently working on new material for the next production. We are also confirmed for the Venom Fest II for the doom evening with Ataraxie as headliner. For my part I have begun a project in a different style than Atavisma, Stay tuned !

Web page: https://atavisma.bandcamp.com