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Musically speaking ASPHYX (RIP) has always staid true to their roots, they played a kind of basic death doom metal and they was one of the best in their kind of stuff, for example the song « the rack » is a death metal classic, the opening doom and basic riff catch you like it has never happened, this is simple and efficient, the second riff is so morbid it is indescribable, their music was basic and at the same time very intense with this big feeling of death...  I was really disappointed when Bob said he had split up the band but his new one called SOULBURN is in the true vein of old ASPHYX and will be one off my fave for sure!


NIHIL: This is a long time I haven’t heard anything from ASPHYX, what as happened since the release of « God cries » and « Embrace to death »?

BOB: Well, I decided to split up ASPHYX after the release of « embrace thee death ». I felt that, with that release, the ASPHYX circle was completed. It was time to do something new. I think « embrace the death » is a great farewell as far as ASPHYX concerns. Anyway, I started a new band called SOULBURN together with old ASPHYX guitarist Eric Daniel and vocalist/bass player Wannes Gabbels. We will record a full length debut Lp/CD in january for Damnation records. The album will be out in march.

NIHIL: This was really cool to release « embrace to death » and the « Mutilating process » 7EP on a CD, whose idea was it? Is there still any unreleased song material existing? I am sure you’ve got old demotape which could be released on CD...

BOB: It was my idea since I also had the original tapes of « Embrace the death » and « Mutilating process ». As for the rest, there’s no unreleased material existing which could be featured on CD.

NIHIL: What are your favorites and worst all times albums, demos...

BOB: My favorite albums are: VENOM (Black metal), POSSESSED (Sevenchurches), SODOM (In the sign of evil), DESTRUCTION (Infernal overkill), SLAUGHTER (Strappado), NECROPHAGIA (Season of the dead), BATHORY (Under the sign of the black mark), INFERNAL MAJESTY (None shall defy), HELLHAMMER (Apocalyptic raids), CELTIC FROST (Morbid tales), MAYHEM (Deathcrush), MESSIAH (Hymn to adramelin), KREATOR (Pleasure to kill), etc. I don’t have any worst albums however.

NIHIL: On the album « God cries » the voice of Theo sounds more black metal than before and there was also some old black touches, do you like black metal or is it unintentional?

BOB: I like black metal a lot, but only the old bands mentioned above. Also I like EMPEROR, MARDUK and USURPER a lot. ASPHYX always had influences from black metal bands like VENOM, HELLHAMER. I think « God cries » sounds more like a mixture of old POSSESSED, BATHORY and SODOM.

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NIHIL: On the track « God cries » Theo criticizes the christian god who left his son Jesus die and he seems to be antichritstian, what do you think of the black metal mafia who burn churches, kill themselves...?

BOB: It’s up to them, of course... but personally I think it’s a bit silly ‘coz they won’t achieve anything with their pathetic actions. They only look stupid in the press, and the rest of the world will say « Oh, it’s those stupid empty headed hardrockers again! Why don’t they find themselves a job? ». They make everyone look stupid and bad. Also I don’t find burning churches evil at all! I think in that « scene » the image is more important than the music.

NIHIL: Martin Van Drunnen wasn’t very nice with you all when he left the band, he said you weren’t professional enough and this was the reason for his leaving. What have you got to say about it? Are you still friends?

BOB: I don’t know if I should laugh or cry reading this. Everybody close to the band knows that Martin was the one who wasn’t professional at all! He almost never came to our rehearsals ‘coz he had a bad hang over! That doesn’t look professional to me! Also just look at the credits list on the « Last one on the earth » CD, Martin did nott play the bass guitar on that album, because of missing so much rehearsals! Also when we had gigs or tours Martin was always yelling and screaming at his wife and vice versa in front of the other bands. Does that look professional? I don’t think so! Martin never changed his bass strings, so it had to happen that they broke during a gig in Switzerland during the BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION tour! In the middle of a gig!!! I think there is a video of it as well! We told him 100 times to change his bass strings ‘coz they were in use for 5 years already! Not very professional Martin! Martin prefered alcohol above msuic. You can judge that by just listening to « The last one... » album, again the pityfull result of missing lots of rehearsals! When Eric and me recorded the « Last one... » Martin did not show any interest whatsoever, but managed to put his name on the  track/ credits list while he had nothing to do with the making of those songs! It’s not very difficult  to figure out why he couldn’t do the basss for the album... And why do you think he had to leave PESTILENCE, had to leave ASPHYX, and left SUBMISSION, even BOLT THROWER ??? Martin had a number of bands just in a few years... doesn’t that say something about thee man?? And why is he finally without band now, and are we still here? On stage he was a good frontman, that’s true, but off stage he was just an alcoholic, unprofessional talentless loser. I think I’ve spilled anough words on that adict hair. He once was a good frontman , but only thanxx to himself he lost the game by lying, cheating and ripping and that is, I swear to god, the truth.

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NIHIL: You seem to be big HELLHAMMER fans as you’ve released the « Mutilating process » 7EP which was a kind of tribute to this old band, have you got anything particular to say about them? How did you react when they split up and they created CELTIC FROST months later?

BOB: Not really, except that HELLHAMMER was a real evil and brilliant black/death metal band! I think/ thought that FROST’s « Morbid tales » was even better than « Apocalyptic raids », just as heavy/ evil!

NIHIL: What do you know from France? What are the best bands from Holland?

BOB: Not much, except that France had/ has a great death letak band called MUTILATED. Their « Psychodeath lunatics » Demo’88 is simply brilliant! Best bands from Holland are PENTACLE, OCCULT, SINISTER, ASPHYX and SOULBURN!

     NIHIL: Nowadays your kind of doom death isn’t very popular, in the future will you stay into this or will you change something? What is the new material like?Will there be a new ASPHYX’s album and when?

BOB: No, but there will be a SOULBURN album « Feedin on angels » released in march’ 1998 and it is a must for all old ASPHYX fans since 75% of ASPHYX is playnig in it.

NIHIL: Have you got a message for your fans?

BOB: Yezzz, ASPHYX = SOULBURN now. Totally heavy, raw and ancient apocalyptic death metal. Our album will be out on Damnation Records from Holland. Totally evil, new looks + extremely underground. One could say, only for thee real death fans from the beggining of the 80’s.

asphyx photo death metal