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1. Hello! Even though AMPUTORY already released a first demo in 2010, your band seems to be quite unknown in the deep underground... So it's time to insert your name in the brains of your readers, with the help of a brutal hammer! In other words, introduce your music a brutal way.

We started the band in 2009 to spread the putrid message of old-school Death Metal. This far, we have released two demos, and are working on our forthcoming debut full-lenght. For someone who hasnt heard our music, it could be best described as ultra-heavy, mid-paced old-school death. We havent played that many gigs so far,but thats our next move, so we hope to fuck up some innocent young minds in a live setting in 2012!


2. What has happened lately in the world of AMPUTORY? Something good enough to engulf us even deeper in the suffocating womb of worms?

We are rehearsing new (and old) songs on a weekly basis, and were getting more negative and pissed off by the hour! So the new material is propably even more brutal than before.And as stated earlier in the interview, a full-lenght album is in the pipeline.


3. You play old school Death metal, but contrary to many who are influenced by mid-to-end-80's metal and sound closer to thrash or black metal, your music is closer to beginning 90's Death metal: You're not afraid to use a big sound, to insert early brutal death metal influences, to inject testosterone and Death metal pride... Tell us more about what makes the style of AMPUTORY, and the morbid metal choices you made... It's the moment to talk about influences and more... (Maybe morbid thrash wasn't powerful and brutal enough for your metal needs)?

We´re fucking old, so we have listened to a lot of music during the years. Of course we all love trash and black-metal, but these days it seems that all three genres (trash,black,death) are being mixed and tossed around to a point when the music comes unrecognizable. Thats why we have chosen to stay within the Death Metal niche, and not to fuck around too much. Our biggest influences are: Carcass,Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, old-Entombed, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Cancer, Grave etc...and of course the old Finnish death-scene with bands like: Demigod, Convulse, Disgrace, Funebre....


4. Your style has changed quite a bit between the first and 2nd demo: The 3 last songs of the first one contained influences being a bit more technical and "modern". What were the reasons for the change towards something more simple? Where your guitar players afflicted by infernal finger arthrosis, or were there more musical reasons such as an urge to spill the guts?

The second demo is composed by the whole group, more or less, instead of just Saku, and in a way the new songs are more complicated than the older ones. Same crap, different toilet....


5. Sometimes when I listen to this second demo, you remember me something like German Death metal band ACCEPT playing Death metal, for the heaviness and powerful metal sound... How does it feel? Is it quite cool, or you would prefer to be compared to a band like BAPHOMET (R.I.P) for example? (Do you like Heavy metal?)

Accept was Pekka´s favourite band as a kid, so i guess it still shows. And atleast some members of the band are still huge Heavy-Metal freaks to this day. (Death) Metal Heart!!!!


6. How come you're all living in Finland and your music doesn't seem to be too influenced by Finnish metal? It sounds closer to old American and old Swedish Death metal... Is there something rotten in the state of Finland on a musical point of view? Maybe Finland lacks of crushing power?

Of course we draw inspriration from global influences, so we are not that concerned with "sounding finnish" or writing lyrics about Kalevala or whatever. We think we sound finnish enough as it is.


7. If I tell you your music has the red color, what would you answer?

Blood is the life!

8. On your second demo your vocalist kinda killed me, by moments he sounds like old BRUTALITY or old SINISTER and this sounds super guttural in the good way! Tell us everything about his love for gutturality! He doesn't seem to be into the necro-vomit-screamy morbid thrash manner, but closer to Death metal growled from the depths of the guts, with pride and some realistic meaning put into songs... What does his lyrics deal? Did he play in other bands before?

Jarno has been a metal vocalist since the tender age of 11, ranging from hard-rock covers to black metal, and yes he´s a fan of Sinister! He´s used to singing in a very guttural way, because it has more balls than screaming like a little girl. The lyrics deal with subjects such as incest, pedophilia ,amputation, kali worship, intoxication, the catholic faith, child soldiers, serial killers etc.


9. Your production is very good and powerful, it sounds better than a demo in my humble decrepit-hears. Was it really self-produced in your rehearsal place?

Yes, we recorded both demos ourselves at our rehearsal place. Pekka is an experienced engineer/producer and we have our own recording equipment. Janne, whos a friend of the band, and Pekka´s old bandmate from Am I Blood helped out with mixing and mastering of the demos.


10. In the past, most of members from AMPUTORY played in other bands... Some were Death metal, some thrash metal, some were black metal or brutal death... Was there something quite close to the style of AMPUTORY? Maybe one could be seen as the ancestor of the same entity, since your current band would be the spiritual continuation under another names? Some of your musicians currently have other musical projects?

Saku and Pekka played in Pestigore 1989-1993, which is musically quite similar to Amputory. Pekka also played drums on Ajattara´s first two albums. Saku and Antti have also played together in various projects before. Jarno and Jaakko played in Romentola 2001-2008, and Jaakko currently plays with trash-metal titans Jumalation in addition to Amputory.

11. The first song of your first demo, "Enslaved in the basement", is really catchy. It has a great atmosphere and is a real old school Death metal hymn! Have you got more tracks of this kind hidden in old audio tapes somewhere in your dusty rehearsal room?

One of the new songs is in the same vein...but since its our own song, its kinda hard to see the forest from the trees so to speak...unless you´re high enough? (legalize it!)


12. Finland is known for having a quite developed commercial metal scene, you even have "heavy metal" songs featured on the radio and best-selling CD singles... Would you say it's rather something positive or negative concerning the influences it could have on the deep underground? Would you say the fame of commercial metal in Finland would influence more peoples to later join the obscure underground, or on the contrary to prevent them from exploring the dark depths of metal? Would you say there's more metal press, webzines (Or even fanzines) in Finland than in other countries? Are there good Finnish Death metal or brutal death bands to check out in 2012?

For anyone living outside of Finland, its propably hard to realize how big metal is over here. You cant walk 10 metres on the street without running into some trendy-melodeath-faggot. Metal bands are in the tabloids, and everyone, from little kids to old people know bands like Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, HIM, Lordi etc. and local radio-friendly "metal" bands that sing in finnish.When we were kids, it wasnt like this at all! This trend has been steadily rising for the past 10 years or so, and were getting fucking pissed off! Of course there are plenty of underground metal fans and bands, but they dont get any attention in the media because they are too hardcore...thank god! Hopefully some of these trendy-poser kids get converted into REAL metal sooner or later...but we wouldnt hold our breath. Some good Finnish death/grind bands worth checking out in 2012: Torture Killer, Neutron Hammer, Coprolith, Hooded Menace, Corpsessed, Famine Year...to name a few.


13. Tell us about your current metal playlist: Which albums kicked your ass strongly enough to enter your top 10 of 2012? On a global point of view, which metal albums did you listen so much that the vinyl or CD is beginning to have playing problems? Do you think it's possible to listen to the same album more than 200 times without feeling boredom?

We all picked one album from the past year that kicked our ballsacks:
Pekka: Autopsy-Macabre Eternal
Jarno: Absu-Abzu
Saku: Cannibal Corpse-Torture
Antti: Swallow The Sun-Emerald Forest And The Blackbird
Jaakko: Necros Christos-Doom Of The Occult

If an album is good enough, it doesnt wear out even with 20000 listens.


14. Tell us what the readers need to know about AMPUTORY before concluding the interview: Future plans, coming gigs, next projects... Thanks for the answers.

Watch out for our forthcoming full-lenght album...hopefully coming out before 2013! Stay true and stay METAL!!!! And don't eat the yellow snow!


Web page: http://www.myspace.com/amputory