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B. Tell us everything about your present vomituritions!

Hello! Well right now in December 2015 we are working on some new recordings for upcoming splits with Monev (Poland), Noisebazooka (Germany), Nauseate (India), Horrendous Miscreation (Canada/USA), Whoresnation (France), and more!
We have a new drummer, his name is Andy and he plays in Nakay, Radiation Vomit, ex-Hemdale and our four stringed bottom named Cam just moved to New York for a while.  But, we should be playing a few out of town gigs in 2016! So, for now it will just be me and Joe groaning in the Greasy Dungeon this winter!!


O. Your part of the split Ep with SRAM is surprising, you never sounded so gore! Sometimes I feel like listening to old DEAD INFECTION, REGURGITATE and perhaps some HEMDALE! What has happened in the morgue?

Yeah, our sound has gotten to be more gory...this is true! I don't know what to say, the sound of Archagathus will slightly vary over the years depending on what kind of style I'm most interested in playing.  Definitely the bands you just mentioned are an influence on our current sound.


W. What inspires Archagathus to write meat-kicking grind songs? Do you use a blastometer to make sure enough grinding parts are enclosed?

Haha, no...but these days I feel it is better to blast more and polka less.  D-beats and blasts!!!


E. Does your drummer use one or two pedals for blastbeats? (I saw some guys use 4 pedals for their bass drums, don't you think it's a bit of cheating?)

One, and Two pedals are used by our drummers while blasting.  I don't agree with the mentality that there is such a thing as 'cheating' when it comes to employing different techniques to achieve desired goals while drumming.  You have two feet and two hands, use them all in whatever way you can to play badass beats!


L. Do you prefer to record for albums or split Eps? It might be cooler for shorter releases: Throw the bowels in the recorder, and that's done! No need to spend hours...

Well that would be true except when we record for split EPs we often end up recording a ton of songs at once and splitting them up for various releases.  I think the largest single session was around 65 songs, resulting in the Coffee Grinder LP, splits with Vex, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lt. Dan, Foible Instinct etc. That was very annoying recording all those different parts.


S. I think you could make a project with guys of Agathocles, and it would be called ARCHAGATHOCLES! The mix of mince and gore would be perfect then... It would be MINCE GORE! :-)

Hahaha, maybe one day! We toured Europe in 2010 and again in 2014 and didn't get to play with Agathocles...but we just met those dudes at OEF North America in Montreal...those guys are some serious hosers!! Excellent band and great attitude.

O. If ARCHAGATHUS was a GLAM band, which pop music song would you cover to have even more groupies? Lady Gaga maybe?

Even more than zero? That seems unrealistic!! If we were going to cover a pop song it would be "Thinking of You" by Harlequin.


F. Tell us more about the Canadian grind and gore scenes! For years Canada was known for its technical metal bands, but things seem to change...

There are many excellent grindcore, crust, and goregrind bands from Canada! Too many to mention them all right now, but some of my favourites are Mass Grave, Hyperemesis, G.O.D, Throat Slitter, Sixbrewbantha, Metastasis, Horrendous Miscreation...
Most of the technical metal in Canada is from Quebec, personally I think 99% of that shit sucks.  But, Quebec produced some of the best Canadian metal ever...such as Voivod and Gorguts!!


G. What do you know about French grind and gore?

I really like some French bands a lot! Blue Holocaust, Pulmonary Fibrosis,  Whoresnation, are all very great...to name a few.  I listened to Opstand and JeanxSeberg a lot as a teenager!


O. If you could see one of these bands live, which would you choose? And why? Old DEAD INFECTION, old SQUASH BOWELS, old MALIGNANT RUMOUR or old MUCUPURULENT (Yes, old, old, old and old :-P )

OLD DEAD INFECTION!! Because  'Chapter of Accidents' is my favourite goregrind record!


R. Are you for or against abortion?

Everybody in Archagathus is absolutely 100% pro-choice!!


E. Are you for or against mechanically assisted anal penetration?

As long as it's consensual, we are for all kinds of anal penetration of course!



R. If I tell you these words, what do you think about?
-Obese grind

the 'Hail to Sweden' 7"

-Black magic

-Electronic grindcore

-Retro portable phones
Full House


O. If puking was a federal crime, how long would be your sentence in the prison of VOMIT ABUSERS?

We would get the death penalty!!


T. Tell us about your future pukes and vomits! PUKING IS NOT A CRIME.

Record more splits, play some fests in the USA, then hopefully tour Brazil in 2016 or as soon as possible!!

Web page: https://archagathus.bandcamp.com