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Thomas, the current only member of ARSONIST, wasn’t very talkative in his answers… But the band’s current situation of stagnancy and his brutal activities in DERANGED or PANDEMONIUM helps to understand the lack of motivation to answer my stewpid questions… Anyway you're bound to read and learn it all, you stewphide plunger of soapy firmaments!


1. Introduce the ARSON in our little assholes of readers!! Yeah! Use this opportunity to penetrate us deeper and leave a bloody promotional mark deep in the anus of the underground!! Everyone will remember when they'll see your album in the shops!! Ahr Ahr (To keep it clear: It was the time to introduce the band to the readers)

Well, Arsonist started out as a sideproject to my other bands. Me, Jon (ex drums) and Stefan (ex bass) played in another band before called Monolith, and when that band split up, there were plans to reunite, but it did not work out, so after a while we decided start up something else and later that became Arsonist. We wanted to play extreme oldschool death-metal, and so we do! We have released two demos (Cockcollector) and (Therapy in violence) and a full length was on it´s way, but unfortunately, in April, Jon and Stefan left the band. About Kalle (vox), I don´t know, but he doesn’t seem to be interested, so obviously I´m the only member left… I´ve rehearsed with some new people, but at the time I´m occupied with my other bands (Deranged & Pandemonium), so it will take some time before a new release will see daylight.


2. I'm usually quite tired with the CANNIBAL CORPSE influenced Brutal death, it always sounds the same etc... But you succeeded in moving my ass and getting the level of Enthusiasm higher with your Demo! Ugh! Tell us what kind of strange substances you injected in there, because I didn't detect homosexual originality, boring ultratechnicality... Only 'good old' obscure and heavy brutal death...!!? Beer? Energy? Death metal pride?

I don´t know really… We take the best of the best and try to do catchy songs. The winning concept is to keep a good balance between extreme grind and heavy mosh-riffing.


3. Where and how did you record your 'Therapy in violence" Demo? The production is good, powerful and quite heavy! Even thought the level of demo recordings has increased through the years, yours sound really good and it keeps of this heaviness and obscurity many current bands forget... Ah! It remains underground :-)

Therapy in V. Was recorded in a small studio near our hometown. The mix and master though, was made in Roastinghouse studios in Malmoe. The biggest hi making studio in the southern part of Sweden. Not very underground… but we know the guy who works there. He´s very skilful. He made a very good job


4. ARSONIST is a cool band name, but since I'm not really into the black metal "kvvvlt", I'd like to have more infos about the choice of this moniker (Where you initially into black metal, burning churches, slurping nuns etc... And decided to turn your underwears towards the side of brutality because black metal becomes always more and more boring everyday?)... What are your main influences? (Usual question, but someone has to ask it...)

I don´t get why people always associate the name with Black-metal? We took the name because it´s cool and it´s brutal to burn people to death. Brutal music-brutal name! I play Black metal with Pandemonium. That’s enough. The influences is BRUTALITY in different ways.

5. The cover of your "Therapy in violence" Demo shows an headbanger in a quite fucked bad situation... Did it result from a bloody headbanging during a gig of ARSONIST? If all your gigs are so bloody, I need one! Please come to France and shake our coffins until the blood is pulverized through our pores!! Yeah!

HAHA! Unfortunatly, it´s not like that. Sorry that I have to disappoint you, but the thing is arranged :-). But it could be true!


6. How would you convince someone bored with the old CANNIBAL CORPSE rehash to shake out the ARSONIST? Have you developed an assault of specific efficient arguments through the years? Or would you simply menace to kick his ass with your big bass guitar?

We just do our thing. If people likes it, it´s great. If they don’t. Why bother. Their problem than. I´ve been into this scene for too long, so I know that it´s waste of time to bother. There are always people who «knows better».


7. I guess you play gigs (Most Death metal and brutal death bands do... They do not need to hide in the caves until Dead resurrects or something... ahah)... So my question is: how does it generally occur with the brutalized crowd, and do they like when you criminally burn their clothes, hairs, underwears...?? Is it a punishment of the static headbanger? Ah ah... How generally reacts the Swedish scene to brutal music the right way? Considering the fact so many Gothenburg shit came from Sweden the last years one could wonder how fucked your scene is... huh??

I don’t know, and acctualy I don’t care. They´re probably open to most metal I think. When we play, it´s mostly good reactions since it´s brutal and you don’t have to listen to it. You just feel it. Than it´s just to mosh.


8. What are the last Death metal and Brutal death albums that you really liked?

 Last Aborted is good, but the vocals sounds bad partly. Dying Fetus «War of attrition» is cool too.


9. It seems you trade demos from now and then (At least, that's the way I got yours... Trade!), so do you trade a lot of demos with other underground bands, and do you think it's a more efficient way to spread music than flirting with another Mp3 in the infinity of the web? After all, it might be much 'slower', but on the other hand the demos that were released as real CDs are REAL and keep on breathing and spreading their corrosive pus in the listeners' bathroom (Yes in the bathroom! Because brutal sex in the bath is nice haha) even years after the release date... While Mp3s get burnt always rarely and rarely (Who burns half of the stuff he downloads? Do not say "Me" because I have brutal doubts) and Mp3 players are so small it's always a pleasure to crush it with big boots of brutalized rebellion! Ah! Well... What's your opinion about it?

Mp3 is ok for me. Easier to spread the madness. And I don’t have to pay money to send the shit :-). Normally I just send cd´s to those who really wants it or pays for it.


10. Are spiked underwears any good?

? How the fuck should I know??


11. Or maybe you prefer the mighty spiked wc paper?

See the last answer


12. What about about labels? In my review I said your music sounds better than the weekly 'average' brutal death, so you might find a label really soon... But are you at least in touch with some survivors of underground brutal death support? (Yes, in the current situation, you're kinda fucked if you try to make it in the deep underground and don't realease another black metal album on the infinite pile...). Did you receive some good feedbacks from some labels etc etc Uh!

From some, yes. But the terms are so bad today, so I don’t care anymore. If someone shows up that is ready to put some money into it, than maybe I´ll get interested. Not before. There are too many unserious peoples in this business. But I have to admit that I appreciate your work! There´s still hope!


13. What are the next plans for ARSONIST? Have you got some merchandising for sale? Would you fuck me if I offer enough money? Do you like French cows? It's the right time to speak about anything promoerotical.

I don’t know… we´ll see… One thing is for sure though: I Would not fuck you even if you bought a new studio for me :-). Grind on and stay true!


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